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No not this work of modern prose, I mean the thread about the tedious number of times we have to calm new users nerves when all thier listings evaporate when eBay do thier pull all listings anti-fraud check.

And by tedious I mean it could be avoided, by a warning from Auctiva before the event. I, like you folks will step in and happily calm the latest victim. Smile

edit - like to think the casual passer by will hunt down the snow fairy, this thread is full of memorable prose and situations.

So come all you casual viewers jump in if you dare, what you got to lose, sanity, maybe, joins us in the charge to the second millenia of replies Cool (even if it is to correct my smelling), there I go again Wink
Jeff what is the possibility of creating an advisory board with input from Active Community members? I believe a brainstorming session would greatly improve our ability to be pro-active members of the site.Possibly a private invitation type of forum where ideas and input could be freely exchanged back and forth without less seasoned input if you catch my drift?
I understand the cost and time implications involved in setting this up but I believe the overall benefit to the site would ultimately pay off in a better user experience and bottom line for Auctiva.

I had posted this in the thread about Auctiva and never got any input from Auctiva. (Or other Auctiva members for the most part)
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only sane one here

And just What makes you think you're sane Miss M? hmmm? Hangin' out here, doens't that make you INsane? Big Grin

All I've seen is the winds aren't suppose to be as high as first predicted. Still...
I hope you have power Ninth, and can tell us you're fairin' it all okay.
Looks like fresh cookies won't be delivered anytime soon. lol You can use your imagination... Wink
ummm, missed the edit and had to go see. We're over now and almost to 1200 posts.

I saw this too while seeing if Ninth and I made spectacles of ourselves again. Roll Eyes Nah! We did alright, Ninth.
Miss M, true that we don't know what any of us looks like... I know what I look like. lol I'd be willing to bet you don't have calves like the snow fairy any more than I do! Wouldn't that rule out it being one of us? Big Grin

edit- What's your altitude Ninth?
Hey dudes and dudettes (don't normally talk that way of course), Just popping in to let you know that how the big storm is progressing here. So far just a lot of wind and rain, water dribbling under my front door of course. Jeff and Co. is still getting hammered, being on the other side of the mountains. Our turn will begin tonite when the snow level drops to our elevation (only 4500ft here) and the front passes through. They are expecting 10 ft in the higher elevations but only 6 to 10 inches in Reno, which is still enough to mess things up here pretty good. So far the wind in the 'wind prone' areas in Reno have been 40 to 60 mph, much higher in the mountains (blizzard conditions, especially tonight).

Of course I am not going out in this stuff. I'd rather stay nice and cozy inside. Now, if I only had a nice plate of freshly baked cookies. Miss S, where are you when I need you? (Come on Miss M, I'm only talking about cookies here.) Big Grin

edit - Miss M we would never do that to you, your whacks are what started all this!
Hey dude (I bet you talk like that all the time) Smile
Yeah I guess BOTH of us started this with the whackin thread Big Grin

6-10 inches, sissy weather Wink

Seriously I know Reno isn't used to handling stuff like that. I lived in AZ for a time and when it rained (since it almost never did) NO one knew what to do and everything flooded, no sewer systems. It was actually kind of funny to me, people would act like the sky was falling because of a little rain.

So let us know how things are going tonite, and if you need us to come rescue you Smile
(We'll bring our whackin sticks of course) Wink

EDIT--And how could I forget?? Miss S will bring the cookies!

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