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Under shipping policy in Auctiva I get this message: "Please add business policies on eBay and sync with Auctiva before using this tool."

I went to ebay and created some business policies.  Now how do i sync them with ebay so I can choose which one I want in Auctiva?


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Hello Community!

Apologies for any difficulty or confusion this situation may have created.  Please be aware that we updated the site as noted here so that if you have opted in to Business Policies on eBay the listing creation page in your Auctiva account will shift to utilize those policies (which essentially replace your Auctiva profiles).

Note this only affects accounts that have opted in to Business Policies in the related eBay accounts.

As for ensuring that your policies are updated, you need only select "eBay" from the My Account menu of your account after logging in and then click on the "Update eBay Preferences" button to ensure all of your current policy information is available within your Auctiva account.  Please note that at this time you can only make or modify your business policies directly on eBay and then update your preferences in Auctiva to select from your Business Policies when creating a listing.

As noted by catiel56, you can also always opt out of business policies on eBay and have the listing creation page revert to the one you are accustomed to - at this time using Business Policies on eBay is only required if you have opted in to using them there.   You can disable them by visiting the business policies page on eBay. Then, log back into Auctiva and click on “Update eBay Preferences” on your account page.  This will then update your account to no longer use the Business Policies.

Please note Special4me2, you should not need to make any adjustments to your browser or your computer - you need only update your Auctiva account to use your Business Policies that are current and then select them on the lister, or opt out of using the policies in your eBay account and update Auctiva to continue using the lister as you are used to.

Please also note Rolliebenson our records indicate that you files a support case regarding this on November 16 and that our support team provided a response to you a bit later that same day.  This response went to the email address on file with your account so please be sure that your provider has not redirected the message away from your inbox.

Should anyone continue to experience further difficulty with this or have other questions regarding the lister page for using Business Policies, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and our agents will be happy to assist you.

 - Craig

Hello Catiel56 -

Currently eBay has this set as noted, you can opt in or opt out again if you decide not to use Business Policies.  Unfortunately, we are unrelated to eBay and so have no means to say what eBay may or may not decide to make mandatory in the future.  While they do strongly suggest that users make use of business policies, it has not been stated whether or not eBay will require listings to use these policies in the future.

If you are opted in at this time, eBay provides warnings from their API stating that the policies will become mandatory, however, no such warnings occur if the related eBay account is not opted in to Business Policies.

 - Craig


eBay Shipping policies do not update properly on Auctiva forms, I know how to use Policies and how to make the settings exactly right, but Auctiva shows wrong eBay Policies in drop downs.  Tried numerous times to reset the policies on eBay and also updated them on Auctiva, sorry they just plain do not work correctly. You need to hire better techs that can fix this problem.

Also typing in drop down forms and fill in spaces is delayed, have to wait for what you type to show up. I have brand new computer and comcast high speed, everything else on whole computer uses and several different browsers work perfectly. The only place typing is off the charts is Auctiva, I was hoping a update from Auctiva was coming but so far nothing. You need to try using your own site to list items than you will see sadly it does not work!

Hello Cam,

There is a known issue at this time regarding some types of shipping policies importing correctly from eBay into Auctiva accounts which our engineers are aware of and are seeking a solution.  Generally shipping policies are importing, but there are some types which encounter issues.

We are not aware of issues which would cause the other effects you have described relating to the pull down menus or typing on form pages, so I recommend that you first clear the cache of your preferred browser and then log back in.  If the difficulty persists, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site providing the details of what you experience and where on the site this occurs for you and any other information regarding the steps you are taking, if this behavior occurs for you at specific times of day or any other details - please also let us know what you have tried on your end so our support team can look into it and assist you.

 - Craig


Have the issues above been resolved? Specifically, the shipping business policies issue? I have named, edited and created new eBay shipping policies, but all that is showing in my Auctiva drop-down for shipping is gibberish. I have updated both my token and my eBay preferences, and it does not seem to have made a difference.

Hello Ed - 

There are still some lingering issues surrounding the import of certain policy types, but for the most part we have been able to resolve the majority of the policy import issues.  Typically, for the issues that have existed, the problem is that certain policies fail to import entirely and we are not aware of an issue such as you have described where a policy imports but is not correct or is incomprehensible.

If you have not already tried clearing your browser cache to ensure that the account pages have not been cached erroneously, please give that a try and if the issue persists, please go ahead and file a support case from under the Help tab of the site providing the details of what you are experiencing which policy or policies are running into this issue as well as what you have tried and any other information you think may be relevant so our support team can have a look into your account at the specific policies to see what is going on. 


 - Craig

Hello Felix -

Please be aware that this tread is a few years old so the issues described here were resolved some time ago.

If you have enabled Business Policies on eBay and they are not reflecting correctly in your account, please select eBay from the My Account menu and then click the button to Update eBay Preferences.

If you continue to experience difficulty, please feel free to file a support case letting us know what you have tried and where you are running into difficulty so our agents can have a look into your account directly. 

You can file a case at any time from under the Help tab of the site.

- Craig

Hello Everything-Emporium -

It is unclear what may be occurring for you.  If you have disabled the business policies on eBay, Auctiva would not be able to sync to them.

If you are having trouble with business policies updating for your account, it would be best for us to have a look in the account at what may be occurring.

Please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know what you are attempting to do, the steps you have taken thus far and what the end result has been up to now, so our agents can have a look into it for you.

- Craig

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