Whoo Hoooo I finally found it!!
My first search brought nothing but porn sites, but like I said, almost as funny.

Miss S is gonna love this!

Yeah I still like the snow fairy..almost time for him to go Smile
That website is great! But can some of those pics be for real?? They sure look real but I don't see how it's possible...Specifically the 'dog person' or whatever, in the 'voted most ugliest' category........kinda chilling
Hi all you rabble rousin' snowball totin' instigators of... who-knows-what!
What sort of ugliness are ya'll up to now? Big Grin

Miss M, your pic! Oh my! We really ARE twins. Eek

Hi Ninth... Wink

edit- Frown I missed the snow fairy!
'Bout time you got up Miss S! You have emails waitin for ya BTW.

I'm gonna have to leave soon myself, but I can hang around a little while longer Smile
*hug* Miss M. Smile Been up awhile. It IS difficult not to head straight here. lol

Look on the map at Cheyenne WY. It's a straight shot for you and minimally further for me. Or I could take a straight shot from here and you could fly... Please keep in mind, I do hate to fly. Big Grin

Me too, about leaving soon. Saving the lenghty hangin' out here for later. Wink

edit- What kind of shockers am I gonna see on the 'ugly' site? lol
edit/edit- Never mind, got your email. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
You saw the snow fairy didn't you?? If not I'll send you the pic...who can remember anymore Smile

'Bailed'...another one! (word, that is)
Sure, I have it. Thank you! Smile
I'm just kiddin'.
edit- I saw he'd made a brief reappearance here earlier. And I missed it.

I know! (bailed) I'm writing your email now, 'nother mini novel. lol Wink
And so peace descended once more on the epic thread while the thread-masters go about their worldly toil.

Beavering away for living until once more they can cast off their mortal coils and return to the haven of the lounge and once more ....

Cause absolute CHAOS Eek
That was beautiful Choo, I didn't know you were such a poet. You've been holding back on us. Give us more. Smile

Hi everyone, got up late but got caught up on the latest posts. Hi kbalona, glad to see new blood to liven things up even more.

Going to check the other threads and see if I can raise any havoc (not really). Then off to pick my daughter up from school and take her to the expensive math tutor. See you all later.

Hi Miss S... Wink
I didn't see it either Frown

Originally posted by member_8880:
You saw the snow fairy didn't you?? If not I'll send you the pic...who can remember anymore Smile

'Bailed'...another one! (word, that is)
You have to believe in fairies to see them.

Repeat after me "I believe in fairies, I believe in fairies . . .

And it may just appear, but quietly they are delicate creatures easily frightened Smile
Well said Ninth. I ventured to another thread trying to think of how to compliment that luvverly post.
toy, my sweet li'l fly. Wink

Choo, I think you're about to successfully dub this the epic thread. I've seen you say it in at least a couple of places. Big Grin

Kbalona, you just missed it before. Me too! Frown
Repeat as Choo says... I believe in fairies, I believe in fairies...

I'm sure it'll be reappearing from time to time, as long as we believe! Smile
I believe in fairies, I believe in fairies, I believe in fairies, I don't believe in fairies, I believe in fairies.
Originally posted by Shadeaux:
I don't believe in fairies,

You blew it! Now say it 100 times, the RIGHT way! Big Grin

Awww, no! Did I say something wrong?
Hi folks I started a new thread to direct more members to booklady's poll and it got pulled without notice within about an hour, think we might get some results, I'm not going to hold my breath. Mad
Miss M, I didn't hear Kbalona BELIEVE 100 times yet. Big Grin Now he's probably gone and will miss it again. I get to lamo again.

Now you know it ain't Ninth. I know 'tain't. Wink He even said so somewhere back there on one o' them thare other pages. lol

I wondered why you deleted that thread Choo. Those BC threads need to go poof, IMO. There's another one still. Can you say SPAMming the board, spamming the board. Eek
Ms M, How do you know ?

Yes Shadeaux, I thought I posted it, surprised, it dissapeared so quickly, as I was told before by Jeff, (I beleive it was in Taz's step up thread) they don't consider the loss of a few a problem, sounds very eBay to me.

Like in the Auctiva shop search facility options, any words, all words or all eBay, got short shrift when I said I did not want buyers to look at other sellers via my Auctiva store front.

We must remember this is business, it's attached to eBay and as it is free would should expect nothing.

That's enough of reality, seems like Kbalona does not believe in fiaries, oh well he/she will have to try a bit harder. Big Grin
Last edited by choochooguy
I never knew Auctiva would pull a post Confused Bye bye snow fairy (again!)

Will this be ok??

--Deleted my link as it's not appropriate for younger viewers Smile
Last edited by member8880
Did the snow fairy get pulled ?

Edit - question answered, posts crossing like mad, but hey adds to the confusion, keeps the viewers intrigued, did you see my earlier edit few posts agao ?
I think Miss M just meant so it doesn't get deleted and can reappear from time to time, she took it down again.
It just wouldn't do if our snow fairy couldn't pop in from time to time. Big Grin

edit- I just saw your edit Miss M. Did you get an email or something?
I REALLY have to start typing faster!
I took it down myself. But Choo, is your post back or is that a different one? I don't think I saw the one you're talking about Confused

I'm gonna delete my s.f. link in a minute too, don't want anything to happen to this thread Smile
Well I'm not putting this one at risk so better keep a low profile on the sshh ! you know what subject.

Anyway time for bed here, have fun and I'll catch up with the trans-atlantic night-shift tomorrow, ta-ta for now or TTFN Smile
Sweet dreams Choo. You're right about shh. I'll go edit and get that off there.

edit- I just deleted the whole thing. It was all about the same topic. Big Grin
Originally posted by member_8880:
I never knew Auctiva would pull a post Confused Bye bye snow fairy (again!)

Will this be ok??

--Deleted my link as it's not appropriate for younger viewers Smile

AWWW, Come on! I still haven't seen it. Mad
Missed it again, huh..
You're here & gone so quick it's no wonder Smile
And it's really nothing special, just a little goofy, good for a smile Smile
I wonder if the link would work if I send it to ya thru that other site we talk on..gonna try, stand by..

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