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Classic car parts category

classic-ford-parts · have removed the classic car parts section - dont ask me why they are bonkers. So in future we have to list using an " MVL " Is there any plans to incorperate this into auctiva as without this I dont think it will be possible to list car parts soon. If not the alternative plan is to list on so is there plans to make it possible to post on there with auctiva and possibly use old listings ooriginaly meant for ebay?


montanajeweltheray ·
I sent two messages to "Help" last evening....yes, I made sure I submitted it them Neither of them have shown up in my eMail or on my list of help requests so I really need help here. While searching through my images for a listing I was preparing, I attempted to delete one of the images. With one click, followed by a short message that I didn't understand but which didn't appear to be threatening (not the one that asks if I am sure I want to delete image?) The result was that EVERY SINGLE...

Clock - Time

unusualroom ·
Is Auctiva 1 hour behind AEST - all my listing have been going up an hour later, if I set for 8pm will list 9pm??? I know eBay had problems with their clocks Any advice - or how can this be corrected Cheers

Closed And Deleted Listings Keep Appearing

trainerman ·
Why is it that sometimes days later the listings that have ended/closed and I have deleted from Auctiva's closed auctions list keep reappearing in the closed Auctiva listing section? I am tired of re-deleting the same auctions from this list. Can't I delete them once and for all from this section?

closed auctions not showing up

baystate ·
I have 100's of auctions that closed sat-monday and only some are showing up in closed. I use the filter for 'unsold' , check them off and hit relist. now cannot do that. I've cleared cookies/history, everything. I called auctiva they 'reloaded' my closed listings. still not showing up . help! I've had to go find the saved listings one at a time to relist.. getting the unsold list from ebay. what to do?

Closed Listing

brojames ·
It has now been 24 hours since I ended a listing on eBay, but it is still showing as Active in Auctiva. What has been the experience of others on ended listings? I don't guess it is no big deal, but if I want to re-list from Auctiva it makes it a little awkward to do so.

Closed Listing

pnscollectibles ·
Hi, I have closed listings that go back quite a ways. I usually remove closed listings of items I have sold and won't list again. There are still a lot of listings in my closed listing folder. My question is, if I remove old closed listing dating way back, will it also removed the listings that are still listed in my saved folder? Do the closed listings that are in the closed folder continue duplicating every time a listing is relisted. Like after an item has been on eBay for 30 days it...

Closed Listings!!

jodine ·
Hi, Please please please can someone help me!! I have been trying for the last two days to re-list items from my Closed listing page but it will not work!! I can not seem to access my closed listings & keep being re-directed to the home page. What is wrong? I have searched through all the help questions etc but there seems to be no reference to it. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance Jodine

Closed Listings

frstyfrolk ·
I have let many listings that never sold stay closed to list again at a later time and now in ebay they are no longer there. I wanted to copy the descriptions for a new listing as many details have changed. Is there a way to find closed listngs descriptions only or how long to they stay available for my knowledge? Many thanks, smiles, cyndi/frstyfrolk

CLOSED Listings - improvements needed to be useful

btps ·
Closed listings is a great - fairly new option. Here is some suggestions for improving it so that it is useful to us sellers. #1 - be able to schedule the relist --- currently the only option is relist now. I can do that directly on ebay if I wanted so it's not a benefit to me UNLESS I can schedule them. I like to schedule my relist all for the same day. That way I know that anything that closed on that day is a relist and won't qualify for credit if sold. I schedule all my relist for one...

Closed Listings not Showing up ANYWHERE

stormasis ·
PLEASE Help! I have a listing that closed yesterday morning that I was prepared to re-list today, (some of the items had sold) and the Closed listing is nowhere to be found! Closed listings are what I utilize to know what needs to be re-listed. If they don't show up in Closed listings, I have no way to keep track! The closed auction does not show up under any or sold. I have no idea how many others may have just not shown up! Please Help! If closed auctions just disappear, this service does...

Closed Unsold Items can't open to edit and relist. Ugh

marlenem ·
I am trying to relist several items that did not sell. When I click onto edit/relist, it brings up a blank page as if I was starting all over again trying to list an item. How in the world do I get in and relist unsold items nowadays? It used to be soooo simple. Everything looks as though it's changed on this page. I'm completely in dark here and need some help. Thanks

"Coalition Unveils 'Ugly' Legislation List"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "Coalition Unveils 'Ugly' Legislation List" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.

Code and scrolling gallery

zkarenartist ·
When I make ads, I prefer to use an offline tool, Kompozer because I am stuck with dial-up internet service. I have copied and pasted the scrolling gallery html code into my "template." When I upload to eBay and click preview, everyhting seems to be fine. When I check back later, sometimes the scrolling gallery is there, sometimes it is not. Is there an easier way to be doing this? Will Auctiva automatically add scrolling gallery to my ads if I do not put the code in? Any other suggestions?

Color Pallet is empty Can't change txt or bg colors

pm6727 ·
I'm hoping I can get some help. Searching has produced nothing. I have xp pro. Firefox and IE7. When I try to edit a standard supplied template and change bg or text colors, the pallet just show a bunch of empty boxes. I have no way of knowing what color I'm going to get or whether anything is checked because the checkmarks are not showing up either. I clicked one on a practice template and previewed it. Got just black text on white no matter what "color" box I've (hopefully) checked. On...

Combining packing list when buyer paid as separate transactions

webuyit2 ·
Hi -- When somebody pays for one auction at a time (because he doesn't wait for me to send a combined invoice), I end up with separate packing lists. Isn't there a way to combine all these separate purchases by the same buyer into one grouping? I feel like maybe I just don't know how to do it. Thank you.

Combining two Auctiva / eBay accounts into one?

stuff-you-need ·
With the new eBay fee changes, it's makes more sense for me to list under one eBay id (one stores fee) rather than multiple. Is it possible for me to export listing created under one Auctiva id and import them into my second Auctiva account?

Come on..Saturdays now??

kashka ·
After being frustrated for weeks listing on a Sunday..I thought I would take a week clever and list on Saturday.Nope."Server Application Unavailable".My Gawd..will Auctiva ever work on a weekend??..I know..I know.."list on a weekday"..but I have a job..and after 12 hours a day I don't have the time or the energy.Could someone "up there" please inform us is this the norm or will things ever change? Cause I'll find something else..spend the extra time..if I know it will work.Any ...

Comments/Suggestions on becoming a Trading Assistant

ts11928 ·
Hello to all. I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that can give me comments or suggestions on building up to Trading Assistant. I cannot list in the Ebay Directory right now because of my feedback score. I have placed an ad in my local newpaper and I have flyers up all over town. I haven't really got the response that I was expecting from that though. I think that it is due to the fact that the items I have been selling on Ebay are from my personal collections and they really...

Company Logo

auntveronica ·
OK, here is what I read: Set your Details Profile to include info that you typically use in every auction, like your company logo or auction titles you use every time you list. Where do I insert my company logo? Looked and looked, can't find a spot. Thanks so much.

COMPLETE Business Invertory for Sale!

sgidirect ·
NO REASONABLE OFFERS REFUSED!! We are selling off our LEM (Fluke) inventory to make room for even more inventory! MFG List price over 1/2 MILLION DOLLARS! For Sale for ONLY $159,000 obo. We have been selling these items on and off of ebay for only 2 months and already made $80,000 selling at a 20%-40%% mark down. Even if you purchased all of our inventory and sold at 50% less than MFG list you could make $250,000 in a matter of months. That is a $90,000+ profit in a short turn around time!

completed listings do not show up

reealatee ·

"conditions" tag now disabled as a variant?

jayboid ·
I've been using variations now since our friends at eBay have changed the playing field yet again, and my friends here at Auctiva have provided me with ammunition.... Over the past few weeks, I've been using the variant "condition" to list my clothing (some NWT, some NWOT.) Now, on the last 2 listings, both failed due to an API error stating: "The tags Condition is/are disabled as Variant." There are times when I have multiple sizes/colors/conditions and it's been very useful. Can anybody...

Conflicts between eBay Custom Item Specifics and Variations

jayboid ·
Hey fellow Auctiva users - has anyone seen this or does anyone have a fix for this? I've been creating listings using variations for multiple sizes of the same product for quite a while now with no problems; but not today. I'm trying to list a new blouse. I created my variations as I normally do (in this case 1X, 2X and 3X) I then went into the "Custom item specifics" and identified "Size Type" (Plus), sleeve, color etc. Now, because I've identified my sizes in the variations, I normally...


taranomics ·
OK, I am trying to switch over from SD and have a few questions. First, how many pictures can I list per auction before ebay charges extra? Second, what is alignment and grouping? Does that have to do with the pictues? Also, I have a bunch of templates from SD with theit tags on them, how easy is it to switch them over to use here? Just one more, I know where to add the custom do I get the description in?? Do I have to put it on each template or do I just type it in the...

confused about eBay store vs Auctiva store

vintagestylin ·
Do the eBay Store and the Auctiva store co-exist? If so does that mean only stuff I list on QAuctiva will show up in my Auctiva store and stuff I list on eBay will only show up in my eBay store?

confused about edit/revise listings please HELP?

dogstar932 ·
OK. I'm new and I do not 'get' everything about how this is supposed to work as eBay is the only listing tool that I've ever used. Now I need to know 2 things one- When I have an imported item that was listed on eBay and then brought over here, can I edit it and add all the cool auctive stuff I signed up for? I tried that and it just flashed me back to the past and there I was in the old eBay revise form. two When I have and auctiva created listing can I edit it and add or change the auctiva...

Confused! We have multiple users - one account. Tokens? versions?

may ·
Hello community! ************* 18 views, but no replies.... maybe changing the title will get the right person who knows the answer to take a look? I'm really anxious for help and could not find it already on the forum. ************* I am brand new, and I need some help and advice on various questions, please. I hope someone will be able to help me! I did take a look at the forum, but most of the questions and answers were old (2006 and earlier) and may no longer be applicable to the current...

Confusion re: How to list as Buy it Now without auction format?

sue9690-1 ·
Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I tried to list using BIN option for 1st time yesterday and it seems that in Auctiva you still have to have the auction start price format as well as the BIN price. I only want to display the BIN, not have bids as well. Is this not possible when listing via Auctiva? Any help in how to achieve this would be most appreciated, Thanks.

Considering Auctiva - what are the archive capabilities?

mercat68 ·
Hi. In a nutshell: I need a tool that will allow me to archive eBay listings longer than the 90 days eBay allows. So, for example, I want to keep any unsold ugly holiday sweater listings available for easy re-listing next holiday season. Does Auctiva do this and what are the capabilities in terms of capacity (number of listings it will archive) and duration? Thanks.

Constant API error

caz ·
Hi, I have been listing with auctiva fine for a while now, but this week every time I have tried to list I get an API error saying that the title or listing The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. PLEASE HELP as i really need to lit tonight

Constructive Suggestion for Mgmt, Engrg & anyone else involved in site downtime

katrinka13 ·
Please take this to heart & mind. It is offered with true sincerity. I'm sure you are as frustrated as your customers. I know you didn't intend this migration to turn into the disaster it has become. There are things you can do to anticipate roadblocks to the best laid plans. I am a continuous improvement facilitator, so I know a little about this. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way over & over and expecting different results. Make sense? This is what...

Contact Us Page

beadkrap ·
1. How do I create a email link on this page. E.g. my email address would be a link that if the user had an email program on their computer the link would open it up with the To: filled in. 2. When I set up the contact page, it has an option to "Include "Please add me to your Mailing List" in email form. What email form, and how does this work.

Continual hanging/thrown out

oldspice ·
Every day I use Auctive to do anything, whether it be list, upload image, save listing, post listing whenever I do any function I hit save, upload or whatever to continue and it sends me back to the login screen where I have to re-enter. After I do this, say 5 times, it does what I've asked it to do, i.e post.upload image etc etc. Then other times I'll post a listing and it takes me back to the sign on page and 've lost the listing so I have to go through it all over again. This is EVERY DAY...


hoobiedaju ·
OK so here's what could be a new problem... It's kind of hard to describe so I'll do my best... If I go to any of the items that have a pop up, such as categories, photos, preview, paste from Word, or Schedule, the button gets clicked and goes gray but NOTHING happens... The only way I can close a screen is by ctrl-alt-delete and then re-opening the window... This happens after EVERY listing... Sometimes it's paste from word, sometimes its schedule, but it always happens right after I...

copy/paste with word

crjebay ·
I saw from some other posts that some were using microsoft word to create their descriptions then copy/paste them into auctiva description. I thought I would give this a try, especially if I started creating description through auctiva and forgot to save and got logged out, my work would be lost. I copy through MW and then use the Paste from Word feature at top where tool bar icons are. Everything copies over but in gray print. What happens to any color I used in MW. Also, the title was set...

Copying Saved Listings

bubbafatass ·
Hi guy's, this is my first post and I could do with a little help. I have managed to get my head round most of the site (great tool and thanx to developers btw), but I can't see a way to achieve 1 thing. Is there a way of copying listings that i have in my saved listing. I have a lot of listings that i list for 5 & 10 days and, if possible i would like to just copy all of them and then bulk edit the copies. As i schedule a lot it means that i can't just bulk edit the original listing.

Correcting, relisting, from "Auctiva Scheduled"

norbert1 ·
I have several items on my Auctiva Scheduled that did not list on eBay because of API errors. I can't figure out how to correct the errors and reschedule. Everything I click on takes me to rescheduling but I can't correct anything so the listing will not run. Couldn't find any help in the tutorials. Help.

Corrupted Wish Game

abby ·
Here's how it works: First person makes a wish. next person grants that wish but corrupts it. Be as imaginative and mean as you can be. example: Person 1: I wish I had a Ferrari. Person 2: You have a Ferrari. Made by Matchbox. example: Person 1: I wish I had lots of money. Person 2: You have tons of money, all stolen from the federal reserve and now you're on the FBI's Most Wanted list. or You have lots of money. Made by Monopoly. example: Person 1: I wish I had a boyfriend. Person 2: You...

Could not re-list closed items due to import to eCrater?

halee77 ·
My sister has not listed on eBay for awhile. She did have an account with eCrater as well, but it has been closed for a few months. She has kept her Auctiva account current. She decided to use the 100 free eBay listings she spent hours re-listing closed items through Auctiva, they didn't show up at all on eBay. So, back to Auctiva where it stated that they there was a listing error due to the items that were imported to eCrater when she closed her store on eBay. She is so frustrated that...


vr ·
How does one get the Sellaton counter to work on eBay? My Auctiva listing shows Sellaton counter, but once I list it on eBay, the counter dissapears from the listing and I have to edit the listing and enter the eBay counter.

Counter and Editing Relist help please.

rctman ·
Still in the learning curve and really like a lot of the features. Watched the tutorials and searched the posts, but still need help. (go figure) Everything working well as programed except the counter is not displayed on my current listings, though it says it is on in my main listing page. (its greyed out in the on position, so I can't manualy change it while listing. Problem two is editing a relist from the closed auction list. I choose the listing, get it, hit edit, and then get what...

counter help, pls

evalueamerica ·
Hello, So far I love Auctiva. But, I don't like that I have to list without a counter unless I want to PAY Sellathon for theirs. I just want to know hits/visits. So, I have to revise on eBay. Is there any way to add a counter before I send my Auctive listing to eBay? Thanks.

Counter questions...

mnormand ·
I guess every new person needs to ask a few of these questions... If I list with Auctiva and I elect not to choose the Sellathon counter, will I have any counter in my eBay auctions (meaning will I at least get the free eBay counter)? If I want to use the free Sellathon counter, is there a way to get a different design? (My wife does not like the "little" numbers that show up on that one). If the answer is no to both of those questions, then what advice is there for me if I want a larger...


thebassman ·
When Iuse the counters when I list some of them take and some don't. So I also use Vendo counter= smart counters. I download them after they are listed. Just don,t understand why some of the auctiva counters don,t work when I post. antone else have this problem.


countryjoe ·
Are Auctiva counter ever right or at least close? I have items that have several peole "watching", but according to the list nobody ever looked.

Country of Manufacture

sandraq ·
How hard would it be to give us the ability to type "C" and have all the C countries come up. Its ridiculous to have to scroll through all the countries to reach a "T" country or any country for that matter. Every other site makes it simple - This is the only one I've encountered where I have to scroll through the list.

Cannot see Best offer option even when i chose fixed price

gupts007 ·
I am trying to schedule a listing with a best offer option when i select a fixed price option. Yet i dont see any option on auctive where i can select best offer. I have read here other threads on the forum and they say that this option should be visible under the fixed price when you list an auction with a fixed price but i dont see any best offer option. I have selected a category already which should allow to take best is beauty and health...fragrances....i have been listing...

Cannot upload my photosl. NO BROWSER!

cbssheb ·
I am not able to list my photos. What happened to the browser? I tried following the directions about uploading the XJava but it didn't work. I am stuck. Why did Auctiva mess everything up!

cant access seller details--where is it?

opportunitydoc ·
I am using seller details in my master template now. I wanted to make some changes. Why isnt seller details listed with the other profiles (shipping,etc.) in the master list? When I click on the separate seller details->edit I go to a blank page. I cannot find my existing details anywhere. housedoc
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