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I thought ya'll left me without saying g'night or anything. Big Grin I just saw Taz's edit. Good luck with it Taz.

From all the new posts, I'd say there's quite a surge. Smile

Wow, Ninth, you posted last night it was soon to be 10000. It was something like 10275 when we left. That's a lot of hits in a day! Dang, for us all to have that kind of eBay traffic!!! Big Grin
Ok, I'm a little lost now...not because of the maps, but where's the wild flirting???????????
You guys know I'm only teasing when I say I'm gonna take the hose to ya Smile

(It doesn't work with my dogs either) Big Grin

I have a ton of dishes to do (don't know where they come from, no one really cooks here) then I'm goin to sleep. Talk to ya tomorrow.

PS..I think Miss S sends her dishes over here for me to wash & doesn't think I'll notice Big Grin
Hey all, just popping in to say hello. got the puter back up and running somehow picked up a couple of trojans and a virus yesterday? Anyway something was activating my firewall and keeping me from posting. Scan took a few hours but seems to be OK now!
Will have to get caught up on this later. Looks like you guys were busy after I left!
Working 4 to 4 today so won't be on tonight. May pop in after work depends on how tired I am.
Miss M, I like the picture, those lips would look so inviting after a few beers! Big Grin

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