You really know how to up the blood pressure. Did they teach you that in spider school, or is that an innate trait? (like I have to ask)

edit - always, as in 'every minute'
edit/edit - I can hear the GAR any minute now, right Miss M? (no wonder there are so many hits) Wink
Got lost back there on the other page. Roll Eyes You'd thing I'd learn better by now.

It's what you do to me...
Oh yes. Wink

edit- Ya think? lol
Last edited by shadeaux
I do that too, never learn.

Oh my... Miss M is getting her wish now. Wink
Miss spider, I'm paralyzed, unable to talk...or even think straight.

edit - where is Miss M anyway. She's missing all the good stuff. Lurking?
Mr fly, you lift me on your iridescent wings to soar with you...

edit- I've been wondering that too. Where are you Miss M???
(Miss M are you getting this? We're on a roll here.) WinkWink
Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

edit - Hey you deleted, I really did like that.(tightrope and all)
Oh Great Jumpin Jehosiphat...LOL!!!!

Think I changed my mind about the HOSE, it's worth a maybe some RAID Big Grin

I go out for a couple beers and look what I come back into..I should have known!

And Miss S, I still don't get tmba Confused what's wrong with me??

Forgot to add---

BTW, I NEVER lurk! You should know by now I jump right in, even when I don't know what I'm getting into Smile (which is all the time on this thread) Big Grin
bout time Miss M you missed all the deletes. (but we saved some of the good stuff just for you)
edit - You are VERY late with the GARs - thats better.
You thought I was a girl too.

You gotta be fast with those.

edit - no fairy wings. Cool
edit/edit - you'd just be wrong Wink
edit/edit/edit - we both have. Wink
I think I've caught all of your deletes. GMTA there too. Smile
Last edited by ninthwave
Ninth, I was leaning toward guy...I just wasn't 100% sure...same with kbalona, but I know now he's a guy

Go ahead Miss S...Dare to say Big Grin

EDIT (God I hate editing) I'm sure ninth is all ears Wink
Nothing at all in particular, really. I actually did think you were a guy but who can tell if you can't see a face?? Just didn't know..I think sometimes I sound like a guy ...
I think sometimes I sound like a guy ...

I don't think you do.
edit- I guess if you do, I must also since we think so much alike. Wink
edit/edit- When the ID doesn't give it away, I like to try to guess when answering questions. How lame is that! Big Grin
I don't know about that, you always sound like a girl to me. I think sometimes I am a little abrupt without meaning to sound like that.

What say you, ninth?

EDIT *sigh* OK already said Smile
I know Ninth. Wink You likely even know what I thought about saying and didn't. lol

edit- See, I don't think you ever sound like a guy either Miss M. You know I can get chatty, so try to get to the point on questions. Then I think it sounds too much straight to the point. lol
Yes I do. (Just want to keep you straight.) Wink (how could you even think that anyway?)

edit - Only an idiot would think either one of you sounded like a guy.
Ok, Miss S you hit the nail on the head ~~ When we get straight to the point THAT'S when we sound like guys...getting chatty (while answering questions) seems to be more a girl thing. Right?
Yes ma'am. That's right. That's what it feels like anyway.
hit the nail on the head

There's another. Smile

edit- OMG Ninth, how could you even ask me that! Razz Wink
When you are answering questions, no one expects you to do anything OTHER than be direct and to the point. It very gender non-specific. Why are you even thinking you should sound different?
I know Miss M. They're probably endless. lol

Excellent point Ninth. It just feels I'm so short sometimes. Then I think they don't care. They just want whatever's wrong righted... or somethin' like that.

edit- I don't. Smile Do you Miss M?
edit/edit- Did you get my other edit Ninth? Big Grin
edit/edit/edit- Sorry 'bout that Miss M.

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