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The building burned to the ground? Where was I? I could have baked me some mutant pretzels in my Fuzzy Pink Steel Toed Bunny Slippers!
Thanks for the butt kickin comment. Yeah I do believe we managed to tend the boards rather well in the absence of "youse" two.
Dinner went amazingly well. Sweeties parents were very cordial and seemed to accept things very well. But of course a good Filet Mignon and a bottle of wine do have a tendency to bring out the best in people.
Resistance is futile Miss S? We have met the Borg and they are FeeBay! Hmm 7 of Nine was a Borg. OK Ninth is there something you are neglecting to tell us? We refuse to be assimilated!
Be careful with your answer as Jean Luc may be lurking about.
Miss M no bunny slippers sorry. Had to break out the big dogs. Wolverines of course. Gotta wear something to fit in with the Taz persona!
Sorry to break in with this rather rude and obnoxious spamming message but have you all heard about the newest rage. The only way to pay FeeBay more money and screw everyone else too! Sign up under me and you will see! Welcome to Little Crusts

EDIT: Just saw Jeff's post about filtering out BC possibly.
That stinks, maybe if we keep the ground attack up it will not get to that point.
Wonder if Kick It Back will be filtered also. LOL
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