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Originally posted by ~Zebra~:
hey Missy ~ g'morning! Smile

N ?... you never replied about your avi issue! ... what's the deal darlin' ? Confused
OH yes!!! whew, been off taking care of things on de other forum...etc.
I tried but id didn't work. However, I have it uploaded FINALLY to auctiva images. So next I just have to take time to link it here right?
Where on the www are you all, this will not dooooo !!
OOOhh Choo! Like I said busy!
It is quieter and quieter and quieter....had zeb and not come along this woulda died sooner! well slower!
What is the deal??? dahlins????
Thanks Choo for your response. Smile Hi everyone. Hugs Miss M.

Just for the record, I didn't mistakenly eat my pretty gossamer winged li'l fly. No way! Eek Who would rescue me when I get myself lost or stuck on a cow catcher or somethin'? Hmmm? Help me Ninth! WinkWink
I'll be back soon to say more and answer your questions/comments N. You too Choo. And o' course what ever else I find to blab about. Big Grin
Hi N Glad to see ya finally got your turtle AVI!
Miss S why da ell did yer eat da fly?
Miss M da rats R on da loose!!
I leave Y'al fer a few days and y'all go to skit!
Dis will nae do!
Da red shirt be flyin igh bove da decksails'da plank be drawn and da impostors be waitin der pennance!
Now the Zeb be sayin he were postin on da Gold after he stalked me Silver! So he bought hisself a pass on da green-mile fer is trute in everting silly.
All ye posers be for earned and bakerds warned dat Taz is still aron boot mayhaps only on de ocaasioanl side of tings
Now where be da posers o tink day can can venture intae da Garden "O" nuncents and post battle wit da Auctiva fateful? Or wood dat be faithful?
OH BTW Hello all! I stil be kickin but just not avin da time ter post ere fer da temporal space dat y'all be occupyin!
In udder woids me time clock is slightly askew from da rest of ye peeples!
Da new job is GR8 and all de OT I want! But da guvment want to take all me pieces O eight so I be workin only 6 10 hour days and takin a day to meself!
Kinder ard ter be in a new relationship an be woikin a new job at da same temporal continuum!
Originally posted by Shadeaux:
Just for the record, I didn't mistakenly eat my pretty gossamer winged li'l fly. No way! Eek Who would rescue me when I get myself lost or stuck on a cow catcher or somethin'? Hmmm? Help me Ninth! WinkWink

Don't you worry none my bulbous little spidey gal. Ninth is always close by, ready ta respond ta da call o' luv. WinkWink
That's more like it only thing is where is Pete, hope he is just to busy to post !

Oh, by the way just seen flaming Dave's drivel and responded accordingly, thanks for all the support, I can assure one and all that I only use the name ChooChooGuy here. I was going to reveal my trading name on here shortly but obviously we are tainted by association to greedbay. So we catch the odd nasty infection from it, do not want it to spread to my sales especially with the open season on seller feedback looming, so ChooChooGuy stays Razz

Seen this sort of thing happen to a colleague where I used to work, that was sad case too, nevermind, business as usual. Smile

Smile retal kcab
Morning everyone,

Wow it looks like the old days when everyone was posting at the same time Smile

Big hugs back at ya Miss S! Still wainting for my email (tapping foot) Big Grin (kidding, I got it, thanks)

I gotta tease Taz a little bit, I think you forgot all about us didn't you Smile Good to see ya and glad things are going well for you. Isn't it great when life seems to work out?

Ummm you really think it's a good idea to describe a lady (even a spider lady) as bulbous? Big Grin Big Grin Go on, knock him out for that one Miss S!

Choo I was very upset with 'other poster'. I'M the only one that's supposed to pick on you Big Grin Don't like anyone else stealing my action. Auctiva really dropped the ball on this one..reported every hour on the hour last night and again this AM. But enough of that carp...
(But dammm, now we'll never know your trading name...bummer)

Soooo, what shall I send you?? I'm still has to be something good but I'm still not sure...Don't worry, I'll come up with something Big Grin
HOLY me turtle....I am quite aghast at the post directed at choo! I also reported it...slow ????may be the word for it. A lot could happen in the meantime.
I guess they allow people to flame Auctiva so maybe they don't differentiate between a Software program and tech dept and real people using their product. I did look up their note in Read First and pasted it vague I guess.
I admin and mod another forum and I am shocked they allow links to other sites in that category on their support forum.....but I guess they don't distinguish between this and that.
I'll say!!! there is a good reason not to id ourselves huh?
Ok woke me up big time today, I have to run, I'm staying in MY SHELL for a couple of days! No way am I stickin' my head very fer out.
Welcome to our online community. We have added this area so that customers can discuss and solve problems they encounter, share tips and tricks, and anything else Auctiva.We realize the importantance of timely information to our customers and know that we aren't always available 100% of the time. It is our hope that in these cases you will be able to use these boards to reach out and help each other.

If you require a response or faster help then use our help request form on the Help page of our site.
Well!! ~ Sweet Piles o' Sugar Plums!! And I was so looking forward to a chance for smokin' out that paltry little pervert! Eek

Only had a minute or two this morning to catch a wiff o' whut was going on Choo...with really no time at all to get involved before taking off for appointments today.
BUT I COULD HARDLY WAIT to finish up my rounds and get back here and do a little ZEBRA-DANCE on that SNAKE! Mad
Darn!...And I had such a gooood load of Pooh to dump on that critter! Frown
Oh well...On the other hand I'm very happy to see that ya'll got him * poofed * (hi Missy!) right outta' here anyway! Smile
For the record Choo... I seriously doubt you actually really need any help with the occasional putrid vermin-iculite...cuz anyone with any snap at all can easily appreciate the reputation you've both earned and deserve. Wink On the other hand (yep..that's 3 hands altogether)... I'm really looking forward to gettin' me very own blow-up doll from ya' somehow. I don't think it's quite fair Missy should have all the fun...even if she is purdier dan me! Confused They wouldn't happen to be like those I spied at the Oct-07 "Adult Treasure Expo" in Japan would they?? (srch: Wink ) I could jez see some smirky-dirks a'huffin anda puffin on dem tings. Ewwwww! Eek Wink

HOT DOGGY!! ~~ Tazzy-boy is BACK! Good to see yer snippin' little fuzzy-butt back here fer a change. Smile Forget Choo's cross-Altlantic english tho ---you're the one that shoourdoo tawllk fuhnny Taz! -- Yep!...Eyezza postin on da' Gold dis berry moment! Cool Also, Dat green mile don't worry me none pal....cuz suck'n bad juju on the dead-horse plank is a piece-o'-pie fer this donkey! Big Grin

And all of a sudden!... The Ninth-Wave comes a'splashing back up on the shore! This thread is all your fault anyway Ninth! Nobody's gonna' fergit THAT!! Razz I saw ya' startin' to zero-in on that slithering-DummKopf! And with all dem many fly-eye-balls ..I'm sure you got a whole different scope for lining up yer target in the cross-hairs! Speak'n of splashing.. wanna' see how da zebra boy (notice the stripes) went look'n fer reminiscence from back in my foaling days in Aloha Land? -- Hang as many as you like or can...dude!! ~~~ but whatever ya' do... DO hang on!! Razz YeeeHaawww! Eek Big Grin

Hey 'N' ~ HOLYcongrats on the Avi! -- bout time too! Heck I thought I had somehow psst ya' off ....or sumpn like dat. Frown Only thing is... (and I'm hesitant to bring it up) but why not turn around so's you can see what's goin on! Roll Eyes Shucks 'N' i'm jus kidd'n. Big Grin Here's to hope'n you're pulling down some big-gravy bucks with all those listings you said you been up to crank'n out!

Shadeaux! ... I'm crushed! Ninth always gets all the glory (as well as the cookies). <sniff> Woe is me! Frown Don't noboby luv a sweet little zebra no more?? Confused --- Leaves nuth'n left to do at night but put the PFloyd on continuous replay with Nobody Home
Just hope yer enjoying the beautiful snowflakes my dear...way on up there in Breezy-Fresh flatland Tejas ~oh my!!!Razz Big Grin Brrrrrrr!! Never could get my BarB'Q going in Amarillo. <snicker> (oh yeah btw: rules say "no-whack'n when it's snowing" Razz )

ok ya'll...that's the way it is then... Friday night... no shot at the inflatable... no fair! and NO FUN!! Frown Mad ~~ Wink
-- where's my gittar... just gonna' have to dump the tears for fears, and git howlin with them moody blues tonite!! Frown Red Face

~Zeb~ Razz Wink Big Grin Cool
Hi Zebra,

This thread is all your fault anyway Ninth! Nobody's gonna' fergit THAT!!

UH-OH...(trying to make myself very tiny) Actually it's MY fault...Here's the link to a thread we all effectively hijacked before we really even knew each other

We had alot of fun tho...

So you're the surfer dude huh? Great video. I love the water but never tried surfing..kind of hard to surf on Lake Michigan Big Grin Mostly I just end up just trying to get the dead fish out of my hair, ewww. OK not really, our beaches are pretty nice, tho I prefer a pool with a diving board Smile

Taz, I never did get around to calling but you were right about the rest of your suggestions. I even got a return email from Auctiva Mike (thank you Mike). So at least after some effort we got results.

So owe us now Big Grin (you saw this coming didn't you) Big Grin "One day I will ask a favor of you, and that day may never come" etc etc...I forgot how that line goes from the Godfather but you get my drift Wink

Hmmmm, gonna REALLY have to think on this one for awhile Big Grin Eek Big Grin
I hope I was of a some help too....

Of course, oh dear your avi suits you doesn't it Wink

"One day I will ask a favor of you, and that day may never come..."

Someone's been watching too many mob films and as I am still catching up on the Soprano's (only up to series 5 at present) I could even think that all this was staged by the GodMother AKA Ms just so she could have a hold over me, hmmmmmm. Have to have a sit down with my lieutenants on this one Cool

I haven't received a reply to my complaint via support yet, I hope the only reason the support desk appears unmanned for what seems to be a day at a time is due to a lot of beavering away on new software. I like to think that the more we can intercept calls for help the quicker that the the Auctiva software engineers can get all the extras written.

Hmmmm, gonna REALLY have to think on this one for awhile Big Grin Eek Big Grin

Oh and Ms M, don't think too hard don't want you rushed to the emergency room Big Grin

Last but not least, thanks Taz Smile
Hmmmmm...The GodMother...I like it
Makes me feel important Smile

Yeah, usually when I think too hard I end up hurting myself Big Grin But not this time..However if I end up in the ER I expect you to come visit me Big Grin

haven't received a reply to my complaint via support yet

I think if YOU thought real hard you could figure out how to contact me...I'll tell you something good (I'm actually TRYING to be obtuse here) Hopefully you'll know what I mean. Roll Eyes If you don't trust me by now you never will Eek
OR you could just ask Taz....
Hey 'N' ~ HOLYcongrats on the Avi! -- Only thing is... (and I'm hesitant to bring it up) but why not turn around so's you can see what's
HOLY Whoa there big zebra! You really dumped a lot of stuff on us in one big ol plop. But I must say you covered most everything....zebs must have a good memory, besides being fast and multicolored....and you say WHO TALKS funny??????
Can it be turned around? That'd be kewl!
Originally posted by member_8880:
Hmmmmm...The GodMother...I like it
Makes me feel important Smile

Hmmm yes has a sharp edged sound to it doesn't it? On the other hand it could be you are your best friends child's GodMother and they refer to you as the The Godmother of their child.... Smile
On me other forum, I am sometimes referred to Nenernator...has ring huh? I rather like it! Big Grin
haven't received a reply to my complaint via support yet

Nor did I. But suffice to say the dang thing is GONE! And that's what counts. We now know someone was up there busily working. Trusting us to take care of the forum. Yeah!!! when it works right that's how it works! (and you have de Mother with a phone)
Well, I really have an urget to talk to "some" of you more, via email, but with no addy's.... Frown It's ok tho, cause I guess on this forum/board/community we gotta BE CAREFUL with certain types around.
QUOTE: Actually it's MY fault..(trying to make myself very tiny) -- Yeah..that's a good idea! Shame on you! Eek Guess I shoulda' known! ~ I'm not letting Ninth off the hook though. No doubt he enjoyed the attention waaay too much! Roll Eyes

M~QUOTE: So you're the surfer dude huh? Errr... well (ahem..) I wish it were still true! ~~ But YEP! there WAS MANY A DAY in ole' Zeb's past! Cut my teeth on Oahu's Makaha Beach as a kid...and went back to Kauai last August for a lost-youth replay. No joy there however as the waves ain't the same. Frown Just as plenty wet but probably wouldn't be here today if they had been. Still beautiful-beyond-words though! Smile

Soprano's!! ??? (( sorry ChooChoo...But YUK!! Eek )) No disrespect mind you.... Just ~ YUK!! --- Ok maybe I'm just burned-out on all the garbage being offered on TV these last several years! Only thing worth a hoot anymore might possibly be some of the PBS, Nova, BBC specials or similar! But don't get me going on that!! Mad

N~QUOTE: HOLY one big ol plop....good memory...multicolored....TALKS funny? turned around?...kewl!
Yep..Zpooh! Watch yer step! -- had a *Great* memory!~(must be around here somewhere!). Actually just one color (with stripes). FunnyTalk? -->that's easy! Must admit'n it is a bit tricky! (just ask Choo!) ---
?dnuora denrut ivA = go images > {on avi-img} select 'edit' >click 'rotate' >choose flip-horizontal > Save !
I realize ya' probably weren't talking to me 'N' but..mail -> 4zebratalk <-at->gmail~dot~com (subj:= zpooh)

Well Choo buddy?...Ya know, I'm already a self-confessed major Pooh-pony it's plenty ok if yer not really Wink ...Just please don't send me to Coventry! WinkThat would break my heart. Frown

Just please don't send me to Coventry!

What's wrong with Coventry, flattened during the last war looks fine now Wink

Nevermind the Soprano's is very much a like or loathe, what I can't stand generally is American actors trying to speak with London accents, Yee-uck. Eek

I hardly watch any TV now, 99% garbage, and the remaining 1% I have probably seen 3 or 4 times over the last 30 years !

Extra digital channels and satelite and the choice don't get any better, can spend more time searching through the TV guides than watching anything.

Oh yes, can't understand what you and Taz say a lot of the time, just have to skim over your dialogue and grab the jist of it Big Grin

Anyway watchout for the Godmother, think she has gone on a power trip over that title Eek
actors w/fake accents?? -- yeah..understood that one...true across the board i'd say!

And that's a double-affirmative on the umpteen-channels of digital s**t! ~~ 99% garbage! -- Well said!! Can't understand why I'm still paying for all that carp!! Mad

Now Taz and I... well, we just gotta' keep our 'real' personalities a little obscured.. for stealth reasons..~ya' know?!! Cool Cool

and watch out for Miss GM's power-trip wrath?? --- GOTHCA' !! Eek

i imagine it's about zzzzz-time for ya' g'night & sweet dreams Choo! Cool

No one is around very often any more Frown

And I just wanted to say HI before I leave for work....Choo, I think I found the perfect 'gift' Roll Eyes to send you but I'm still thinkin about it, looking for something better Wink

Miss S has been real busy but says she'll be around now & then & says HI to everyone.

Zeb it looks like it's up to you to hold down the fort as they say..

Later Smile
Choo, I think I found the perfect 'gift' Roll Eyes to send you but I'm still thinkin about it, looking for something better Wink

Well if you keep that up I will turn from grey to white before I see it, or perhaps that's the idea to let me worry about it so I go white earlier without having to age.

Ah, Ms M as helpful as ever Roll Eyes

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