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Yeah I am rather snooooty YA know! And of course I do have my image to maintain!
But since I saw you had cookies I though a wee bit of impropriety was in order!
I've just been sitting at the Puter all day shopping, actually just every 2 hours! Found a great website with some awesome giveaways that you just pay shipping on
Sounds like a cool site. I've been trying to refrain from shopping but feel it coming on since you got me fixed up and I'll have time soon. lol

Ain't it amazing what having cookies can do? Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

edit- and that image to maintain... does that have anything to do with you being high maintenance? Darn, I still just can't picture that from you! Wink
Shirley I think this was Pete's last post! Could not find any from him since?

Posted December 30, 2007 02:44 AM

Hi folks, just a quick surface before going back to curl up for a while. Thanks for your thoughts! Stevie is MUCH better now, thankfully. I am still feeling like carp, but it is improving, so on my way back. Sally seems to be over it too now. Last night my boy was watching his favourite TV program, You've Been Framed (don't know if you guys over there have that, or anything like it?) - anyway, he came over and sat on the arm of my chair and leant against me and put his arm round my neck, and spent the hour like that! And that from a kid who doesn't think cuddles and hugs are cool - I was well chuffed, I can tell you! Big Grin

Still haven't decided what treat to give him yet, but we will. OK my lovelies, I'm back off to bed for a while now, see y'all

Hopefully all is well with him and we hear from him soon! Smile

Glad you like the avi, just don't laugh TOO hard or your imaginary tonsils will really hurt!
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I have not watched Twilight Zone for a long time.Always liked them but just got old for me? Maybe since it has been so long I should catch them again. I really do not watch much TV, I watch movies mostly on the computer.
Getting hit with snow right now, supposed to be around 6 inches total by tomorrow afternoon Mad
EDIT: If you are going to try to get anything on Retail Killer start F5ing about 2 minutes before the hour as they were starting a bit early for some reason?
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I hadn't seen it in a long time either, then happened across the marathon. I watch TV and movies sometimes, then go a long time with it just on music channels. Last night, I alternated reading and channel surfing.

No snow here but it's suppose to get down to single digit with horrible windchills. brrrrr
I'll go be sure I'm still logged in and ready to go. Smile
edit... I wish I knew all the KB shortcuts. I'm still learning new ones but use F5 all the time and the ctrl a, s, c, x, and v ones.
I see they have no bags of crap or dirty diapers

Hi Miss Shirley...I have a bag of crap you can have hee hee!!

I got stuck at work a couple extra hours (you KNOW I'll always show up here Smile ) Then it took me a long time to get home, 6 degrees & real slippery.

Glad you had a good time but we missed you!!! So glad you're back...don't know where Pete has been tho hope he's ok.

Taz, I haven't had a chance to look at that website but I'm dying to. How was your New Year?? Smile

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