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Hey guys just got done hitting the
button to report a spineless worm on this thread that started off by insulting Choo. Of course I jumped in to the fray. AAARGH Did nae e'en need me red shirt which Miss S left I in charge O'.
Some people can be such idiots!
Glad to hear the rats are gome Miss M. Has the freezer been thoroughly sanitized?
Hi gang! -- Finally snagged a few blessed moments to peek in on the board, but this will have to be short. Hoping I can take a break later this evening and catch up on all the fun!

Did a real quick scan-over just now on a couple threads outside the Lounge! Choo.. Apologies and solace to you my friend! On behalf of the civilized world... I offer sincerest regrets
for the occasional crude & wimpy turkey-wad idiots; one of which you apparently stumbled across today. Frown
They're supposed to stay put, and not stray from the stinky black goo from whence they hatch. I think I even glimpsed Taz, our Sentry-at-Arms valiantly attempting to squash that malodorous vermin! Mad Attaboy Taz!..sic'm !!! ((i'll have a word with you later. "..disguised zebra-droppings"...Indeed! ))

On a lighter note... Well Hello there Shadeaux! Yes my are a doll in my eyes! I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm whining...but somehow I seem to keep missing out on your cookies!Wink Big Grin (aww..settle down ninth!..Eek )

Ahhh yes! Missy-M! A soothing sight for sore eyes! ~ It's sooo good to see you feeling better and back at 'em! I really missed those tantalizing eyes of yours! (enough to make a grown zebra's udder shudder!Big Grin ) And what's this?? No Valentines????Confused
Well we shall NOT have any of that!! Nosireee! -- Let's see if we can rustle-up something to make it better!! Wink

Tipp'n my hat to everyone else too! -- sorry for the quick in & out! Be back for more of ya'lls antics asap!

Hi Miss M. I'm right here. Smile
Awww Zebra *blush* Silver tongued devil indeed! Tryin' to get Ninth's cookies! Wink My goodness, and ya didn't even give Miss M and me a Valentine... Big Grin

Choo, ya know how much you're appreciated. Glad ya didn't let that snarky ole bu** get to ya. Way ta go Taz! You go Man! Cool

Oh Nii-inth, my sweet li'l fly... I've got brownies! WinkWink
Ok I caught Ya'll Red-Handed this time!
Just cuz I didn't make it back before the sand-man snooked up on me (zzzZ).. Don't mean my radar-ears quit work'n!!
I could hear ya'll carry'n on about pesky horse-flies and such. But hold on there Ninth! ~ yer all wet bout me gett'n in yer cookie jar!! ((come to think of it...ninth looks kinda wet all the time!~eh? )) ~ Maybe ya' oughta' keep a good eye on them hot brownies tho! No telling how many other bushwackers might be lurking about! Cool

Aww Heck! I ain't gonna' try and cover-up no colors on my hide! Missy's really the apple of my eye! (no~not that apple dear! Roll Eyes ) Yepper' dats right! She deserves a real sweet Valentine Card so she's gonna' git one from ME! Big Grin (Missy I'm sorry its a tad late...but I had to gallop all the way into the big city just so's to find you the right one. Razz ) I've only got eyes for You ya' know!! Big Grin

So.. Shadeaux, you and lather-wings can jest cool off a skosh..(if'n that's possible?) cuz Missy forgot it were Valentines Day..and there's no excuse for that on my watch! Mad {{ ..ya' know whut ninth? always looked a little frothy too! prolly toooo many cookies!~huh? }}

Well I figger Taz and ChooChoo are gonna' barge in here before long and steal my thunder (again).. so Missy before that happens..whaddya' say we duck out the back while no one's looking!!? I got your Valentine right around the corner here. Wink ((don't nobody else peek neither! ))!

Maybe ya' oughta' keep a good eye on them hot brownies tho! No telling how many other bushwackers might be lurking about! Cool
..ya' know whut ninth? always looked a little frothy too! prolly toooo many cookies!~huh?

Zeb, don't you worry yerself none. I got me suspicious fly eyeballs (about 500 of um) zeroed in on them brownies, and the other 500 watchin out for them bushwackers, includin a certain funny lookin horse. And righty ya are bout the frothy bit - them secret cookie ingredients can make ya look like a good pint with a overflowing head on it. Big Grin
Well, I see the infamous thread endures!!
Am back from a couple of weeks + in sunny Los Cabos.......can't say I missed the weather here. Had snow when I's still cool here, but not like when I left.
I suppose there's not much happening right??? Well, I have re-opened my store so must get to work. Seems like I'll never get caught up.
Will try to check the Lounge in the wee morning hours when the folks to my East are up! Wow late!!!
Hi N welcome back, no I think Taz is trying to frame Zeb for a parking incident with his Merc.

Well now would I do that? I am the defender of freedom and the basher of of Auctiva idiots. Gotta buy me a new shotgun. Maybe a double barrel and load er wit somw rock salt. Seems to I been seein hoof-prints in the snow around me garage of late. Metinks Zeb already got me silver (DeLorean) and now e's a tryin fer me gold (Mercedes)
An ter make nadders woise e be tryin for Miss M now.
Rats on a Valentines card wit a Zebra skin rug. Wot is dis dat be appenin 'ere.
I'll be gettin me pint O rum for da night and widenin da plank. So da Zebra can walk da plank err face da cosequences of is actions.
I know Miss M it is dem adorable eyes dat be drivin im nuts.
Well Howdy there 'N' glad to have you back safe-n-sound. Pull up a chair! I was just going over my notes and gettin' some linguistic pointers from Ninth.
And righty ya are bout the frothy bit - them secret cookie ingredients can make ya look like a good pint with a overflowing head on it. Big Grin

Yeowwza ~ Ninth !!!!! -- Your 'heady' choice of words for making a frothy pintle point about secret cookie ingredients...
Far out-trumps my archaic notions for getting a pretty Philly to cum home. I might need to quit bating my masterful techniques for gynerating a frenzy.. as it would be semen' entirely lame and old-fashioned in this day and time. Yes, methinks the polished triple-entendre is probably far too convulvaluted such that it now only lays before me my awaiting twomb; sorrowfully unrecognized for its heavenly fulfilling yet neglected promise of relief.

Alas, my previous subtle-tongue style of pitching plea, thru cunning-linguistics no longer serves strong and erect as once before, for it doth fail to inspire the fair maidens' nod in favor of pressing to home my earnest desires; despite such aching need for base and fruitful plate. I just may have trod the long-winded trail to finally have become an out of date nun-sequitur.

Any body wanna' beer?
Alas, I am afraid the Ninth must respectively bow down before the cunning-linguistics so masterfully bated in so strong and erect a manner as the above elucidation. I'm afraid such a stunning display of polished triple-entendre is quite beyond the meager talents of a frothy hack-n-slash double-entendre mind more suited to a game of whack-a-mole.

Despair not bud Zeb, for your heart-rending introspection, and resulting self-correction to a more direct form of flirtatious banter is sure to result in the relief you so achingly seek.

Thanks for the beer (got a great head). O, an I'sa callin' off da fly mates, yer bu** is safe fer now. Razz
...correction to a more direct form of flirtatious banter is sure to result in the relief you so achingly seek.
Well I'll be DANGED! (..they oughta git a rope an' HayngME!..)
WhoooHOOO!! You da' WAVE ~ Man!!
I'm gonna' call in fer MORE BEER!! ...AND howz about a couple PIZZAs??

Ya Know??...I always wondr'd how it were...dat I was left scratch'n round da stark-empty hen-house...
..while it seemed the muthurlubbin'-Bubbas were always lunkn' around wid all the hottest chiks! ???

Well twist my tail-straps!! So dat suewahvee-nova Casa-longtongue dog don't hunt no more huh?...

Thanks..Duude! Fer gittn' me straight pumped arrh ~ headed awwwh~ dang! u know what i mean!Frown

Dis calls for a CelleeBrayshuhn! YeahhaahHOOOO !!

(( hey psst ninth (((shhh!- wanna' have sum fun wid da greenhorns??)))
(((i wanna' git taz good too. ..choo's already sacked-out)))






YES-- o'Coarse Billy ~ PayPaL IS PRE-Furred ..
but ya' Kin AuntEE up with Most ANYthing at ALL!!

MY NAME's ZEBRA ...but Jez Call Me ZEB !
Last edited by zebra
Now That Ladies & should make no mistake...

is Real Zebra-droppings! my buddy Taz once advised...." watch yer step! ".

Taz ole' boy?...I been meaning to speak to you about the Merc of your'n. Nice Ride the 380? --Yr?
...I admit, I took a quick peek, so them's my prints ya probably saw. -- Didn't touch it though!
Nevermind mind my private card to Missy! - I wanted to cheer her up! So there! Put away yer Pea-shooter! Whacha been doin' lately?.... do I get this right? - you bust heads for money from time to time? You Brute!
I had nuth'n to do with the DeLorean! -- you sure you didn't just maybe pass some troglodyte-gas while standing a tad too close or sump'n?
Anyway...I think ya really oughta pass it over to 'N' fer a bit. He was definitely in front of me!

ChooChoooooo? You Must be chugg'n along by now? What's the matter? Haven't you ever witnessed the next morning's aftermath of a beer-party a la Poker Game which got outta' hand a little? Happens down here at the University of Texas all the time! No biggie. Like you said..lighthearted stimulating entertainment aside from shop-talk. Oh yeah, sorry..I forgot again!! --You must be well conditioned already from all the needles, whackins, and group-rates for snipe hunt'n and
cow-tipp'n parties. Oh well...In any case just Watch yer step please!
I am addicted to summer.

Wow Ms M, you actually get enough sunshine to get addicted to it, lucky you Cool

Actually Zebra I wasn't referring to stripy droppings although there seems to be plenty go around, I was referring to a not so pleasant odour from a stroppy poster that Taz and I were have a do with last week.

But if the carp fits Big Grin

And me, ungover, can't even afford the letters to spell it let alone get one, I always 'look' this way Wink

BTW - where has my morning read gone these days, lot of slacking states side lately Eek
ChooChoo.. Funny how it is you would mention that "stroppy poster".. because I was thinking of him as well as a number of other folks, as I continue to digest the long history of postings out on the boards. Clearly, confused anxiety attends many who come to the community seeking support, consolation, solutions, and encouragements from those having tread before them. Their trials and tribulations are invaluable for helping to cultivate my own growth and understanding for a variety of reasons.

Not that anyone cares much now, but many years ago there was this interesting fellow who happened to just 'show-up' with some pretty good ideas about different ways to look at things in life. Although it's been over two decades or more since his contributions were in vogue, there's still a lot to be said for many of his keen insights. Historically, every society has been known to toss at least a few thorns of derision upon the path of progressive innovators, from whatever quarter they may emerge; and likewise Werner Erhard certainly was duly buffeted by his own detractors during and after his day. I'd have to dispute being considered an 'Est' cult-groupee or disciple, but such exposure inspired me to believe that every experience we encounter... contains somewhere within it an essential 'diamond' of insight which is fundamentally irreplaceable.

Here are a few quote-condensed ideas I recall from back then.. and offer them up now for what they might possibly be worth to you or anyone else at this juncture. My best wishes for you this evening. May you also find this nicely supplements your morning read.

" Love is a function of communication; Health is a function of participation; Self expression is a function of responsibility. "

" Create your future from your future not your past. "

and one of my long-time favorites still remains...

" It's easier to ride the horse in the direction that it's going. "

Missy..Unseasonably warm here now. Even Spooky!.. especially for the week coming.
Unfortunately Wink Taz has got some real world interests lately which are getting in the way of fantasy.

Quite true Choo my GF moved in with me recently and I also started the new job. Swing shift is something new to me and I am trying to get use to it.
Also trying to find the time to devote to GF and co-ordinate our schedules somewhat.
I have my hands quite full at the moment. Not complaining mind you!
Thankfully GF's parents are being very supportive and did not threaten to shoot me!LOL
Must say since we started dating I do feel about 10 years younger. (If only I was! Then I would at least be younger than her parents.) Oh well I've always been one to grab life by the horns.

It certainly does seem the thread is gasping for air of late! Well it is over 3 months old now!

Zeb sorry I missed the poker and beer party! Maybe next time.
Will talk to all you people later.
OH my, I missed a lot.
Suffice to say the weather was beautiful and our 30-40 degree weather is not helping my new tan....two weeks of sun is not enough!

All this! I start to think I know what ye all are saying and then bam! someone new pops up with another dialect!

I am still trying to catch up my store from being gone. Works ok, as far as I know. Smile

There is so much politicing going on everywhere I think I shall stay in my shell for a few more days and see what happened when I come out....thars national politicking, ebay politicking, our travel forum thinks it's reminiscent of the old days....yep I'm old enough to remember the middle class mass and our great will to overcome the oppression and yes I took part in it. Now I don't know where to put my energy. Gonna take a breather and figger it out.
Maybe I'll just read this thread, that will keep me busy til the next week passes.
Hey if anyone has a cute turtle avatar, I want one! I never have found a really cute one. I like to think I only come out when it's safe....not always true, I get a little reactive at times.....but a turtle I be!
It certainly does seem the thread is gasping for air of late!

Well now, just what oughta be done about that??? Hmmmm??? Confused

You guys tell Ninth an' me to cool off, threaten us with Raid an' th' hose... who knows what all. Goodness! What's a poor spyder to do! Roll Eyes
Eh, I'll jus' keep after my sweet li'l fly an' temptin' 'im with cookies. Wink Course that'll hafta mean poppin' in here occasionally to get all yorn danders up (won't say panties in a wad lessin' th' fellers're crossdressin'! Eek ). Big GrinBig Grin

Zeb, I understand ya threw a great party. Choo talkin' 'bout all the pooh... now we know why we wear them tall boots, yes? Razz

Where the heck is Pete? We miss ya!!!

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