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Hi Steve, I have been watching this post virtually since it started and received no mails about updates to this thread from about the 20 something until this evening despite being online for mail almost every day at some time. Frown

The eighteenth was when I voted Big Grin

Thanks for the translation, but not sure I understand the English version either Confused

How would I sign, perhaps, "Born to be dim and getting better ?"
Howdy folks - hey Choo good to see you fella, we all missed your cheery online presence. I seriously can't believe you thought I was one of the girls though, you of all people! What a blow to my fragile ego!

I just popped in to say hi, and now have to leave to take my daughter to her high priced math tutor. (God, kids are expensive!) Sorry I couldn't stay to add to the witticisms but maybe later.
I just like to bring Madness to the sea of Sanity that surrounds me! Usually it is the opposite way but I have never been a conformist!
Heck in grade school they thought I was a bit special if you catch my drift but then they tested me and found out I was bored out of my skull in the juvenile classes they had me in and placed me in Advanced Classes. From Dee Da Dee to Einstein in one easy sitting.
(Please do not think I am being insensitive to people with special needs, I have done volunteer work before in casual settings)
Just really amazes me that in the Dark Ages of the 60's they could have thought I was a special needs child and could not diagnose Attention Deficit Disorder!
ADD I think I must have that, or isn't it AADD for us ole fogeys? lol Not calling you an ole fogey... or me either. I like how it sounds. Big Grin I guess I was lucky in my schools until high school. I never had any biology or a second language either. Yet they had me in shorthand and wouldn't let me change to any type of different class. I hated it, and then turned out to be her best student. Go figure. lol Lotta good it does me now... long since outdated. Noone can read my notes, unless I want it readable. O'course, I've forgotten most of it and it all looks like scribbles anyway.

Dark Ages of the 60's... that's funny, yet so true nowadays! Big Grin

Just looked outside. It's been real foggy and brrrrr freezin' all day. There be's snow! Woohoo! Smile
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I really am not sure what they call it for us MATURE people. HA HA
I carried a pretty full load through Junior High up until HIGH school when I turned 16. Crazy Math courses a couple of years of French and Spanish and a year of German and Latin thrown in the mix.
I have forgotten all of the German and much of the French and Spanish but I am fascinated with Latin and while I am far from well versed in it I do remember a bit.
I was in a bad car wreck my junior year when I was 16 and my school work fell behind the Party Work and lets just say I spent some time in the party zone after that until an awakening in 2000 when I dumped my bike in Daytona the first day of Bike Week and spent all of Bike Week with no Scooter and road rash due to my stupidity.
Shortly after that is when I got diagnosed with Adult ADD and I found out my partying all those years was PARTIALLY tie into self medicating the ADD! Not going to blame it all on that because i must admit I had a lot of fun!
EDIT : Yeah I guess AADD is the term! DOH!
I really loved school until high school. Then only parts of it, band especially. I'd somehow gotten through all the required credits fast (not knowing about biology and another language till years later. lol) and I just wanted to be done.
It would be quite helpful to know some Spanish now. I'm an total doofus when it comes to other languages. No matter how much I hear others speaking Spanish, I just don't seem to pick it up. Heck, I should speak it fluently if I did. lol
I had a motorcycle when I was a kid - couldn't wait to get my license! Smile The only wrecks on it were thankfully minor. My Daddy fell over at a stop sign... he was so embarrassed and sad that he dented my gas tank. And he made me let my cousins "play" with it. They popped wheelies, each in turn, and brought it back with the rear all scratched and torn up. I was so mad!
Self medicating, I've never been diagnosed with anything like that but can't say I didn't try a bit of self-medication anyway. Mine was pretty limited compared to most I knew. No, it was very limited. lol I was one o' those 'square' people. Never was one to follow the crowd and had plenty of fun. Still do. Smile
Hi hi hi hi hi!!!

Boy, gone for 10 hrs and look at all I missed...Glad to see you Choo. We were trying to keep this post alive til New Years (at least) seems it won't be a problem now Smile

I miss all the good stuff when I'm at work! Taz, I would LOVE to see Mcgoos (sp?)looks like my kind of place but you guys know what I'm doing NY eve & NY day??? working Frown But for double time & a half I guess I can put up with it Wink

Miss S & I are trying to come up with another kind of game...oh, I don't know, maybe we can try to guess Choo's name now? (It probably starts with an S) Big Grin Big Grin

Any ideas??
Anybody here tonite or am I by myself again Frown

" " Coming soon the Auctiva Asylum Lunatics convention be sure to sign up early and sign up often for best rates.
Stay tuned to this rambling post of utter nonsense to become an honorary member of the Asylum and receive an invitation to the convention when and if it ever happens. Membership is limited to the first 10 people or maybe 100 or 1,000. Will have to ask the otherfounding members" "

TAZ STOP IT my ribs are already sore and I'm sick to death of crying Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Whew, I REALLY need to get a grip but it's not as easy as it sounds Smile
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Hi Ms Shirley...Sorry, I got caught up in shopping thru're probably gone now & so is everyone else...but good for you and me, lol! I don't think any of my referrals have shopped yet, at least it doesn't look that way *sigh* Oh well, still making a little money Smile (for both of us)

Yeah, where's ninth when I need him to whack me in the head for not signing up sooner..grrr
(LOVE that whackin thread!!) Big Grin

My guess for Choo is NO idea Smile Hope he gives us a hint Wink
Am still here. Smile
I haven't even thought of shopping since eBay's so hard to get into for me. It's better as long as I don't close it. Takes forever to start a new day.
Getting there through BC isn't a happening thing right now. Oh well, need to save the $$$ for those beers anyway. Big Grin

edit: I've no idea for Choo either. That was just a shot in the dark and it starts with an S. lol
God, what a PITA that must be. I get mad when it takes 5 seconds to load with all the new junk they added (plus advertising, did you see that carp yet?)
Go and whack 'em when you go back to live're paying your fees like everyone else Mad

PS--Latin is like MATH to me--my brain seems to shut down, doesn't want to deal with it Smile
Wonder what a phsycologist would say about that Big Grin Big Grin
Oh no, Taz. For me probably. lol Yeh, should've been all caps. I'm just bein' bad. Too Much Information. Got on a ramble there. Big Grin

edit- should've been all caps... too much playin' on My Space with my oldest daughter. lol
Math I can do. lol I know about the fees. They should be giving me some sort of discount but I won't hold my breath. I try to ignore the advertising... all the flashy things drive me bonkers.

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