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Hey Choo,
I heard from our old friend Pete last nite. Not much, just a short hello but it was still nice to hear from him.

We got a new puppy (just what I need, another dog) and the little devil trashed my printer last nite. They're worse than kids, gotta watch them every minute. I forgot what a PITA it is to hand write all my shipping labels & wait in line at the PO...bummer Frown Frown Frown Frown

So what's new with you????? Polishing up your coffin for Halloween??
Serves you right Razz anyone who has had a cat or dog for a while knows the score Big Grin

They are creatures that start off as cute, very quickly change to being as dependent as kids and then at a crucial point suddenly change to being expensive geriatric dependents. Eek

When I was young, oh so many millenia ago, (cue the violins) we had cats, one for almost 20 years, when I bought my own place, no pets, too much grief !!!!

So what was Pete's excuse for not popping in here for a poke at one and all, don't tell me he's getting shy Roll Eyes

Only thing new with me is I'm another year older, but not wiser, sure that's a myth.

Don't believe in Halloween, I just polish up the ol' coffin when the cobwebs get too thick, you know, about once every century. Smile
They are creatures that start off as cute, very quickly change to being as dependent as kids and then at a crucial point suddenly change to being expensive geriatric dependents.

How right you are (for once) Razz But ya gotta love 'em Smile I couldn't even imagine not having any dogs, they're my kids Smile

Pete was in BigCrumbs & came across my profile. Just dropped me a short line there. I don't think he's an Auctiva/Ebay member anymore. Do you have to pay and be a member in order to use these boards?? That had never occured to me Confused Taz hasn't listed for a long time but he still posts here...How does that work?

And what do you mean you don't believe in Halloween Eek It's better than X-Mas!
But ya gotta love 'em

That's the trouble the cute phase terminally infects you, then you are sunk, I'll make a fuss of a neighbours cat but no way will I have one again.

That way it's a bit like being an uncle to kids, you can have the fun and pleasure without the grief !!

Re posting here, it should be possible to to post here for free afterall you can have free 'membership' of Auctiva if you are not using their image hosting. I think it's due to the fun days of eBay have gone, the rot started to set in by 2006 and it has not got any better.

Apart from old trains which even they seem thin on the ground on now I buy most other things online from Amazon now, and their marketplace traders seem more reliable than some I have bought from on greedbay. Possibly because Amazon are very strict, and from what I saw a couple of years ago quite expensive to list on, with fixed postage rates and delivery times required of the seller.

These forums and (in particular the epic thread) were a place to slip into after a hard day (or nights) listing, packing and posting for a bit of fun. It's not the thread but the reason for coming here, an extension to the fun on eBay before it became greedbay Frown

Certainly better than Xmas, bah-humbug, shops full of Xmas clutter even before the hallowen masks, a 3 month run up to Xmas. Nevermind a lot of national post office strike action coming up here so perhaps Xmas will get lost in the post Big Grin
Bah-humbug is right! The older I get the more of a DRAIN X-mas becomes and not just financially either Frown
Lots of useless gifts all around that no one needs or wants (sigh)
Well now that I've shown myself for the scrooge that I am..... Roll Eyes

Would you believe I have never found anything on Amazon that I wanted? Not once. Everything I look at seems very expensive compared to ebay. My 'broken' printer turned out to be salvageable, all I needed was a new adapter cord (puppy only succeeded in destroying the little plug that goes into the back of the printer). Found one on ebay at a great price...whether it will work or be DOA remains to be seen tho Smile

And as for're right, he could still post here if he wanted to. Nah nah I guess I'm the only one he likes Razz Razz Big Grin

And where's everyone else? I guess we're getting too boring for them Roll Eyes We need some new LUNACY! Now where'd I put that button.......
On going, both sides digging in their heals, national strikes a few days at a time. Major online sellers such as Amazon UK cancelling their RM contracts for packages and moving to couriers.

Good way of losing customers, driving down (minimal) profits and paving the way for more unrest, seems all rather self defeating.

With businesses trying to gear up for Xmas and given that we are officially still in recession they are not helping, especially as both RM and the union seem to issue contradictory claims and blames.

Thre has been local strikes about the UK for months severly disrupting businesses still waiting for cheques to arrive.

Lunacy buttons are obviously in use behind closed doors Frown

Where is everybody?? I've been on a nice cruise to the Bahamas, that's why I haven't posted (KIDDING...but I wish it was true) Frown

So what's everyone elses excuse?? Even Taz hasn't shown up. This thread is SO close to 2 years we have to keep it going a little while longer. This must be some kind of record Smile

Choo, you must have something to say (but do I really want to hear it Razz
Just a quick HI to everyone before I head out...I finally have a weekend off YAY! So I'm going out tonite with the girls Smile

We were laughing...saying at our age we don't really fit in anywhere except biker bars or church bingo (way too old for the 'club' scene)

So guess where I'm going Big Grin A hint...I might run into Taz.......

(I might go to church bingo tomorrow, to atone for tonite... LOL)

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