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Miss M, the banishment is only if you're proven sane. You aren't, are you? Red Face

Dudes & dudettes LOL I say that sometimes being silly, and bless your heart... all the time. I grew up in the Permian Basin and when there's little more than a sprinkling of snow, it's horrible with the way people drive. Ice... forget it! Give me a front wheel drive and I'm good to go. I found where it's telling about the different elevations so that's why I asked. Smile

Glad you don't have to get out in it Ninth. I'm here, just fingertips away. Wink

Awww, Miss M doesn't care. Of course she'll be threatenin' to get that hose out 'fore ya know it! Big Grin That cookie recipe's near at hand too.

Choo, who's behaving themselves? We better set 'em straight real fast! lol

I'll leave ya'll to the whackin' now and go back to lurking around eBay, gleaning what I can. Smile Careful with those fires!
Miss M, the banishment is only if you're proven sane. You aren't, are you?

Obviously I'm NOT sane, since I'm still posting here Big Grin

cooking went good for once (at least for me)...I used curry in the baked chicken..FLAMING hot. I loved it, he didn't. Nothing new there Smile

As far as the sig, I'm pretty sure it's ok. We all have BC links, Pete has another link too.
I am actually contemplating a road trip to Texas by myself

Wonder where half way is... I'll go look! Cool!!!

edit... Holy COW! It's over 16 hours from here to there, or there to here. lol Somewhere in Missouri? I've been there once and it was sooo pretty.
If you're looking up Canyon, it's the one in Randall County. I don't know what's the place it gives for the Lubbock area even though that's only a couple of hours away.

Daughter has a wedding in June, so i couldn't feasibly go for any length of time till after that.

edit/edit... Or are you pullin' my leg? Roll Eyes
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I'm glad you did say something! Looks like Springfield, MO is really close to half way, 8:05 & 8:08. I must have more Interstate cause it's about 50 more miles that are covered in 3 minutes. lol Not bad at all!!

Sure there's lots to work out. We can just plug away at it and get there.
Yeh, it IS too bad Reno's so far. Wonder if there are any special, good air rates. hmmmm...

(if he knew we were coming he'd move)

Ya think? Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin Would you do that Ninth? Wink

edit: Taz is 14:39 away from there and Ninth is 24:48. YIKES! Eek
I don't fly well. I'd be ready for a whole keg for myself to relax! LOL
Yup, Ninth is ok here, and counting his blessings, as there are many less fortunate people out here that have really taken a hit from this storm. There was a levee break in Fernley, a few miles to the east, that flooded 800 homes and 4000 people, without flood insurance of course, being out in the desert. Then there was a 14 car pileup just a few miles from here. Anyway, the evening news has most of the stories, trees falling through homes in California, stuff like that. Typical winter stuff, nasty business.

I read that Taz is going on a date? Already? Way to go Taz! Eager eyes waiting to read the juicy news! Don't hold out on us now.

Misses S&M, (a new name!)(I told you that talk about group rates was kinky) you're planning a trip! Don't forget, you're always welcome to come to Reno. Miss S has to bring cookies though. And don't forget the secret ingredient! Wink
Whoo HOOOOO Miss S...We're goin to Reno!!
I think he's serious ??

Ninth you may just be surprised one day Big Grin
We're probably gonna go someplace---Reno is just as good a place as any (maybe better) Wink

Yeah, we're S&M, talk about DARKsiders.... Ooo Eek

You will OD on cookies Big Grin

On a serious note (possible only occasionally) glad you didn't get whacked too badly in the storm. (Leave that to us) It's 52 degrees here right now, which is never a good sign...usually bitter cold & snow follows.

Taz hope you're having a good time! You'll have to tell us all about it (at least the PG13 parts) Wink

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