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me word's were :-
"Be'er be t'onest truf or yor'l be up a'fore the beak in't morn

Geez no wonder I never liked Shakespere - could never understand a word of it!

Pete has the Tardis now, whoo hoo!!!! And LOVE the telemarketing link BTW....

EDIT...forgot to say I'm here LOL like a jackass all by myself Big Grin Big Grin I never get those kind of calls Frown now I want one so I could pull a little stunt like that Wink
Must admit Choo the knuckle duster is an intriguing idea and much better usage of words than the mundane American brass knuckles.
Pete yes indeed it is safe to come out of hiding. DaraDork deserved another thrashing! I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying this butt kickin permit handed out by Sheriff Jeff. Yippee we've all been deputized and time to look for the hangin tree!
Q: What do James T. Kirk and spammers have in common?

A: They both regularly circle Uranus searching for Klingons

CAUTION MIss M. with those references to Kleenex, you see Choo has already reported poor Pete once. Would not want you to be his next victim.
Yes still up but it is just past midnight here, probably won't be up more than other hour tonight though.

The other post I just answered could be a long one and by all means step in if they reply during your evening - night shift Wink

Looks like another jump in the deep end and near drowning job despite our cautionary tales, another issue due to Jeff making it sound easy to use Auctiva, would not really go with that myself it's quite a learning curve for some Frown
Looks like another jump in the deep end and near drowning job despite our cautionary tales, another issue due to Jeff making it sound easy to use Auctiva, would not really go with that myself it's quite a learning curve for some

Oh I dunno..I'm a computer idiot, yet I had virtually no problems at all learning Auctiva. Sure I had a few questions, but I never had a problem big enough to prevent me from listing..I honestly think people should read more and take all the tutorals..instructions are there for everything.

EDIT - don't forget, we have to provoke Pete while he's gone Wink
Hi Ms M, just vented my frustrtation on booklady's poll thread, after another total newbie suffered the totally unnescessary "arrgh listing disspeared" initiation ceremony.

I really wish I knew what was behind the reluctance to pass the buck back to ebay, must be contractural small print that they are not even allowed to admit too.

There are two kinds of newbie likely to come unstuck, the one who is not well versed in techno-babble, tries but is swamped and those who can only be spoon fed every cr*mb Wink

So long as you can take it step by step and follow the tutorials (I gather from yourself and others they are good) then the former newbie should be ok.

The latter well, tough, wake up to the real world we can give pointers but it's up to them.

Regarding the tutorials I must admit I just dived in and played being a typical software engineer Wink as it all seemed quite logicallly set up to me Smile

Type, ya' all later Cool
Hi y'all, just found a few minutes to jump in! Son has a day off school today, so I have taken a day off work and we all went ten pin bowling, plus chinese for lunch Smile Off to Germany for work next week though, so won't get any time to myself, so highly unlikely to get in here.

I wonder why we can't have a sticky thread in the Getting Started forum, so we can just put our own warnings to newbies - that wouldn't mean Jeff doing anything else then, we could do it.
Could take a train, 'cos there's the Euro Tunnel which goes under the English Channel - but no, I'm flying. And yes, I do have to travel a reasonable amount (although not as much as I have done in the past I'm glad to say), but trust me, travelling on business is not all it's cracked up to be. Taxi, airport, plane, taxi, hotel, taxi, office, taxi, hotel, food, bed, taxi, office, taxi, airport, plane, taxi, home at last (and that was just a one-nighter!). I have been travelling for business for about 10 years now, and apart from my last trip to Germany, I have never ever got to see any of the sights, other than what I have passed en route. Last trip to Germany though, our German colleagues arranged a visit to the Mercedes Centre of Excellence, where they make and customise some very expensive vehicles for people with more money than sense. They also make the Maybach there - incredible piece of kit - but at about €1,000,000 ($1,461,942) it's a little out of my league!
Travel today's topic, eh, what's up Pete your Tardis got a flat battery, won't start, thinking about a plane or train to Germany ?

I find in travelling to Europe the flying is the short bit, add one hour on underground(metro) to London another hour on train to the airport, checkin, wait, flight, train, at the end can mean London suburbs to northern Italy can take over 7 hours door to door, only one and 3/4 hour flying on the plane !

On top of that the train fares this side of the channel usually cost more than the off-peak flight one way and somtimes more than the return fare.

Our trains fares are horrendous,last time we went to Scotland we preferred to fly and tour by car once there. Considering you probably cannot fly more than about 400 to 500 miles across this island without going from coast to coast even north-south.

Chaffeurs, I have trouble spelling it let alone paying one, mind you never had a car that I could pay a respesctable chaffuer to get into let alone be seen dead driving Wink

edit - phew after my copy/paste, don't spend long time editing on line, pontificating (luvverly word!) u lot were nearly lucky not to see this reply as I got a 'site not found' immediatly after pressing 'Post', hard luck it got there Big Grin
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Hi Choo,

In the states we seem to drive or mainly fly everywhere, because of the long distances involved. And being in a city of over 3 million people, the only trains I really know about are the 'Metra'commuter trains that get you from point A to point B. They go so fast it's scary.

I love to fly but the security checks make it such a hassle now, tho the need is understood.

I usually prefer just to drive as long as it's not too far.

~Pete tried to use the Tardis but he's not the real 'Doctor' so it won't work for him Smile

EDIT on my typo--Chicago has 3 million people - no wonder we need our own train system Smile
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You mean he's an imposter, quick where's the report imposters button, press, press, press.

No luck still passport control will stop him, speaking of which even travelling from any of London's airports internationally have also tightened up enormously. I imagine for a country the size of the USA where you probably use planes like we use trains you must really be feeling it.

Unfortunately there are too many nasty pieces of work out there who have a total disregard for any form of life including thier own so we literaly have to live with the restrictions.

Otherwise flying is pretty safe, mind you a BA plane landed about 700yds short of the runaway at London Heathrow yesterday, only a few minor injuries but made a real mess of one engine and wing. No idea of cause issued yet but so far foul play ruled out.

Hey this thread is getting a bit real world, quick press the lunacy button quick, pink spots with stripes alert, sounds a bit Red Dwarf, ah, that's better Big Grin

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