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Miss M this is Cockney rhyming slang and I am unfamiliar with it but be'er is better. Some examples are Apples and Pears equal stairs and Bloody Mary equlas hairy. Cockney slang was widely used for illegal activities years ago but now has gone mainstream and is considered good fun.
Perhaps Choo will be kind enough to give us a translation in the morn as I believe i have begun breaking his A la mode!
Originally posted by TazFromPA:
Sorry to break in with this rather rude and obnoxious spamming message but have you all heard about the newest rage. The only way to pay FeeBay more money and screw everyone else too! Sign up under me and you will see! Welcome to Little Crusts

EDIT: Just saw Jeff's post about filtering out BC possibly.
That stinks, maybe if we keep the ground attack up it will not get to that point.
Wonder if Kick It Back will be filtered also. LOL

I deleted mine. That's all it is. Smile
Jeez Louise! I thought I'd wound up on a porn thread a few pages back Eek Shirley and Sid, behave yourselves!

Steve, glad it seems to have gone well with the parents. I had this image of the dinner going very smoothly, then after you left, Dad picking up the phone, and saying in his best James Bond Villain sinister voice - 'Keel heem'! Glad it doesn't seem to have come to that!.

Susanne, of course I like the shorts! I'd like any underwear you gave me Wink

Choo, a dragon vomiting a fireball? No, he's reading a 'For Dummies' book!

Hi Pete, well on a 1600x1200 display the book looked like flames and the dragon was holding his head, so ... Big Grin

I can see it now, amazing how a bit of extra info changes the interpretation of an image Big Grin

Regards interpretation, I see Taz is trying to translate my post on 'your' poll thread so I will give the answer later on, read it quick and you find it makes sense easier Wink

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