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Please put back the layout options on the templates and allow sellers/Auctiva members to decide how they want their listings to look.

It is not an eBay requirement or mandate that those option be removed nor is it a mandate to accommodate issues buyers may have with mobile devices. If sellers want to make that accommodation then they have that option but it should not be forced on those that feel otherwise.

It is the actual sellers that should make such decisions about their listings and as actual customers that pay to use this service because of it features we should have some say in such options being taken away because Auctiva is attempting to decide what is best for us....and that is NOT Auctiva's job or right.

Members that choose to use their own templates, write their own html etc are not being restricted in this manner by eBay either. So using eBay as the reason is false according to eBay as well.

Removing options makes some of the listings look horrible and they no longer showcase the items we are selling.

It was also not fair to paying members to do this, remove features or options unannounced and without considering what your paying customers want or need.

Autiva isn't selling the items and as such should not make decision on how sellers should be able to do that.

Again, this was NOT an eBay mandate and is not a requirement of eBay or any other site.

Thank you.
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This is even more messed up as we are entering the busiest time of the year and much of what buyers remember when looking at items/shopping is what was most eye catching. Making all template layouts the same couple layout options, not allowing the main item picture to stand out defeats this purpose.

Now all the item are grouped at the top and the descriptions are at the bottom somewhere and you hope a buyer reads them or the pictures and the descriptions/terms are all bunched together making it look way to busy in some cases or the pictures area all the way at the bottom where no one will see them after all the descriptions and terms of service, shipping etc etc.

If the thumbnails gouping an be at the top and if all the pictures an be at the top and if all the pictures an still be either only on the right or left...then there is NO logical reason to have removed the options of allowing top & right or top & left options at all.

I am sorry but I usually don't have an issue with changes but this is too much. I am really not paying to a listing site to determine how best present or to sell my items. That is my decision

Auctiva is supposed to be here for paying members...who are sellers BTW....and not make decisions on what a buyer using a mobile device may or may not want. Buyers are not paying to use this site.

I am sorry but this is infuriating and it makes no logical sense as the pictures are allowed in either place separately but not in both places combined. They can all be at the top and they can all be on the right or left but they now they cannot be on the top and right or top and left? Roll Eyes Mad

Sorry but this is just was the unannounced way it was done without any input from Auctiva's paying customers...who are the actual sellers....and instead trying to blame eBay and potential mobile buyer so they don't get the complaints.

No, I don't think so.
Really, Auctiva, how much trouble would it have been to post a notice of the intended change and why it was being made, in advance of implementing it, and soliciting feedback from the actual users, you know, the people who have chosen to pay to use your product.

I'm pretty unhappy about the change itself, and remind Auctiva that when they first appeared there was not much in the way of competition. That's no longer true.
I am glad to see I am not the only one pissed off with the layout option changes.

I like my pictures across the top so people see them. I don't like them down the sides because it leaves a really large empty gap at the bottom underneath the pictures. This is not very asthetically pleasing at all!!

I don't understand why this has been done.

Auctiva, how do we get this option back?

I was happy with Auctiva before this, now I am thinking about changing to another provider.
VERY IRRITATED here too!!!
I had seen this but really was not sure if it was regular template or one of their custom so forgot about it.

Unfortunately, AFTER posting on a new thread I remembered this thread and thought it may be same issue.

Here is that post: (sorry). IF not same issue let me know and I will zip this one.

I wrote auctiva her is their response.

Posted Thursday, 11/1/2012 10:06 AM

I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing difficulties revising some listings.

Unfortunately, n order to support future improvements to listing templates, certain template layout options have been deprecated and the Horizontal Grouping is one of these.

Older listings that made use of this option will continue to have the option unless they are changed, but the option is no longer available for new listings.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or encounter any further difficulty.


Here is thread I wrote on:

Hopefully Auctiva will respond to one or both of these.

Since this thread has been opened since October 20th with no response, I could only assume they do not care if we are irritated.

Auctiva??? Why change this? Ebay sure is not mandating this change. I am sure it is NEW AND IMPROVED but don't see that when I look at my listing.

WHY can't you keep us INFORMED???? Again ANNOUNCEMENT PAGE would sure help!! Not that announcement page is the cure all for making changes just for the sake of change. This change just for change is getting old!! If you are going to make changes that impact us then I feel we should have the courtesy of some type or reason...(like we are doing this because _______________. And PLEASE NO MORE CHANGES till holidays settle!!! or DURING HOLIDAY SEASON!!

Please IF this is posted on facebook or other social media do not throw gas on my fire!! Mad
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As most here know...I am BRUTALLY HONEST and say what I think (sometimes a little less than what I think). I am sure my voice is NOT popular with auctiva, I would think they come to work and are like...what has crazy written now.

But here GOES: much for this quote from auctiva in another link on forums in regards to changing auctiva store name wanting our input which I can't say many were interested as not many opinions on there. I BOLDED relevant part of post which was back in March 2012.

Posted March 08, 2012 03:16 PM Hide Post
Thanks for chiming in Vickie...yes, we realize it isn't a "high priority" for most sellers. We would've just changed the name without asking for anyone's input (yes, there's a good reason for it--hopefully we can share more about it later this summer) but we know from experience that even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input often results in a lot of hurt feelings Wink .

Frankly, I call a store name change of very little concern to the community, (unless this was done for the benefit of the commerce community) as most people can't find those stores anyway. Heck, I can't even find my own unless I really search hard for it and sometimes I can't even find it then.

I would NOT call this a slight change just as I did not call the NEW AND IMPROVED (not my words as I hated it) listing page small change. These are BIG in lst case and HUGE in 2nd case changes.

It is hard to accept changes that have no reason revealed, no announcement much less no notification at all. So we spend our time looking for go arounds, browser issues, cache, etc., restarting computer and other things that we may be doing wrong. Most regulars do not write support until they have tried on their own first.

Frankly, no response from Auctiva makes me wonder if this is one of those head scratching moments where someone is saying "NOW... WHY DID WE DO THAT AGAIN??" Then who thought of THAT??? And of course, NOT ME (the one whose idea RUNNING OUT THE DOOR!).

There could be perfectly great reason for this...and I feel if we knew that reason most may understand it....again, change without warning people really are not huge on.

Just my thought...others may feel very different, as I realize this is Auctiva's business not ours, so they make the rules.
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This is just getting worse. Now my cosigners are also now upset because they don't like the way their listings look.
I list for multiple cosigners on a couple different eBay sites and use and pay for more than one Auctiva account for this.

Not to mention I have not sold one item that are issuing the new layouts.

This site is suppose to help with sales and now I may lose consigors if I don't come up with something soon and I am losing money by not making sales as are my my consignors. Listings using the old template layouts are my only sales. Part of how I got some of these consignors is because of how my listings looked.

I am also noticing the lack of Auctiva's attention and interest in these threads.
Not a a very nice way to treat paying customers that have valid complaints.
Well.....we know they read them...because some are answered, others ignored.

More and More ignored. Seems like it is waste of time to post on forums lately. It is like "talk to the hand". It has NOT and I repeat NOT always been this way. I long for the old days (no not necessarily the free days). Just the ones where auctiva was interested in our thoughts. Seems they now have their own agenda that does not include ebayer side of auctiva.

Believe me the commerce side has the support they need. The commerce side must be bringing in all of they money is all I can figure. Money squeaks, oh I mean speaks I guess!! Friend of mine uses that and said she is amazed at the service they get.

I honestly think the more threads are ignored the more irritated people get and then they have no patience or very little for tolerating other issues.

Hopefully someone will chime in here and enlighten us, but I am not holding my breath. Obviously, this is a NOT one of those that fall under the:
but we know from experience that even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input often results in a lot of hurt feelings Wink.
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The commerce side is getting all the support because.....and we probably should have realized it before as it was right in our face from the beginning.

Right from the ABOUT US page here on Auctiva...

"Auctiva was acquired in August 2010 by, providing users integrated access to low-cost product sources through AliExpress—a global wholesale platform geared for smaller resellers seeking fast shipment of small quantities of goods."
" is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses and the flagship company of Alibaba Group. Founded in 1999 in Hangzhou, China, makes it easy for millions of suppliers and resellers around the world to do business online."

This company was not / is not geared to eBay sales...and their interest is in the e-commerce side selling their good in the stores. To learn more, visit "

And if you click on the link to it takes you to the e-commerce site and pushes the store side.

It seems they are not geared or really interested in the eBay side.
Sorry but this statement just needs to be is like a slap in the face to members here. I can't believe that this would be considered customer service. I would NEVER say something like to that one of my customers...unless I didn't want them as customers anymore. Nothing like telling people they don't really matter...and even though we know it will hurt your feelings we are going to do it anyway.

but we know from experience that even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input often results in a lot of hurt feelings

And this too shows that no one is even really reading/listening because not one person said their feeling were hurt.
Not being informed. Having a company not take into consideration the impacts to your business and sales does not hurt peoples feelings. It makes people angry.

I have seen words like frustrated, annoyed, angry, etc but nothing about hurt feelings.

Selling on eBay is how some of us make a living and these issues are very serious to us.

I even understand why eBay makes the changes they make (which is kinda scary lol)...they are balancing policies between buyers and seller and they have to address issues on both sides to keep things going but this site is supposed to be for sellers...the sellers that pay to use it. To help us. But in order to help us you would first need to listen to OUR NEEDS
We do know what we need and what effects our businesses and how it effects our businesses.

OK going to stop now before I can't. LOL
Well I thought it was just me. I thought... oops I picked a template that does not support horizontal picture alignment (my MAIN template picture placement) only to learn the main way I set up my auctions has now been terminated to better support Mobile auctioning????

I thought maybe Auctiva was having some issues with this alignment and I came here (forums)to see if it was being addressed only to find out that Auctiva chose to dismantle it. I don't remember getting an announcement for this change!

Come on... just how many people set up auctions using their phones? I can barely see to do it on my desk PC.

Why take away horizontal and left/top alignments anyway? If its bad for mobile users.. then THEY should pick the options best suited for them. Don't take away our options just because their Mobile stuff doesn't support it. Is that really fair?

Needless to say, I am now looking for a new online program that suits my needs. Auctiva used to.. but not any longer. I really hate this as all my auctions that are docked in inventory will now have to be remade at the new site of my choosing.

Thanks a lot Auctiva. Why must you fix things that are not broken.

Very Frustrated.
They are reading....lots of controversial posts are totally ignored in the last year and it is becoming more and more so. Moderators use to be very active on forums and I am seeing a trend that simple things are answered and usually referred to support if further info. needed. (which is GREAT for smaller issues that are more individualized)

I think it has become ignore them and the subject dies. Unfortunately, they usually die because there are not as many people on the forums that express their true thoughts. They are those who "steam silently"

There is NO way these are not read! I get the impression that they just simply have no answers or have head scratching moments.

As far as the HURT FACTOR....though I am sure it was said half jokingly, since there was wink after it, the part bolded below I took as serious. Maybe the wink was for the entire thing not just the hurt feelings part. Never thought about the entire part being the wink part.... as I took most of that line seriously, and really thought ok they will give us opportunity to give our input and quite disappointed that that was not to be.

but we know from experience that even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input often results in a lot of hurt feelings Wink.

Anyway, as sellers we are running businesses, we are not 3 years olds on playground running around with hurt feelings over business decisions. My personal feelings have no place in my business.

Auctiva...if you are reading kind of crazy example on a more personal level, but will throw it out there. This would be like someone in company has brainstorm...oh, lets change insurance carriers from a GREAT COMPANY that most people are very happy with to another one. Then not telling YOU. You head out to your Dr. get your exam...and you get out your little charge card to pay your little $20.00 deductible...only to find...GUESS WHAT!!! Your company changed insurance carriers and did not tell you and your Dr. is not on new carriers list.

Crazy example I know..but may make one shake their head and figure out it feels to be uninformed (especially when the decision effects you personally).

LuckBeALadyTonight ....that is a problem...we all think it is just us....and we chase our tails around and around...when in fact, letting us know would help. It does not change that something has been dumped without even getting our input...but at least we are not wasting our time trying to find what we are doing wrong. Looking for glitches in system, etc.,

Do have one question did you get this from support?? Just wondering as my answer was pretty vague and when I sent follow up it was not responded to.

Why take away horizontal and left/top alignments anyway? If its bad for mobile users.. then THEY should pick the options best suited for them. Don't take away our options just because their Mobile stuff doesn't support it. Is that really fair?

I know you can't make all of the people happy all of the time BUT:

When you are making large changes like this could you at least ask for our input (unless ebay change which you have no control over. You have said in note on forum
Even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input

It is like slap in face to say this and then ignore it when making a big change. The name change no one gave a flip about and the reasoning of something in summer...never panned out and has been totally ignored when asked about follow was truly a waste of our time asking our opinion about that.

If there is reason for this change, tell us what it is. It may possibly make sense and could be an AH HA moment for us.

At least give us the courtesy of some kind of response. We know you read the posts, as you respond to some peoples.

I have gotten impression that certain members posts are ignored most of the time.

Of course, I don't blame you for ignoring as we do bring out some valid points that perhaps there are no good answers for and we push hoping to get them.

Auctiva, we are YOUR COMMUNITY!! We only strive to make it a better place and to make our businesses the best they can be.

When we all took our time to learn a new system and list through auctiva, we thought it was the BEST decision we could make. It is NOT easy to learn a new system and we all took that plunge.

Now the constant changes for the sake of change are driving us nuts.

Sorry if this is sooo long....but I just wonder
?? ARE are getting the point?

?? Do you understand or even care WHY we are upset that this was never even mentioned before it was done? As we were told we would be given the opportunity for input by your personnel and that was totally ignored. We did not post that, your personnel did.

?? Do you understand WHY we are irritated that we were NOT even given the courtesy for a notice that this was going to be changed.

?? Do you get that it it waste of our time to look for solutions to issues on our end when in fact they were changes you made?

?? Do you understand that knowledge is power and without knowledge of changes we can't do our jobs in an efficient manner?

?? Do you understand that ignoring our notes just makes matters worse when other things crop up??? That every post that is ignored just adds fuel to the next one?

?? Do you understand every singletime a post is put up that is ignored, we feel like you are saying "TALK TO THE HAND" Ignoring the situation does not make it go away.

Others please add to this NOTHING ever changes without voices behind them!!

I hope auctiva will give us the courtesy of some kind of responses.

But I think we are all just venting on here...and will not get response. Hoping auctiva will be able to make me eat those words!! I love eating crow!!
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They, by heir own Blog, are the largest 3rd party developer (now that eBay has closed itself to new developers they will remain the largest no doubt) on eBay. That said there is no excuse for a firm of this magnitude to not respond when asked can the new layouts be returned. As others have said short sighted, near sighted, or no sighted but definitely not far sighted.

If they had taken what they already had (instead of taking things away as seems to be their wont) and built on it they would have had a new feature, that they could market, that accommodated those that wanted the Mobil-centric layouts and those they were more than happy with what they had. The change probably could have been done just as quickly and cheaply if not more so.

1.. add a check box to someplace (Auctiva should be more than capable of knowing where it their system that makes the most sense and is the easiest to accomplish) that has one task. That is to either show only Mobile-blessed layouts or show all layouts.
2.. once the checkbox is checked look at it and if it says I want only Mobile-layouts than show them only mobile layouts.
3.. if the check box is not checked than show all the layouts.
end of change
Ed, I am not a techie, as you well know by many admissions of my own and my lack of obvious knowledge about techie things.......but I am looking at my listings on my cell phone (iphone) I am looking at horizontal layout of 3 photos and sometimes 4. I see horizontal (as they are older listings). They look great I don't have to scroll to get my description started on computer or on iphone. If I see paired with say 4 or 5 or more, I have to scroll couple of times to get to the description. NOW when I look at others who have them vertical...I find myself scrolling, scrolling, scrolling to get to the description.

Am I missing something as to the reason this may have been done. Believe me, I am looking at phone and computer and can't figure out why the horizontal especially was removed?(not that I think it should have been changed) In my little world the less I have to scroll the better.

What am I missing here? Ed I know you are more technical brained than I am perhaps you can help me understand the logic here.

Thanks for your input
when it comes to mobile things you have more background than I do as I have never seen a listing (mine or anyone's) on any mobile device. I have no 4th generation cell phone. Mine is a prepaid Virgin phone and hasn't been used in over a year as it does not get reception where we live (I use it when I travel). My wife's cell is also prepaid and not 4th Generation and we have over $425 in unused time on it. You have to pay a small fee every month to keep the number and some of that rolls into your balance of minutes to use. While both our phones could get into the Web neither of us has ever done it nor are we likely to the screens are way too small. maybe a 10th the size of an iPhone.
As you can see I have no clue about mobile.

That written, what you so clearly describe allows me to form an opinion and I like you would say from a phone display standpoint there appears to be no reason to have done what they did. If Auctiva, were so inclined, they might explain why from a purely technical standpoint they did what they did (I have my opinions on that eventuality) that neither you nor I are aware. That was why I explained how easy it would have been to make everyone happy. Why are some companies (sadly Auctiva is not the only company that acts this way) so intent on alienating who they have to get someone else who may or may not stay at the risk of loosing who they have.
Thanks Ed for trying to visualize that. I think you get the picture here.

For those who are visual like me I Happened to run across another sellers this morning that has vertical. Here is that listing. You have to scroll, scroll, scroll to get to the description. Normally horizontal 3 and 4 photos are perfect, 5 a bit crowded but works most of the time to make a great listing without ever scrolling for at least beginning of description area.
Here is that listing so you can see. On phone you have to scroll even more.

I am a very visual person and have trouble wrapping my brain around things I have to imagine. (think that is why I ignored this thread to begin with, it was taking too much brain power to deal with it) Ed, you seem to have more of a grasp on the picture...but for those who may not the above link will show you example of the vertical which is still on there.

Maybe if we are lucky auctiva will look at that link and see what we mean.

I hope this person does not take this as slam on their listing as it is NOT. It is example of why I like the horizontal...different strokes for different folks she probably has her reason for liking vertical.

Thanks Ed for taking stab at this.
Well here is one of my posts horizontal.

and here is one vertical.

You decide which looks better.

as you can see the second post is through another hosting site as I am now looking for alternatives other than Auctiva.

I picked Auctiva because it was the only hosting site that let ME design MY way. Now that that has been taken away I am now looking at hosting sites that are cheaper.
LuckBeA LAdy tonight....first, your pictures are horrible!! (NOT!!!! NOT!!! NOT!!!!! I want to go to your school of photography!!!!!!!) WOW!!!! they are STUNNING,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You could have them on a background of toilet paper and they would be great!!!!!

Both ways look great with those photographs. In my old age I am becoming more visual and think that is why I prefer my photos across top!! I have also become lazy and the scrolling scrolling, scrolling drives me crazy. I am even changing my font on all new listings to much smaller for that reason.

I think we should have at minimum just like they said they should have asked for our input. Sure, they can ask and do what they want anyway....but it would be lovely to at least have a voice. Here is that quote.

but we know from experience that even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input often results in a lot of hurt feelings Wink

Stupid me I thought the WINK was for the hurt feeling part.....NOW think the WINK was for the entire thing about our input. Crazy me...guess I should have asked....

It would be great if they would chime in and give us an answer of some kind as to WHY? There could be a VERY, VERY reasonable explanation! But instead they are TOTALLY 100% IGNORING this issue.

If you are doing an overhaul, why take away one or two options? Why not do away with entire layout leaving us with your choice? How was it decided which would be cut? Was it Eeny, meeny, miny, moe? One Potato, two potato, darts? Pin tail on the one that wins, closest to tail goes, stays? Seems no logic to this executive decision.

Does it cost more to have left them as they were? Does one option make it that much less to operate? If so why not like I said ONLY give one option. Is this the first on the chopping block?? With others to follow?

Obviously, if this were an ebay mandate it they would have been thrown under the bus by now.

Auctiva, I guess our question now should be WHY are we being ignored??? It is NOT like I am the only person asking about this??? Why to do we have to beg for answers?

This should be fairly simple...we dumped it because (we wanted to)....(we did not like it)(even though we had it for years and years, we are doing this because it saves us so much money?
I can assure you IF I ignored my buyers request the way ours are ignored I would not have sold long.
Hi Community,

Sorry for taking so long to respond to this thread. We hear you and have been working on a resolution.

The initial reason for removing some layout options on new listings was so that we could offer new templates as well as improve the mobile experience for your potential buyers. Too often the use of some of those layouts were causing templates to break, which is why several were removed.

Obviously we have more users that preferred those layouts and we're in the process of working on a resolution. It may take until the end of this week before we have a final decision on what, if any, layouts can be brought back. If you need the layouts immediately, remember that you can always copy a Saved listing that has the layout already selected and revise it as a new listing.

We appreciate the feedback, and again, I'm sorry for the delay in communicating on this topic.
Thank you so much for responding...finally.
It would have been much better had someone just said this when it was initially posted.

Also thank you for listening and putting the options back. This also saves me from having to find another service (which I was trying really hard to avoid) with consignment features and getting them all transferred over during the holidays.
Also since there is an issue with using the consignment feature when copying listings/create similar listing because it doesn't recognize it as a new independent listing this option is not really viable. It shows it under the original listing that it is copied from and that messes everything else up.

So if there is another work around please share it so that we can also try to work with it a bit.
Auctiva, thanks for the response.

I am going to be my usual honest self here and say what others I am sure think but will probably NOT write.

While I am glad that after 16 days, yes, 16 days and 20 posts there is some kind of acknowledgement of our concerns I do have couple of questions.

What happened to our INPUT as is mentioned in post??? Was that serious? Should we expect that in the future or take that quote off the table?

but we know from experience that even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input often results in a lot of hurt feelings Wink.

Also, honestly, if you hear us, wouldn't an acknowledgement of this being worked on 16 days ago have been helpful and saved your customers a lot of time and aggravation. We are not hourly paid employees that are paid just for showing up. We are paid by what we can list and sell. We have spent hours on this.

How hard can it possibly to re-do what you undid? Below post indicates that a resolution is in the "thinking stage" and may or may not happen?

We hear you and have been working on a resolution.

If the below was or has been a known problem why was it not posted??? I never ever remember reading a single post about there being a problem of any kind. If it is not working on templates, perhaps we should have been notified so we did not list using broken photos????? I check my listings and others regularly on my iphone, my kids different phones and have seen no problem.

As far as new templates, I am still a little antsy about the templates being discontinued by ebay. Their quote on that did not make me feel warm and fuzzy by any means. I know that a 3rd, 4th party source says that was a misunderstanding...but...they are cleaning up listings and templates not being on them would sure do that. I can find that post if needed it says something about templates, dots, etc., not being good experience for cell users. At this much as I like the templates not sure that should be a worry. Also, really don't understand if the code was there for old templates how that could change when doing new?

The initial reason for removing some layout options on new listings was so that we could offer new templates as well as improve the mobile experience for your potential buyers. Too often the use of some of those layouts were causing templates to break, which is why several were removed.

Again, our input, would have told you this part:

Obviously we have more users that preferred those layouts

This concerns me as it implies that a pacifier has been put into our mouths that a "final decision, if any"??? IT SURE DOES NOT SOUND VERY OPTIMISTIC??? SO LET'S NOT READ TOO MUCH INTO THIS. Earlier says you are working on a resolution? How can you be working on a resolution if a decision has not been made????

It may take until the end of this week before we have a final decision on what, if any, layouts can be brought back.


If you need the layouts immediately, remember that you can always copy a Saved listing that has the layout already selected and revise it as a new listing.

I FULLY realize I am dissecting this post...but I am one who reads entire post before getting too excited.

Auctiva, I am sorry if I am the devils advocate here....(guess I have taken over where Michelle left off).
I read the whole thing too but have decided to give Auctiva the benefit of the doubt at least until the end of the part because I just don't have time for anything else right now.

If this was to pacify we will find out soon enough.

I am still looking for alternatives, have one possibly in mind but really hoping that I will not have to make a switch. I am also considering taking on an antique mall shortly so that would be yet at least one other separate account but am holding off till next week so I won't need to do extra work changing that too.
Thanks Ed...could never walk in Michelle's shoes!! Those very hard to fill. Plus, she was pretty darn techie so I truly fail there.

I could be kicked off forums for my comments, so if you don't hear from know I bit the dust! Or dust was thrown at me!!

I just hope that auctiva realizes that we SURE would not spend the time we do arguing our case if we did not think it was worthwhile for our businesses. This is sure NOT fun!!!

I do hope they are able to undo what has been done. Frankly, I had rather never have another new template than no choice in layout.

Auctiva we appreciate the forum to vent, say what we think and fact that that is NOT censored!!!!
Well this doesn't really help.

QUOTE: It may take until the end of the week before we have a final decision on what, IF ANY, layouts can be brought back.

Doesn't sound very promising that those layout options will be put back.

I still do not understand why they were removed in the first place and why it’s so difficult to put back what people have now been using for years.

You say you want to give us new templates and these placement options cause the new templates to break? How then were you able to give us new templates in the past and no problem arose?

If the horizontal placement is not compatible with certain templates then we the members have the option of just picking a template that does work with that option.

Removing those placement options was not necessary in my way of thinking. Confused

I know I am only one person and probably don't count in the main picture of things but if those options are not replaced - I will be looking for a new hosting site. I am running free trials now as I wait this out. I have been with Auctiva for several years now and never had a complaint. I guess it’s now my time to whine. Frown

LookAndBuyMe ----- Thank you for the compliments!! I'll teach you if you want to learn... it’s rather simple.
This is just my opinion but Auctiva has acknowledged the issue (even though rather late), repsonded to the issue (at least in part) and is working on resolving the issue which is part of what we asked for them to do here. A good thing.
Continuing to beat them down and complain at this point is not going to help much.
Kinda like if you had an issue you were trying to resolve and your buyer wasn't cutting you any slack no matter what you did. And you knew no matter what you did you were going to get a neg fb....would you continue to try? Why would you?

Just saying, lets see what happens before saying it isn't going to work or they aren't going to do anything.

I really would like to get this issue resolved. I need to get it resolved as I am sure everyone does and don't want anything to slow or hinder this process or make it so there is no point in it for them.

Should they have responded in a more timely manner ....yes. We know this. They know this.
It is done and can't be changed now.

Is the response "vague"....yes. We all know this. They know this. And they know we know this. But it is more of a response than we have gotten up to this point.

I am still furious about a lot of how and why this happened and how the resolution was/is being handled but I just want this issue resolved. Not looking to beat a dead horse about something that can't be changed. Don't have time to spend on that.

They want until the end of the week. I say let them have it. That's no problem because really if they didn't answer we would still be waiting anyway. It is only a couple days away. At least we are further along in this issue than we were yesterday.

Don't know too much about the issue with eBay doing away with templates next year sometime. Haven't really heard too much about it but that issue isn't immediate. This one is for a lot of people.
Let's get this issue resolved and then move on to the next.

Again this is just my opinion...and trying really hard to be optimistic and hopeful.

Let's see what happens at the end of the week and cross our fingers that everything will be back to normal and we can list our items normally again so we all can all get back to making some money.
Lucky...thanks for that awesome OFFER!! Smile Let's do this after holidays, as I am sure you are listing like crazy and I do not want to take listing time from anyone. But am ALWAYS looking for pointers!!!

I am attempting to be optimistic while ABSOLUTELY FUMING Mad that I have no idea how we can keep track of all of the listings that we need to go back and fix if we want to look right and not have to scroll and scroll. Since auctiva does not have a NOTES section like ebay this is going to be a real pain AND time waster for NO reason.

AUCTIVA DO YOU KNOW OF A WAY WE CAN KEEP UP WITH THIS???? THAT IS EASY???? I sure do not??? I am not huge on making lists of something that may not even happen and that is really a time consumer to do lists. Since we are doing relists as we do new lists this could be quite a list.

At this time of year we can't afford to sit on inventory and do listing and sit waiting on auctiva to do their thing which is posted below? Scary part of this... is this was UNDONE OVERNIGHT!!!!
How long once this week is out will it take to get them back... if it takes 20+ days to make a DECISION???? (from lst date of post till end of week) How difficult can the decision take to bring it back? Since we have previously had should not be like inventing the wheel. It has been done before!!

It may take until the end of this week before we have a final decision on what, if any, layouts can be brought back.

We do not have time to redo listings. Going back to redo takes away from our listing time!!!

We have one main time of year to get rid of inventory and are going to spend our time fixing listings???? And have spent a lot of time writing on this.

The more I think the madder I get over this.

The problem compounds with each and every listing.

Auctiva really has NOT answered our questions at all to me.

As this breaking photos in horizontal ONLY does not make sense? Why not FIX the break rather than get rid of the option???? Plus, this problem was NEVER shown a forum post at all??? So problem surely was not a huge issue???

Auctiva please when making changes consider the TIME OF THE YEAR???? Christmas???? Give me a break, surely someone had to think this out??? Even ebay tries to avoid changes during holidays.

Also, please do as you put in a post...ASK FOR OUR INPUT???? How difficult would that have been.

I DO KNOW...IF we DO NOT STAY on top of this it will probably NOT be changed. This forum will be buried in the mass of other forgotten forum items.

Auctiva, if you are NOT going to bring back, please just say it, do not drag us along, as this is sure a teaser and I consider this a business not a game. It is waste of our time to attempt to keep up with listings done so we can go back to them, IF you have NO plans to bring back. I guess I find it unbelievable that there can't be a YES, it is coming back ????? (when) or NO we hated it, so we thought you did and we are NOT bringing it back.
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You should be able to track new listings by date created.
You can also create a folder and color code it and put the newer listings you need to change later in that folder to help keep track of what needs to be changed.
It should then show in whatever color when you are looking at your lists, saved listings etc...however you set it up.

Hope that helps for now with this part of the issue.

Now sure how we can retrieve ones from 2 weeks ago? Even by date, as they are intermingled with any I had revisions on, which have been hundreds. When we did not know this was a problem that may be fixed. How do we retrieve those, since they are intermingled with revised listings and new ones, short of isolating ALL listings and then going through hundreds to find which ones apply. Plus, I have my good till cancelled with one color code to avoid duplicates (as honestly no longer trust the system to find these after warnings from ebay) and others separated according to category...then have to go in and sort those out on new ones??? Finding earlier ones would be impossible at this point. Then going in and RE-DOING each one. I am listing quite a few items daily, as are most professional sellers this could take forever.

Plus, honestly, a go around...again??? This gets extremely old.

Especially when we do not know if this is a TIME waster or not. I am not into wasting time. Right now I feel I have wasted MORE than enough time BEGGING for answers from Auctiva.

Really, if Auctiva give us the YES, we are fixing we can deal with setting up a system from here on out. But since they are on the fence, I feel that most things are a waste of time and finding ways to fix their problem is craziness.

Interesting today, had problem on pairs with broken photo...does that men we fix the paired or that we do away with it???? After many go arounds and redos and reloading photo, I got it to work.

Auctiva, this is really a YES, NO decision!! Why are you keeping us hanging??? YOU know if you can or are going to fix this or not. Surely someone has the code for re-doing this. This little game may be fun and games for you, but sure is not for your customers! This is NOT the first time similar things have happened and I find this..."oh, no which way do we go" frustrating to say the least. I find these go arounds ABSURD!!! The indecision here and lack of getting our input BEFORE making changes, and timing, sure does not make one feel warm and cozy. The longer this goes on the more irritated people get. This was first mentioned on October 20th, 18 days ago!! It is NOT like we mentioned yesterday and ask you to pull a rabbit out of the hat today
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Good morning.

I am just sitting here patiently waiting and watching while having coffee and getting ready.

I am really really really really hoping for this to be resolved and the template layout options to be restored.

While I know that we all have to make decisions that will best serve our businesses, I for one am not looking forward to being forced to have to switch listing sites.

Waiting sucks.
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please let me translate the "techno speak". What they said means they may have a decision by the end of the week not a solution in place. I am sorry, but the way this system appears to be designed, it cannot be rolled back easily. That written for the price (9.95) they still win the best deal in town. Every system has its "features" (techno speak for problems) and the other options cost quite a bit more. That was why I begged them to raise the prices and give us a few bones again to no avail. Please don't misunderstand we need to hold their feet to the fire every time we see an issue as that is the only way they seem to "listen"
Really this is not something so difficult it cannot be put back fairly easily. I do have some major computer programming knowledge.

I am also aware that certain things are merely said to buy time....but having said that this is probably not a decision that is made by Customer Support and probably needs to go a higher level for that.
We all know how corporations are run.

The price is also irrelevant. That was the price Auctiva chose to probably get people here along with the features offered. We had these features for the posted price and this was one the features is in essence part of a contract.
And it also isn't just $9.95 if you are using and being charged for more than one account here.....where other sites offer that as part of a package. Some here have multiple accounts.
It is also/may also cost us additional money....loss in sale, time, loss of consignors etc etc.
So it really isn't about the $9.95..that was their choice to begin with.
But there is an overall impact that can cost us a lot more.

So no, it may not be the best deal any longer.
We will just have to wait and see about that.
Update on template layouts!

We will be bringing back the most popular of the deprecated layout options that our users have been asking about. They are in the process of being tested and you should expect them to be back by Tuesday afternoon (pending any unforeseen issues that may pop up).

You will have a total of 14 layout/alignment options, which should suit your listing needs. They are:

Vertical Top
Vertical Left
Vertical Right
Vertical Bottom
Vertical Top & Left
Vertical Top & Right
Vertical Top & Bottom
Horizontal Top
Paired Top
Paired Bottom
Paired Top & Bottom
Slideshow Top
Thumbnails Top
Thumbnails Bottom

I will post again when they are back next week. As I mentioned before, you can still use a Saved listing that did have the missing layout option selected and create a new listing if you need those layouts right away.

Thank you again for your patience while this was being resolved!
Woo hoo! Horizontal is back. And now patiently waiting for the others to be back too.

So good to know that I will not be changing my hosting program. I have been here for several years now after leaving a site that charged out the kazoo. I loved what I got here for the price... best bang for my buck.

While this was all in the air, I have tried a few trials thinking I would probably have to leave. While some of those programs had options that were rather nice that Auctiva does not have - Auctiva is still my choice. Was getting rather sad and depressed thinking I just might have to leave. Most places make changes and never reverse those changes no matter how much their customers complain. (We all know a good example - its called E---.)Good to know that Auctiva actually listens to its customers.

Thanks Auctiva for listening! and complying! *runs off to cancel her trials*

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