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Clearer details on how relisting profiles work

philthycollins ·
So, I create a relisting profile that lowers my item by $.25, and relists for 3 days, if NONE sell. And this profile quits relisting, when the price drops below $2. So, let's say I have quantity 10, and the price is at $3, and 1 sells. Therefore, the relisting profile will not fire...cuz one sold. Now, I manually go in, and relist it, with a new quantity of 9, for 3 days @ $3. I perform this manual relist, via eBay (not via Auctiva). What happens at the end of 3 days, if NONE of those 9...

Clearing All Charms Beads findings great for jewellery makers from $0.25

jonahxu ·
Hello everybody, I supply jewellery components. I am going oversea and have to sell all my stocks: charms of hundreds of designs with great quality; also plenty of beads of all kinds. Take a look at my store: Email me for more pictures of stocks not selling on ebay: buy bulk to get a better price. So why not email me to enquire, you don't lose nothing! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

closed auction folders FSP

eglobalauction ·
It would be great to be able to show the closed listings with the final selling price. I can see the closed listings - but it doesn't show the selling price. Am I missing something?

Closed Auction Style converted to Fixed Price failed to post

itsjustme ·
Yesterday I converted 54 Auction style listings to Fixed Price. I noticed that when they were in the scheduled listings folder (prior to them posting) they still showed as auction style even though the system accepted 30 day duration. Auctiva accepted the 30 day duration because when I was scheduling I converted them to fixed. All 54 failed. Anybody else or is it just me?

Closed listings are all messed up

trinkets ·
The closed listings are really messed up. Let's say a listings ends...30 days fixed price. OK Go in to edit before relisting......and while it shows on the closed listing page as a 30 day fixed price listing when you open is a 5 day auction at a totally different price. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. We are working on a listing promotion and don't have time to completely redo every listing because the closed listings are now messed up and once posted having to revise in eBay...

Come see all my DAYLILIES & HOSTAS Having a Very Special Offer

auntjennysgeneralstore ·
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COMPLETE Business Invertory for Sale!

sgidirect ·
NO REASONABLE OFFERS REFUSED!! We are selling off our LEM (Fluke) inventory to make room for even more inventory! MFG List price over 1/2 MILLION DOLLARS! For Sale for ONLY $159,000 obo. We have been selling these items on and off of ebay for only 2 months and already made $80,000 selling at a 20%-40%% mark down. Even if you purchased all of our inventory and sold at 50% less than MFG list you could make $250,000 in a matter of months. That is a $90,000+ profit in a short turn around time!

Confusion re: How to list as Buy it Now without auction format?

sue9690-1 ·
Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I tried to list using BIN option for 1st time yesterday and it seems that in Auctiva you still have to have the auction start price format as well as the BIN price. I only want to display the BIN, not have bids as well. Is this not possible when listing via Auctiva? Any help in how to achieve this would be most appreciated, Thanks.

Cannot see Best offer option even when i chose fixed price

gupts007 ·
I am trying to schedule a listing with a best offer option when i select a fixed price option. Yet i dont see any option on auctive where i can select best offer. I have read here other threads on the forum and they say that this option should be visible under the fixed price when you list an auction with a fixed price but i dont see any best offer option. I have selected a category already which should allow to take best is beauty and health...fragrances....i have been listing...

Cant get best offer to show up

scottg ·
I went to create a bunch of fixed auctions for tonight and when I put in the buy it now price the best offer feature does not pop up like it always has??? There is just a big white area under the buy it now price with no choice for best offer, I changed it to a store item to see if it would work and same thing Scott

Changes to listings

vbtrader ·
If an Auctiva listing posted to Ebay is not showing the correct information, how can it be changed? (ie., see earlier post re BIN price not showing up on preview). Also, can BIN price be changed on a Auctiva listing just as it can on an EBay listing? Please help - I'm new to Auctiva and waiting to post my listings because I'm unsure of information not showing up correctly. Any help anyone can offer is most appreciated. Thanks!

Changing a listing from Fixed price to auction or vice versa

dutchman48 ·
Is there also no way to change listings from auction to fixed price or vice versa. last time I used Auctiva, there was a whole lot more you could do either with single listings or bulk edit. It seems a lot were taken way. Why?

CAN'Tchange from buy it now to starting price

bassmaster072 ·
I have an auction with buy it now,I want to change it to starting price auction but when I go to revise it it won't let me do it ,Does anybody know whats wrong.How to fix this problem?

Can the muti-variation tool be disabled for fixed price listings?

bagmaven49 ·
I am sure this question has come up, but I am not on this board very much and would like some input. I sell vintage and pre-owned handbags and wallets. I try to sell auction style, but business today doesn't always bring the same results unless it is a specific brand, no matter what the quality is! Since I have a store, I am trying to list fixed price more often. Since the new multi-variation tool has come into effect, this process has been more difficult for me. I can see where when you...

Can we update price changes in store window?

calicoseas ·
Hi, I lowered prices in two of my listings. Can the store window be updated to reflect the new prices? Two items were changed from $99.99 to $85.00.

Can you add "Accept Best Offer" as a BIN toggle option?

mcbirdman ·
This is more of a feature request. Can you add "Accept Best Offer" as a BIN toggle option? This would only be applicable to Fixed Price Auctions.

Can you Edit and Schedule a Relist?

victorianbj ·
I want to Schedule some Relists for unsold items on my Closed Listings page, but I need to edit them first. It seems I can only edit the price, but I need to edit the S/H. And what if you want to add to the description? I can Edit and Schedule from Saved Listings, but there is no RELIST option for free relist credit editing and scheduling from there. What am I missing, please?

Cannot move "Scheduled Listings" to "Saved Listings" or any folder

nkerio ·
Perhaps a member can help me out since Auctiva has been very sluggish and not addressing my issue. I attempted to relist a bulk of listings from my "Closed Listings" and spent about 2 hours making price edits on the next page before posting them. Only a few of them were posted successfully due to missing UPCs. So I'm trying to relist failed listings (with the edits performed), make the necessary edits with the "Do Not Apply" option before posting them again. However, when I attempt the "move...

can't list new error message

itsjustme ·
new error message: You must have a feedback score of at least 0 to list fixed price items. allowed me to update my score (well over 1000) and still can't list

Can't modify "SCHEDULED" Listings

dressn4less ·
I used to be able to modify scheduled listings to fixed price. Not anymore, is there a problem?

Can't move Closed listings into my ebay store

itsjustme ·
I am trying to move closed auctions into my ebay store. When I click on "move to ebay store" the category choices don't come up and the auction price doesn't disappear. What's going on?

Can't put price in???

shinygear ·
Hey all - FInally starting to really move my auctions over here in hopes of loosing my other host for good, but I seem to be having a glitch. I have several very similar auctions, so I created one and am using it as a template for the others - all well and good, but for some reason it has the price box grayed out so I can't put it in there, and I know an auction won't launch without a price - nor would I want it to! The Buy it Now box is working, but not the regular field. Any suggestions?

Can I Get Rid of Buy it Now on an existing template?

temeculamom ·
I tried to search for this and didn't find it. I am trying to update a previously used template. It had a Buy it Now price, but I don't want a BIN for the current auction. Of course, I have now saved all my current info, but it won't let me post or schedule it with the BIN price blank. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Can I get the 15 cent listing today using Auctiva?

When I click on Ebay estmated fees it does not reflect todays sale. Will I get the sale price if I list with Auctiva or do I have to list through Ebay?

Can I increase Auction Price by a Percentage and have it add to BIN

storybookcorner ·
Hi, I'd like to know if there is a way to insert a price into an auction page and have Auctiva automatically increase that price by a certain percentage and add it into the BIN option. I want both auction and BIN on my auction but don't want to always insert a BIN price by hand Thank you!

Can not list fixed priced items under $1.00 anymore

bhubert ·
Hello, I use to list many of my items as fixed price with $0.99 price. Now when I try to do that I get a red message at the top when I try to save that says "Buy It Now Price" If I up it to $1.00 or higher it is fine. Can someone help me fix this? Thanks

Can someone Please help me?

nancyl ·
For some reason I can NOT list on the UK site!Everytime I try this messege comes up? (You are not qualified to list a store fixed price item, or the store Fixed-Price feature is not available for the international listing site.) Can you explain this to me?

Can someone please help the combined shipping impaired?

lexisluxuries ·
Hi, wanted to say thanks in advance to everyone here who always take time to help others with their issues. I guess that is why I feel comfortable asking stupid questions without being judged and know that I always get the right answer. Can someone explain to me (the combined shipping impaired) exactly the best way to combine shipping and perhaps suggest pricing? ***My most important question being this: I generally sell baby/childrens clothing with most items being able to ship 1st class. I...

Buttons not functioning after image uploading

fbrano ·
I am having a problem with the buttons at the bottom of the listing page. They work after I have revised the title, description, starting price,... but are locked up after I upload pictures. I have two computers networked. This does not happen on one, only on the other one. Thanks for your help.

buy it now is invalid

jjr ·
Hi, I am getting the Buy it now is invalid when I am trying to sell a fixed priced item using buy it now" at 0.99 but if I use 1.00 it accepts it. what I have been doing is list it at 1.00 then go to eBay and change the fixed price to 0.99 using revise item listing. Does anyone know why it is doing that and not leting me use 0.99 with Auctiva? Thanks and GOD bless.

Buy It Now Listing price

bolts3 ·
When I try to list with BIN it shows a price of 35 cents when it should be .5 cents.

Buy it now listings

knaubone ·
I have 10 positive feedback scores How do you report this to Acutiva so that I can add a buy it now price? Thank You

Buy it now Price for Store inventory under 1.00

crafterangie ·
I am having problems entering my buy it now price. I know I have entered items for .50 and other amounts unde 1.00 but everytime I try to hit post it tells me my buy it now price is invalid. Whats up with that?

buy it now price is wrong in showcase ..

valley ·
buy it now price is wrong in showcase and different to stated buy it now in ebay page price and time is 8 hours out in showcase but current price is right and only have a few showcase items appearing

Buy It Now's not showing in Sales-Transactions

andreaturtle ·
Hi everybody! I went to purchase insurance for 2 different Fixed Price Auctions, and neither one is in my Sales tab. Do I need to file a support case with item numbers? Does it matter that they were mulitiple item fixed-price auctions? Thanks in advance : )

Buy It Now without Start Price???

twins225 ·
I want to list an item with BUY IT NOW feature ONLY. Ebay has the option just to list it BUY IT NOW and without a Start Price. If I want to list my item BUY IT NOW through Auctiva, it is making me enter a Start Price. Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance, dually710


onestopdropship ·
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buyer neutral!Annoyed bcos she didnt ask!

oneheart ·
hi I recently sold a product to a buyer and she left neutral and this message "Very disappointed to learn that this is the U.S. distributed version/not the UK product. I could have purchased this same product at **** for $***. Shame on me for being duped, shame on you for taking advantage and not disclosing which product you were selling over market price.This is the first time I have been taken on Ebay, I've learned a lesson. Won't happen again." there are 100 of these products and some...

Buying Clothes on e-bay? Here are some tips to avoid buyer’s remorse

jacebstreasures ·
Buying Clothes on e-bay? Here are some tips to avoid buyer’s remorse. When most people think of e-bay if conjures up pictures of $10,000 dollar grilled cheese sandwiches and people selling autographed major league baseballs. The truth is more and more people are buying everyday items such as clothing using on-line auction sites such as e-bay. Buying clothing on-line presents special challenges to both buyer and seller, so as the owner of an e-bay store that specializes in clothing sales I...

Calculated & Flat Shipping

spider ·
I see eBay has finally allowed Sellers to offer a Flat Rate shipping to US and still offer a Calculated shipping for Worldwide. I've complained to eBay for years about how you can't treat domestic & international the same since the price increases every 4 ounces for international over 8 ounces and up to 4 pounds. This is a great feature but not if I have to go to eBay to do it. Will Auctiva be offering it soon... if at all?

Calculated Shipping includes Insurance?

tomo ·
Hi, I am a longtime Ebay seller, but new to Auctiva. One of the nice things about Ebay's calculated shipping is that it includes my mandatory insurance cost (USPS) based on the current price of the auction. I have signed up for Auctiva's Insurance program. I suspect that the calculated shipping charges shown do not include insurance. I tell my customers that insurance is required but it is included in the calculated shipping. They may be upset if they have to pay an additional charge after...

changing buy it now price

9161leanne ·
hello i have tried to change my ebay buy it now price which has been successful on auctiva but hasnt changed on ebay can anyone tell me how long it takes to change thanks x

Changing from Auction to Fixed Price

malcolmsmom ·
It seems you can't do this with bulk edit. Isn't there an easier way than opening every item and changing it?

Changing insurance details

florecita ·
Please help this is my first time buying insurance through auctiva! When I go the page where I am suppose to purchase insurance it only shows the price of the item. It does not show the cost of shipping. I push the update button but nothing changes. It there is any way for me to manually adjust the figures to include the price of shipping in the amount covered. (In case it matters the buyer paid by paypal).

Changing Price on Relist?

victorianbj ·
I recently used Auctiva for the first time on some new listings. I love it! I tried to relist some of them tonight when they ended, via eBay Relist in order to take advantage of the Free Relist Policy, but there was no way to edit and lower my price. Is this because I listed with Auctiva, or can you not lower the price on a relist with eBay? If so, what am I missing?

Changing ship templates in closed auction.

havok ·
Hi...great forums. I have a problem can't seem to find the answer to through searching. I have over 100 listings that I listed thru Auctiva to Ebay. They are now closed and I want to change the shipping templates I applied to them initially due to a change in postal rates ? The listings in question are all the same...i.e. hockey cards . Is there an easy way to do this in bulk ? I really don't want to have to individually correct each one. I thought of bulk edit and just raise the autcion...

Charged fees for making changes to listing?

deana ·
Can someone whose been using this service for a while please take a minute a quickly respond to this. I would greatly appreciate it. I think it's a reasonable question, I've read all the info. on this site and I don't see it listed anywhere: If I need to make an edits to an active listing -- I can access my listing via Auctiva, but it appears I'm then transferred to Ebay -- when I make the edits (ie: a chng. in wording, or chng. in photos, etc. to my current/active listing -not including...

Cheap, Cheap Vintage Apparels For Sale

vanityvintageous ·
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How to use both Sale Type for my listing

rob 2 ·
Hello, can someone please tell me how I can post a listing using Auctiva and being able to select both 'Auction' and 'Fixed Price' under one listing? thanks!

how u revise ur store window after changing price

iowalilbrat ·
Just wondering how u revise ur store window when u revise ur listing in ebay...have a listing that was three dollars start price but revised it to be one do i go about changing the store to reflect that price?
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