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Oh well makes a change for the US greedbayers to get a downgrade thrust on them before everyone else.

I see the same old My greedbay page and editor via or .com so perhaps we are spared for a while Roll Eyes

Nevermind takes your mind off of constructive things like selling items Wink

Not sure when I will list again on greedbay as my sales are ramping up well on Specialist Auctions with minimal fees, a lot of buyers arrive via Google searches.

And of course Auctiva eCommerce isn't available here yet Frown
Yikes, our thread is getting buried again...thought I'd better stop in & say hello Smile

Glad your sales are doing well Choo. I keep saying I'm gonna stop selling here but I always end up with so much inventory (can't resist a bargain) I pretty much HAVE to sell here if only to free up some space.

So what's new? Still planning the attack of the killer tomatoes? Eek Eek Eek

Oh, and can't forget these... Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Yep can't leave the lounge for 5 minutes (or was it days) without this thread slipping down the charts, still top of the league for replies and views though Cool

I thought the killer toms had ketchuped with you and feasted well seeing as I have not heard from you lately.

Perhaps they don't like American snacks Razz

Well sales are good here as fixed price listings, but unfortunately auction sales are not feasible yet (need more buyers), still come on Auctiva eCommerce, don't want to have to send my other items to greedbay, yuk, Eek
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Hey Everyone is getting their site up and running,but I still do not have a invite. I have been waiting sent I had my beta back in November. I guess you had to be a powerseller to get on auctiva ecommerce. and don't tell me about how your not a powerseller cause all I see is big time sellers. So good bye to you all and I hope you have good luck. I will keep my ebay site and go some place else to start my off ebay site.
Hi, what on earth is a sensible posting doing on this thread Eek

Actually I will tell you I was not a powerseller on greedbay at the time of getting an invite but quite a regular poster and advocate of Auctiva Smile

But anyway I have to wait until Auctiva eCommerce becomes available here in the UK.

End of sensible transmission, we now return to the nonsense that this thread is based on.

The FangMother Vs the killer tomatoes, the story so far, errrmm .... oh so what Roll Eyes
From www dot thefreedictionary dot com/aggrieved

ag·grieved (-grvd)
1. Feeling distress or affliction.
2. Treated wrongly; offended.
3. Law Treated unjustly, as by denial of or infringement upon one's legal rights.


Just as well my coffin is 'connected', in other words they ain't appy Razz

P.S. Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
You do swear a lot don't you what is this thread coming too !

Got your mail via greedbay only, with its sensored sender e-mail address, mine was probably similarly corrupted.

Anyway, just replied via greedbay, if you don't receive it please use the 'ask seller a question' on any of my listings on Specialist Auctions.

Same seller id as on greedbay Cool
couldn't find you on Specialist matter.

"No matter" - Wash your mouth out you unwashed heathen Eek, I feel the urge to grow some more tomatoes Mad

It a future nemesis of the dark one, not sure that if I had put my e-mail address in full on the greedbay contact member mail it would have got through hence splitting it up. Anyway I thought there was a private message facility on here, it's mentioned when you add someone to your buddies list but I could not find how to actually do it Confused

There are still plenty of burgers left in my freezer (the freezer of doom)
.....Choo remembers what I've kept in there HA!

But if he's going to start growing even MORE killer tomatoes, then we'll all just have to have a giant BBQ Smile

So you left the Dark Side huh? Where did ya go to? I have to stay on the dark side, it's the only thing that works for me Smile

EDIT - BTW, there's another vote for the long gone ninth wave Eek
Are you going to tell him the secret ingredient of your burgers or will you leave that to the pathologist

Oh now c'mon know I never used them as ingredients (shudder) Eek or did I???
And as far as thread homework even I don't remember how far back this was Big Grin We've been rambling on for a LONG time Big Grin

7658jds, when you get your store up, be sure to enclose a link Smile

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