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Underwear?! Is that what that is? How could it be the kind of underwear I wear, when I don't even wear underwear?! Have you ever seen a fly with underwear on? If you have, then I'm not sure I want to take what you are on. Wink

Don't worry my bulbous little honey, only a few more tries, I only have 998 left to go! Won't be long now, hold-on tight! Eek
I hate to leave such good company. Got myself a hot date here in a bit. Wink

My sweet pretty fly, I'm forever indebted to you for rescuing me from the wrath of Choo's cow catcher! (not to be confused with a cattle guard) Now don't you worry 'bout that hot date. I'll tuck you right in my pocket and keep you near.

edit: Got so excited I forgot to say bye. Have a great evenin'/night/mornin' ya'll! Smile

Aren't these 2 just too cute together???

Should we take a vote here?

1. Don't they just make ya want to puke?
2. Don't ya just want to whack/hose/Raid 'em? (That's MY vote)
3. Do you think they're really romantic and will sail off into the sunset together? (gag)
4.Or are they both right where they belong, in the Auctiva Asylum?
5. No Comment?

C'mon people, lets hear your already know mine Big Grin
My vote is #1 - "Don't they just make ya want to puke?"

However in their defence they brought this thread back on topic with their compelling lovey-dovey ('scuse me, puke) threading Big Grin

Ms M needs #2, one minute the DeLorean is with her next minute with Taz, one minute to me next not on your life.

Not to worry (as if you were)I was controlling my train by radio control from a hilltop so I was quite safe, oh well another gripping yarn comes to conclusion starring spidergirl and flyboy. Smile

So Taz was the sand fairy picture before or after frosty beers changed you into the snow fairy ?

And BTW some one went yuck over warm beer, well let me point out that fizzy warm beer is grim yuk, but room temperature real ale is a very different thing becuase it does not need to be filled with sugar, CO2 and chilled to be palletable. Cool
Choo that was me with the YUCK (sorry)
I know hubby likes to drink those dark ales warm and I believe HIM to be crazy also Wink obviously that's not the only reason....

It was a toss up between #s 1 & 2 for me, but I figured I'd go with my usual whackin Big Grin

So now Taz is the Sand Fairy??? Ooooo he's not gonna like that. So how long did it take you to catch up on the thread? Lots of posting last night by our resident insects Smile
Ooooo he's not gonna like that

Well after his last reponse to me he can't get any worse without damaging our reputation Wink

Anyway you recognised Taz in that sand picture in which case he must be younger than he makes out. Do I take it you were both there in similar cozzies ?

Catching up on our resident bugs antics only took about half an hour, it's even more amusing seeing their message one straight after the other the next day Smile

Welcome relief, I don't play here for the sanity of it, still, typing of lunacy Pete should be back soon, back yet Pete, you gotta a lot of reading to catch up on ?

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