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API Error - Failed Listing

thespeckledgoat ·
I'm getting this error when I try to list today: Failed Listing Generated the Following Warning: Return Policy Attribute returnDescription Not Valid On This Site I've removed text from the free text fields. My return policy is 30 days, no restocking fee. Still won't go through. Any ideas? TIA Caren

Re: API Error - Failed Listing

auctivacraig ·
Hello Caren, The message you have included is a warning that is associated with a Failed Listing. There should also be a failure notification as the Warning message you note would not prevent a listing from posting in and of itself. It is very likely that there is also a corresponding failure notification. If you hover over the My Account menu, you can then click on the red number (this is for failure notifications) and you should be able to see a corresponding message for the item where you...
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