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Chrome and Vegas Templates Not Loading Seller Details

dandvunlimited ·
Hi, I am relatively new to using templates for my Ebay listings and I am having a problem with the Chrome and Las Vegas templates not loading my seller details. The other templates work fine, but for some reason when I try to use one of these templates all that loads is the "contact us" portion of my seller details. I don't know if there is a problem with these two templates, but the others I have used so far seem to work fine. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Closed listings are all messed up

trinkets ·
The closed listings are really messed up. Let's say a listings ends...30 days fixed price. OK Go in to edit before relisting......and while it shows on the closed listing page as a 30 day fixed price listing when you open is a 5 day auction at a totally different price. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. We are working on a listing promotion and don't have time to completely redo every listing because the closed listings are now messed up and once posted having to revise in eBay...

color of type in Seller Details

societyof123 ·
Hello, I set up my Sellers Detail. Shipping, Terms, About Us etc. I selected Black type for all the sections. When select a template for example the "Little Angels" The color of the type in the Details is "brown" which is fine, that is the color that the template suggests. My question is that some of the type is "brown" and some stayed "black". It should all be brown. When I selected my type color when I set up my Seller Details, they were all highlight together, and I selected a default...
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Comments welcome

Guest ·
Welcome to the Auctiva Education forum. We've added an Education tab on our site, which hosts how-to articles covering best-practice techniques for using eBay and other online auction and e-commerce platforms; exclusive "from the trenches" editorials by renowned eBay experts; and analysis of e-commerce news, trends and events. Use this forum to send Auctiva editors topics you’d like to see us cover, and suggestions to improve the Education tab or our Online Seller newsletter.

Complying With eBay's Duplicate Listing Policy

auctivatonym ·
Have you updated your listings in accordance with eBay's new Duplicate Listing policy? Although this policy took effect two months ago, it seems that many eBay sellers have yet to comply, whether due to lack of information, or lack of tools (or where to find them) to help get the job done. Among those not yet in compliance, eBay is telling us, there unfortunately remain a few Auctiva Sellers. Regardless of what any of us think of eBay's Duplicate Listing policy, the reality is that it does...

Confuse about Auctiva Insurance

pongyanin ·
I want to use Auctiva Insurance, but I confuse about it. I'm eBay seller in Thailand. If I sell itme value $500, and sent this item by register airmail by Thailand Post. If I offer your insurance option to customer and his accepted his will add pay $ 6.5 for me, Right? And will I pay Auctiva $5 ? If during transfer the item lost. How much I claim for this case? Or you insurance only domestic. Please easy explain to me (I'm not good at English.) Best regards. Pongyanin

Constant API error

caz ·
Hi, I have been listing with auctiva fine for a while now, but this week every time I have tried to list I get an API error saying that the title or listing The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. PLEASE HELP as i really need to lit tonight

Craft beads - colored pearls

mar30 ·
Does anyone here do crafts? My mother-in-law asked me to find some craft beads. She didn't specify a size, and I know there's a range of sizes. She doesn't want white - she wants colors like pink, blue, mint green, purple, etc., with the "pearlized" look to them, and 2 holes for crafting purposes. NOT pearls that are already on a string like a necklace. Does anyone know of any retail stores that carry these, or a good seller on eBay?

Cannot stop auto relist

c4a2y ·
I am a new seller on ebay. I joined Auctiva to make things easier. However, because I originally posted my auctions on eBay and then imported them to Auctiva, I cannot stop the auto relist. Auctiva thinks they are not scheduled and eBay won't allow me to do anything to my current listings (instead it loads a page that gets hung up with Auctiva). I have already tried multiple browsers. PLEASE HELP! Several auctions are ending today that I don't want relisted. Thank you.

cant access seller details--where is it?

opportunitydoc ·
I am using seller details in my master template now. I wanted to make some changes. Why isnt seller details listed with the other profiles (shipping,etc.) in the master list? When I click on the separate seller details->edit I go to a blank page. I cannot find my existing details anywhere. housedoc


chellie ·
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have tried to post listings 46 manually and scheduled since thurs evening. i cannot list and keep recieving the following error message. how do i repair this? this caused me to miss completely the ebay 20 cent lisitng promoti0n and i am quite unhappy. i ahve sued every one of the failed ads before with no problem. i hace ven tried listing via fire fox instead of IE. NO RESPONSE FROM AUCTIVA HELP-- PLEASE HELP...

CANT ......POST......TO.......EBAY

kendrick1 ·
Hi. Everyone im new here i just signed up a few days ago i also am new to ebay and pay pal i just signed for them also .... well my problem is that yesterday i tried to post my first auctiva ebay listing and it didnt go threw im trying to figure out im i missing something ... first i know that auctiva gives a token that connects to my ebay account somehow ...and that is done when i first sighs up for auctiva correct...but my question is do i have to somehow approve it again in my ebay...

Change a profile name in manager seller details

alli18 ·
Hi can anyone tell me how to change my profile name in the manager seller details. I set it up and gave it a name, but I want to change it and I can't seem to beable to do it without deleting the whole profile. Please help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!! Michelle

change the words like "Payment"

stephano ·
Hello I just want to change the words like "Payment" , Shipping" (section Seller Details) .. into another language. As i am in Germany i sell 90% to germans. It`s probably better not to have an english title. Does anybody know if you can change this words, didn`t find any possibility. Thanks

Can't view seller details on Auctiva website

wolfgrrl ·
When trying to view my seller details to change them, all I am getting in the box that is supposed to have the text in it is a blank box. My text does not appear. This has been going on for over a week - previous to that week I was able to view my details but there always was a delay between when the page would load and my text to appear. It took about 1-2 seconds for my text to appear. Now my text isn't appearing and I cannot edit it. I've tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer, with the...

"Can Top-Rated Seller Program Help eBay?"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "Can Top-Rated Seller Program Help eBay?" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.

Can you add topics to Seller Details?

dura-max ·
Want to add other topics to Seller Details. Want to have more tabs other than just "Payment" "Shipping" etc. Is it possible?

Can you change Seller Profile Titles??

mrssweet ·
Instead of payment, terms of sale etc... can you customize those titles like instead of terms of sale you can put return policy??

Can You Have More Than One Auctiva Account?

marjess ·
I'm considering becoming an Ebay lister for another seller who has a high volume of product but they need my Auctiva Login & Password to create the auctions & naturally I'm concerned about that so I want to create a 2nd account. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

Canadian Newbie needs help with shipping insurance question

gemnigemstonz ·
Hi, I have looked at the FAQ, and tried to find something to answer this question on this forum, but I cannot yet find anything. I need some help please. I am a Canadian seller, selling on .com site. I want to provide a cheaper shipping situation for my Canadian buyers, since shipping within Canada with insurance using Canada Post is insanely expensive.(it can cost me over $12 to ship a small bubble envelope across the country). All the FAQ's and other info I can find says that I can use...

Cannot list due to possible improper words etc

wends151 ·
Hi This is my first time with Auctiva listing (and using the help boards). I'm trying to list an item but get the following reason for failure: "The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be breaching eBay policy." I've read through similar postings for advice and have gone back to the listing and changed any speacial characters such as quote marks, dashes and brackets etc. to no avail. Has anyone any idea what...

Can't edit previous seller detail profile

emeraldgoddess ·
When I click on Profiles and then Seller Details to edit out some old old profile has vanished?? Any hints on how to find it again? Em

Can't Generate Ebay Token

periwinklesunshine1 ·
Although I already have an ebay seller account,I'm unable to generate an ebay token. I get as far as clicking the button to generate it, and then nothing at all happens. I believe I'm supposed to be returned to Auctiva, but that doesn't happen, and Auctiva still says I need to generate the token to post and auction. How can I get around this? Or make it work? Thanks! Deb

Can't post listing to ebay

99world-mart ·
When I post my item in Auctiva to ebay, the following error appear: API Error Your weekly selling activity limits have been exceeded, or the user has not registered as a seller. Please check eBay for selling requirements. What is this? How to settle it?

Can't Revise Seller Details

genejohnson ·
There seems to have been an Auctiva "upgrade" since I last revised my seller details profile. I can make new seller details profiles, but can't find any way to revise my existing ones. It's entirely possible I missed something glaringly obvious, but I can't find it. Anyone else having this issue?

Can't start with listing auctiva account

essentialexpress ·
Attention To help new sellers like you get used to the different types of listings and features available on eBay, we require you to use the Sell Your Item form to list your items. As a new seller, you need to establish a positive selling history and show that you're able to meet the needs of your customers. Knowing the latest features available to you will help you succeed as a seller. Please try listing your item again using the Sell Your Item form on eBay. I'm trying to list with my new...

Can I change existing listings to new seller details all at once?

lesley ·
I have revised my seller details/custom template and would like to change all my existing listings. Is this possible or do I have to do them individually. thanks Lesley

Can I edit a listing in Auctiva after it has been posted?

jduran ·
I just realized that I didn't put in my Seller details. Can I add it after the listings have been posted to ebay? thanks!

Can I have more than 1 eBay ID with Auctiva?

2muchstuff ·
Hi, Is it possible to have two ebay seller ids & use Auctiva? Or would I have to register a second Auctiva account for my alternate selling id? Thanks in advance.

Can I just get the HTML for the description?

efilnikcufecin ·
I am cuttently trying to revise all the listings that i used SD to list because of their image problems. What I am doing is removing the SD code and adding auctiva's code. I am basically re-creating the ad on auctiva, in the lister then clicking preview and view source, and then I normally would copy that code, paste it to the "Description area" Of ebay's revise form and be done. However Auctiva includes ebays seller info, and shipping info at the top and bottom of the template click the...

Can I relist a "removed" listing by ebay? & Contact info question!

amd-inc ·
I listed 12 items and ebay removed 10 of them due to "Inappropriate links" and "Inapppropriate Seller Terms". Basically I had a link to my website in the listing and my watermark also has my website name and that's not allowed. (Which brings me to a second question!) Q#1 - Can I just modify my auctions within Auctiva and repost them, or do I have to create new auctions, for each item, with the changes needed, and then load those as new auctions? Q#2 - If I got in trouble with ebay for...

Can I use all seller listing info?

mizkatie ·
I am new to this and about to pull my hair out. lol I can upload video to you tube but can't figure this out. I want to use all the info on the template IE contact us, payment, shipping, etc. But it only allows me to use one. Is there something I am not doing right? And talk dummy to me as I won't get it. Sorry.

Can I use Auctiva as a private seller? + Can I upload CSV

omarm ·
First post here! Can I use Auctiva as a private seller? + Can I used on more than one private seller ID? And... can I upload a CSV file to update my stock levels for my eBay listings? Thanks Omar

Can not change seller detail

raysmo53 ·
I am editing my listing and I want to change my seller detail. When I change it to the one I want then preview it is still the old seller detail. I tried saving the listing then edited it again and the seller detail is blank.

Can someone please help me??

cae3575 ·
I keep getting this error message when I try and post auctions. I have never had this happen before. Can someone help me ? Boys OLD NAVY Sports SHORT SET ~ sz 4 ~ Basketball API Error The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

Business seller details

jesscollie ·
In Ebay my listings show my full personal details under "Business Seller Details". This includes my phone, address and email. How can I stop this? I have spoken to Ebay and they say it's a Auctiva issue as I use Auctiva listing tools. Last night my account was hijacked. How can I prevent this? I have filed a support request and have not had a reply to this issue.

Buyer Choosing Insurance???

nhnonna ·
Let me tell you what happened a couple of weeks ago. I built an auction on Auctiva for my Ebay store, listing a 50pg pkg of stationary. I sold it for $3, with free shipping. Unfortunately, when I put together my store info and preferences on Auctiva, I chose the insurance choice. Little did I know, that the BUYER can choose the insurance and NOT pay for it, since I was paying for the shipping. So a $3 item cost me $2.41 in shipping fees, plus the $1.45 for insurance that the BUYER chose.

Buyer could not checkout using Auctiva checkout

nwestfal ·
I noted in this forum many people having trouble with Auctiva checkout, so I disabled it for new listings, however as I understand it there is no way to disable it for currently active listings other than to cancel the listing and re-list. Well, yesterday (3/15/2009) a buyer used BIN on one of the listings I posted through Auctiva before I had disabled the Auctiva checkout, and when he tried to pay for his order he was unable to use the Auctiva checkout. I had to get on the phone with him...

Buyer not paying due to death in family?

emanon1967 ·
Anybody have this happen to them? We got an email from this woman who said she won't be able to pay for the auction due to her aunt and 2 cousins being killed in a car accident. She said she has to go and help out her family. While I am loathe to think someone would actually lie about this, I have to be suspicious. She also won an auction for a very similar item to mine about 20 mins after our auction ended. About 20 mins after that, I got this email. What I want to do is contact the other...

buyer problems with insurance claim

nsp9107 ·
I sold an item to a buyer in Macu, shipped the item by 1st class international with auctiva insurance. I made the mistake of shipping by 1st class, but i had insured it and told the buyer this the day it was shipped, The package has not made it to him yet, was Shipped sept 16th. He filed a claim with paypal on Oct 16th, (not ebay). Stating I shipped it the wrong way and he should not fill out any claim form. Paypal sided with him and refunded the money. even with my repeated request to have...

Buying Clothes on e-bay? Here are some tips to avoid buyer’s remorse

jacebstreasures ·
Buying Clothes on e-bay? Here are some tips to avoid buyer’s remorse. When most people think of e-bay if conjures up pictures of $10,000 dollar grilled cheese sandwiches and people selling autographed major league baseballs. The truth is more and more people are buying everyday items such as clothing using on-line auction sites such as e-bay. Buying clothing on-line presents special challenges to both buyer and seller, so as the owner of an e-bay store that specializes in clothing sales I...

Calculated Shipping includes Insurance?

tomo ·
Hi, I am a longtime Ebay seller, but new to Auctiva. One of the nice things about Ebay's calculated shipping is that it includes my mandatory insurance cost (USPS) based on the current price of the auction. I have signed up for Auctiva's Insurance program. I suspect that the calculated shipping charges shown do not include insurance. I tell my customers that insurance is required but it is included in the calculated shipping. They may be upset if they have to pay an additional charge after...

Call for success stories

Guest ·
Got a success story you want to share? What amazing garage sale finds have you turned into monster profits online? How has using Auctiva's free templates and auction management tools improved your eBay business? Drop a line and tell us in 50 words or less about an outstanding e-sale experience, and perhaps we'll feature your story in an upcoming issue of The Online Seller newsletter. Reply to this thread to be considered.

Can A Seller Refuses A Particular Type of Money For Payment?

ktchong ·
Is there a federal law that says that a seller cannot refuse a certain form of money as long as it is valid, commonly accepted form of payment?? I remember about learning such a law back in a college law class, but I can't remember the specifics. Basically, it says that a seller cannot refuse any particular type of payment of money as long as it is a valid form and the buyer agrees to cover for any expense for that payment. Of couse, basic law 101: the laws of the land SUPERCEDE and OVERRIDE...

Can I add another Ebay seller id?

scrapperof4 ·
I have 2 seller id's for ebay and I can't seem to find how to enter the 2nd id. Can anyone help??? I would greatly appreciate it.

Can I Add Categories to Seller Details?

shoduke11 ·
Hi, I was just wondering if I can add more categories to Seller Details then the ones they already have now (shipping, payment etc.) I want to add a 'Returns' category. How do I do this? Thanks, Jordan

changing accounts

theprancingpixie ·
I have changed my ebay account but want to keep the same auctiva account since all my photos and listings are saved. Is it possible to link this auctiva account with a new ebay seller account?

Changing seller details

panfieldco ·
How do you change existing Seller Details? Thank you

changing seller details on active listing

stuffed ·
Just wondering, can the seller details profile be changed or updated to repost on an active listing? if so, how is it done? Thanks!

Changing shipping fee in saved listings

edandsophie ·
I can make changes to my template and seller profiles and the results show up instantly in a saved ad. Why don't changes in my shipping profile show up instantly in my ad. I saved the changes to the master profile and I still have to "load" the shipping changes into each ad separately. Ed
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