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I just got a reply from support, it is a problem with 1 of their servers and they are working on it.Here is the email :

Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter, and I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with this. We have received similar kind of issue from other customers as well. The listings are moving into the scheduled page instead of posting directly. This appears to be related to an issue with one of our servers. Our Engineering Department is currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

In the mean time, I would suggest you to try canceling the duplicate listing from the scheduled listing page and not to try posting the listing again until the issue get resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience with regard to this matter.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support.
here is the answer the y gave me,
Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately at this time due to a server issue some of our users are reporting issues in posting to ebay. We are aware of this issue, and are working to get it resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime please wait for those items to fail before trying to post your listings again. We will make sure to let you know when this issue is resolved. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
Ernie - I'm not happy either - but this is not a common event. I've been using Auctiva for two years and this is only the second time this has happened to me. I post every Sunday and most Wednesdays. Just hang on...

Originally posted by ernies65:
what a joke, i am a newby here that was recommended here and i spend hours getting 60 listings ready and it won't post a single one, and now i hear this is a common event. what gives?????????????????????
When I logged into Auctiva this afternoon (I'm in California) I didn't see any announcements on the home page to indicate there was a problem.

When I tried to list my item, I got the Windows Internet Explor error message saying 'can't display this page.'

I went and checked my About Me page at eBay to see if the listing showed on the page, but it wasn't up. I checked My eBay and it wasn't up. So I tried to post the listing again and it did the same thing.

The only other time this has happened to me was when I first created my Auctiva account and I was trying to create my first listing. They were working on the site and it didn't save. Otherwise, Auctiva usually works fine for me.

If they're working on the servers I guess that's a good reason it's glitching.

But it might be a good suggestion to have a info bulletin board on the home page (or that greets you after you sign in) that tells people the site is down for maintenence. Then people won't try to post stuff and get error messages, they'll just wait til later.

I saw the suggestions about going in to cancel scheduled listings, but I checked my listings and the two attempts don't show on the scheduled listings or active listings pages. So HOPEfully they won't post.

If anyone just has one item to list (like I do) they might try to list them through eBay if they can use eBay's picture services. The reason I tried Auctiva is that eBay's picture services don't like my computer for some reason.

Just in case somehow these auctions post later, even if they weren't on the scheduled listings page, I'm going to try to wait til later, maybe tomorrow, to try to post the auction again. I don't want to pay for several insertion fees for one item.

If anyone calls or emails the customer service guys at Auctiva, maybe suggest to them that they provide a bulletin board or message that greets people as they sign into their account, or posted on the home page after they sign in, to say they're performing maintenence. If enough people suggest it maybe they'll do that and save folks some headaches. They must get tons of emails or calls when there are problems, and it would save them some hassles too.
Originally posted by lexisluxuries:
Hi, is anyone else having problems posting to Ebay? I have been creating new listings and posted them right after they were created...but they show as scheduled and status shows ready. They will not post. Any help would be great. Thanks!


Yup. Having same exact problem.

Just posted (or thought I posted, I should say) 4 items/listings and they are showing up in my 'saved listings' auctiva folder, BUT are not showing up in my ebay listings.

Don't want to complain about it because the FREE services they offer here here is wonderful, and I do fully utilize these free things instead of paying feebay (the templates and attach many photos) to each of my listings -- BUT this is a little annoying right now that the listings are not posting.

Come on this board to read/see if anything was being written about it .. and glad to know it's not just happening to me, and there's clearly something wrong with auctiva at the moment. I hope it's straightened out soon ... and someone from their end let's us know if we need to re-post our listings that aren't currently going through, or if they will go thru on their own once it's straightened out.

In the meantime, I don't know if I should keep listing now. I have about 10 more things that I planned to list tonight and I don't know if I should hold off for now until this issue is resolved.
This is on the other thread about this same thing from Auctiva Jeff. And Danno said there's a note on the home page about it too.


Auctiva Jeff
Auctiva CEO
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Posted March 16, 2008 05:05 PM
My suggestion is to let them fail. Come back in about an hour and reschedule the failed ones then. We're working to replace a server that pooped out with a different server. We've got dozens, it's just a matter of time to figure out the problem which we've already done and now get it resolved which we're working on. Try back in an hour. Go ahead and create and save listings now, just wait to schedule them if you can. If not you are welcome to try and post them but just don't get too mad if they don't.

Good for all of you having patience. It's tempting to ask th' others if ya want some cheese to go with that w(h)ine??? Com'on ya'll! It's a free service. Who knows what all goes on behind th' scenes (except those with that sort of experience)! Where can you get such complete tools for free with the kind of service we get from support here at Auctiva? Nowhere!

File a support request today and expect to hear from them by Tuesday? That's absolutely absurd! Never ever has it taken anywhere near that long for Auctiva's support to get back to me on any of my goofy questions or real requests for glitches in the system that they're not aware of. How do you think they can know there's something wrong if we don't tell them? And then expect them to have it fixed 30 minutes before we reported it and say snide remarks that they might respond by Tuesday? Obviously one hasn't been here long to make such accusations! You just want to rock th' boat and see what sort of rise you can get from others. Mad Indeed! Ok, so ya riled me up! Eek
Go ahead and create and save listings now,

Not a waste of time to do this.

The home page says the server problem is repaired and all is well now. Are the complaints just leftovers now? That's what it sounds like to me.

If anyone had known this was going to happen... well now, it wouldn't have happened because they would have prevented it before it did. hmmmm
its all well and good that this is a free service they are offering and yes it saves us a lot of time and money..........
But all my non posted items posted 2 hours later before I had even realised, and all are now going to have ot be removed cos theya re too late ending times, 11.45 pm is not a good time for last min bidders and I am def going to lose money by having to canceland relist at a decent time,
when this issue first arose they should have issued an alert not after a load of complaints
My listings posted eventually about 2 hours after they were scheduled. Like inkcorrado, this was very annoying as they now finish very late at night for the UK market.

A lot of frustration could have been saved by Auctiva putting an announcement in the News section of the messageboards since they obviously knew there was a serious problem. Perhaps they could explain here why this wasn't done?
Per Ernie B (Newbie) what a joke, i am a newby here that was recommended here and i spend hours getting 60 listings ready and it won't post a single one, and now i hear this is a common event. what gives?????????????????????
Ernie, this is not a common occurrence! I know it can be stressful when these things happen but servers do go down or have hiccups in every network at some time or another. Auctiva is a free service and they provide terrific customer support, please bear with them, this site IS NOT a joke! Hang in there!
I have to agree that this rarely happens.
I always prefer to list my items manually one at a time so that I can leave a space of about 2 minutes between each listing which encourages multiple purchases.
I was still unable to post my listings at 8pm PST last evening and it was too late for listings to
I cancelled everything that was sitting in my 'Scheduled' file and I have changed them all to 5 day auctions and I am re-listing them tomorrow so that they will still end on Sunday.

Maybe this idea will help anyone who still has listings that they wanted to end on Sunday evening.

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