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Originally posted by member_8880:
hadn't noticed it before, so wasn't ignoring you, really!

Oh sure, that's what they all say Frown

You really HAVE been busy not to even check your mail. Hmmmmm...Choo was going to start a poll (I think it was Choo??) about what you've been up to all this time. Might be interesting Big Grin

Zebra is relatively new to our name change.

BTW, who's Roy????? Confused

Sorry Susanne, I really didn't see it. The email account I have linked to eBay is one I only check now and again, so I didn't see it until I was able to sit down at my PC for a while. Nothing sinister or funny about why I have not been around (unfortunately), just sheer pressure of work. There's been some big things going on, and I have had to be involved a lot.

As for Roy, oooops, but I thought that was what we ended up deciding was Ninth's real name? Or is my memory playing up (not unusual) - I can't go back through 136 pages to check! Big Grin
Now see there Ninth.... that's what I'm talking about. Poly-entendres are everywhere!

H_A is clearly proffering implication by reference to the issue of uncertainty attending the
ubiquitous Votomatic recorder...
but how many folks also catch the subtle ambiguity of meaning reflected with the use of
the participle "hanging" as a "dangling" modifier? Roll Eyes

And since Choo so gracefully alluded to my own habit of "backside-talking" (pg.132)...
I'm at liberty to point out that only an 'Elite' Englishman might relate to a Giant sense of smell. Roll Eyes Wink
Isn't that right Jack?.... (or is it Blunderbore? Eek Big Grin )

Oh well... the drawing of distinctions when walking the razor's edge of Acute Scrutiny...
... is perhaps the daunting plight of all frenetic Zebras.

Not to worry H_A....
If no one has already done so... I will admonish you to maintain a strong and tenacious
sense of humor while traipsing in these parts. Big Grin Big Grin -- Welcome!
oh..and BtW... Semper Fi !!

Zeb Wink Big Grin Cool
Boat race, no idea, forgot it was anytime soon, never cared.

As for taste in words from your link above I quote :-

"George Bush gives me a taste similar to the crusty potato bit on top of a cottage pie."

The guy did not say whether that was a compliment or not I love cottage or otherwise known as shepard's pie, personally I would replace "the crusty .. " with "lemon" Big Grin
personally I would replace "the crusty .. " with "lemon"

No doubt your choice of terms is widely understood. In this case however, I believe there's little risk to even an English Gentleman's reputation for including the term "crusty". My basis for this conclusion comes from observing numerous disgusting crusty phenomena continuously reappearing in our back yard. We assume the baking sun has something to do with it.

I too am quite fond of Shepherd's Pie. My two canine pets are also enthusiastic fans as well... but that's not so surprising for German Shepherds. They seem to enjoy presenting us with their 'gifts' on a regular basis...usually in the back yard.

Again.. it must be the hot sun...I've never seen George wear a hat.
Well Hi there Missy! were up late last night! Don't you work on the weekends? Big Grin

I was just basically telling Choo that I wasn't very impressed with Bush either. About as much as when my dogs leave their piles out in the back yard. Perhaps I shouldn't have included the part about the hot sun. Red Face

It's just that I have a little trouble with the idea of somewhere between $12 to $13 Billion per month (yes..PER MONTH) .. being spent to bring thousands of our boys back home in body-bags. I don't mean to whine unnecessarily. Maybe I'm just being a wimp. However, my closest (Marine, Air Force, and Military Intelligence) buddies seem to feel about the same. We've all collected college degrees as well...but those weren't necessary for recognizing poor judgment and the huge mistakes we believe have been made. Eek Confused Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

Sorry...I'll try to do better and stay on-topic here (whatever that is). Frown
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Hey all! Just popping in to say HOWDY! Finally got a day off with a bit of free time. I hadn't checked the thread since the 18th! Wow I was going through withdrawal I think????
I sure missed my daily serving of lunacy. Thanks fer da button Miss M. Of course Zeb had to turn it upside and just make it TOTAL craziness.
Well I am off to enjoy a bit of Q.T. with the GF.
Off ter da mall we go! Batten down da hatches and full speed ahead. Look out credit cards your gonna get a hurtin today
Well it's one beautiful day out there for us today! Just now came back in from working outdoors for awhile. Had to get outside and try to mellow-out a bit from this morning's gritty start. Please excuse the rant. Not many things get me wound-up very easily...but there are a few.

Yes by golly...there he was Choo! Zing-Zang!...and gone again! Eek Good to see ya' popping-in (albeit briefly!) Taz !! Smile

I'm headed outta' here for the moment also. There's still a couple hours daylight left..and plenty of spring-prep chores waiting for me over in the boat shed. I've never understood how watercraft can require so damned much maintenance for such relatively few hours of utilization! Autos and trucks aren't nearly such a pita for all the usage they're put to. I'm sure there's a conspiracy at work behind it somewhere! Confused

Cheers to all! Big Grin
... it's nature's way of saying keep off

That just might be Choo. Certainly an interesting thought.

But I'm not so sure. If that were really the case...then I would think water would simply resist anything attempting to tread upon it. As it turns out, every time I've ever tried to walk on water, I've always been quite welcome to "come-on-in!". Invariably I've very nearly drowned in the attempt. Eek Wink Big Grin
G'morning all (our 'all' is very small now) Frown
I see I didn't miss much.....
Choo how can you not like the water??? I LOVE the water. I'm counting the days til it's warm enough to go swimming again.Smile Don't like boats tho, wonder why that is?? Any ideas Z?

Wasn't there a movie about a monster that if you got him wet something terrible would happen?


EDIT - almost forgot, HI TAZ!! Come back...we thought you forgot about us Frown Wow you & GF have been together for awhile nowSmile
Don't like boats tho, wonder why that is?? Any ideas Z?

Really can't say...unless perhaps you had a previous unpleasant experience? (like getting seasick Frown ). That might explain it!

Wasn't there a movie about a monster that if you got him wet something terrible would happen?

Yeah Missy...I vaguely recall there was some kind of movie like that. I think it was about some gal on a road trip or something. Kinda' strange as I remember...cuz it also had a tornado, a funky little dog, and a wizard. The monster had a rather bad attitude... and was from the East I believe. Roll Eyes Wink Big Grin
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Choo how can you not like the water???

Well, I was always nervous of it, finally took the plunge at school, second lesson felt like I nearly drowned after finally get the courage up to pushing my self off the edge of the pool and got tangled up with an underwater swimmer. Frightened the life out of me and pool water tasted foul. Went back again the next week but I just froze in the water. Taken me years to get into a boat let alone into the water again.

Smallest boat I can get into is a river bus, not row or speedboats too small (too low in the water) as yet, swimming pools went near one a fews years ago where our lad was swimming just couldn't go through the doors to the pool, sad, silly, but maybe one day possibly I will get back in again Smile

edit - yes 'Gremlins'
Yeah yeah, very funny Zebra Big Grin I forgot about the wicked witch, I was thinking of Gremlins, but that was not feeding them after midnight (or something like that) Razz

Well in about a month I guess I'm gonna be around ALOT...found out today they're closing down the hospital where I work (not a complete surprise)

So I guess while I'm sending resumes' and collecting unemployment, I'll have plenty of time for swimming. Amd Auctiva Boards. Guess I'll have to amp up my Ebay sales too.

Pretty depressing tho...I really loved that place Frown

I will be taking donations to keep myself out of the gutter Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
I'm afraid I'll run into Choo.. Eek
'm afraid I'll run into Choo.. Eek

I knew you would descend to my level, ha, ha, haaaaa, when you are at the top the only way is dooooowwwwnnnn !

Be waiting for yer Big Grin

The only option you have to avoid my clutches is to become a PowerSeller, I can help you, let me remove any of your remaining scruples in my hospitality gutter Big Grin
Leave it to you to always make me laugh Big Grin So I'll meet ya in the gutter then Big Grin

Actually I DID spend the entire day doing listings, trying to beat the maintenence...I'm so sick of being on the computer you have no idea Razz I think I'm already an inch away from being a PS again...big whoop, right? Big Grin

So what have YOU been up to lately??????? Oh no, I still haven't figured out what to send you Eek Eek

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