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Hello what is going on here?

Sorry Miss M but you are being escorted to the door! Please post pertinent information from now on!
Carlos Mencia says Dee Da Dee! "My scrolling gallery has been moved to the top and I have searched the board for an answer!" DUH! Dum-Dum look at the recent posts.; Gee Grasshopper I did not think of that. DUH Gum-Gum for my Dum-Dum!
Lunatics , rhetorical question for y'all!
Why can't people search these boards like we do? An answer is at the top of the posts and some Dum-Dum says I have looked and cannot find it!
DUH maybe they should just post" I am LAZY Dum-Dum please SHOOT me!"
I thought you had already had, why did I go hcuo, hcuo ?

"NO ONE posted all day?? What's going on here??"

Well let me see, Pete's going to Germany on a business, I am online at your breakfast and evening sessions.

So where are the US contingent, ah, Taz working late shifts, Ms M ??

So I sit and type to myself just like contacting eBay for help, ... oh dear on coming relapse feel I.


.niaga desrever sah draobyek ym on hO

Confused am I confused or confused I am - !pleH
"""NO ONE posted all day?? What's going on here??"

Well let me see, Pete's going to Germany on a business, I am online at your breakfast and evening sessions."""

Well that's never stopped anyone before...
BTW I'm having the hardest time accessing 'communuty' since last night..I keep getting 'cannot find server' aarrgghh! Must be Auctiva, everything else is ok ?? I've been trying to post this reply for almost a half hour..grrr Mad

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dumped cookies & cache

Ok Ms M, you're nicked, lurking with intent to use an offensive weapon, and dumping without a permit on this thread which is a federal offence, anything you say will be taken down and used in evidence .. "Knickers", ok who said that ?

Who's lurking within this thread, was that you Taz, or the MIA Shadeaux & Ninth.

Anyone there, just missed Taz earlier, hang on was it you N, what does N stands for, perhaps you can tell us Big Grin

Oh, well typing to myself again, dum, dum, de dum, tuneless whistle . . . , oh dear this is, just like contacting ebay support the only difference here is the reply is humourous but from ebay it's random electronic text clippings less useful than toe clippings, ramble, ramble ....

Ok, folks sorry, I was not here earlier because I had to be sociable face to face, ok I have admitted my sins Roll Eyes

Forgive meeeee ... esaelp
Hi all you luvverly folks!
Look at this!!! 100 pages! woohoo!

Choo, you're Never typing to yourself on here. !os ton tsuj s'taht tub semitemos ti ekil smees ti eruS
!hguoht taht wonk uoy yleruS Big GrinBig Grin

Pete, off to Germany. hmmm... ton er'uoy wonk tsuj
Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn! (lol !detaehc I)

I saw where N said he's/she's (I think 'she') unsure about where to jump in. N, are ya lurkin' out there? Peekin' in at this wiley wacky wonky Auctiva lunatic asylum thread of epic proportions? There IS no beginning... it just goes on... and on... and on... and on... and... well, you get it. Smile I think silliness is the only requirement?

'Oldies'?? lol I'm starting to think Taz is the youngun around here, though I have no real basis for that. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Ya know I luv ya Taz! Cool I luv All you guys! Miss M, how about that Thelma & Louise!?!
Now Where is that sweet li'l fly??? Ohhhhhhh Niiiiiiii-iiinth...
Big GrinBig Grin??em htiw ecnaD
G'night Choo.
Big Grin !oot zaT emalb I
Eek !!oooooN !!M ssiM morf 'nikcahw oN
!doog ooos er'yeht tub nosaes fo tuo era seinnub etalocohc wonk I
edit: oops lol
edit/edit: oops/oops Roll Eyes
Hi Miss M. I've been right here... just a keyboard away. Smile I wondered which is who. lol And of course, we're still happy dancin'! Always!

Hi Taz. Have fun! Here, I got this for you.
Oh I am still around for a bit. Waiting for N to show up. Gave her a direct link on the " I am Lazy" thread.
Jeff posted some good ideas to the thread today. Hope he follows through. I like the addendum he did to "READ THIS FIRST". Did you notice he did not add the addendum to this board?
Thank you for the pretzel Miss S. Just what I want on my day off! LOL
Going for pre-employment physical and drug testing tomorrow for a new job. Gee I wonder if HIGH levels of caffeine show up!
Did you notice he did not add the addendum to this board?

I sure did Taz. Saw those ideas.
I'm making sort of like a Dummy Guide for the Profiles and Seller Details. I remember having some of the same questions. I'm too stubborn an ole mule to go through all the tutorials. It's so time consuming - like not knowing what I'm doing speeds things up. lol I just referenced quickly to help muddle through. I thought maybe if I put it in my kind of language and how I did it, it may help. I'm hoping it won't offend and wish I could get it shorter. Like my posts, it keeps growing and growing... Roll Eyes I hope to have it done tomorrow sometime and will just start a thread. Is it a bad idea? Title suggestions anyone?
Profiles & Seller Details Explained

I gave N an invite on some thread somewhere a couple of days or so ago. Something about an IQ higher than a doorknob... Yep, that fits right in here. Big GrinBig Grin
My IQ is at least as high as a doorknob - but that frizzed my hair LOL
That was Katy but N was posting to the same thread so an honest mistake on your part. Just don't let it happen again! Or I will have to use the D-D words on ya!
BTW Jeff did add the addendum to this thread also. He has all the power and just presses a button to post on all boards.
I want a special button. OH give me the codes for the silos! LOL
Does not reflect on my maturity or does it?

Now Taz, ya darn well oughta know by now I'm just pickin' fun with ya! I DID say I have no basis for saying that. YOU're the one that posted your age on here. Wink

Yes, it was an honest mistake. Guess I've maybe not talked to N after all. Roll Eyes
NOOoooooooooooo!!!!!! Pleeeeeease! NOT the D-D words!!!!!
That, Miss M's whackin's and Life might be more than my li'l heart can take!

Just so there's no confusion... Life IS Good!

edit: Auctiva for Dummies - I'm only talking about Profiles and Seller Details. Not ALL of Auctiva! What! Are ya NUTS!!!!! Eek
edit/edit: !!!!!!!!taht rewsna t'nod esaelP
And you know I am just funnin too. Guess N did not see the post with the link to here and cannot find us.Either that or we skeered er off wit our wry humor or should I say humour for our British contingency?
Glad life is so good Miss S, but me thinks our Darkside Gals be hidin sumpin from us Lads.
Yar gonna be walkin da plank Lassies if n you all don't fess up to your trickery!
Either that or we skeered er off wit our wry humor or should I say humour for our British contingency?

Nah. From what I saw, it's just a matter of findin' a place to jump in... feet first, head first... it's all a matter of preference I reckon. Just jump in. Big Grin

'Course I know you're funnin' Taz! Smile

edit: Missed that last part of your post Taz. We're not hidin' anything... I don't THINK we are. Are we Miss M??
*shiverin' in me boots* NOT THE PLANK!!!!
Aargh ya posted as I was editing me last post.

And ya posted as I was editing me own last post! aargh!

Have a great night Taz! Like I need to tell ya that! Big Grin

So there was this pirate captain and every battle they ever fought, they won. They robbed and robbed and always won the battles.

When asked how he did it, he replied, "It's simple. When we're going to battle, I have me men bring me red shirt and I wear it. Me men don't see me blood and we keep on fightin' and win."

They were coming upon this ship that was heard to be the toughest crew ever to sail the seas with the largest treasure ever to be found. The captain told his men to prepare for battle. They got closer and closer. He still hadn't asked for his red shirt.

When the men could stand it no more, they asked, "Don't you want your red shirt?" He replied, "Aargh! Not this time. Now go bring me brown pants!"
I'm making sort of like a Dummy Guide for the Profiles and Seller Details.

Miss S...excellent idea. You have the patience of a! I could never write something like that Smile (no time, no talent either)

Check your email a little later on... Wink

EDIT--Choo, how dare you be sociable face to THAT is a federal offense..(what the heck ? do knickers have to do with anything???)Smile

And where's Taz, that lil' youngster?? Oh never mind, we know where he is Wink
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