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closed listings not showing up for import

sewcrafty ·
Hi, I allowed all my ebay store listings to "close" so I could relist thru Auctiva. I have several categories so it was going to be easier for me to find and relist items from one category at a time. This worked for the first category I tried out. Now I can't get any more listings to show up to be imported for revising/relisting. I have over 200 listings remaining to relist in my store. Thank you for any help.

Closed Listings purpose....???

mnormand ·
Hmm... Maybe I'm not understanding something here... I create my listings with Auctiva... They then become Saved Listings or Scheduled Listings... Then they go to Active Listings...and finally to Closed Listings. What I'm wondering is what would be the purpose of Importing Saved Listings that I used Auctiva to post? I mean, wouldn't I just end up with 2 of each listing at that point then? One that I Saved/Scheduled...and one that is now closed... What's the whole purpose of having a Closed...

Closed to saved listings

sewcrafty ·
Not all my listings that are showing up in the closed section go into the saved listings when I try to import from one plce to the other. Yesterday 4 out of 6 showed up, today I'm getting 1 out of 3. I try searching with different relevant words, same results. Thank you for any assistance.

Colour scheme

emrobrem ·
Hi, I'm a little disappointed. Just signed up to Auctiva and linked to my ebay items. I love the scrolling window. I then found out that the colour scheme can be changed, which I did - love it even more now!!! However, I am told by the (very quick response) help centre that it wont update to the new colours on my already imported ebay listings. This is a real drag, is there any way the import can be done again using the new colours, or do I have to wait 90 days for the items to end? Any help...

Combining two Auctiva / eBay accounts into one?

stuff-you-need ·
With the new eBay fee changes, it's makes more sense for me to list under one eBay id (one stores fee) rather than multiple. Is it possible for me to export listing created under one Auctiva id and import them into my second Auctiva account?

Confused! We have multiple users - one account. Tokens? versions?

may ·
Hello community! ************* 18 views, but no replies.... maybe changing the title will get the right person who knows the answer to take a look? I'm really anxious for help and could not find it already on the forum. ************* I am brand new, and I need some help and advice on various questions, please. I hope someone will be able to help me! I did take a look at the forum, but most of the questions and answers were old (2006 and earlier) and may no longer be applicable to the current...

Confusion about Relisting

doug2222 ·
I love this service, but I am still a little confused about relisting. [1] when a group of auctions is over, should I automatically "import" them from "Closed" over to "Saved"? Why or why not? [2] if I import them to "Saved," I do not see a "Relist" function. If I later use "Post Now" in the "Saved" area, do I lose the rebate on relisting? [3] if I "relist" from "Closed," will these auctions show up in "Saved," or do I have to manually put them there? I sort of think the Closed section is...

Could not re-list closed items due to import to eCrater?

halee77 ·
My sister has not listed on eBay for awhile. She did have an account with eCrater as well, but it has been closed for a few months. She has kept her Auctiva account current. She decided to use the 100 free eBay listings she spent hours re-listing closed items through Auctiva, they didn't show up at all on eBay. So, back to Auctiva where it stated that they there was a listing error due to the items that were imported to eCrater when she closed her store on eBay. She is so frustrated that...

change username

scootz ·
How/where do I change my username to MATCH my ebay username that auctiva FAILED to mention when I signed up so I don't have to LOSE the 4 hrs that I have already spent setting up auctions, etc? Also, if I have to open a new account for it, how can I import all I setup into the new one? TIA

Can you import directly in EUR?

kryptoknight ·
Is it currently possible to import your listings from auctiva to ebay in EUR at whichever site supports that currency? If not, will this be added soon?

Cannot change image on Sell Similar or Relist on eBay

grovelodge 2 ·
I am trying to Sell Similar items on eBay. In so doing, I am deleting the image, and replacing it by importing a new one from Auctiva - I copy the Auctiva link to the new image and paste this into the eBay import box. Click Import, and there is the new picture. BUT, when I post the revised listing, or go to Preview, the old image is reinserted to replace the new one.

Cannot import all my auctions

gloriasue99 ·
I am new to this and have been trying to import all my auctions that were originally listed with eBay's Turbo Lister and are still active. Auctiva only shows 1/2 of them. I have set the drop down to show 25 0r 50 to a page, but it only lists 15 of my 32 auctions and no second page. Help?!?

Can't Get Closed Listings into eBay Store

bobwho7 ·
I have many old auctions (6 months old) that I would like to send to my eBay Store, but I’m having trouble getting them there. With auctions that are not all that old, I go to Closed Auctions click on Import Listings which send the listings to Saved Listings where I can edit and list. When the older listings, I click on Import Listings, but they never appear in Saved Listings, and they are so old I can’t relist them as they have expired. Any ideas? Thanks for your help… Jo

Can I export my Items to my ebay shop form here please?

stoopidme ·
Hi, I have a ebay shop but coldnt get turbo lister to work so uninstalled it and al of my imprted products along with it. I never noticed a difference on ebay though. Anyway I opened this account and they I guess automatically import your listings and give you a shop. The problem is I now have a shop that is practically empty. Have my items disappeared when I uninstalled turbo lister or when I opened this auctiva account please? I have my listings showing in ebay just not my shop and...

can I have more than one ebay ID

mohairwig ·
I have 2 IDS I am having trouble with my current auction software used on my other ID ( end of auction checkout notes and invoices are not going out promptly ) I would like to import my listings and relaunch from auctiva Can I add that ebay ID ? or do I need a second account ? Sue

Can I import a listing that I already have started on eBay??

kawika07 ·
Hi, My wife posted an auction, bless her heart, but did it through eBay and not Auctiva. Is it possible to have it added to my active listings so I can add the store feature!?!? Thanks!

Can I import active listings on Ebay into Auctiva?

ruddhobbyshop ·
Hi, I am a newbie, and I am wondering if it is possible to bring an sctive Ebay listing into Auctiva? I would like to edit it, so that I can add a template and additional pictures. I only have one picture posted on the listings now. Thanks for your help!

Can I import ebay's active listings to Auctvia account?

accessorizwithit ·
I thought I could.. but some how it shows no active listings.. and i do have active listing on my ebay account.

can I import images from 1 auctiva account to another?

zelda ·
I'd like to have 2 ebay accounts & understand I'll need 2 auctiva accounts also. It would be very helpful if I can "import" some of my images in the 1st account to the new account. Is it doable?

Can I import items from Turbo Lister 2

koolmagic ·
With over 6000+ items at my disposal.. and over 3000+ of them stored into my turbo lister 2.. Is there a way? Or how can I use my turbo lister 2 to import those items into my Auctiva store? Thanks for your help in adavance..

Can I import listings from inventory on ebay

gadgetkid ·
Hello, I have about 100 items in my inventory on ebay... can I import these or modify them on auctiva? Cheers

Can I import listings from TWO separate Ebay user ID's?

iluvchicago ·
I have two ebay id's and I want to move my items from both of my ebay's id's into auctiva. Is there a way to do that easily?

Can I Import my Ebay Listing to Auctiva?

liewss80 ·
Hi, I'd like to know If I've published my item in Ebay, how to import it to my auctiva? Thank you

Can I import my images from my former auction management?

dlw ·
I have just started with Auctiva and want to import my images from the other service. I have current auctions up with those photos. Any help is appreciated

Can I import my Listings

colourplease ·
At the moment we cannot access Turbo Lister at all and are looking around for a lister. Can we import our listings from the TL data base in program files?

Can I import templates from my another Auctiva account?

joanell ·
Hi, I have 2 Auctiva accounts 1 for each of my eBay accounts. I need to import some templates from the first one into the second one if this is possible. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Can I PLEASE get help turning my old ebud Poster listings into a template?

frenchyvnh ·
hello all. i have been using eBud since it was free and Poster since it came online. i have THOUSANDS of ads saved on my computer so i can just make a tweak to an old listing for a similar item and do not have to spend all my time writing. can someone tell me how to take my current THEMES from Auctiva Poster and turn it into a template so i can AT LEAST try using the new site? if an auctiva person sees this: can someone SOMEWHERE use the page source from one of my currently running Bronze...

Can I strip IF Template from my Saved Listings?

stormasis ·
Good Morning, I have re-joined Auctiva from IF. I was able to import listings from e-bay and save them. Is there a way to strip out the IF template from my saved listings to re-list with Auctiva? I am able to put in an Auctiva template but it just surrounds the IF one. Thanks in advance

Can I use one Auctiva account to list on two ebay accounts? Listings with variations?

dofreemont ·
If I need one Auctiva account per ebay account, can I export/import listings between the two Auctiva accounts? I would like to build 100 listings with variations one time, and then be able to list them on two ebay accounts.

Can Auctiva be used on

dou9ie ·
Is it possible to use Auctiva on I've just registered with Auctiva and all my listings on have been imported to Auctiva. I can't see any way to list on nor can I see any way to import listings that have not been posted using Auctiva.

I changed empty window text 2 days ago but still says NO ITEMS FOR SALE!

hippophile1 ·
I changed the empty window text 2 days ago but it still says NO ITEMS FOR SALE. And it says to CLICK FOR DETAILS which opens to the store items that don't show the items I listed yesterday due to slow import. I only have about seven items showing. Please take that NO ITEMS FOR SALE permanently off our listings. It is terribly misleading. Why is it there? It should say CLICK ON SELLERS OTHER ITEMS - not say >>> That's it folks! - Click here and see a portion of the items. That does...

I finally made it to the Express

suthrnjewl ·
Well, after getting all my ducks in a row to be imported to the eBay express, I decided to allow eBay to import me over. Then at the last minute, pulled back due to a gut feeling and unchecked the import to express. Well, I changed my mind the other day & decided to go with the express. Some of my items are showing up. 29 out of 400+ on this ID. Nothing on one of my other eBay IDs. Hopefully I'll be the guinea pig and someone will just be falling all over themselves to purchase one of my...

I have Ebay listings, But are not coming into Auctiva

graphics11 ·
I have Ebay listings, But are not coming into Auctiva , I have 7 active listings. Can I import them into Auctiva or do I have to recreate all my auctions. g11

Insurance, how long till auctiva imports sold listings

carolina28690 ·
How long does it take Auctiva to import sold lisings? I am waiting to purchase insurance. I have already shipped my package. Why does this take so long?

Images not showing up on roller

phwb ·
It seems like I have to start an auction with an image or else it won't show on the roller. That is to say, if I start an auction with no pic at first and then add one later (on ebay) it still won't show up on the roller. Is there a way i can get AUctiva to import my auctions again? The auction that I had going and was imported when i first registered with Auctiva shows it's gallery pic on the roller. Thanks for your help!

Imorting listing

lanakirandyinhawaiian ·
Aloha, Is it possable to import listings from turbo lister 2 that have not been uploaded to a action?


kadmsr ·
How do I import listings I made on ebay with their auction lister.


papajim1949 ·
Could someone tell me if i can import items from store#1 to Store#2?. Both store are on Auctiva Commerce. Thanks

import current listings

inspiremany ·
I listed my items from ebay and would like to import them to my auctiva, how do i do that?

Import eBay generated listings

nmlarson ·
How do I do this? I couldn't wait any longer for an answer to my API problems, so I created a listing in eBay. Is there a way to import this eBay created listing into the Sellathon listings?

import ebay lsitings

spareme ·
Hi, I thought Auctiva would import my eBay items. It has not. Is there a way to manually do this?


rushtoo ·
i need help! i used this site once a month ago. i have now put up new listings on ebay. my items that are relisted are showing up on the store (scroller) view...but the new listings aren't showing the pictures...just the descriptions. i did import the pictures. how do i get my new listings on ebay to show up here and how do i get the imported pictures to show up on the scroller. thanks! please go easy (and not too technical, just step by step)...i'm just learning all this and it's sometimes...

import from ebay?

wnrdog6 ·
I have a listing I would like to duplicate 200 or 300 times. Just changing a few pics & particulars for different titles. How do I import the one listing I spent 2 hours creating?

Import Inventory

waskel ·
Will it be possible to import (create) inventory items from a file? I currently use a database which is capable of exporting in CSV or TAB to maintain my inventory.

Import Listings

aj 2 ·
How do I go about Importing my Listings again..I deleted them all by accident...

import listings

carolinagirls ·
Is there a way to import then edit a excel spread sheet? I have 1700 items on my website. Listing them one by one will be very tedious thanks

import listings?

ebay9999 ·
hi does anybody know whether auctiva lets you upload listings via csv??? excel?

Import Listings from SSB, then Universally Change them in Auctiva

2bargainjunkies ·
I currently have my Ebay store listings, along with the photos, hosted with Seller SourceBook. The listings use different templates with varying information for shipping, refunds, etc. I want to simplify in Auctiva to create a cohesive look using one template and all the same info for shipping, etc. After I import all my Ebay listings into Auctiva, can I change them universally? I have 100 listings, and changing them one at a time sounds like a time waster to me. Thanks!

Import listings into Auctiva

We've been using Vendio for a year or so and prior to that TurboLister. We're now looking at making a switch to Vendio. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to import listings into Auctiva either from a CSV file or from eBay. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Import pics from photobucket

lulugirl ·
Hi there, does anyone know how to add 2 pics side by side in photobucket to upload to gallery so that two pics show in gallery. Also how does one upload a pic to gallery from P/b. I can upload to description but can't work out how to get it into gallery
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