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Originally posted by member_8880:
Missed it again, huh..
You're here & gone so quick it's no wonder Smile
And it's really nothing special, just a little goofy, good for a smile Smile
I wonder if the link would work if I send it to ya thru that other site we talk on..gonna try, stand by..

Oh, laf! Here I was expecting a cute lil' pic. Now you've permanently scarred my sensitive mind! I'm afraid I'll have nightmares of snowy buns and fairy wings!

I know. With those x-ray eyes, she'll keep us in line. Big Grin

Mini doxie (a little chunky), cairn terrier and rat terrier. The rat's a part of me. The other two aren't protective and let someone walk into the house one time when the door was unlocked. Dido, the rat, took care of me. I'll have to take him to my youngest while I'm gone. He's close to her as well and won't even eat or go outside for anyone else.
edit- They're such good babies. I'm very lucky. I know ya wouldn't whack 'em. Smile
Miss M, ANOTHER game. I'm still reeling from the first game, the relentless pressure that led to post #1 of this thread! Or don't you remember?

Ok this will be easy. I have had dogs, I have had a snake, and a fish. I currently have no pets but if/when (no pets allowed in this apartment) that changes I will get a dog. No cats thanks, allergic to them. Besides I am definitely a dog person.

edit - yes I know (I was just being overly dramatic) Big Grin
You aren't kiddin', resistance is futile!
edit - Whatcha goin' do to make me blush? That's what I want to see.(were both SO subtle)

edit/edit - and stop talking about cookies and dogs in the same post! It's like lighting up while you're making pretzels! Red Face

edit/edit/edit - saw that post in the other thread before your delete. (it showed up in my notification email) no, TY... Wink

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