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We are still prepping things Choo! Should be time for your thorazine. I've got it right here.Miss M is indisposed so I brought my Evil Nurse Wanda to administer the injection.
Now this won't hurt one bit, just roll over while she slides this 20 gauge 1.5 inch needle in.
Edit: Forgot you guys are metric there! 3.81 CM long needle

Hey there Choo! yer back !
...sure they will be back with lunacidal zeal

...I'm sure you're right about that! Oh dear! Eek

Ok..I need some help here! Somebody tell me how the 'clock' works around here! By that I mean.. my last post shows as 11:11 pm. Now I know that wasn't my local time! Nor could it have been either EST of PST here in the U.S.! Furthermore, your last post shows as 01:48 AM...(it being almost 12hrs from your previous post) this doesn't seem right either! Now maybe it was actually the wee-hours in the morning when you posted (local time for you in UK) ...but as I remember, it doesn't seem like 12 hours since I saw it show up on the boards. ???

Can somebody gimme' a clue here? Confused
Wow, lots of overtime for me this weekend...I'll be glad when today is over, I'm tired,(yawn) Smile

Taz, thank you for recruiting my sidekick Evil Nurse Wanda when I was unable to help you with Choo (note: she does NOT replace my usual sidekick - Miss S) Big Grin...see Choo, and you thought I was up to no good...

Zebra, what song? Confused
And I wonder why your time stamps are showing up like that?? They should show as PST, it's a little after 10am here now so mine shows as 8 something..Choo is about 6 hours ahead of me, I think its probably 4pm there.

Well gotta go (groaaan)
But I'll be back tonite .. I need my lunacy button....Smile
Hey there Choo! yer back !

Didn't know I'd been anywhere ... Confused

well the time here is about 5pm so assuming a few minutes delay to arrive you can see the time difference. I only see the time of actual posting from the copies that arrive via the e-mail notification, when viewing these boards the time appears as my selected timezone of GMT.

see Choo, and you thought I was up to no good...

And why would I think that Roll Eyes

Fancy leaving me in the hands of, sorry claws of Taz's mutant pretzel nurse. Eek
Didn't know I'd been anywhere ... Confused

well Choo...sorry if I missed something, but last I heard - you were outta' here on a GHOST TRAIN!
For all I knew, it coulda' been a " ...Midnight Train to Georgia"!? Big Grin -- I wouldn't be surprised! As I CLOCK is all messed up! Frown

Anyway... I'm beginning to realize the board's time is set to PST here in the States! -- So I guess I can do a little arithmetic to figure out when I might get away with posting silly stuff while nobody's looking (and probably asleep). Afterall... I'm not inclined to show my butt around here while EVIL NURSE WANDA is anywhere to be seen!! -- I HATE NEEDLES!! Eek

... on the other hand...I bet TAZ doesn't actually sleep AT ALL! -- Yep!..that could explain a few things! Big Grin
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Hi Zebra, well a dozen or so pages ago in the mists of epic thread time there was to be a train 'joust' cum 'duel' between JeffS and I, unfortunately Shadeaux AKA spider took me up on a VIP ticket, front seat on the cow catcher !

Eventually rescued by ninth AKA as her fly at the last moment so rather than be stuck like a pig with one of Ms M's needles (many more pages ago she was playing darts with them) or Taz's mutant pretzel nurse I decided I stood more chance of surviving by riding my ghost train to hell.

Quite simple really Big Grin
OK Choo, you asked for it...this is how I feel after 26 hours of work this Sat & Sun...You think Evil Wanda is scary?? HA!!

I actually turn into one...I'm waiting for Taz, got my needles, and we're coming to GET you Eek

We'll get PETE too, he has to show up sooner or later....

Hi Z - you're safe, you're an innocent bystander so don't worry (yet) Big Grin

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