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This is disgraceful, not only that you could forget Beavis & Butthead's names, sorry Meavis & Mutthead on the rash assumption they are more female then male, (not that I wish to receive proof, yuck).

But no one has written anything remotely useless on this thread for 3 days, where are you all.

errrm, whoops, ok where on earth was I too !!

Self knuckle wrap Eek

Is that anything like 'senile' ? YES I am! Big Grin
I've been actively ignoring you Choo (kidding!) Actually I've been doing a ton of listings, working alot etc etc... I'm seriously doubting that I will sell next year, I'm trying to get rid of all my inventory NOW. Lotsa work Smile I'm even getting a second job.(what the HECK was I thinking..there goes my summer) Frown

Yeah, kbalona is like a hit & run, now ya see him, now ya don't Smile
Oh....NOW I get it Big Grin
I need a nap (seriously) my brain is so foggy from all the computer work and stabbing I do daily Razz Got my PS back a couple months ago, only bronze with a whopping 5% discount. (That was sarcastic) It doesn't even make a dent Frown
Haven't found the great e-god yet, it ain't ebay that's for sure Wink

Gonna go close my peepers for awhile...
I haven't touched Auctiva for a couple months now. I haven't been doing any serious ebay selling since march...or so. But my online store has exploded. There's only one of me doing the online sales side of the business, and it keeps me super duper busy, plus I have my regular work to do. I'm working 15-16 hour days, with breaks of courseBig Grin
I'm on the verge of grossing $3k per month online(EBAY YOU DID NOT GET ONE CENT) ...more than I've ever sold on ebay/month (Of course, I have never done ebay selling full-time). Sales have nearly doubled at my online store, every month since Jan. 08.
Now you know why I don't show up on here much...but I have a ton of stuff piling up to sell on ebay, so as soon as winter comes I'll be hitting Auctiva & the boards again.

YaY kbalona!! That's showin 'em Big Grin
Geez not too shabby, what do you sell?

I had to jump in here & save our thread from being buried any more than it already is...I almost couldn't find it Eek Choo hasn't been here either, misbehaving again are ya??

Gotta go fire up the's (finally) a gorgeous, perfect day guys can each have a steak if ya want (yum) Smile
Like K not on Auctiva at the moment and heavily into the DIY season, but wow three more items bought and paid for today on the UK Specialist Auctions site, was beginning to think the earlier sales were just an optimistic blip.

Whoopee, and not a penny to eBay although a few bob to PP though, nevermind with no insertion fee and only 3% FVF I might get rich by 2050, errm, but may not reach 2050, oh well, that's life or is it death Big Grin
Epic thread rules - just !

Still in the top 5 of the lounge after 6 months now just lacking the lunatic fringe who got it going last December, all very busy off greedbay and Auctiva at present. The volume of replies and views are still probably the highest around here.

This thread grows and flowers during the darker months and takes a rest during the summer months, tended by the FangMother and myself with moments to spare like the faithful old gardeners of an estate garden.

Well., oil jus' go an watter the ol' dandelions and and pull up der' roses, errrrm, or is it the uvver way aroun'.

Jus' found out oi can be considered antique if oi reach 60, co'r, luv a duck, and for FangMother, a special message to give 'er an 'eadache . . .

! naiga yvval edistuo eht ni gnidih uoy erA


Edited by dis ol' duffer to correct views/reply wordy bits, really must take me memory pills before I forget where I keep 'em, oh dear, too late . . .
Hi Choo! How ya be? Nice post, except for the headache that one sentence gave me Big Grin
I'll be even more scarce the next few days..going to Ebay Live, practically right in my own backyard Smile
Hopefully I can get permission from certain folks to post a picture or 2. Should be fun. At least it'll keep me out of trouble Eek

I'll send ya some more memory pills, I've got plenty. Just ignore the little skull & crossbone, doesn't mean anything
Hey all been MIA for awhile! Just popping in to say HI! I see Miss M broke out evil nurse Wanda again. I have been haphazardly following the thread. I guess it has been almost a month since I last posted Red Face The benefit show went well and Magoos is super busy right now. I have been putting extra time in helping out there as there are alot of bike runs that come through in the summer. Glad to see the thread is still chugging along. And to think we wondered if we could keep it alive until January!If this keeps up we will have to look into syndication rights!Watch out Seinfeld Big Grin Getting ready to go for some pre-testing for a surgery I have scheduled for next week Frown
Wish I could be at eBay live Miss M, I really thought hard about it when I found out Chris Isaak would be playing.But the whole surgery thing put the kabosh on that one. Have fun and hopefully you get to post those pics. But please leave the two tranvestite enforcers at home, after all this is GreedBays event and we would not want those two ruining it! HMMM? On second thought Smile
BTW FeeBay has not gotten a penny from me since December and I still have my Bronze PS rating?
Happy, happy to see ya! Glad the benefit went well (we knew it would Smile) but sorry to hear you're having surgery Frown I really wish you could have gone to Ebay of the other regular posters here is going too (don't know if it's 'proper' to mention names so I won't) but at least I'll 'know' somebody.
Gotta go to work now..don't know how I'll get up in the morningFrown might have to stay up all night. REALLY poor planning on my part!

PS Taz, I DID notice you're still a Powerseller..LOL..ebay is too busy dealing with FB complaints etc to monitor anything else I guess Big Grin

Later Smile
Hi Everybody,
WoW Ebay Live was alot of fun!!! (I can see people rolling their eyes, but I only went because of the Auctiva booth) Smile We had a blast! Kbalona came in all the way from NY, and tho we didn't have much time to hang out, it was GREAT working the Auctiva booth, handing out tee shirts, etc. If Ebay was run by people like the Auctiva folks, everybody would be happy! Just a GREAT bunch of people. I can't even say how much I enjoyed myself Smile

Their booth seemed to be the hit of the conference...standing room only for the live tutorials, hundreds (or probably thousands) of tees handed out, it was awesome! I'm sure I'll think of more later, but for now just wanted to post some pics...wasn't able to get too many, it was VERY busy Smile

This is Auctiva Chrystal (who designed one of my favorite templates 'High on the Hog'), kbalona, and yours truly. Keep in mind: white makes me look fat, I was having a bad hair day, and I left my fangs at home Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Originally posted by member_8880:
Would take too much work to look as good as that

I am speechless

Can it be possible??

Choo actually gave me a compliment?????? Wink

EDIT--Choo obviously you forgot to take your memory pills, you forgot who you're talking too Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Hi K..You're up early, I would have thought you'd sleep half the day Smile

Heh...well, I'm off for a nap here in a few minutes.
I forgot to mention, it was really really nice to meet Sus also.

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