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No I would not do that to her, we were discussing things over dinner tonight. Several things came up one of which is how her parents are going to react to our dating. Her mother is 2 years younger than me. Eek
We are just going to take things as they come and move slowly. I told her I do not just want to jump headfirst into another relationship this quickly.
but also told her I would not date anyone else. HMM almost sounds like GF??
OK, I heard (read) that! Here I come back to the thread after a short absence only to find myself being accused of lurking! Eek No slack! Actually I just woke up from a long winters nap. I sure have been dreaming of cookies a lot lately. They sure were tasty, I did not want to wake up. (Alas, too bad they're just dreams.) Miss S, listen to Miss M, do NOT take it personally (or else you'll get a whack). Wink

Speaking of 'Yum', Taz, glad to hear your life has taken such a quick turn for the better (to say the least). Better watch out for those parents though, could be tricky. Wink Is her father a good shot at a running target? Better limber up. Wink
Good morning all! Sorry not been here over the weekend, been a bit busy, not least with playing with my son - he got a Playstation Eye Toy for Christmas, which he is now playing with as he is better, and wow, he won't stop! He keeps badgering me to do 10 pin bowling, Assault course, etc! Good fun actually Big Grin

So, I see Sid and Shirley are still at it, so to speak Roll Eyes

Taz, how did you get on with your date? Wink
I started July 4th when I was 18, using cigarettes instead of punks when we ran out. My parents were there and my sister and brother in law gave them to me. That's how my Dad quit, cold turkey, when he was 39 or somewhere in there. I was a wee tot. lol I've tried, years ago. Wish I had that kind of will power. Frown

Yes, absolutely close enough. Wink

edit- Hi Pete. Happy to see ya.
Still at what? Smile

edit/edit- I did quit when I was pregnant. Nothin' to it at that time. I was such an idiot to start again! Bad!Bad!
"I do hope so."

I have the same questions. Like I said, strange way to communicate. It's like walking a tightrope, no? Like talking in code. We seem to get it figured out ok. (more than once) Wink

edit - you still haven't told me about France. Hint?

edit/edit - I get it, finally (who me dumb?) Nope that's someone else. My ebay ID is completely different.

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