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No nightmares. Guess I was lucky. Hopefully no brain damage from viewing such guff!
Choo yer lucky ye did not se er. She were a foul creature from the ocean depths! Almost made me wanna wear de Brown Pantaloons! Tout bout wearin de red shirt round me head to protect from bleedin from da ears!
Did you know a photo gallery was possible on here?
I never saw a need for one and really think it is poorly designed. I am assuming you saw my post "Taz test"?
it grew 5 pages of "WHAT"

Well JeffS, lighthearted escapism with friends from both sides of the pond who are very unlikey to have met or meet each other and who have the same wacky, even black humour and want a bit of lighthearted interactive banter.

Plenty of place elsewhere to talk shop, me, I love it great imaginative exchanges which are a pleasure to participate in. Big Grin
yeah! -- what Taz said! -- Minefield! Watch where ya' step !!
... AND if that weren't quadrupeds have to be *doubly* careful ya' know?!

Just for the record tho... m's apple didn't skeer me off. Just noboby saw me hiding in the tall grass! Besides.. I got teeth too! (well ok..most of em anyway)
And in TX we don't bother with health-warnings...shucks!-they'd have to be everywhere! Naww..we figured it's simpler to just wear tall boots everywhere we go! -- Kinda' like for this place! (hey! I guess that's sorta' like gittn' it from the horse's! Wink Big Grin
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Well Miss M I was going to post early this AM after work. But I got to busy stirring the kettle in the petition thread in eBay Talk.
I don't think JeffS realizes how vocal I am and sometimes I like to create controversy to bring more responses. Especially when I take something seriously. hope I have not offended him but I have gotten some good talk going there! Even if it is just lay down and let eBay walk on me talk!
Well JeffS if you see this post here certainly was not trying to offend you
I think even Choo is afraid to come back now

No way just been kinda busy domestically and moving listings over to another UK auction site with rather primitive tools Frown

Rather spoilt here with Auctiva, then need to get some decent stuff out on to effbay before May, no real choice as the big buyers hang out there. They are all dead cert list once and sell items that I can reliably put out at 99p and will be fought over, a one off set of items.

Then continue looking around for more venues, happy days, I think this fee & feedbackl ruckus has even distorted the flow here too, and that will not do !!! Mad
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Choo, I did't think you HAD a heartbeat ? Big Grin

""I think this fee & feedbackl ruckus has even distorted the flow here too, and that will not do !!!""

I think you are absolutely right...this asylum really does need a lunacy button..And I have one I wanted to add, but they must be working on the site again...everything I try to do other than these boards shows a message about Thurs night maintenence Confused
Wow, Ms M, you're quite the software whizz-kid, you have built a complete effbay technical support simulator, full functionality and response, good for you.

Good grief it even works as well as my ISP's support to, it is atruely marvellous creation, and your right it kick starts lunacy, jibber, jibber dribble . ... Frown

If I haven't got a heartbeat who else is in there with me, ooh, scary Eek

edit - was going to crrect the typo's so many, too late, smelling chugger, chuggered Frown
You do of course know who Britney Spears is Choo?
One of her first songs that launched her to the ??? TOP ??? was "Oops I Did it Again"
Now of course yesterday for the second time in a few weeks she has been committed. Took a caravan of police escorts etc... to take her to the hospital.
Said in the paper that the convoy was the length of a football field!
HMMM??? How many heartbeats do you hear Choo?
Perhaps it is time for YOUR shot of Thorazine.
Miss M the patients are awaiting your ever so talented hands!

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