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Greetings to everyone - Taz, you've got to be kidding. Six teeth? Whoa, it's a good thing you've got a new sweetie to give you 'aid and comfort' to take your mind off it all. I thought you might be talking a little funny. Sure those mosh pits don't have something to do with it as well? They have been known to knock a few brain cells loose.

And no, we absolutely kept our fingers off the delete button. You don't think we would actually write something that had to be deleted do you? No no no. Besides, the edits alone should be enough to keep folks confused, even us at times, right Miss S? Wink (We must be doing pretty good if we can even keep Miss M confused, maybe it will save us from the hose?)

Bye Choo - seems like we keep passing each other like two ships in the night, what with the 8 hr time difference and all. Pete too.

Kbalona - Crap!? Hey this is quality stuff. 10,000+ viewers can't be all wrong. You're comments are certainly welcome though, just adds to the fun, keep them coming, and anybody else too. Smile
Dare I ask??? VS, my mind is racing with all kinds of twisted connotations of those letters.
Ninth actually talking fairly well, but did take the day off work. I like "sweetie" sounds better than Lady Friend and not ready for the GF thing so Sweetie it is.
Brain cells still seem to be pretty intact if just a bit re-arranged. Cool
Originally posted by TazFromPA:
... my mind is racing with all kinds of twisted connotations of those letters.

I just bet it is, even after Miss S explained. Even though your brain cells were temporarily rearranged it seems they have quickly realigned themselves. Wink

Yes, we do manage to get it figured out...
('I GIVE UP' sounds more than a little rhetorical to me, wouldn't you say? Just wait.)

edit - Have fun at the Dairy Queen. Wink
Sweetie is nice, Taz. Thank you! Sometimes I only make sense to me. Big Grin Ninth seems to figure out what I mean though. Smile

Sure it's rhetorical. No way could Miss M really mean that. lol No tellin' what we'll get since it'll turn to steam soon as it hits us (I like that LOL). Those posts there are a perfect example of me getting confused. I did it, not you. Don't know WHAT I was thinking. Wink

edit- oops Ninth, didn't mean to sorta repeat what you already said. Roll Eyes

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