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This may not be in correct place, if not someone tell me where to put this (as long as you are nice about where to put it) as not sure where it should be. However auctiva could you please update us on this announcement cut/paste below. I cut/pasted it because I had very hard time finding it would not allow questions. Also, could not find anything on the new forums set up to put this on.

Early 2011 is now gone, can we get new updates on this, especially the amazon portion.

Thanks very much.
Here is cut/paste:
Auctiva Tony M.
Auctiva Product Manager

Posted June 14, 2010 12:18 PM
For the last decade, Auctiva has become the leading tool for selling on eBay. Recently, we’ve heard from many of you asking us to expand our time- and money-saving tools to support selling items in other venues.

We are now pleased to announce that during the coming year we will be adding listing support for two new channels: and our very own marketplace,

Elefy is a new, Auctiva-owned, search driven market place that is designed for independent sellers like you to showcase your items. Buyers will be able to find your items via search engines such as Google, as well as by searching directly on Elefy.

You can check out the Elefy site right now, but please keep in mind that it will be changing as our development team adds new features and functions to it in anticipation of our rollout of listing-on-Elefy to the Auctiva selling community.
We are targeting the release of support for listing on the Elefy venue from within your Auctiva account later in 2010.

Amazon is attracting more and more sellers than ever before, but it can be a tough environment for new sellers. We will be making the simplicity and ease of use that you have come to expect of Auctiva available to Auctiva sellers who wish to sell in the Amazon venue. We are targeting the release of support for listing on from within your Auctiva account early in 2011.

eBay is of course our biggest sales channel. We will continue delivering the best eBay selling experience to you with more great new features like our recent additions of support for money saving multi-variations and parts compatibility listings.

Auctiva Commerce is growing rapidly, and we have thousands of sellers signed up for this, our very first off-eBay sales channel. In the coming months, we are planning to strengthen the integration of with Auctiva Commerce.

We have set up these new forums about multi-channel selling using Auctiva as an area for you to discuss and ask us questions about this exciting new upcoming opportunity. We will be monitoring these forums and are eager to hear what you have to say.

We also encourage you to send questions to our CEO, Jeff Schlicht, at

Happy selling,

Auctiva Tony M.
Sr. Product Manager,
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We do expect to be introducing additional multi-channel capabilities beyond what we already provide (eBay and Auctiva Commerce) in the near future.

I wish I could give you encouragement on us providing a listing capability to Amazon, but I cannot. Amazon integration is not on our development road map in the near term.

If you really need Amazon integration now, our sister company Vendio (yes, as an Auctiva guy, I do have a hard time saying this, *but* today we and Vendio are both owned by Alibaba) already have Amazon integration available through their site.
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SHOCKED, FURIOUS to say the least and did not respond last night I was so miffed but even thinking about it today rattles me.

We trusted Auctiva to do what they said they would do. We should have been notified way before now if this was not going to happen. We have been waiting almost a year for this??? Auctiva WHY the wait to tell us??? Did you think we are stupid and going to forget about it?

Do you know realize our business depends on your doing what you say you are? I have held off listing on Amazon for almost a year waiting on this since it would logically be easier this way.

I asked in support and mentioned in several forums, as have others, to be told in forums and support that it was coming early 2011 more than once.

Here is cut & paste of part of ONE of those support requests with link below for entire transcript (I believe there is another, maybe 2 but am not wasting my time looking for it)

Posted Tuesday, 9/28/2010 11:47 AM Hi- for some reason I can't find on forums but KNOW I read that auctiva is planning to provide other venues in which to list through their system which was Amazon and OTHER sites (no other sites were specifically lsited but did have other in note. I am wondering with all of the changes taking place in auctiva with ownership IF this is still part of the long term (2011) plan??? IF so any ideas who will be included in this change? I am thinking of starting on other avenues besides ebay and obviously would prefer to start with sites that you may be going onto for ease in transition later. Thanks.. also, will keep trying to find in forums too. Thanks Vickie


[B]AUCTIVA RESPONSE: ]Brandon B. Support Posted Tuesday, 9/28/2010 11:52 AM Hello, Thank you for contacting Auctiva support. It is still part of long term plans to open up our listing services to Amazon in early 2011. I am currently not aware of any other sites we will be offering listing to, but the change of ownership has not changed the companies plans. Thank you, Auctiva Support System


Here is ONE link with inquiries as late as APRIL 5th, 2011 that auctiva should have/could have responded honestly to. Here is cut/paste of auctiva response there which DOES NOT lead us to believe this was scrapped.
gates_development, We do not support listing on Amazon yet on However, if you need this functionality right away, I would recommend contacting our sister company, Vendio as their site will allow you to do most if not all the functions you mention that you need. Hope this helps, Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,

After that someone asked date and no response at all.

THERE are at least 2 other posts once in Feb by me and once in March by me, and some by others, some responded to others ignored (wonder why????) I know I wrote once asking for first letter of month it would start and was told it was coming (auctiva I will locate that if you would like)

Auctiva has led us on with this since June when they announced it.

NOW auctiva, tell us about these new multi-channel capabilities, should we wait a year and then be slapped in the face with GOT YA!!

Added insult is YOUR rep Brandon KNEW that you had a sister Vendio that supports this, Why pull this cat out of the bag a year later. I have noticed a couple of forums mentioning your sister store lately, which makes me wonder if all ebay is going to be moving there.

****I was a little surprised that ebay would go for Auctiva sleeping with them on one side of the bed and Amazon (their biggest competitor on the other). Wondered how this marriage would work but assumed Auctiva had worked out an arrangement that all could "sleep" with.

NOW, my take for what it is worth, I have noticed that auctiva is announcing very little on ebay side with changes /improvements being made. The Feature board (which is actually suggestions shows things on TO DO list, these seem to have not been done for quite a while. When and what is on the next ebay side update? (although this feature center is best kept secret on auctiva and have asked for name change so people can use it)

Now, I have a HUGE, HUGE trust issue with auctiva, it is hard to get back trust once you have bold face mis-lead your customer over and over and frankly am worrying about Auctiva stability on the ebay side at this point.

I do realize there are MANY changes that need to be made on commerce and have no problem with that, IF I felt most of commerce were ironed out I would be on there, but still way to many glitches for me. Leaving what started the company in the dust??

I was very patient with waiting on Amazon because frankly I thought that ecommerce was rolled out to early under pressure and was no where near ready to roll out when it was. Auctiva depended on people like Michelle, and MANY, MANY others, way to many to name, to figure out the kinks. I marvel at these peoples patience and time to make it great!

I have thought for quite awhile that the ebay side of auctiva is not advancing. It seems on boards if auctiva is not going to do something there they just ignore it and do not respond on boards, unless it is a technical issue.

Also, I noticed that on the new changes ebay has made in some areas, auctiva does not have the sizes and the solution from support is to just to write it in. I do not find that solution, because I do not always know what ebay would put i,e, XX large (is it XX Large, XXL, 2XL, (we need to have it so it will show up in ebay. search results) I do not find going to ebay pretending to do a relist a solution for that as that is a time consumer.

I have LOVED auctiva though sometimes a love/hate relationship, HOWEVER, this is beyond believable that we have been totally LIED TO FOR ALMOST A YEAR, I FIND THIS DECEITFUL TO SAY THE LEAST!!


Thanks for this place to vent, I do not expect an answer since we have asked for many updates on this and dupped.

Someone in Auctiva, whoever made the decision to NOT tell us, should put themselves in our place from a business standpoint.

I am sorry if this sounds mad, but we are running a business, I fully understand changes of plans and could have swallowed that back in June, July, but to lead us on is AWFUL!!! I would like to know what purpose of leading us on was?????

Thanks for a response from someone in Auctiva, I feel the least we deserve is an explanation for NOT telling us and leading us on for almost a YEAR, YES a YEAR!!

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hey Vickie
I understand your angst and you know I am the first to jump on your bandwagon.

Once auctiva was purchased by alibaba their direction and choices were bound to be overridden by the new parent.

I can't blame auctiva for succumbing to a matters. The outcomes (including the supply link of knockoffs now available on the auctiva site) were bound to have disappointments.

Unfortunately the answers are very plainly that the new parents drive the direction.

Time to get back to making no money...sales are so dismal.
Its just me. . thanks for the understanding. . .
The part that irritated me more than the change of plans even though they wrote there would be no change (which you never know) . was the fact that as late as April we were being led to believe it was going to happen. Best thing would be to lay it out then and there.

IF I worked there and was given surprises like that to keep a secret & then announce I would sure worry daily about my job or any promises of keeping it!. . (but that is just me)

I have been wondering about this and ebay side period. . as I just do not see much happening unless I am somehow missing announcements.

Though for those who are on commerce this is not meant to slam improvements for that because I realize a lot were and are needed for that since it is fairly new.

I just would like to be thrown a bone now and then. Sometimes I think the greasy wheel gets the grease and so many people are no longer selling the ebay side does not get as much activity as it did in past.

I have been checking out their sister, which I did seriously think about before coming here and seems I can get what I need. just need to evaluate if the time spent will be well spent and how much of a hassle it will be to change. Especially with summers usually slow for me anyway. I just do not want to go to all the trouble of switching for Auctiva to get other sites I would like to list on! Because I would like to multi-channel. Though, with no time-line for that. . who knows, I would really feel stoooooppppiiiiddddd to be drug along not once but twice.

I am one who hates change, so am sure will ponder it for awhile. IF anyone has jumped from Vendio to Auctiva, how about sharing your input for us.

Thanks again itjustme, nice to know you have my back!!!

And hope sales pick up for both of us, this last week or two have been D E A D!!
Good to hear from you Vickie. I did try Vendio when Auctiva's rates were new. It wasn't bad but the act of changing and learning another new thing cuts into our profits.

If it works for Amazon and you can actually list both at once it might be worth it in the end.

When I tried Auctiva Commerce I thought I was going to be able to take the same listing that went to Ebay and also direct it to Commerce. No such luck. No efficiencies there.

I am pretty depressed about the state of business lately. AS soon as ebay's additional item specific requirements take effect I'll have to fix those listings that aren't up to par.
Its just me.. good to see you on boards too.

I am glad you said that about auctiva commerce, I thought same thing. Do you have commerce store, if you do, I sure admire you greatly, as I was lost on it. I have the legacy plan $9,.95 as insurance in case I wanted to do.. but am thinking of dropping, since there seems to be kinks beyond my knowledge or frustration level and still seems to be continual small issues (some big too). However, my biggest concern TODAY with even thinking of auctiva commerce is their security as a company. It would only make sense to merge the two and since their sister appears to offer more makes me wonder. Just thoughts of my spending hours and hours creating and beating my head against wall to find another unexpected glitch.

Plus. . am sure beginning to wonder about merger between them and their sister. I did notice webstore on vendio is free. . .I am not jumping yet.. but sure evaluating all of this.

I do find business is horrid this time of year every year. The changing item specifics is a pain in the rear!! Especially since auctiva does not appear to be going to get so we can make changes in saved listings directly.

Do you sell on other sites, apparently we sell pretty much same things, since clothing is the biggie that has to be changed.

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Since it is very obvious that auctiva personnel are totally ignoring this thread, perhaps they can update us on their for below sentence.

We do expect to be introducing additional multi-channel capabilities beyond what we already provide (eBay and Auctiva Commerce) in the near future.

"Near future" being key here. What is near future? Any chance of getting more information such as other venues, etc., so we can make an informed decision. It may save us jumping ship and then wishing we were back on the ship.

It is hard to make informed when there is so much darkness. Is this in works already? Just a dream?

Thanks for any input so we can evaluate our options and needs and get on with the getting on.

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Guess they wish this would just go away. As I have always heard "be careful what you wish for".

Without something we can't make informed decisions.

I am beginning to wonder more by the day about the stability of ebay part of auctiva. I worried about this after the buy out, and am really beginning to wonder more about it.

Perhaps there is more money in commerce, but most people would not just cold turkey come to auctiva out of all of the commerce sites out there, I would think most of the people with commerce stores came through ebay. I think lots of them still have ebay stores thorugh auctiva.

Auctiva, would be nice to get some kind of response on this:

We do expect to be introducing additional multi-channel capabilities beyond what we already provide (eBay and Auctiva Commerce) in the near future.

1. "We are NOT going to get this in other venues" (my interpretation today: we thought we would put a pacifer in your mouth so you would shut up)

2. "We plan to have__________" with some of venues you may use) and approx plan on when. That way if we are going to other sites to list we can decide whether to wait OR go ahead & begin plus we can then evaluate what sites we want to use that will fall in with auctiva options.

3. "Leave us alone ______________" this is how I interpret your lack of response due to the lack of response we got when we asked numerous times about amazon. Frankly, I feel that should have been handled MUCH, MUCH SOONER than it was, but am interested in moving forward!

Right now I am assuming since there is no response that #3 and 1 would be response. We realize you are busy (so are we and we need to be able to plan our business) but this has not had auctiva response since 18th of May.

IF we do not have information we need we can't
make informed decisions.

Thanks for some kind of answer, in this case no news is good news does not apply because of the past.

thanks for response
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Auctiva, any chance of getting some kind of response?????? This is getting absurd that you are responding to easy questions regarding ebay that any of us could respond to but not others answers.

Actually, I hate to say I have quit reading forums to help others, figuring Auctiva will not respond to these our issues, so they may as well deal with others questions, rather than members doing their jobs for them.

Auctiva, ask yourself, why should us oldtimers spend their time to help newbies when the oldtimers are ignored??? Especially when our requests are to improve things for everyone.

Hate to be so curt and DO like helping others, but at some point helping gets old when our requests for help are ignored????

Thanks for a response, however, at this point doubt we will get since previous ones are being ignored lately.

Vickie, ebay has a page where they compare their providers of like services. Auctiva is first and there are about six other providers (including Vendio, Auctiva's partner). There are a few who integrate with Amazon and others. I had no time to research.
In my opinion they rated Auctiva unfairly because there are some features of Auctiva that they did not check off.

i won't have time to research until I finish upgrading the specifics. then we will do a cold stare at our entire business model.

hope your mom is getting better everyday.if you provide a link to you ac store i can figure out how to email you directly.
Thanks, I will sure look into that more. I actually just got back in town and have not started doing more upgrades. Am thinking about running a sale and trying to dump some items before relisting. At this point I am not as concerned with Amazon as I am trying to find out if new avenues are being considered and who they are so we can plan for holidays. I would love to list on different sites, but would be kind of stupid to guess who/when auctiva is going to do this. Logically listing from auctiva from all would be smart.

Here is my ebay store you can write through one of items there and I will send you email address. (I do not think we can put on here).

My mom is getting better but seems to have good days and bad days not many in between ones. But at least she is MUCH better than when I saw her in hospital. She is a fighter and will get there, it just will take time.

Thanks for asking. . .
Well, sale is not best idea from $$$ standpoint and I did start changing all listings. After all of the turmoil in family, I decided to just run sales and hopefully will get rid of some older inventory. Also, figure some may sell anyway before they enforce change.

Plus, honestly knowing my items are not on at all may motivate me to get it in gear with changes and make them faster. . i.e. I am putting this off and you will be happily done!

Auctiva any word on this? We need to start planning for holidays. Due to lack of response, am getting impression this may go down the river as amazon did? Hopefully thought process is not thought that we will forget about this post regaridng multi-channel capabilities. If that is case why not just tell us now rather than have us waiting and guessing what future plan is?

Posted May 18, 2011 02:52 PM
We do expect to be introducing additional multi-channel capabilities beyond what we already provide (eBay and Auctiva Commerce) in the near future

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Since new shipping information through auctiva was announced today.. which was shock to me. Can anyone tell us about this integration since Amazon intergration was canned and "near future" was talked about on May 18th on other venues??

Originally announced amazon in June 2010? Then was announced not on road-map after almost a year of waiting?

Seems mums the word here.. Auctiva, IF plan is NOT to do this then TELL US!!! It is frustrating to know these are read and never responded to.

Thanks for an update on this.

We are constantly thinking about additional channels and venues that might serve in the future. However, as things have turned out, I was too optimistic when I said we expected to be introducing additional multi-channel the 'near future' back in May. At the time I had thought we would be in a position to announce something more quickly than has actually been the case. I'm sorry if that caused you inconvenience, but it was an honest mistake. Put simply, the plans shifted.

We are still evaluating our future direction in this area, so we can't provide any concrete information and I cannot make speculative comments about future development efforts or announcements. The bottom line is, we will update folks when we have something to report or announce, but until then, you can expect us to be silent.

In your particular situation, because I know you are interested in Amazon, I am going to reiterate that Vendio (who is our sister company now, but was still our competitor in June of 2010) has an Amazon integration available right now. You can use it today.

I hope this helps.
Thanks for update. It is much appreciated. I am not sure why it is thought that my only interest was/is in Amazon, it was/is not. If Amazon was my only interest I would have put that buried that dead horse back in May when it was implied it was not going to happen in near future. I sure would not continue how many times??? asking about other venues to have those notes ignored many times. I am sure just because I am about the only one writing, that I am not the only one wanting to know, if so the auctiva and or ebay has lost some of its lovin feelin' as it seems the boards have about dried up. (yes, I realize it is summer and down, we'll see what fall brings) Amazon was the one thrown out originally by auctiva is why I questioned the one thrown out there.

My interest is in ANY venue that makes listing on multiple sites easier. Since I do not have amazon account, I sure did not care which. Obviously, if we know venue plan we can make our plans and evaluate our needs with whichever venue it is.

However, great to know this is not going to happen in any venue in near future so I can get on with planning for the holidays.

I must admit, I got a little excited when I saw Bonanza selling article yesterday on auctiva, thinking it was going to be the one. Guess was hoping since had been checking it out too.

Vendio may end up an option at some point, but since I am a little concerned about stability in both cos. since the buy out, I am not sure which direction I want to invest my time in at this point. (HATE to be blunt, but it is how it is - I am concerned)

Appreciate the update very much.

Thanks again.
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