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I for one, would really appreciate an Auctiva "State of the Union".

This isn't a gripe (well, maybe a little), but a humble request for Auctiva management to explain to "we the peeps" the excessive frequency with which software doesn't work, servers go down, images disappear from eBay, and so on. Why exactly is there so much service disruption at Auctiva?

Please give us some insight, so we can evaluate what to expect in the way of service, and be able to strategize accordingly.

We're with you guys, and wish that Auctiva will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. But please remember, we also wish the same for ourselves.

My customers don't know from "Auctiva". They have no idea what an "Auctiva" is. All they know is Chateau d'Ebay (my store) is less than what it should be.

At various times, there are no pictures of my merchandise to view, my customers can't use Auctiva Checkout - and sometimes there are no Chateau d'Ebay listings on eBay, since Auctiva's listing-upload function is down.

As often as Auctiva has a server or software malfunction - THAT is precisely how often my customers think my auctions malfunction.

All I'm asking for, and I believe "ditto" the other folks in the Auctiva Community, is a straight arrow explanation as to "Why?"
(..."When?" would also be nice).

Bouncing Bubba Cool
Chateau d'eBay
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Hear, Hear, I second that. Here are the problems I encounter daily: I press to save a listing or enter a page and instead of it saving or entering the page I am hanked back to the home page again and again and have to sign in. One day I must have signed in 10x. Another one that I was encountering all day yesterday is I type the text for a listing. Everything is left aligned or in a sequential order and when I upload to Ebay or even just preview it and save it and open it to re-edit it, text is skewered all over the place. Yesterday, I had to upload each listing to Ebay then go into Ebay and revise everything because text was either not aligned or actually appearing in another area than where it was originally typed and saved. Today (10/9), I can't upload pics. The page freezes or if it does upload 1 of 7 pics, there is only an "x" where the pics should be. This means that every listing is a painstaking event that takes more than the time to list on Turbolister. However, like most folks I like the fact that I have a template and can upload additional pics without paying extra fees and that is why I go through the *tedious* task of listing through Activa. Another thing, on Ebay half the time the pics of other listings are not showing and all you can see is revolving "pics are loading".

WoW . . . I understand frustration - but I also understand about biting the hand that feeds you. And maybe you should be speaking for yourself only, as I never gave my permission for someone to use me as a manipulation tool to get their problems fixed.

I too have had my problems here - most of my own making and some from inexperience, but the tech support and help here at Auctiva has been FAST - Concerned, very Sincere and A-#1, even when it was ME and not THEM, they walked me through it all.

They've gone above and beyond to help me and more than once . . . compared to how the tech support and help departments at other web sites really didn't even seem to want to get involved or make the effort needed to help out when I was having problems, these people here at Auctiva are WONDERFUL.

I'm not too sure about you, but I'm not still here at Auctiva cause they are pointing a gun to my head - if you get my drift . . . so take a break and think ahead before doing any bashing of people - ON THEIR OWN DIME, who are trying to work out problems of their own also.

As far as ending a thread, the last I knew, this is their site and they can pretty much do that if they want - especially when it is something that is counterproductive to their efforts, and personally I wouldn't want a hysterical person spreading panic on my boat . . . especially if they arn't willing to do something productive like either put on a life jacket and calmly sit out the rough stuff, or God forbid . .. they should grab a bucket and help me bail - in whatever way they can, in a means to help the sum instead of thinking that they are the 'One'.

Also, all those capital letters - that's a lot of hollering and it is giving me a headache, so I will go now, take some aspirin and get back to selling some stuff . . .
I've only been using Auctiva a few days. It is a great service in as much as it is free. If we had to pay, wouldn't everyone be using another listing service by now? Probably. Last night, after spending 3 days compiling and testing listings, I chose 10.00pm (GMT+1h) to upload to eBay. Low and behold, at that precise moment the server went down, again. (I shouldn't have to use the word 'again' as a new customer). What I really only needed from Auctiva was the image 'supersizing'. I don't care for the store window and scheduling, so I'm going to create my own image zooming service just for me, and use the regular eBay 'Sell an Item' form. I don't sell much on eBay, but if you list high value items starting at 99p, to a regular customer base, you just can't afford to lose the bids when your listings go down. Auctiva will have a problem cutting it with the other listing companies, even if it remains free, unless they change their name and come back with a reliable service that everyone can praise for it's new, and upgraded service. They could even try charging a nominal fee to see who their so-called, 'die-hard' fans are!
It hardly matters that Auctiva is free to the user. Auctiva exists to make a is not a charity origanization. They solicit business and customers and they should provide the service that they advertise. It should be first rate service whether it is free or not if they want to keep customers and make money. For that reason no one should be expected to hold back any legitimate customer complaints. After all Auctiva's. customers are trying to make money too.

Mary Blevins
I'm not too sure about you, but I'm not still here at Auctiva cause they are pointing a gun to my head - if you get my drift . . . so take a break and think ahead before doing any bashing of people - ON THEIR OWN DIME, who are trying to work out problems of their own also.

You are so wrong I don't even think Auctiva would agree with you. Auctiva is not a charity. They exist to make a profit. They should not want a break. They should want to provide the best service possible at all times and they should expect complaints when they don't. If they treat customes as second rate because their service is free then they will not stay in business.
Right now we should all shut down our computers and have a cup of warm cocoa. Cuddle a child, a kitten or a puppy. What happened yesterday and all day today on Auctiva WITHOUT A WORD FROM THEM OTHER THAN IT IS FIXED (ha, ha)is not unlike what happens with rats when they are being trained to perform a certain function. We are sitting here trying, and venting, and asking, and begging, and crying. It has gotten us absolutely nowhere. Nowhere. Auctiva hasn't addressed our issues and we can't list. Let's just call it a day and go home...
Good day everyone --

Just joined the community as I was reading the letters and wished to respond.

Been selling on auctiva since about mid August and there was a definite learning curve.

One issue is that there appear to be problems every Sunday from about 2 PM Eastern to 2 AM Monday morning.

Now this is something I work around since I'm sort of doing this 24/7 while doing a second home based business -- but seems maybe it is a Day/Time thing?

Or maybe not.

Oh I cuddle my Poochie regularly and take a walk every two hours at his command -- highly reccomended therapy.

Have you read the stickies to see if it's pop up blockers, browser settings, firewall, which browser your using etc and other recommendations?

I don't have a clue as to what's going on.

I schedule days ahead and I don't experience any problems. I've scheduled over 100+ auctions in the last week alone. They go up and without errors.

I'm so sorry you're experiencing this.

I use either Mozilla Firefox browser or MSIE version 7. I have my pop up blocker allow Auctiva and if there are problems with Auctiva I immediately contact customer service with a report.

My Best Wishes and Good Luck,
They should not want a break. They should want to provide the best service possible at all times and they should expect complaints when they don't.

How can anyone be too wrong when all they are saying is that there doesn't need to be a lot of nastiness going on, that sort of thing IS very distracting for those trying to put forth a positive effort and are working to get things taken care of.

So my apologies, if I stepped on anyones Hysteria, any of the Mob Mentality Thinker's toes . .. or all those "BURN THAT WITCH AT THE STAKE" types who think the solution to problems are to whip the the crowd into a frenzy, driving them into the Community Square grabbing blindly at burnables - wood - gas - matches straw, the Witch's cat with the nice flammable long hair- and they do it.....
"Burn Baby Burn!"
Then it's over .. . No solutions, No fixes, No "Tomorrow's Another Day".
Just a pile of stinkin' burnt witch and her very mad and hairless cat . . .

Shame on you anxious types who know nothing about the chain of command for lodging complaints - for airing frustrations and agreeing to disagree in a respectful "I know you are having problems, and boy, am I having problems" sort of way, and working it out reasonably...not in a way that is distracting, stressful and NOT very entertaining to those of us who see that you arn't going to get the horse across the river by whipping it to death.....

So for those of you who DO think I'm can whoop on me for awhile to get your frustrations out....only let those people that are trying to solve your problems do just that -
I am also using explorer 7.0 and popup blocker is off but I am still having issues. Things like "Can't display the page" and sometimes after I get a listing done I can't do the error check, save or get ebay fees. At that point the whole listing is lost. I finally shut down and went to sleep at 2 am. Did not get much listed between Sun and Mon but spent both days on the computer.
Suthernjewl, I had to read your post before I went and put on my fire-proof undies -lol!
You are always such a calming force in what could become a Hurricane REAL QUICK, but I thank you for your contributions of 'Reason' and 'Sanity' here.

I am with you ... problems? I also experience very few, If any....and the ones that I have had have been due mostly to my own shortcomings - Inexperience with browsers, computers, settings techie stuff anyway .... it's mostly turned out to be ME ME ME causing my own problems, and all I'm saying is, when that happens I turn to that big spot on the wall where I bang my head until it ALL BECOMES CLEAR, or I take a break and come back when I can think....which means that half the problem is solved....just by thinking.

I can understand frustration and all the deadlines and the "I need to... or the world will end", or "the owl will visit", or "someone will eat the last Moonpie before I get it", or..... But the point is..."Life is what it is" ..."Plan Ahead" and "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...." and the one that has the most impact and positive ramifications.....

" Patience is a virtue "

Unfortunately for most of us, it is an aquired virtue, taking lots of work, tons of effort and all our lives to perfect....
but oh, what a reward it is . . .
and very calming too, in a nice quiet way... Smile

So thank you Suthernjewl for your voice of reason.
I have been using Auctiva for about a month and it was rather difficult to start with. Have gotten better, but I find that when I do too much with my pictures, rotating and saving, etc. I jam up and have to shut down usually losing the listing. Now I make up the listings, save them and go back to put the pictures in.

I also have noted that I am getting an awful lot of spyware on my computer every time I use Auctive. That is what really slows things down. I have to run a program like Adaware twice a day to get rid of it. I know it comes from Auctive because I don't get it if I don't list for a day. I am sure that is where they are making some of their money so guess we deal with it. For the most part I like the service, though I do wish it were more reliable.
Thanks Mike.

After reading the post this AM. I ran Auctiva a bit.

Then I ran Ad-Aware that grabs all of the spyware/adware off a persons computer.

It didn't grab any off of mine from Auctiva. Only thing that showed up was the usual suspects..cookie tracks from the allowed sites that I have designated.

This software is downloadable and free. CNet ranks it with five out of five stars. Members rate it four and a half out of five.

If any of you don't have this's a must and shows you exactly what and where there's bloat and removes everything swiftly with one swift click of the mouse.

Lavasoft ad-aware has the ability to scan your RAM, Registry, hard drives, and external storage devices for known data-mining, advertising, and tracking components, Ad-Aware SE easily can clean your system, allowing you to maintain a higher degree of privacy while you surf the Web.

Thanks again for the clarification and sorry I didn't come back sooner to post this.
Originally posted by Scottg:
I have had NO problems today..I use another 20-30 listings done in like 20 minutes tops...very quick


Scott: I thought since you are on firefox you might be able to help me. My husband did all the downloading and set-up with Firefox when I was not home, thus I know just about nothing about it. What I do know is that when we are on Firefox and I send any web page to print is may print the graphics, but the words and numbers look like little empty squares. ANY IDEA what settings I need to adjust? It's very annoying to have to keep switching to IE just to print an e-mail, etc. Any leads appreciated.
so much much you people understand that auctiva is giving you acces to their system completly free? did that bypass your super mind ability? try asking ebay to do something like this for you at no charge..they will laugh in your what if auctiva is haveing (some) ever think that they are new and still in the development stage? would you rather have waited another 4 years till their system is perfect with no glitches? or does all the moeny you make through actuiva and ebay not good enough for you to be bashing the hell out this great community..i say if you have a problem with auctiva then leave..I shure as hell wont miss sure not many people a blind man in an orgy thou shall be givith
an Mad d about the spywear issue..if you guys would just use firefox and a decent spyware removal you wouldnt have problems..its easy to point the blame at auctiva..but actualy its you whos lack of computer knowlegde blinds the actual cause of your pop ups and spywear..ever think that you get spyware cause your computer isnt protected? ive been with auctiva for a year now and never once had a problem with them..i dont understand why so many of you guys bash auctiva..Gripes..
Come on, your two posts are the lead attractions on the "Anger Tour". As for admonishing us - you've been a member for all of three days, and you're suddenly an expert on our ongoing frustrations with Auctiva's server and software issues??? You're too funny. Roll Eyes

BTW: Lest there be a misunderstanding - most of us are supportive of Auctiva in spite of the server crashes and software malfunctions.

Despite your coming out with both guns drawn, we're glad to have you aboard.
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Thank you dmh, I do not mean anything bad to fadi or auctiva, we just need to vent and take care of or own buisness, as far as the spyware stuff, I have never picked up anything from auctiva. Auctiva has let us down on occasion and has been bad about communication. I like auctiva and will ride it out because I know they will figure it out someday. I just get tired of the people that get on here and say we should not complain because they are doing a good job and offering this service for free, NOT, believe me they are making a living at this or they wouldnt be doing it. To many of us put or trust in them to make this work.
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