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Hooray ninth's back! Cool!

Well!...if it isn't El Sid...returned from his negligee night-flight and conquest of the Boorish Moors!
Loyal looner's have kept faith with risque' jibe and spar, your legacy thread whilst thou lust doth GAR.
Me thinks you hath pleasurably enjoyed shirl surely a nice one with a view! Wink

Buenos El Campeador! ~ I am the Zebra!
~ another pitifully striped plagiarizer come-laud, phonetically challenged Vedantic butcher, and socially irreverent misfit mutant newbie! Confused Big Grin

EDIT: come-laud cum-loud [I think!Roll Eyes --hell I dunno! It's late..and at my age, I'd be lucky to be able to at all!
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ChooChoo? you've got me laughing pretty doggone hard!!!!!! [really was funny ] Blessings on you for THAT ! Smile
Sheesh! Am I that ancient?? El Cid? ->Moors? Man!-I'm really embarrassed now!

Maybe its cuz I been read'n a little too far back in this Epic-thread, and all that funny-insanity is still fresh on me mind! -- Ok..I'll do better to clean up my dribbles!

...but i'm gonna take it as a compliment anyway!
OMG Zeb. I coitinally hope yeave not ben reachin bak to da oily daes O' dis tread! T'would be ennae to drive a sane bloke insane in da membrane!
Dis tread hae all boot dis integrated ter a bunch O meaninless ramblin anyhow.
Spercially since da Choo-Meister hae not been fortcomin wit da details O' da rubber room E been farcibly stayin in fer da parst coupla weaks.

Choo, Donde esta Senorita Britney?
Hey boys how's it goin???

First of all..NINTH - truly awesome pic (tell me the truth...that's you two isn't it) Wink But more importantly (and this goes for Miss S too) Are the cookies gone yet??????? Big Grin

Poor Choo..stuck in that lil' rubber room all by yourself Frown Have they let you out of your restraints yet? BTW, it's because you're tryin too hard to understand Z's post...I get it tho, very good Zebra Big Grin

Hi my friend are the pantaloons holdin up? I wonder if Miss S is gonna want them back? Although I'm sure they look better on you Big Grin
Did you start the new job yet? Oh almost forgot, that auction was the best thing I've ever seen! Thanks for that link, it made my day!

And for God's sake PETE...come out of hiding, quit lurking, and POST will ya? Sheesh don't love us anymore??? (You can tell I feel MUCH better) Back to normal (no remarks pls) and back to work.

Hey, I'm going to Ebay Live, for sure. It's right here in my hometown this summer about 1/2 hour away...I'm so excited I can't wait!!!!!!! I wish some of you were going too...let me know if you are.

Our poor thread hasn't had much of a workout lately, we have to keep it going. I get really bummed out when it's not still right up at the top Smile So I'll shut up for awhile now...hope everyone had a better weekend than I did Frown
Hi there Missy M - Glad to see you back in the fray and feeling better. Glad you liked the pic. Ok, truth be told: Nope, they aint us, cuz our s**t eatin' grins is biggern' that. And as far as them thar cookies: I keep a gobblin' em up, cuz the secret ingredients have got me comin back for more. and Ima hopin they just keepa comin.

Well Zeb, you methinks correctly, 'misspellings' notwithstanding, the view has surely been pleasurably enjoyed, in fact, mighty nice indeed. And methinks you might be tryin' to fool us with that old man disguise, cuz I'm sure that was you we heard all night long in the next room. Big Grin
Hey Miss M glad to see you back again. Dem Pantaloons b 'oldin up radder well. Now da red shirt, dat b a difrunt madder. Ad to crak a coopla scalawags upside dere noggins at da waterin ole de udder nite.
I did start the new job and am loving it so far.
Glad you liked the auction, I thought it was so true and to the point.
Just got this from eBay, and cannot figure out why? Are they that desperate for powersellers right now? I had not listed anything since the beginning of the year and only put 5 items on last week.

Dear tazfrompa,

Congratulations! Your recent selling activity entitles you to Bronze status in the eBay PowerSeller Program. Please visit and sign in to activate your free membership to enjoy these great benefits and services:

See the PowerSeller icon next to your User ID
Free seller support via Live Chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all Bronze PowerSellers. If you also meet the annual volume requirements, you are also eligible for phone support. Log in to the PowerSeller portal for the most updated information on your customer support options.
Get exclusive offerings on the PowerSeller portal--check back often for updates!
Network on the exclusive PowerSeller Discussion Board.
Download free business templates for PowerSeller business cards and letterhead.

I may jump in for a wee bit possibly I have not decided yet if it is worth it.
Well going to get ready for work, 2nd shift this week.
Hey all my sweet asylum maties! Wink

Com'on Choo, you know better than that! It was already boosted and I just replied to the post. Smile
I thought you were escaped from th' padded cell. What'd I miss? Darn, I always miss stuff or else you'd not have trapped me with that VIP ticket! Heck, I don't even have to be in a padded cell to be talkin' to myself... shhh! Don't tell, lest they come an' take me away!! Eek

Taz, there's somethin' else I missed - I thought the brown pants went to Zebra (or was it Jeff S?) cause they match the lawn or some goofy thing like that? I know ya had the red shirt. Either way, Miss M's right 'bout 'em lookin' better on you than me. Big Grin

Miss M, sure am glad you're feelin' better! Did Ninth do us right proud with that pic or what?! lol Now don't you worry 'bout there bein' any cookie ODin' either! And I understood what Zeb said too. Choo, how'd you not follow that - and even after re-reading too? I'm shocked!

Zebra, keep 'em comin'!!! Love your posts! Oh, and I saw over there somewhere that you included me in a thanks of sorts for stuff you've learned. hmmm, dunno what in the world That could be but sure do appreciate th' kind words. Hey, I can even relate to wearin' the tall boots - whatever that was ya said a fair piece back there. Must be a Texan thang? Big Grin

Sexy St. Pete, where you be man? Ya shore are missed 'round these here parts! Get yoreself on back here an' let us all know you're fairin' alright! Ya hear? Confused

Ninth, more cookies comin' right up! Or should we make it brownies this time? Nah! How 'bout both?! Razz Wink

edit: Taz, I agree with Miss M. First thing I thought was a spoof email. Forward it to spoof at and they'll tell ya real fast. That's ONE thing they do fast at least. Big Grin
Hey Taz! I forgot to ask about what sorta new pretzel shapes ya been inventin'? I reckon congrats are in order to th' parfulseller... hmmmm maybe it surely is about gettin' me outa that playground ordeal. I made sure they had your name and what ya did to help me out. Did I tell ya she also gave me an email addy to send along the info? I was hopin' it'd be gettin' into some important hands there... thinkin' in reality hah! yeh! right! Looks like maybe it really was more than a pipe dream then. Big Grin

Miss M, now don't go gettin' any ideas into your head there. We're hoggin' all th' cookies 'n' brownies. Razz

edit: Oh Ni-iinth, I've got cookies...WinkWink
Well Miss S those new pretzel shapes are rather convoluted! I spent several days last week movin the girlfriend in to my house. Her parents are really being great! Me tinks dey ave eyes fer da Mercedes? O'er me dead body I say. Keep yer bloody weenie beaters off a me gold! Even if it is only a gold SL-TreeEighty.
Well I am enjoyin me mid-life crisis N E ways.
BTW No you did not tell me about the email addy!Twas merely a joke on me be harf aboot da playground. I don't really think it means a hill O beans to FeeBay!
Look who's Really hoggin' it now.... TAZZZZZZZ

Oh yeah...he's had it for a LONG time. Is it still in one piece Taz or have you been hot roddin all over the place? Big Grin

And about the freezer rats Miss S...I think I'll take them out to the alley, walk down to the end of the street and put them in the neighbor's garbage can.. Big Grin Eek Big Grin
Unless you want them, just say the word and they're yours. Hey maybe I should auction them off on Ebay?? (kidding!)
Now Miss M, just what makes you think I'd want those ratcicles??? No way!! Eek But thanks for askin'. Big Grin
Hey maybe I should auction them off on Ebay??

Isn't that a novel idea!! Bet you'd be able to mail me that check then and have some left for yourself too! Wink Big Grin

Taz, we know you're just tryin' to get us thinkin' Zebra has the DeLorean while you're still hotroddin' around in it. Don't you try pullin' that stunt on us now! Mad I bet your sweetie just likes it so you're not givin' it back to Choo. Bad Taz! Bad! Bad!! Big Grin

edit: Do ya think that's where Pete is... waitin' on th' DeLorean? hmmmm???
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Eh Taz, you coulda photoshopped that one to make us think them thare leaf lookin' things are Zebra droppins. Huh? You did, didn't you! Zebra, com'on, fill us in here. Is this what happened?

Somebody better get this thing fixed an' get it back to Choo! He's out now ya know. He'll be passin' out ya'll some o' them VIP tickets. And no Zeb, there won't be any drinkin'. Just lostsa smoke an' squished critterss. Big Grin

edit: Sayin' goodnight now. I'll be watchin' to see what happens to you guys here. Let's hope somebody does the right thing an' fixes that li'l baby up an' returns her to Choo soon. Or... Will you wind up lost in the smoke, guts aflyin' as you critters get squished to smithereens???
Sweet Dreams. Smile
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Com'on Choo, you know better than that! It was already boosted and I just replied to the post. Smile

Ahaa, my spider bait worked, been too quiet around here, just as well Zebra joined in to give Taz and I a sorting out especially when Ms M was off sick too.

But where is Pete ?

The DeLorean, goannn .... gotta kick my imagination into gear to get that fixed, personally I think Taz got carried away too much the other day and backed into it with his Merc Wink

And why is he blaming a poor horse, he must be cuckoo everyone knows the DeLorean is a horseless carriage Big Grin
Ahaa, my spider bait worked

I don't know Choo... you seem to be pretty darn good at baitin' this spyder. Can't figure it out but then some things are not for me to know.

I'd make Taz fix the DeLorean. Here he is tryin' to blame Zebra
when like you said "everyone knows the DeLorean is a horseless carriage"
Where are ya Zeb? Better get over here an' set th' record straight. Big Grin
Hey, what happened to Jeff S and Kbalona? Surely ya'll didn't tire out from this thread so easily as all that! Eek When's N due back?
Hi Shadeaux, well JeffS seems to be doing an embittered Hulk across the boards over the recent greedbay proposals (not surprisngly) and I think we are just too daft for him, probably quite childish in his view.

Still I don't care, you start off as a child, have a heavy bit of life and later with some luck you can then take some of it easy again amongst friends, face to face or preferably here with some imaginative typing, great stuff. Smile

Kbalona, dunno, he's around but certainly not here much, come to think of it not been much happening here recently, fullstop.

Anyway enough of this I'm going off topic better start talking silliness again before my posts get pulled.

Ok, abnormal service will resume shortly Wink
Still I don't care, you start off as a child, have a heavy bit of life and later with some luck you can then take some of it easy again amongst friends

Absolutely Choo! After all, isn't this a big part of what our lives are all about? Great stuff Indeed! Smile

Best get back to silliness lest both our posts get pulled. Now just where did ABI get off to??? Big Grin
Yay, I had a life today (smile)

But now I feel guilty, hehehe

This thread is as dead as my freezer rats, who incidentally, were bid a not so fond farewell today.

Made a real celebration of it!
Did my Happy Dance of Death
Lit candles, burned incense
Had an excorcism
(The oijie board told me what to do with them)

Then I scrubbed the CARP out of my freezer with bleach.

Yeah fun day Smile

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