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Howdy ya'll.
I'm glad this thread's gonna keep going. Smile

Miss M, I never answered that I do smoke. I roll my own, but not with camel dung. yuuukkk! Big Grin The public place smoking ban has been around here for somewhere around 10 years. That's about when it came to include pretty much everywhere. You can still smoke in bars, far as I know... I haven't been out partyin' in so long, I don't even remember when was the last time. lol Time to head to Magoos!!! Still have those $$ for beers! Wink

Okay, since we've ventured there... lol
I have a really OT question. I'd appreciate you guys' opinions please? I found a maybe WooHoo! while shopping with the girls. A NOS pair of Fryes, 70's knee high stacked heels. Darn, I wish they fit me! They were stored very crappily and I've been cleaning 'em. There was a big black place that I got off with saddlesoap, and a few water spots that look pretty good now. Overall, they look great but are now darker in places. They really have a beautiful patina, though it's not quite blending the way I'd like. The color stated is taupe (which they weren't IMO anyway). One has the leather going inside for lining at 2 1/4" and the other goes to 4 1/4", then it's fabric below. One has a tannish heel tip and the other is black.

Questions: Should I go ahead and make them darker all over and what would I use to do that? I'm not sure I can get them to blend any better with mink oil or something else, though I love working on leather stuff and don't mind the time. And should I have one of the tips changed to match or leave them as is? There used to be a boot shop nearby but he's gone now. I don't even know where to go now, so thought about leaving 'em. What do ya think?

I bet this is gonna be forever long when it posts. Big GrinBig Grin
Hi Choo.
I didn't realize it's 8 hours, thought it was 5 or 6. I think it's 5 for Sexy St Pete and six for you. The time stamp I see is two hours behind my time. Smile

That's okay on the boots. lol Just anyone that has an opinion and suggestions. Big Grin

I saw your other thread, and of course had to reply. I hadn't seen it before or would've been there sooner. Smile
Well I always used to be up beyond midnight when I was single but then you get other reasons for having an early night Wink

At the moment my considerably better half is clicking away on her laptop so here I am, bit of work bit of play Smile

I added a comment on that too, scarey coincidence Eek

edit - aah, clicking stopped, time for bed I hope my mailbox is full of interesting nonsense tomorrow morning, ninth better turn up soon for the approaching 1,000th reply Smile
Hi folks - Sorry to be so MIA lately. I've just been out and about trying to get ready for the 'record breaking, monster' storm that's starting to crunch down on us. They're calling for winds of 150mph up in the passes, with 5-7ft of snow, and 60 to 80mph here in Reno. Everybody's stocking up on food, gas, and other supplies just in case, because we get supplied by trucks coming over the Sierras which will definitely stop for several days. I know, compared to ChiTown and PA it's no big deal right? Hummm...

Miss S, those cooookiiies are just tooooo teemptiiing!! (I'm starting to droool! Where's my towel?!) Wink Big Grin
Hi Ninth!
I'm so happy to see ya here and I've missed you! Smile (ya'll don't read that. lol)

I should watch the weather more often... I had no idea. So you're all stocked up, battened down the hatches and are all snuggled in warm?

edit... deleted some lest I scare ya again Ninth. Smile
Taz, my sound isn't working again. I dunno what's going on with it cause the stereo tests give me both sides and sound great. Think I'll ask Miss M for your email after all and will appreciate your help if you don't mind.
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Hi Shirley Girl, I've missed you too, I mean what good is a fly without a sly, shiny spider to trick him? Deleted too late, I already saw that unguarded comment, 2nd thoughts not allowed. ANY kind of cookies? Damn, you sure know how to turn up the heat - I need to open the door and let some cool air in here. Yup, all battened down and snuggled in, well not quite, all I really need is a supply of home-made Texas cookies (personally delivered of course, Mmmmm... Wink(ya'll don't read that GAR stuff. Big Grin )
Miss M, my ribs hurt! Big GrinBig Grin Not the same kind of fairy. I've done two this evening, and it's almost scary how close those things are. lol

Here's the link. You should do it. Smile

I'm a Raven Fairy. hmmm
You are the fallen angel of fairies. You look at evil not as a terrible thing, but a necessity for spiritual balance in this world. You are very confident about who you are, and you tend to be rebellious.

Sorry... now back to Ninth's state of Delirium. I like that much better! Wink

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