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Moms cousin covered the Nuremberg trials for the Stars and Stripes and if you Google Winthrop Fanning you will find this.
He was quite the character and he worked for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as the TV critic. i have photos of him with quite a few movie stars and he actually had an " Audience " with the Queen of England! Yeah Pete how do you like me now! LOL
he had a nice collection of German stuff and also had about 40 years worth of old TV Guides that he had saved. When we moved him over here with us we THREW the old TV Guides in the trash! Wish I would have known about eBay then!
One more link from Wikipedia
Hey Taz! I had a great day, thank you! It's always so much fun to spend time with the grandkids. They're such a delight! Smile

I dunno, Miss M. Does he lurk and Sexy St Pete too? lol I think Pete's sleepin' now. ?? Hope your loved ones are better today, Pete.
Ninth, are you lurking out there, you pretty sweet fly? Wink

I wonder who said it won't last. Did anyone? I don't remember. lol
Hi gang - No I haven't been lurking, matter of fact I just got in from Christmas with my daughter, her mom (my X) and her grandmother. It was a very nice day, lots of presents and great food. I am so stuffed I can barely bend over to tie my shoes - all that turkey you know. I bought my daughter a ton of computer and video games, so she was in video game ecstasy. She's 16 and been playing them since she was 3, thanks to Dad. Anyway I caught up on the posts, and see we finally got a new poster. We could use a few more. Glad you all had a great day, keep it going. I'm wiped, so am away to bed, but will check in tomorrow. You're right Miss S, gmta - I really don't think the mistletoe will be necessary. Yes we know: 'GAR' (new net-lingo acronym)
Hey everyone! Big Grin No Susanne, I don't lurk, Shirley's right, when you are all posting here, I'm usually tucked up in bed Wink

OK, many thanks again for asking after my family - update is Stevie's temperature is almost back to normal (but he has a lousy cough), and Sally is running about 100F at the moment, so she is tucked up in bed.

Turkey was great, though I say it myself - she was a big bird, but I stuffed her OK Big Grin

On the age front, I see Susanne likes the shotgun approach! Closest so far is Steve (very close actually).

As for the jabs, well, many years ago when I was in the Army we used to be like pin cushions, they'd be sticking all sorts of vaccinations in us for this and that, so I guess it doesn't mean much now. I had to have the 'flu jab 'cos I am diabetic, it's important for me not to get nasty infections apparently Frown It also means I can't partake of as much food and drink as I used to at Christmas Roll Eyes Oh well, probably a good thing in a way.

Hope none of you have bad hangovers when you wake up, and look forward to chatting to you all later. Smile
G'morning everyone,

Hope you're all doing well today.

Pete, I told ya, I can take some of that turkey off your hands Smile
I think the army is always that way isn't it? No matter where you're from? My dad was always telling stories about all the needles & shots, my friends that went to Vietnam & Iraq too.....No thanks Eek

Ninth, what does GAR mean?? (You know I'm computer challenged)
Hi all just catching up a bit.
Pete sorry to hear wife is still sick. Glad your son is feeling better. So I was very close with the age guess. Without going back through posts I believe I guessed 53 and you said
Closest so far is Steve (very close actually).
So I must be within 1 year either way. I will leave it up to the rest of the troops to figure that one out.
I know what you are going through with the diabetes, it runs in moms side of the family and she has it pretty bad. Have you tried Byetta? She started using it and it dropped her blood sugars down probably 25%. She runs some crazy numbers at times still though(Up in the 400's a couple of weeks ago Frown )But she also cheats a lot.

I know GAR ... it just sorta slammed into my head Ouch
Are you sure that was not the door to the room that slammed into your head?

Sid glad you had a good Christmas with your daughter.
HMM Is that what you call it?

BTW Ninth I was reviewing the posts under suggestions and the one about "What color is Auctiva' has been pulled with all posts pertaining to it gone!
That was about the stupidest post I have ever seen and from an Auctiva employee to boot!
On a serious note!

I was real depressed last night so I called The Suicide Prevention Hotline.

My call was routed to a call center in Pakistan.

I told them I was suicidal.

They got all excited and asked me if I could drive a truck full of fertilizer?
I guess they pulled it because it was so stupid that they were a little embarrassed by it. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when the lecture came down. Just realized, I AM a fly on the wall, right Shirl?

Originally posted by TazFromPA:
They got all excited and asked me if I could drive a truck full of fertilizer?

What did you say to that? 'No, but a leather babe with beautiful eyes might cheer me up.'

Edit- I know Sexy Pete, the leather thing is yours, but you can't have it all to yourself. All us guys like sweeties in leather. Cool
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Hey, don't be too good, Taz was just rambling about staying out of trouble, he didn't really mean it. (remember he has a broken heart and is not quite right in the head yet) (actually he is quite right, madly flirting with two gorgeous ladies in the space of one page, how much more right can you get?) and I really don't care who gets confused as long as you don't (I'll keep you clear. Wink)

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