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Hi Ninth!

Thought I was here all by my lonesome (again). I'm just about ready to sign off..Geez, doesn't anyone work except me & Taz?? (kidding)

Big Grin YES it is possible to OD on cookies...Miss S has her super-duper secret recipe and I think I can safely say she'd dying to try them out on you.

BTW I don't think we're going to be hearing from Taz tonite Wink
Hi sweet peoples.
Sorry I missed ya'll tonight. Frown
Had some chicken noodle soup and chamomile tea and tucked in with a book and my snuggly furbaby. Woke up with a sneeze attack and here I am. Can't stay away from here. Could it be Ninth's intriguing eyes - all 1000 of 'em? Wink Now don't think I haven't grown rather fond of all of you! xo

Miss M, I'll go find the ?? over there. Hope I can help.
"I think I can safely say she'd dying to try them out on you." Can't imagine why you'd think that. Big Grin

Kinda figured Taz would be MIA tonite. Yippee for him!! Seriously Taz, I'm happy for you. Smile

Where'd Sexy St Pete and Choo go? Choo needs an S name. lol

Ninth, I'm thankful you're fairing well there. Savin' my super duper secret recipe just for You. Razz

Sweet dreams... or somethin'... all o' ya'll.
Miss M, did you see the reply on Is Auctiva All or Nothing thread in Getting Started? I'm curious to know whether it would work or not. Maybe someone that doesn't use the gallery could try it out? Smile

Went back a page. lol So Ninth, you really are kinky? Eek You sure you want us there? Big Grin
Come on Miss M, let's work out those details and head that way!
You think he's serious... Are ya Ninth? I'd sure love to try ODin' you on cookies... well, ya know. Wink
OH my you were BAD childun last night. Misses S&M. Leather and whips and chains and ODing on cookies in Reno!
I read that Taz is going on a date? Already? Way to go Taz! Eager eyes waiting to read the juicy news! Don't hold out on us now.

Ninth I have been on several dates since New Years Eve with my new lady friend ( too early to say the GF word)
Taz hope you're having a good time! You'll have to tell us all about it (at least the PG13 parts)

Miss M refer to above post and use your imagination! Big Grin
No, it doesn't. Just now tried it. It's a Java thing, I haven't figured out how to fix it yet. Can't find it in my programs, though it's in program files. There's no .exe file there. From control panel, installed it and it's still not working, nor is it showing in my programs. Wierd.

I only use FF for pics when it's no more than a few. It will go into folders... can't imagine why yours won't. Pics is really all I use IE for. I tried doing listings with it once and it was just soooo funky, I got right outa there. Big Grin

edit... IE told me I need Java to run it, in case you're wondering about that. lol It really is quiet around here.

edit/edit... Ok, that sounds clear as mud. When I look in programs from start, it's not there. It shows up in the control panel programs list. Is that better? Smile
edit/edit/edit... I'll reboot and see if that helps. lol I'll be back in a little while Taz. Gotta get a few things done. Thanks so much for your help!
Where is everybody else at?

I've been wondering that too. Smile Bet I can guess. lol

I've reinstalled everything and tried the shockwave too. I'll go try your link and I think it was in the registry I changed it where the letters were backwards on the driver. If this doesn't work, I'll have my computer guy work on it for me. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm messing stuff up instead of doing any good. Red Face
Checked the wavemapper again. I tried doing the other thing on the second link and can't find the path to get it saved in the right place. I've got ShareBear and it works. Thanks for your help Taz. I'll just have it worked on and forget it. I can't believe it's been such a pain. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, or what would be to someone that really knows. lol I get nervous going into the registry.

You have plans tonight? Smile

edit... I took it back when I was in the playground. Darn if I know whether it worked before that or not. Maybe I'll do that. I'm just pretty frustrated with it now, so am gonna give it a rest. That doesn't mean you have to stop tossing ideas my way. Wink
Tech support has a computer in front of them that tells them what questions to ask and then gives them a solution or solutions to try.
I am trained as a Computer Network Specialist but do not work in the field!
I freelance a bit working on PCs by referral

EDIT: EEEEWWWWWWW! I do not like Vista one bit. I like my 3 year old HP with Windoze XP on it Smile
Hi all. Just checking in again. Miss M, Lady Friend , Victoria's Secret , Nicole all one and the same.
No juggling going on, that was in my younger days.
Still trying to figure out how to introduce when we go out? My daughters friend my girlfriend. I told her tonight I was going to introduce her as my FB and maybe eventually she could progress to GF. LOL Big Grin
She just left to go home a few minutes ago. We watched Home of the Brave tonight.

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