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Closed Auction Stats Not Working

ccol ·
The Auctiva test auction I had been running this week has closed. It is not showing under my closed listing tab. I was only running one auction and did not set up any specific folders etc... In fact, I did not touch anything at all. I simply launched one auction. Will the mod who fixed my update error the other day please assist me with this or can someone clue me in as to why it does not show as it should? Thank you

Closed Listings - Can't view

judyc ·
When I click on 'Closed Listings' on the Auctiva Listings page I get the following answer: 'An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues.' Can anyone help? Yes I do have closed listings.

Completing Listings cause errors.

creativeimages ·
Completing listings with save, post, schedule or save as new cause errors. Usually, the work completed is not saved. The error message: An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. What should or can be done? Thanks

"conditions" tag now disabled as a variant?

jayboid ·
I've been using variations now since our friends at eBay have changed the playing field yet again, and my friends here at Auctiva have provided me with ammunition.... Over the past few weeks, I've been using the variant "condition" to list my clothing (some NWT, some NWOT.) Now, on the last 2 listings, both failed due to an API error stating: "The tags Condition is/are disabled as Variant." There are times when I have multiple sizes/colors/conditions and it's been very useful. Can anybody...

Conflicts between eBay Custom Item Specifics and Variations

jayboid ·
Hey fellow Auctiva users - has anyone seen this or does anyone have a fix for this? I've been creating listings using variations for multiple sizes of the same product for quite a while now with no problems; but not today. I'm trying to list a new blouse. I created my variations as I normally do (in this case 1X, 2X and 3X) I then went into the "Custom item specifics" and identified "Size Type" (Plus), sleeve, color etc. Now, because I've identified my sizes in the variations, I normally...

Consignor Payout Report NOT working

captjohn ·
The only reason I need Auctiva software is to keep track of consignors and to create accurate payout Reports in a timely manner. I reported a problem with Payout Report months ago and it is still not fixed. Auctiva does NOT follow my fee schedule and continues to add in eBay Listing fees which it should not do (I charge a flat % rate and do not add in any eBay fees). I have to massage the report by hand and delete the invalid fees. This is bad enough. Now I cannot even produce that report. I...

Constant API error

caz ·
Hi, I have been listing with auctiva fine for a while now, but this week every time I have tried to list I get an API error saying that the title or listing The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. PLEASE HELP as i really need to lit tonight

Constant errors

lizzy ·
I have to save after every window entry in the listing because whenever I try to save or post "error" comes up and all my info is lost. Even with constant saving I have to try to save each window because of"errors" HELP please! As an aside I cannot get any of my text to appear in black or any other colour - I have tried the obvious to no avail - ideas?

Contacting support not working neither

al ·
Try contacting support about why .jpg is causing my listing not to be posted but I am getting this ... any idea why Server Error in '/' Application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers...

Could not re-list closed items due to import to eCrater?

halee77 ·
My sister has not listed on eBay for awhile. She did have an account with eCrater as well, but it has been closed for a few months. She has kept her Auctiva account current. She decided to use the 100 free eBay listings she spent hours re-listing closed items through Auctiva, they didn't show up at all on eBay. So, back to Auctiva where it stated that they there was a listing error due to the items that were imported to eCrater when she closed her store on eBay. She is so frustrated that...

Could someone help with Template issue PLEASE!!

taranomics · These is the link to the template i am trying my hardest to load into my custom template. I just bought 2 templates..I had no problems with the first but this one keeps telling me there is an error that one and only one description can be in the template. I have looked this over a ton of times and only see one description tag....anyone see one hiding somewhere or is there a glitch tonight?? THANKS! I feel like i am going crazy...LOL.

Could this be a spam disguised as coming from Auctiva?

mzchristy ·
Hi, I have been a member of Auctiva for a year or so, and have made many a (successful) listings that were posted to ebay. What a great service Auctiva is -- I am very happy with it. Anyway, I received an email which appeared to be from Auctiva, which stated: Dear mzchristy : You've signed up for Auctiva and have yet to create a new listing. Are you encountering difficulties? The email continues with links to Auctiva help, tutorials, etc. My concern is that this may be a spam email, since I...

Cannot Replace Photo-Manage Photos

floridagirl ·
hi, I'm trying to replace a photo in my "manage photos" function. I get the error message..invalid file. However, I am able to upload the photo as a new image. I'm trying to do this to replace a current gallery image. thanks !

Cannot revise ebay listing after posted via Auctiva

Guest ·
Hi , my fist time of posting so “Top of the morning to ya all” I am relatively new to Auctiva although a long time user on ebay. Having been impressed with the scrolling Auctiva Showcase I posted my first listing on ebay via Auctiva and now cannot revise that listing. I have several listing currently on ebay which I listed via ebay and can revise all of them with no problem. When I attempt to revise the listing that I posted via Auctiva I get the following error message:-...

Cannot save my profile

opportunitydoc ·
I have tried about 15 times to save my checkout profile. No error message, but the screen just comes back up again when I name it and hit save. It appears to have eaten all my "return policy" and "payment instruction" details so I am not going to do any more typing until I find out whats wrong. I have saved my marketing and shipping and master profiles with no trouble, but not the checkout... Any hints??

Cannot save/schedule/post new listings

90g60 ·
Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? Whenever I go to post or schedule a brand new listing it gives me the error: "An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues." It has been doing this since they finished the update yesterday. I sent a help request, but have yet to receive any responce. At one point it gave me a different error saying, "Return Policy is limited to 500 characters." I double checked my...

Cannot Schedule Auction Items

visionquesttraders ·
I have been trying for 20 mins to schedule a auction for Ebay and keep getting an error message due to high volume try again later. is anyone else having trouble listing Ebay items???


mysisterscottage ·
Is anyone else having trouble searching through images, not while you are doing a listing but just in general. If I go to images and try to search for example "dog" knowing full well there are dog pictures in there I get an error message that there are none in my deleted pictures. I am not searching the deleted pics. I am searching all folders. It is really messing up my ability to organize my pictures. Help anyone!

cannot see scheduled listings

melw ·
Am I the only one getting this error when I try to see my scheduled listings? An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. This just started for me. I have already posted a support case. Don't know if I will hear from them, because I filed one a few days ago, and never heard from them.

Cannot seem to get token

pnoice ·
I have been trying to get an ebay token for days now. I click on the botton to get a token and put in my ebay username and password and than wait, and wait, and wait..... and wait some more... And than boom I get the windows prompt saying there was an error and possible reasons. I cannot get that token... SOmeone please help.

Cannot Upload Photos with Basic HTML Uploader

theoverstockshop ·
Hello, I'm using the Basic HTML Uploader, I have MicroSoft XP, and I'm using Mozilla Firefox. When I go to upload pics I get the following error message: Errors occured while uploading your files. Not all files have been uploaded. What is causing this and what can I do to fix it? I have cleared my cache and temp files.

cant edit auctiva templates?

wayoutwest ·
is it just me, or can we no longer edit auctiva templates? I found a spelling error and inconsistent font sizes in a template and thought "well, i'll just do a custom based on original, and fix the spelling error and font size error" but when I try to do that, i only get a partial bit of the html for the original template. template in question is 'clean creme'. I went to Custom Templates/Manage, then clicked "create from existing" and picked 'clean creme'. But when i do 'create from' i only...

Cant generate ebay token

pleasegogreen ·
I tell it to generate a ebay token and it goes to my ebay. I sign in and click it to share my information with auctiva. It shows an error that the ebay name is used..duhh. My auctiva and ebay have same name. Is that a problem?? No pop up windows are blocked, just doesn't generate it after several times. Thank you pleasegogreen "Kenny"

cant get the ebay token to work??

golfer222111 ·
I have tried 3 times to get the token to work.. i agree, it sends me back to auctiva but i still can list my items i have saved.. it keeps giving me the error about not a valid token.. what do i do now??

cant list anything

mjakja ·
Okay, so I am getting the error message and none of my listings will post. I see there is a post stating that the problem was fixed and it was last posted on the 9th of March. Am I missing something? Please help me and respond to this message. I have been looking everywhere for an answer and can not find one. Is this being worked on? When will it be fixed? Do I need to do something? I love Auctiva and am grateful for the free templates but this is getting out of hand. I am always...


chellie ·
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have tried to post listings 46 manually and scheduled since thurs evening. i cannot list and keep recieving the following error message. how do i repair this? this caused me to miss completely the ebay 20 cent lisitng promoti0n and i am quite unhappy. i ahve sued every one of the failed ads before with no problem. i hace ven tried listing via fire fox instead of IE. NO RESPONSE FROM AUCTIVA HELP-- PLEASE HELP...

cant post! api error

pepper241 ·
cant seem to post a book or magazine as it says shipping service cost exeeds £0.00 max allowed for selected catagory api error can you help (what is 0 maximum)

cant remove image from items for sale gallery on ebay

mrsconfused-dotcom ·
Hi i deleted a listing because no photo had been uploaded due to error on my phone. I have already deleted the listing and replaced it so dont know why the deleted 'ghost' picture is still showing up in my items for sale auctiva gallery. hope you can help?

Cant shcedule listings when using external images?

discount-eyewear ·
I am having trouble doing scheduled listings with external photos. Every time I try I get an error message. If I use the same exact listing and use post immediatly I have no problem. If I take the photos out it will allow me to schedule them. Support has no answer for me so I was wondering if anyone here had the same issue. Its a real mess. Please help if you can!Thanks.

cant use turbo lister now registered auctiva

friargate-antiques ·
trying to upload with turbo lister getting error message ever since registering with auctia : the server name or address could not be resolved? is it a temporary turbo lister prob or is is this a regular thing?

Catalogue product search for CDs not working

spuffy ·
When entering the EAN/bar code in the product search I am getting the following error message: 'The selected category does not support catalog product searches. Please select a supported category if you wish to use the catalog' Anyone else having the same problem?

Categories change on their own

booklady ·
For quite some time now my categories will change when I click whithin inches of the dropdown. Such as editing the title and you move outside the title box and click so you can then page down. Also sometimes after doing an error check I have to click before paging down and categories change. I hate to have to start all over with Find Product. The solution of course is to click outside the body or use the side scroll bar. I often forget. Categories should not change unless we change them...

Category ??

dmerriott ·
I am trying to list parts for a motorycycle with auctiva but they aren't giving me any "leaf categories" and it keeps giving me an error. What can I do??!!?? I am frustrated as I just started with this auction tool and thought is was great until I tried to list my first item. Please help!! Thanks.

Category Browsing Problem(s)

gibzman ·
Just logged in to do some listing and the "Browse" button to change the category doesn't respond. I had an error message of some sort, but it's gone now. NOTE: I use the "similar listing" a lot and it's always worked just to change the title and category this way. Now? Nothing. Frozen. Thanks for any help here.


paulette ·
Folks, I'm trying to schedule an auction for 3 wedgwood plates on ebay. Two auctions were scheduled with no problem but now when I try to post a 3rd Wedgwood auction I'm getting a message fro Auctiva that my first category is INVALID. The possible reason, Auctiva says, is because ebay has "deprecated" the category. Hah? Is this some crazy error thru Auctiva or has ebay changed something in its Wedgwood category? The first two auctions scheduled with no problem but when I encountered a...

Category Error Not Correctible

pollitt ·
I have been trying to create a listing for a baseball card. MLBB - 1950-1959 - Single - PSA graded (category 55917). Gives me an error of not acceptible for eBay ... but this is the category and category number that AUCTIVA wants to give me AND the category and category number that I have been using for over two months. WHAT GIVES ?

category selection

mec ·
i am having trouble with the listing categories. I select the drop down menus until there are no more, but when i hit "choose" I keep getting an error message that says I must "select a leaf category" even though there are NO leaf categories. this has happened on several different categories (sports memorablia and presidential collectibles) Any ideas??

Change this listing's gallery photo. no gallery photo uploading.

beourguests ·
Anyone else getting this error today? We're having trouble showing buyers the gallery photo you added when you listed this item. We need you to revise your listing to fix this problem. Here are a few ways to do it: Add more photos and select one of them as the gallery photo If your listing already has more than one photo, you can select a different one as the gallery photo that's the email I got from ALL the listings i did this morning listing with auctiva. I got annoyed so I stopped. Each...

Can't upload

teeger ·
Help please. Today when I tried to upload photos I got an error message "a plug in is needed to display this content. I played around and updating my Shockwave Flash 12.0 r0, installed latest Firefox version and still got the same error. Can anyone help me please.

CAN'T Upload Images for Auctions :(

magic459 ·
Anyone still having the same problem I am??? Tried to post auctions.... practically our last day for Christmas and shipping deadlines... and guess what? Auctiva Message: ERROR: Unable to change into directory 12/55/54 - Please check FTP settings ...... blah, blah blah Are you kidding me... maybe a month refund would compensate the headaches and loss of revenue.

Can't upload pics

sue13 ·
Hi Have been trying to upload pics to Auctiva but it won't let me. First of all I get 'A plugin is needed to display this content'. Then I get error click for details and then an application error with Classnotfoundexception with com.auctivia.uploader.image.AuctiviaImageUploader. When I click details I get Java Plug-in Using JRE version 1.7.0_51-b13 Java Hotspot (TM) client. Then there is a list of letters ie c:clear console window. There are a lot more but I really don't want to...

can't use site for days!/error message

scholartime ·
Please help! I am getting this page whenever I try to access my saved listings or my images: Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine. Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be...

Can't view preview of custom template

gail8180 ·
Hi! I have added a custom template to my Auctiva and I keep getting this error when I try to preview: >>An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. When I look at the template in the practice board it looks fine. Please, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Can We Have More Than 10 'Favorites' re: The New Templates?

reminiscentvintage ·
This is a 2-part question actually.. 1- I sell alot of different and varied items and I like to change up the look of my listings according to the subject matter of what I am listing. I have already gone through the templates and have started favoriting my selected designs that I know I will use. When I hit 10 favorites I got an error message that I was at my limit for favorites. :| Really? I don't know why we couldn't have as many as we need/want in our fav folder. Can this be changed? 2- I...

Canada - International Shipping major problem

sampson ·
Hi, looks like there is a major problem - the international shipping drop-down is missing key shipping options, just take a look at the domestic drop down for example. Not sure how Canadians are working around this. I get runtime error when I click on file support request...

canadian sellers

dorin13 ·
Hello I am brand new at this. I tried to post a listing on auctiva and the only postal options I get are from US postal services. Ebay keeps sending me an error message and will not post the listing until it is corrected. do I have to change some subscription location or something with Auctiva. Hope this makes sense to someone who can help. Thank you

Cancel Insurance bought in error?

eastlaneave ·
I accidentally purchased insurance today on an item to be shipped via UPS under $100. So it is already insured. It has not shipped yet. Is it possible to cancel that policy and get a refund?

Cannot access templates

84rms ·
I have been listing all night and my template was working and then around midnight the template area is all greyed out and when I try to fix the template and click in the square I get an error message in the window that opens up instead of template options. 84rms

Cannot change default after Domain Registration

gerald ·
Hi, I was wondering if you could look into this. I have been using Auctiva for some time now and have recently purchased a domain name from auctiva for the 6.95 fee. I have attempted several times to change the default name from Activated(*) to my new domain name "" and receive the following error messege: The domain you have entered has already been taken, please check your entry and try again. I'm not sure on how to proceed. Thanks for...

Cannot customize automatic emails

makesmiles ·
I am trying to customize automatic emails. I have tried copying defaults and changing as necessary. However, when I try to preview or save, the body goes blank and gives an error message on saving. I tried creating new and the same thing happens. Please help.
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