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Can't fool Miss M, that's a fact, the girl with the x-ray eyes. (the ones that she's probably rolling right now), and the instigator of this thread (I still can't believe she, and Choo, thought I was a girl, what a slam. Eek

edit - Wait, the first thing she would do is give me a sedative, with an *evil grin* and a needle! Don't need no stinkin' needles!
Just a bunch o' instigators. Big Grin
I wondered where they got that you're a girl. Red Face It seemed so obvious. lol

First thing that popped in my head and made me lol is Young Frankenstein. LOL
She'll listen to me. I won't let her hurt you. Wink
Why do you need to go now? Isn't a pounding heart a good thing? Smile
No, don't need no stinkin' needles!
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I did think it's obvious. Smile
I'm a girl and my heart's pounding, surely much the same as yours... Can't help myself. Big Grin
No Way I'd want to miss this, or you too! Wink

edit- "I guess we don't need to tell him to GAR, he already has...
Why is that so funny? My giggle box must be turned upside down. Everything is funny now. Big GrinBig Grin

edit/edit- Choo and Pete are sleeping unless they're really early birds.
Wonder where Miss M got off to. Preparing sedatives??? Eek
Originally posted by Shadeaux:
Ohhh You're a Bad Boy!

Uh huh, you should be wearing leather right now. Just don't let Sexy Pete see you though or I'll have to hold him off with a stick. ('Back, back, she's mine! It's Miss M you want you fool!)

Yeah, I just can't imagine either. Wink

I bet she's lurking. (and not the only one) Big Grin
edit - Starting to get light headed myself. See what your doing to me? Wink Wink
edit - Wait, the first thing she would do is give me a sedative, with an *evil grin* and a needle! Don't need no stinkin' needles!

Uh-uh, NO sedative for you..only a big square rusty needle...sound good??? Eek

I was actually sitting on the patio for awhile. 63 degrees here, but then it started to rain. Then I come back into this asylym...what am I gonna do with you two?? OK no hose, I'll have to think of somethin else..Hmmmm......
Hello all. The ice cream was great. I could get used to being spoiled by Sweetie! Big Grin Head still reeling from going from ex-fiancee with 5 children to new Sweetie with no young-uns.
Hmmm gotta take some time to contemplate this one!
Having loads of fun now and wondering if this can work.
The ramifications of a May /December relationship are huge.
OMG is that what is referred to as a mid-life crisis?
EDIT!: OK Gotta get the WHACKIN hammer out!
It's not all sunshine here. lol A decent amount of rain, snow and it's actually windier on average than Chicago (not that I'm crazy about that part). Red Face

I've been seriously considering going close to my girls. Desert. I don't know.

edit- We'd just choose a little different path to hook up on our way to Reno. Wink

edit/edit- No Taz, you're not. There ya go, thinkin' again! Big Grin
OK no-one has posted a joke for awhile! Big Grin

"It was a May-December marriage, and as the old man climbed in to bed for the first time with his new bride, he asked, "Did your mother tell you what to do on your wedding night?"

"Yes," she cooed, kissing him lightly, "She told me everything."

"Good," said the elderly gentleman as he turned out the light, "because I've forgotten."

Edit: Having some horrible PC problems ! I think I may have picked up a virus or a trojan somewhere!
Gotta run a system scan before this piece of crap decides to go South on me!
Talk to you all later if I can get this fixed. Took me almost 15 minutes to get this post through.
When I lived in Arizona I got so sick of it. Sun & heat every day (the 2 things I love most), you could plan a picnic or something a year from now and know that the weather would be perfect. I grew up in Chgo and I really missed the changing seasons and weather, even if I don't like it. No one had lawns either, too expensive to irrigate. To this day I hate landscaping.

Guess I'll just stay here Smile (Until the time comes to go to Reno, right Miss S?) Big Grin
Reno is not what you think of as desert, no cactus for example. It's the 'high desert', 4500 ft, with sagebrush. Reno is in the Truckee Meadows, with the Truckee River running through it (sounds like a movie with Brad Pitt) and LOTS of trees and very mild weather in comparison to other places. NO bad smells, either. Very clear air usually, surrounded by mountains.
That sounds so gorgeous Ninth. lol I love driving through the Guadalupe Mountains. Spent a lot of time as a kid in the Davis Mountains. That's desert, I guess like parts of New Mexico.
Those pics I posted are the Cimarron Canyon in NM on the way to Red River.

Miss M, to head to Reno, we'll want to meet out of TX somewhere I'm thinking. Smile

edit- Isn't Dallas too far South? It's East for me anyway. I can't find a good map to see it all.
edit/edit- Where's Reno from Las Vegas? Dallas is way too South. Maybe meet up in Denver or thereabouts? That looks like a straighter shot.
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