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Wow! You folks have been busy while I was gone! Big Grin Next stop, 2,500 views!

Hey Sid, nice to meet you!

Shirley, sorry to hear about your woes, I hope it's all sorted for you now? Frown

I read all the posts, hoping you would come up with a fitting 'S' name for me, like Sexy Pete, or Suave pete, or Super Pete. What did I get? Saint Pete Roll Eyes Not sure I've ever done anything saintly! Big Grin

OK, off again now, not sure if I'll be back on over the weekend, but I'll try. See y'all!
Alright I kind of caught up on this thread, however it does appear a few posts were deleted? I suppose to keep this at a PG-13 level?
Y'all were certainly busy last night while I was out socializing!
Evidently you guys were thread jumping last night so I guess I will have to read the boards?
Still at a loss for the "eBay playground"
Sorry for the Saint Peter, Pete but I went with my first thought!
Pete 'minx' is kind of funny too!
Nah, in these parts (at least my part) Slick can have any connotation you want it to....depending on the tone of voice.
I meant it in the best possible way (fingers crossed behind my back) Big Grin
You can flirt with me all you want but I won't be back here til late work today.
Hi Taz...TTY all later Smile

1 more edit--sorry to hear the little one isn't feeling good either..that means you're probably next Frown
Oh no! It's been almost 8 hours since this thread's been posted to. We can't have that! Eek

Yes, Taz, this is the one and same playground giving me all the grief. I can get in a little faster, which sure isn't saying much. lol I had a long ole run-on sentence that got deleted on here about it. I think I hit the mousepad somehow and it does that. Confused Maybe later I'll do it again.

Sue, I hope your first day back went well and you had a fun happy day at work! Wink

Pete, I haven't thought of what I want to suggest yet. Are we in a hurry or do I have more time to keep thinking about it? Smile
Meant to ask how's your OH and son? Sending positive thoughts. Hope they're weell fast!

Ninth, can you come out and play? Betcha can't find me! Cool
Poor Miss M left out in the cold! Sorry I was out for scoops and shants again tonight. The pool table was cold and the Fiancee even more so!
Oh well I have always been one to forge my own path!
Tis a shame but we have agreed and it does not suit us anymore! Frown Frown
Ex-hubby and kids I cannot compete, but on the bright side it means the second job is done!
Merry Christmas All and Happier Days in the New Year!
Edit: OMG Miss S way to go! That is a great Christmas present/surprise! Hope your good fortune continues into the next year!
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My Mom(in law) said she threw a bunch away. She didn't take me seriously until I called her tonight and had her look. She about flipped! Darn, wish I could've seen her face! Big Grin

I still haven't thought of Pete's 'S' name. I like Sexy Pete. I like that word though, so I would. lol I dunno. I just figure it'll come to me... in a dream or something. Big Grin
Yeh, my oldest daughter's been having to deal with a virus going through their family all last week. Today's her first time out in a long time. They had a Christmas party tonight they went to without the kids. Yeah for her! I hate hearing about anyone sick during any holiday, especially now.

I'm glad you told me about it being slow posting. I thought maybe it's my computer and not just eBay's doings about the slow over there thing. lol

adding... about Mom, she said she has a 20s dress that was her Mom's when she was a teenager. She took it apart at the waist but it can easily be reattached and I can have it to fix it and sell if I want. It's black crushed velvet. Can't wait to see it. I'll be nervous about fixing it and may just have it professionally done instead of tackling it myself.

I sure am rambling on. lol
Can't believe nobody's around but us...It was kinda warm today (never a good sign in Chicago in Dec) so now we're having high winds and I think it's supposed to get real cold & dump alot of snow tomorrow..hate driving in that carp. So come on over & we'll have our snowball fight Smile
Normally hubby would be out on the bike with his buddies, even in the winter, but not tonite! Wish I lived somewhere warm Smile
Yeh, it's been really quiet here tonight. I'm glad the guys popped in to help me celebrate a little. lol
[edit] Oh, I meant to say about when you popped in from work. That is soooo sweet you did that! Thank you!

I think we get all kinds of weather here. We even have earthquakes sometimes. Thankfully I've never known it. I think that and hurricanes would be one of the scariest things ever. Tornadoes are aplenty here though.

The wind picked up a little while ago. It was bitter cold this morning with the North wind. Then it got nice and calm for the afternoon.

I love riding in the cold, getting all leathered up. I just love winter and layering with long johns and bundling up. I know... wierd. Big Grin
I know what you mean! I keep stuff forEVER and have finally stopped doing that. Now I wish I had all my clothes from my teen years and twenties! And my Mom's stuff. I'd be keeping that and wearing it myself though. lol
I just love all things vintage.

I can sew but it's been awhile and am just getting it all set back up (fairly recent move). I'd just feel better about having someone else do it though. Cooking.... love to. I'll cook while I'm there for our snowball fight. Smile

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