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N do not worry there is nothing sacred here in our little epic! Just good fun and ribbings of all who dare venture into these hallowed gates. I get ribbed quit regularly. Lately have been referred to as a youngster, due to a dating relationship I have going right now which has been mentioned several times in these pages.
So no you did nothing wrong and really nothing much seems to make any sense on these pages.
I do believe I am the sane if somewhat outspoken one of the bunch.
Boy did I just open the door for a Clobberin!
Jeff S, this is sort of our little kick back and relax area. Usually just good natured ribbings and some jokes. Occasionally someone goes OT and discusses something serious here.
It seems that a few of us had gotten in the habit of "talking" on other threads and hijacking them, so in order to maintain proper netiquette this thread has resulted. Started by one of our own so no way to consider it hijacked. By all means join the merriment if you wish!
All quiet now, here's me all refuelled ready to go and everyone has gone, oh, well couple of comments.
do believe I am the sane if somewhat outspoken one of the bunch.

Good grief, Taz the sane one, he must have eaten a mutant pretzel, what on earth does that make the rest of us Eek Ms M whack 'im.

Hi N, yes got to sort out this avatar thing, I thought when the name was Jeff I thought good grief the 'Jeff' anyway where has he gone, scared off by Ms M or Ms N, anyway a US steamer and the name Jeff, that is too confusing for us simple souls. Roll Eyes

See you around in 7 hours or so, g'night Big Grin
Hey all you fellow Asylum inmates.
Just poppin' in to say Welcome N. Jeff too if you're stickin' around. Heck, even if ya aren't. Smile
Taz, good explanation there for what this thread's about. However, I don't know how you got your reasoning about the youngster referral.
That's ok. You just go fer it (like ya need to be told)!

Miss M, methinks you're the one needs a good ole fashioned whackin' here!Wink

Choo, now just how do you know me so well!!? What's up with that?
*hgual s'hctiw dekciw* !oot god elttil er'uoy dnA !ytterp ym uoy teg ll'I *rehtegot sdnah gnibbur*

I'll get all yee scurvy laddies and lassies! Whackin's all around! Aaarghh! *runnin' to get me proper attire* Big GrinBig Grin
Why thar ya be my wicked little spiderette. I see ya got yer witch's hat on tonite, and ar a cooking up somthin' in that thar pot a yonder. Better not be non o my fly buds in thar, or else I'll hafta give ya a bite or two, maybe on that big spider belly ya got thar. Wink

As for the rest of you denizens of this here thread, don't think I aint been a noticin the strange goins on around here, beins I is such a skulker in these here parts. That be accordin to a certain wooly whacker who likes to keeps rats in her larder I've a heard.

As fer ya newcomers to this here bundle a wildly wasted bits n bytes, and I mean the likes a YOU, N and Jeff, and anyone else bold enough to step into this here jumble of discombobulated mental activity fit only for the Asylum, welcome one and all! Eek Eek Eek
Hey there Miss M, now you know me and Miss S wouldn't even think of hoggin the thread like we so rudely did before in such spectacle-like fashion. We just thought we might step aside a bit and let some of youse fine folks make spectacles of YOURSELVES. Can't say we're too disappointed by what we see going on around here. I hope Choo puts up a better fight hiding his name from your x-ray eyes than I ever did. Maybe a couple of your whacks will wear him down a bit? Big Grin And no fair going to some other site to get that secret info and hiding it from all the rest of us good buds who are just dying to know. Wink
Oh believe me I've tried ninth...he doesn't think he can trust me not to spill it (pouting).
He might actually enjoy a whackin, so I don't think that will work either Frown
But I might just whack him for fun where'd I put that baseball bat??? (I don't even own a rolling pin) Big Grin

And at least speaking for myself, I've missed you guys making spectacles of yourselves Big Grin
You're so good at it Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Well now Miss M. maybe he needs a little more of the RELENTLESS bit of cajoling that had my defenses crumbling in no time. I bet he is already a bit nervous and hoping this subject would just quietly go away. FAT CHANCE CHOO! It's your turn good buddy! Now I still have that Louisville Slugger around here someplace I tried to fend you off with, but turned out to be totally worthless. I'm sure however, that in the hands of a skilled whacker such as yourself, it would be an effective persuader upon our recalcitrant Mr. Choo.

Did you read what Miss M just said about us Miss S? Now Miss M, we were only trying to provide a little entertainment for our little 16000+ hit thread here. Nothing extravagant, just a little song and dance routine. So there. Wink
Darn, I already donned me red shirt and brown pants! Got me rollin' pin all ready. Oars too. Oughta be worth somethin' for whackin'!
brb *quick change*
Oh my! You sweet li'l fly, dangling visions of fly bites... how can I not put your buds in my brew! They're toast, I tell ya! Toast!Wink

Miss M, surely you jest!Eek Oh, what's a spider to do!!Roll Eyes

Choo, you best be gettin' up Real early... your avi is at stake! Big GrinBig Grin Jeff, won't that keep us on our toes! Confused
I want some o' that ticket action Ninth if ya don't mind sharin'! Pleasssse??
What's gonna happen now...
Who's gonna change their avi? Will it be Jeff, who has been registered the longest??? Will it be Choo, who we see the most hangin' 'round these here parts??? Will it be Neither???
Oh, this is gonna be good!Big Grin
Miss S, ok go ahead and put them buds in your brew. I don't want no stinkin' competition anywho. I is kinda hankerin to have that big spider belly all to myself, so get cherself ready for some o' them thar bites!

Choo, its up to you now good buddy. Looks to me this here Jeff feller done threw down the gauntlet wouldn't ya say? Best not let this one go unanswered, your reputation's on the line. Big Grin
Choo you have been judged lacking by a jury of your peers!(Me as I am de only one ere at da moment)( Due to yer obious impertince of not promptly answerin dis post) Punishment is deemed to be assimilation.We are Borg and you are now to be considered one of none!
As such your duties will be relegated to swabbin da decks and custodian of da brown pants.
JeffS ye have been promoted to custodian of da Red shirt!
Guard it well as the imposter may be lurkin about and tryin to steal it frum ya!
(Danger Will Robinson! Choo does not Play Well with OTHERS!
Edit: Lessn dere names be equated with DSG!
Ye've nae been warned and forewarned and bakerds warned!
Proceed at yer own risk swabbie!
Alright then and there, that's the spirit! I knew the ol' Choo wouldn't let us down! Freight trains at dawn? Single track? Holy smokes! I this gonna be GOOD or what?! "Steamed up and ready to go"!!!!

Stand by folks. This could go nuclear if i know the ChooGuy! Ya gots a pretty good claim there with your name an all. That carries some pretty heavy freight were I come from. I think we'd best stand back aways!!! Eek Eek Eek

Just a few tickets left folks, get while they're hot! Don't be left in the dust, sittin on the side of the tracks!!! Tickets! Tickets! Get yur tickets here!!!!

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