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completed listings do not show up

reealatee ·

Completing Listings cause errors.

creativeimages ·
Completing listings with save, post, schedule or save as new cause errors. Usually, the work completed is not saved. The error message: An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. What should or can be done? Thanks

Concerning Shipping Profile

lenny ·
I have created and edited several times a shipping profile that indicates that I will ship worldwide. I also select the radio button under International for Calculated shipping. After I save the profile and then open it again, it has reverted to Will Not Ship International. I have also created new shipping profiles wherein I have selected that I will ship Worldwide via calculated shipping. That also reverts to Will Not Ship International. How can I get my shipping profile to retain my...


marcy ·
I was trying out your consignment and ran into a problem. I started my listing and I wasn't able to make a new consignor from that page. I saved my work and went to make a new consignor and then went back to my listing. You are not able to change any of the consignment features after you save the listing. Now my listing has the worng consignor on it. I guess I could create a simmler listing and then delete that one. FIX You need to be able to change your input on the consignment part when...

Constant errors

lizzy ·
I have to save after every window entry in the listing because whenever I try to save or post "error" comes up and all my info is lost. Even with constant saving I have to try to save each window because of"errors" HELP please! As an aside I cannot get any of my text to appear in black or any other colour - I have tried the obvious to no avail - ideas?

CONSTANT FREEZING! Selecting text color Inserting a Photo, Saving, Saving As NEW....

crabby ·
What's the problem? I'm selecting 5 words, hitting the change text color button, clicking the bottom button to get more creative colors & it completely freezes my screen! This freezing also happened yesterday & CRASHed by browser window.... when I tried to INSERT A PHOTO directly into the body of my listing as I was creating it.... AND it happened when I tried to PREVIEW.... AND it when I tried to SAVE AND it happened when I tried to SAVE AS NEW! Today I did finally get a "WEB PAGE...

Constant page Freezing

hysteriany ·
It seems I can not do anything on Auctiva today. I can't save, or do any clicking without freezing. Picking a category is not even do-able. I wanted to phone chat the problem ,but my plan @$9.99 a month does not allow me this , so I clicked my only other option Help Request "file a support case" , but Ironically I can not get that page to open . Its been 9 minutes & I still see the green circle going round waiting for access. Transferring data from maybe a newbie...

constantly booted off

migrant ·
I took a rest from ebay and autiva for a while and today I am back to the some old troubles. Seems I can't complete a days listing without being booted off, happend twice today. I am sick and *&^#@! tired of this. It's always after taking the pains to add pix and description then try to schedule or save and am shown the log in page. Get your act together please

"Consumers Go Online to Save Cash"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "Consumers Go Online to Save Cash" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.

Continual hanging/thrown out

oldspice ·
Every day I use Auctive to do anything, whether it be list, upload image, save listing, post listing whenever I do any function I hit save, upload or whatever to continue and it sends me back to the login screen where I have to re-enter. After I do this, say 5 times, it does what I've asked it to do, i.e post.upload image etc etc. Then other times I'll post a listing and it takes me back to the sign on page and 've lost the listing so I have to go through it all over again. This is EVERY DAY...

copy/paste with word

crjebay ·
I saw from some other posts that some were using microsoft word to create their descriptions then copy/paste them into auctiva description. I thought I would give this a try, especially if I started creating description through auctiva and forgot to save and got logged out, my work would be lost. I copy through MW and then use the Paste from Word feature at top where tool bar icons are. Everything copies over but in gray print. What happens to any color I used in MW. Also, the title was set...

Cannot save any new listings

jdrecords ·
I cannot save any new listing I make, is anyone getting this problem? The save button just stays gray and will not work.

Cannot save my profile

opportunitydoc ·
I have tried about 15 times to save my checkout profile. No error message, but the screen just comes back up again when I name it and hit save. It appears to have eaten all my "return policy" and "payment instruction" details so I am not going to do any more typing until I find out whats wrong. I have saved my marketing and shipping and master profiles with no trouble, but not the checkout... Any hints??

Cannot save, schedule or preview listing

librayacht ·
I am currently learning how to use Auctiva having used eBay for listings for the last ten years. I am a US resident but need my listings to appear on the UK site (I sell British Stamps). When I prepare a listing I select store and the UK site. When I have finished the listing if I click on "Save" the button goes dull, the UK site at the top of the listing page grays out and the hour glass appears and stays until you shut the site down and then re-enter the listing when it happens again. if...

Cannot save/schedule/post new listings

90g60 ·
Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? Whenever I go to post or schedule a brand new listing it gives me the error: "An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues." It has been doing this since they finished the update yesterday. I sent a help request, but have yet to receive any responce. At one point it gave me a different error saying, "Return Policy is limited to 500 characters." I double checked my...

cant see on ebay my post

djemo ·
hi everybody, i list and save item on auctiva then clicked post to ebay during here everything is ok but then we cant see my post on ebay , pls help about this issue

Can't upload my pics and can't save the listing

itsjustme ·
Just started happening five minutes ago. All other sites working well. First couldn't upload pics...kept timing out. Now I can't even save the listing without the pics. Anyone else?

Can't Use 2 Different Image Tags for the Same Image????

splendid ·
I have a custom template, and early in my HTML, I use [IMAGE1_URL] to display a custom-sized thumbnail of the product. Later in the HTML, I use [IMAGE1] to display a larger version of the same picture with the Supersize feature. When I save the template, the [IMAGE1] tag switches to the [IMAGE1_URL] tag. Can I not use two different image tags for the same image in a template??? Why would they have that rule??

Can't use my custom template

maydaybrothers ·
Hey there. Please do advice me on this. I had save my custom template sucessfully. But when i create a new listing and when to choose template, i can't find my custom template anywhere. practice board: Please please advice me on this issue. Thanks. Regards, Mal

Can we get a countdown???

californiagirl ·
Hi Auctiva, We love you! but may I suggest,that on down times (Thursday nites),we get some sort of count down,timer/clock,as it seems to be earlier every week,and is very frustrating,when you have worked so hard on a listing and "PROOF"!!! its gone! Please let us have a chance to save our hard work, can you please help us here,the site always says 11:00pm,so I/we are prepared for that,not 10:30 or 10:55,thanks for your understanding! Nite Owl-Lister

Can you update photos ?

mattbb ·
Hi, I've done a quick search and couldn't find anything in the forum. I gave a image in auctiva that I have linked to hundreds of times on eBay and I basically want to change the image but keep the same address. Is this possible ? The image will be the exact same size just a different colour. Changing the image in auctiva will save me almost a full days work up update every single link to the image

Can you view the html of your saved template/add

hanzoboy ·
Is it possible to view all of the htmel once you save a template? I made an ad and chose one of the available templates, can i view the html for the full template with the ad and not just the ad itself? if so how do i ahcieve this?

Cannot customize automatic emails

makesmiles ·
I am trying to customize automatic emails. I have tried copying defaults and changing as necessary. However, when I try to preview or save, the body goes blank and gives an error message on saving. I tried creating new and the same thing happens. Please help.

Cannot edit listing or save profile today.

ilovelucy ·
Still trying to save a profile with no success. And now cannot pull up a saved listing to edit. Do I just need to come back at a less busy time? Am I doing something wrong? Please help me. Just opened a store this morning on ebay to do higher volume of listings and have yet to list one item.

Cannot Edit pics. Google Analytics?

mikefox ·
Trying to edit (rotate) pictures and does not show the picture requiring editing in the window and says waiting for or similar, then just says done and no picture. If I then try and save comes up with internal error. Anybody else this problem? Also is there a limit on how much image hosting size I take up?

Cannot get my custom template to save in auctiva - PLEASE HELP!!!

wytch ·
hi Danno cannot believe this great forum exists! this is the link to my template: i am way too much of a novice to work out the error messages from auctiva. i can include a link to a current auction that i am trying to convert to the new template. i want to keep the layout (cut and paste pics throughout the description body) that i currently use. i am only trying to change to the new template. please help, the template can be edited. thank you - thank you...

Cannot list anything using Auctiva?

urbankidz ·
Ok last night and tonight i've tried posting auctions to ebay and cannot get it to work. It will let me create the whole listing but will not let me preview, save or post. I get the message not connected to the internet or something about the website having a problem. Does anyone know what this could be? Anyone else having this problem? Maybe you know how to fix this problem? HELP I've never had this problem before.

Cannot load photos, losing all my work

maidaweb ·
Last two days on and off I made my listing and then go to add photos, and everything freezes and all my work is lost. Tonight I am having to work on a listing, then save it, THEN try and add the photos which currently are NOT loading at all. Very frustrating. Have opened a ticket, but wanted to post here as well. Been a rough few days using Auctiva for sure.

Can't change my listing format from Auctiva Closed Folder!

truefocus ·
I am trying re-list an item on ebay but want change the listing format from fixed to store before I relist the item. (to save on fees) There is no edit button in the closed folder that gives me this option. I thought that even when one of my auctions doesn't sell and goes into the closed listing folder, it still would show up in the saved listings (where i could edit it from there) It does not. It seems that my only option through Auctiva is to re-list in the same format and then have to go...

Can't do anything.......HELP!!!!!!!

angellisa ·
I'm getting very fustrated. I can't do anything without it going back to the home page. I create a ad, go to save and it takes me back to the home page without saving my ad. The image pop-up when listing, when I try to select a certain folder takes me back to home page. I click on the image tab, it takes me to the home page 3 0r 4 times before I can get to the image folder. I can't work like this, free or not. It's been like this off and on for the past few days, especailly weeeeeeeeeee...

Can't edit any listings saved today!

jeanieb ·
Was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Listings save and can be viewed in "Saved Listings" using Preview button. However, if I select listing to edit, nothing is there.

Can’t find/see any old or recent uploaded images

nubwagger ·
Can’t find/see any old or recent uploaded images. The problem has nothing to do with ebay, the images were never posted in any auctions. I had used only 1 mg of image storage prior to: Using IE, Creating a new folder – then using Auctiva uploader, selected approx. 30 images (had to do this 2x with only 15 selected each time) – hit the upload button to save to my newly created folder. After a several min the green progress bar completed. (took about 4 min. for 8mg – not as Auctiva claims…...

Can't get listing to post to ebay

bulldogs ·
I have been trying to get 3 listing to post to ebay ALL day and have tried everything I can think of. I get an error message that says " your item has been deleted or it is listed with or it is not your listing." It hasn't been deleted, I pulled it up from old closed listing and then up dated them, changed some things and added more pictures. When I get to the bottum of the page I do not have a choice to save them, just to relist or schedule to relist. It never does relist, I just...

can't list

inkycorrado ·
i know there is a site update going on, but cannot revise or edit listings, add images, change images etc, when I try to add image get a 'do yo want to navigate away from this page' message instead of the image selections. Try to save the listing and getting error messages This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks now that problems have caused me to be unable to list......anyone else

Can't Post Listing

catreasures ·
Hi, I have filled out my listing form. But when I hit Post or Save or Schedule, it pops me right back to my picture. Very aggervating! Anybody have any idea of where to go from here? Thanks

Can't post or save listing.

kaylamom1 ·
"An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues." Wrote a listing and then tried to post it and got the above error after a pause of a minute or so. When I hit the back button, the description and title were still there, but the photos, item specifics, and template were gone. I hit "save", waited another minute, and got the same error. Tried again, same thing happened. Is it just me or is something going on??

Can't remove Consignment from Detail Profile

blackpaw4 ·
I was just "trying out" the consignment feature in my detail page, and now it won't go away. I edit my profile, remove the consignment choice, save it, it won't go away. It's making my listing process take forever!

Can't remove images from template

saraw453 ·
Hope someone can help. I have mailed auctiva, but their response does not actually address my issue. I'm trying to remove the images which appear in the 'description' section of my listing. My images appear in the top of my ebay listing as expected with thumb nails, so I don't want them to appear directly in my description too - I think it looks messy. I know how to manually put images into the description by clicking the picture button when writing the description text, so I am certain...

Can't remove the "other method of payment" from listing

paulette ·
Folks, in order to be compliant with ebay's new payment policy, I'm trying to revise my auctions to take out the other money order and certified checks option. Auctiva won't let me do it. I maximize the checkout section UNCHECK the part about accepting money orders, save and come back and check the listing. the money option is still there, every time. Please tell me: what can I do to fix this. I was able to modify the text of my instructions, just not this money order option. TIA for any help.

Can't reply to postings, can't save, can't list, can't preview

booklady ·
When I try to reply to a post, the reply screen is blank. Save is not working. (Was able to save as new) Listing decription editor area not showing up but was able to switch to full size editor. Cannot preview in saved listings. One improvement is when clicking on images to upload to the listing, the far right side now works on the first click. booklady

Can't save, can't list, keeps asking me to login

auntveronica ·
I dearly thought that this morning I would be able to get some work accomplished. I was happy, content in knowing that it was Monday and would be much easier than trying to list on the weekend. I use Netscape, Mozilla and IE, whatever will work at the time on Auctiva. Cache is clean and no pop-ups blocked. I worked so hard on my first listing only to have it NOT saved and disappear...sigh. Geez, please, oh, please, someone, help us. We really need a break in all of this mess. We need to...

can't save listing? Use preview or templates?

mjtimmy ·
For the past week I have had nothing but trouble with trying to make listings. I can put all the details in then go to select a template and get a blank window. Then I am not able to save my listing. I loose everything. This happens if I try to use the preview as well. I am getting very frustrated with the whole thing. That is putting it mildly! Is it me or Auctiva? Can someone please help me with this??? I posted something a few days ago about this and got nothing from Auctiva!!!! Thanks

Can't 'save' listings

bluesmad47 ·
I have tried over and over again today to load my listing on Auctiva but each time I try tO SAVE it, the computer freezes and nothing happens. I'm pulling my hair out. I normally never have any trouble listing. Can anyone suggest whaat I can do?

Can't Save Listings

windsorkid ·
Hello everyone. I've tried several times today to create new listing to save for future posting on eBay and every time I try to save a listing, I get error message from Auctiva. Anyone else having this problem?

Can't save listings, can't access the help page, can't do anything at all

seanc ·
I'm alternating between "Server Too Busy" and Runtime errors. I can't even get to the help page to report a problem (I only could get here because I have it bookmarked). It's not a cache/cookies/my pc issue (I'm getting the same things after rebooting and on a separate laptop). What on earth is going on with Auctiva?

can't save my listing

Guest ·
Hi there, i just bought a new computer, but then when i try to save my listing or try to edit my old listing and save, it come to an error page and don't go anywhere ! is anybody can help on this issue? thanks Steve

Can't Save Photo In Saved Listing

imtexlady ·
I started having a problem yesterday saving photos in a saved listing. When I attempt to edit the saved listing to add a photo, when I click save nothing happens. If I don't add a photo it will save successfully. Any ideas?

Can't save sub profile

yellowdog ·
Hello. my "shipping tools" and "checkout opt" dont load when I use my master profile. I have deleted them and saved the info again to my master but that don't help. All other pre-filled info works when I load my master. What am I doing wrong?

Can't see ALL my listings

alpenguin ·
I apologize in advance if it's so obvious but how can I see a list of ALL the listings I've done or am in the process of completing. I save everything but some are not appearing in my list of saved. I wanted to edit and then schedule them but can't find them!

Can I change template on active auction?

sk ·
Hi! I used one of the free templates, posted my auction, then when I looked at it as posted on Ebay, the text is totally invisible! See, the background template is black, but it won't let me change & save the text color on Ebay, and if I try to change it from Auctiva, it just zips me right over to the 'revise your auction' page of Ebay. Am I going to be forced to close my auction early, or is there some way to revise this? please help!
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