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hi all just got home from work. Things have slowed a bit in the past few days but looks as though it will be ramping up soon. The company i work for is going to have a bit in a History Channel, Modern marvels show being shown on Monday the seventh at 8 Eastern time. The show is about coal mining and we manufacture the bolts and resin to support the mine ceilings.I have not seen the show but upper management said it will be showing our product in use and should mention the company.
We are in the process of opening 2 new plants one in Kentucky and one in Australia. I really do like my job but swing shift stinks!Hopefully as the promotions come I can eventually make front office and work days.May require relocation. Hmm isn't Taz (tasmanian devil) native to Australia? LOL.The Australian plant is 30 miles outside of Sydney.
Miss M sorry to hear about your hospital but hopefully you can quickly find a new job in another hospital. Never really asked but am assuming you are an RN?
The thread has really slowed, but it is over 5 months old now.
I have a busy weekend ahead as I am trying to arrange a benefit show for a friend of mines family. She lost 9 family members (her sister and her sisters kids and her sisters grandchildren) in a fire early Thursday AM, 10 people dead in total. CNN Brockway fire
I have 2 bands lined up so far and the use of Magoos but need to try for at least 1 more band ideally 2 more.
Well anyway hello to all and will check back as time allows.
Hello Taz,

Please know that my deepest and most profound sympathy and support are with the Peterson friends, acquaintances and survivors of last week's horrible tragedy. I too have seen and experienced firsthand, such a terribly devastating loss as happened with a close neighbor's tragic house-fire not too long ago.

All our Loving Prayers from Texas to you..
... and most especially to Elizabeth and James.

David R.
(aka Zeb)
Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers David, the family is pulling hard to struggle through this devastating loss. I can only imagine the pain and suffering they are going through right now. Frown
They are from a very small community (roughly 2000 people) and it has hit everyone so hard. They are doing the services at the Brockway High School for all nine family members.
I am working very hard to organize the benefit show for them and hoping to get a good turnout and showing of support.Been online most fo today sending emails to various bands and radio stations to get the maximum coverage and support .
Oh my! Lots of serious stuff since I was here and posted last...I am sorry for all of you experiencing stressful times. It is sometimes overwhelming, I know.

Up til last time I was here I was sorta lurking...I had the Lounge forward to my gmail...then I could read the posts as I had that lurking? I could keep up. Then I had a couple of weeks I wasn't even keeping that up, just putting them all in one folder til today. Now I am caught up.....
Everyone seems to be showing and the poll will not die....but what if we want ninth wave to reveal all?
I think maybe he did, way back in the beginning but don't know for shore.
Seems the news is full recent with unpleasantness......makes me think back to when times were bad once before that I recall fairly clearly. Worriesome to say the least.
I certainly will keep all of you in my thoughts.
Sounds like all of you are doing the best you can....and that is good! Be back later!
Well, how are things going for everyone by now?

It seems that when news affects one of the ninth wave it affects all.....
I do not want to appear inappropriate and post disrespectfully for those of you going so through such hard times. But I decided to post anyway. I don't have the quirky language, backwards either, nor a spider or fly etc. personna to bring back humor; but... I think my turtle is very appropriate right now.

So, without intending any disrespect, do we want to let the ninth wave go now?
Or should we bounce back, like all good northerners Wink eeerrr and Brits, and zebras and brimmed hat cowboys, reticent turtles and on and on among this silly group ? We could start with chit chat.

Today it is warm here, a little break through in the dreary weather. Altho, trees are beginning to bud and some are blossoming. Daffodils, violets, primroses, tulips dandelions etc are dotting the otherwise greyish ground. We always have some green, "tall" firs, cedars, spruces and pine but I do so enjoy the new colors about to burst out cherry tree, apples, plums etc.

Weather is still cool.....40's most of the time. Supposed to get up to 70 this next weekend, here it means everyone will dawn their shorts and flip flops and work in their yards. What's Great Britain, northern East Coast like, probably similar to here.....TX oh I bet you barely notice the seasons.....Illinois, has the snow begun to melt?

How is everyone doing?

If nothing else, just wanted to say Hi and say I am thinking about you.
Oh urghh, no preview. And tonight is Thurs and I was going to work on listings......hmmmm guess I'll edit pics tonight and watch Survivor and about the anatomy of "groups".

to all.
Hi N I was just getting ready for work and decided to check what was going on here. Glad to see all is well with you. Beautiful day here in PA the daffodils are blooming and it was in the 70s.
Good idea to get the thread back on its ???track???. Hmm a rather pointless thread for the most part. A thread about nothing! Sounds like a bad Seinfeld episode!
And where is Miss M hiding at? Pete has been AWOL for awhile also.
Alright lounge faithful a call to arms and let the tom-foolery begin anew!
OK Nena's's what we need right now

Taz how did the benefit go? I'm sure it was a huge success. As for me, there might still be hope, now it sounds as if there are a couple entities interested in taking over the hospital so who knows Roll Eyes BTW Taz, I draw blood, I'm not an RN...all the patients love me...NOT Big Grin (OK now you hold Choo and I'll get the needle ready, the square rusty one Big Grin Only the BEST of care for our friend Choo Big Grin Razz Eek

So Pete is gone again Confused so is ninth and Ms S. Shirley & I email occasionally but she's been busy, tho I know she misses the boards Smile She'll be back eventually. Gonna go print some PP labels now, hope everyone is having a good week Wink
I draw blood, I'm not an RN...all the patients love me...NOT

So, the GodMother is either a forensic artist or a vampire, I'd go for the latter, would certainly explain the late nights Eek

Prefer a rusty nedle to the vampire alternative, could catch summfin nasty Frown

do we want to let the ninth wave go now?
Nevveerrrr !
Poor Ninth, such talk on here ! The punishment for such heresy is you must write one thousand lines "The thread lives" one per night Razz and just see how well the thread lives on to proove you wrong Big Grin

edit - too early here forgaot spelling chugger olny oon FF - good grief did I sepll t "phorensic" (this edit was unedityed) Big Grin

> Forensic're so funny. I like that one, wouldn't mind doing it either tho I much prefer to JAB people with needles (I am so baaaad) Big Grin Well if you prefer a rusty needle that's what you're gonna get Big Grin I seem to remember Taz & myself trying to catch you before...we WILL get you this time Eek

I'm so tired I can't see straight, 3am here

Did you really type this or am I hallucinating?
edit - too early here forgaot spelling chugger olny oon FF - good grief did I sepll t "phorensic" (this edit was unedityed)

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
do we want to let the ninth wave go now?

who ever would suggest that? Shame on you Choo/chew.
Glad to hear the vampire lady is gonna get a new chance at the victims....
Yo Taz, glad to see ya around-do ya ever get tired of jumping?...ok where are the rest???
I can just imagine that zeb coming in and tromping all over and eating all my flowers abloomin' above.....and then no doubt will fertilize the whole area.....more than he can eat.
Hi Miss M. the benefit is still in the planning stages and hopefully will be held May 25th,the Sunday before Memorial Day so should have a great turnout for it. I never realized how much work planning and organizing something like this is!

I should have remembered that you are a phlebotomist after we threatened Choo with Nurse Wanda!
Glad to hear that your hospital may stay open.
Best of luck with that.

No N I never get tired of jumping (Spinning) around the Taz moniker fits me well. I am not one to stay in one place and not do anything. ADHD!
I got my nickname in grade school many years before ADD was a widely diagnosed problem.
Last edited by tazfrompa
Hi everybody,
Taz, that should give you plenty of time to plan an awesome benefit. Best of luck, I just know it will be successful.

As for me things are still pretty much up in the air, we're proceeding with plans to close, tho negotiations are still going on. Very stressful.

Anyhoo, I'm watching a DR WHO Marathon right now (YAY) which reminded me of Pete and his Tardis. Wonder where he's been off too??

And Choo, Taz, me, and evil Nurse Wanda are waiting for you.....come on out......
Ahhhh... that's better now. Ok, we're back online now. Whew!..when the wind blows here it's very difficult to keep a decent signal long enough to even complete a post transmission. And all of a sudden, it started blowing like stink outside late this afternoon.

Well I probably missed everyone by now. Maybe somebody will show up around midnight. Who knows?

Ok.. N..?
A.Choo is silly enough to funny my tickle-bone. But you're gonna' have to help me out after that.

just what exactly WHAT am I supposed to do with " ..Yep,We A. Choo, Who. Knew, Any. Hoo, Don't. Know. Who, Thought. He. Knew, Boo. Boo, Confused Roll Eyes
Heck that's enough to confuse a flock of Mockingbirds at an out of control New Year's Party.

??? My very best guess is perhaps a Chinese tongue-twister puzzle for Hoot-Owls...maybe?? Eek
Or are you trying to resurrect and re-use that prehistoric keyboard I caught Taz chewing on a few months ago! Razz Big Grin

Oh well...I'll bet everybody has probably already gone on to sleep by now.
I think I'm starting to hear that empty echo Missy was talking about before.
(OK I'll talk like a Texan for ya) Smile

Y'ALL KNOW I never sleep...just rest in my coffin...and I'm beginning to suspect that A.Choo (thank you N) has a coffin as well. Eek

""One thing's for sure! He seems to go to bed a lot don't ya' think?""

Oh yes indeedy! I think he's actually a Fangman...either that or you're right Zeb, and he's Rip Van Winkle. I think he's OLD enough to be RVW, right Choo?? Razz I'm gonna get it for that one but it's worth it Cool

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