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It has now been 12 days since I brought this issue to Auctiva's attention and thus far we've received nothing but lip service and finger pointing.

Neither Auctiva nor Verizon want to claim responsibility for the issue, and while I understand Auctiva may truly not be at fault here it is ridiculous to let this issue continue for TWELVE DAYS regardless of who's at fault.

We are paying for a service we cannot use, period. It really shouldn't be of any relevance to your customers who is at fault, it should simply be fixed. The fact that Auctiva is willing to let this issue carry on for nearly two weeks while telling customers to "complain to verizon about it" is completely out of line. I've spent hours on the line with Verizon at this point and much like Auctiva they are not claiming responsibility. The hours I've invested in trying to get this issue resolved is insane.

We are not paying Verizon for this service, we are paying Auctiva. This issue is limited to Auctiva's website, not verizon connectivity as a whole. Auctiva needs to get this situation handled. Allowing your customers to suffer for nearly two weeks is unconscionable.

The only reason we haven't left yet is we have a great deal of hours committed to our Auctiva profiles and migrating to another service would be a huge, wasteful undertaking; however as this issue continues to drag on the daunting task of moving elsewhere is becoming more and more reasonable compared to taking HOURS to list product on your site.

Someone at Auctiva needs to take this issue seriously, your customers are suffering here and no one seems to care.
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Hi Community,

Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns with us. I understand that you, along with many other Verizon internet customers, have been experiencing slowness and/or timeouts when using our website recently and that you would simply like the issue to be resolved, regardless of who is at fault.

Of course, we would also like this issue to be resolved as soon as possible but, unfortunately, our ability to impact the resolution of the issue is relatively limited due to the nature of this specific issue.

We have already raised this issue through Cogent, and they have assured us that they have escalated the issue to Verizon directly and are working with them to ensure the issue is resolved as soon as possible.

We have not yet received an indication of when this issue may be address, but we will post further updates on the issue to this thread as additional information becomes available.

I will be sure to keep you all posted through this thread as additional information becomes available, and I hope to have some more encouraging news for you soon. We apologize for the inconveniences this is causing!

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Hi Keithpo,

Yes, this Community Forum is hosted by a third party provider, so I would not expect you to encounter the same difficulties when navigating our forum. Changing providers is something we would have to consider if it becomes apparent this issue cannot be resolved, but we do not currently expect that relatively drastic measure to be necessary.

It seems to be working ok this morning.

Originally posted by Auctiva Mike D.:
Hi tita,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to Verizon about this and share the details you were given through this thread. We have not received any similar updates from Cogent to this point, but I will reserve hope that the representative you spoke to is correct and that this issue will be resolved shortly.

Hi Community,

We are aware that many Verizon internet users are still encountering varying degrees of site slowness and/or timeouts when using the Auctiva website but, unfortunately, we have still not been able to uncover any definitive information that would allow us to reasonably determine when the issue may be resolved.

I regret that I cannot do more to help clarify when you will see sustained improvement in this regard, but I will continue to keep you all posted through the thread on this topic in the “News” section of our forum as any new details become available.

We apologize for the continued difficulties.

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So if this is indeed a net neutrality issue between your ISP Cogent and Verizon and not a technical issue, it is likely not one that will be quickly solved simply with calls to tech support from Cogent to Verizon, correct?

While I do understand this issue may not be in the immediate control of Auctiva, managing the way the issue is handled certainly is. The wait and see approach is clearly not a wise one if this issue is actually directly related to net neutrality problems between these two companies.

What is Auctiva's plan here? Wait until the two ISP companies decide to stop competing or litigate the issue?

If there is nothing to fix here and it boils down to competition between two ISPs that is creating the issue it doesn't seem logical to continue to sit and wait with fingers crossed that it'll magically go away sometime in near future?

Does Auctiva have any contingency plan in place here or have you simply decided you're fine with losing Verizon customers? This outage is costing your customers a great deal of time and money. Its only fair that you inform your customers of Auctiva's intentions here.
Hi greatdeals123,

As I mentioned in my previous reply, we are not currently in a position to determine how soon this issue may be worked out between Verizon and Cogent, but we have been doing everything we can to stress that we need the situation to be resolved as soon as possible.

We have also been considering our options in case this issue cannot be addressed relatively soon.

Mike ,
When I'm being throttled or whatever this problem is while trying to post as a FIOS user it seems like an isolated issues for Auctivia FIOS members only trying to post.

But IMHO its not .

Is it not true that many Ebay Buyers using Verizon service are likely having the same slow non loading issues when looking at all Ebay Auctiva auctions with Auctiva hosted images ?
Many will see auctions showing no pictures for the gallery etc hurting everyones sales non Verizon sellers too.

So this problem might be alot bigger than just us Fios Auctiva customers trying to list auctions.

Doesn't It affect all paying members using your service because at times everyone is losing Verizon customers due to this issue ?

Please correct me if I'm misinformed but when Im having trouble listing here at the same time my auctions with Auctiva pics will not load to me either .

Please let me know
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I'm receiving information from "potential" buyers on eBay that my photographs cannot be viewed due to the time outs. This issue does NOT just affect sellers trying to list items. It negatively affect BUYERS from seeing photographs!

So.... since Auctiva indicates the problem is with their PROVIDER... perhaps it is time to CHANGE PROVIDERS. There is nothing to "wait and see" about... nothing. If Auctiva's provider cannot move at the speed of light, then everyone subscribed to Auctiva may have no choice but to change their provider from Auctiva to another service.

Bottom line... these problems are unacceptable and the only solution is to get rid of the provider. Verizon accounts for the majority of the service used in this country and it is in Auctiva's best interest to make sure they accommodate the majority.

CHANGE PROVIDERS ALREADY and let us all get back to work!
One more thing....

I took the liberty of actually calling Cogent to inquire about their "problems" with Verizon... they were quite honest in stating that Verizon "throttles them down" on a regular basis. I was told they have had so many problems in this area they have escalated the situation from "tech support" to "Executive" action required from Cogent.

ALSO... very clear was the thought that this problem isn't going to resolve itself any time soon... they are dealing with contractual relationships, financial issues and all sorts of complications.

So Auctiva.... now is the time to change providers, not because a bunch of your subscribers are upset but because the situation in which you find yourself is NOT going to be resolved through a technical fix. This is a corporate problem between Cogent and Verizon... two VERY large dogs fighting in a very small cage.

It's time for you to cut your losses and move your operation to a new provider rather than sit around waiting for some corporate miracle to happen.

I'll be waiting for your "LOG IN Page" announcement indicating your PERMANENT fix has occurred. I won't wait long and I'm thinking nobody else will either.

Thank you for years of great service.... and thank you for grabbing this bull by the horns and wrestling it to the ground within the next week. There are thousands of listings and $$$$$ riding on your decision to take immediate action.
Yes,I think Joy has hit it squarely on. This level of non-functionality is unacceptable for very much longer. I have lots of work piling up and now, in addition, I'm going to have to see if my listings that have made it through are showing up correctly.

My question is this - were I to switch from using Verizon, would this still be a problem? Are there any non-Verizon users out there who are having this issue?
Originally posted by Auctiva Mike D.:
Hi Keithpo,

Yes, this Community Forum is hosted by a third party provider, so I would not expect you to encounter the same difficulties when navigating our forum. Changing providers is something we would have to consider if it becomes apparent this issue cannot be resolved, but we do not currently expect that relatively drastic measure to be necessary.


CHANGE PROVIDERS!!!! If we could get the same internet speed on the main site as we get here on this forum... I am CERTAIN we'd all be THRILLED!!!
I communicated with three Verizon representatives yesterday; two in tech support and one in Customer Retention. NONE of them knew anything about the problem! My business is in trouble. The Auctiva software is so slow it is unusable. If I cannot list items, I can not sell items. If I cannot sell items, I make no money. The problem is serious.

If the Verizon staffers are not aware of the problem, than I wonder whether it has been communicated to people in their organization. If no one is aware of it, then I question whether anyone is working on resolving it. Auctiva appears to be fingerpointing and not stepping up to help solve to problem. Who in Auctiva is taking this on as their personal challenge. What is the plan. Who is responsible at Cogent/Verizon. It seems to me that since no one seems to be aware of it at Verizon, it's not very important to them. Can I get a refund for my Auctiva fees?
We are now entering week THREE of the site not working. No resolution in sight, nothing but excuses and finger pointing still.

There is plenty of press about Netflix speed conspiracies but not a single article about ANY OTHER website having their speeds throttled. This excuse reeks of misdirection.

Maybe its about time to drop your bargain basement ISP, clearly this situation isn't going anywhere.

It also about time Auctiva started offering refunds on the service that hasn't been operable for HALF A MONTH
Ticket opened on 2/6 it is now 2/17 and still this is the response and my response.


I am sorry to hear that, but I appreciate you taking the time to write back and let us know how your experience has been recently.

These performance issues impacting Verizon internet users have been a result of Verizon limiting, or “throttling”, the traffic into our ISP (Cogent) and, although I suspect the two sides may have different perspectives on who is at fault, it has been something those they have needed to work out among themselves.

We have already opened a ticket with Cogent about this and, although they have indicated Verizon ultimately needs to resolve the issue, they have expressed they are doing everything they can to ensure the issue is addressed as soon as possible. We will keep you posted on this as any additional information becomes available.

Also, we have not determined whether we will be able to offer credit as a result of this issue, but I have forwarded your request to our Management team for consideration. However, I do not expect a decision to be made in this regard until the outcome of this situation becomes more clear.

Once again we regret the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience in this regard. If you have any additional questions or concerns pertaining to your Auctiva account, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll be happy to continue assisting you.

Auctiva Support
Posted Monday, 2/17/2014 6:38 AM
The good news is you referred to a management team. I was beginning to believe that there was no such thing within your organization. I worked in telecom (Level 3 communications) for 10 years-I understand the "throttling" issue. The bottom line for your company is that regardless of the issue-until resolved you run the risk of losing many customers and the revenue associated. This is the first time that someone has referred to management and the fact the issue may have been escalated to a higher level. I am paying you for a service and it is currently not working-I do not have the time to trouble shoot networking issues with an ISP. As many other people have referred-maybe it is time to challenge your provider and consider move to provider that can accomodate ALL customers.

I saw the eblow on the Comererce forum does it also apply to the eBay side?


posted February 18, 2014 09:00 AM
Hello again,

I just received another update on this issue from our technical team and, although the connectivity issues between Verizon and Cogent appear to be ongoing, we have just made some adjustments on our side which we hope will prevent our users from being impacted by this any longer.

If you are still encountering performance issues of this nature, can you please run a trace route command and email the results to That will get it right into the hands or our team who will be looking into any further difficulties.

Thanks in advance (again) for any updated information you are able to provide.


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