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Can I sell through Auctiva from Italy?

pietro ·
I know it seems a silly question but I just registered and I wonder if, between the shipping options, is listed the possibility to ship from another country. It's nearly dawn here so forgive the flatness that I can feel in my brain and that you can perceive from my questions, but could someone tell me the advantages, monetary or not of dropping Turbo Lister? PS: TL2 gives me headache already by the way, and as I cannot use TL(1) anymore, here I am. Warmest regards to all of you from Tuscany. P.

Can I sell without an ebay account?

peh ·
Hi all, can I just list my items with Auctiva and sell it within my online store on Auctiva? I do not want to create a listing and have my customers linked to ebay when they see my items on my Auctiva page. Please assist!

Can I track the cost of my shipping supplies?

mrbowlblank ·
Is there a way to put all the different size boxes I use to ship with, into inventory, and then assign a box to an item I sell, and then have Auctiva let me know when my inventory is getting low? Also, if I use 30 cents of bubble wrap to ship a Grey Widget, is there a report I can run that'll tell me the cost of bubble wrap and boxes for a particular month?

Can I use auctiva for selling inside of Germany?

auctino ·
Hello. Can I use auctiva for selling inside of Germany? I live in Switzerland, and would like to use auctiva to sell through eBay Germany. Is the „auctiva“ auction tool only for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Aren't other countrys allowed to use it? Thank you.

Can I Use Auctiva to add items to ebay store (help)

agapeguitarz ·
One of my main selling strategies for my business plan is to load items into my store and periodically send items to auction to not only sell the item, but drive traffic to the store. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this from auctiva. Any thoughts?

Can I use my auctiva storefront to sell Adult/Fetish items?

peeyewshoes ·
I would like to purchase a domain name and set up a store front to sell my well worn used items. Such as socks and my underwear. Is this allowed on auctiva and if not does anyone know of any sites that support this? Thank you

Can I use my Store to host .pdf files?

tjmonty ·
Ok, Let's see if I can ask this in a clear way. I want to offer free guides from my eBay "About Me" Page to generate traffic and hopefully income through affiliate links in those guides. I need a server, or host to have this guide available for people to download from. Eventually I would want to sell other types of information or eBooks, but for right now just want to take baby steps. Does Auctiva have any services for what I want? I appreciate any help. Sometimes setting this stuff up gets...

Can I use the multi-variations tool for one item with 2 style options?

monica-maria ·
Hello, I am trying to use the multi-variations tool but don't see a way to match what I need. I make bow ties in two different styles so I would like to make the listing where they could choose one of the styles. But when I use the multi-variations tool, it doubles the quantity available. Is there a way to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Monica

Can post items on Store without listing on eBay?

allnewitem ·
How can we post more items on the Auctiva store, but these items are not being listed on ebay. So that we can sell some more items through Auctiva Thank you very much

Can someone please help the combined shipping impaired?

lexisluxuries ·
Hi, wanted to say thanks in advance to everyone here who always take time to help others with their issues. I guess that is why I feel comfortable asking stupid questions without being judged and know that I always get the right answer. Can someone explain to me (the combined shipping impaired) exactly the best way to combine shipping and perhaps suggest pricing? ***My most important question being this: I generally sell baby/childrens clothing with most items being able to ship 1st class. I...

buy it now is invalid

jjr ·
Hi, I am getting the Buy it now is invalid when I am trying to sell a fixed priced item using buy it now" at 0.99 but if I use 1.00 it accepts it. what I have been doing is list it at 1.00 then go to eBay and change the fixed price to 0.99 using revise item listing. Does anyone know why it is doing that and not leting me use 0.99 with Auctiva? Thanks and GOD bless.

"Buy Locally, Sell Globally"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "Buy Locally, Sell Globally" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.

Buy Shield on DVD recording. Why?

irishgal ·
I haven't kept up with Buy Shield. As far as I know I haven't agreed to use it since most of the things I offer are books and a recording on DVD. I found Buy Shield added to a DVD recording I listed a few hours ago I relisted it through Ebay even though the listing was designed through Auctiva. I can't find it on anything else including a bracelet. As I said I don't sell anything that would require a warranty. What does this mean?

Buying inventory, and selling "parts" of it.

mrbowlblank ·
I just bought five boards (as in lumber), that are 6 feet long, each. I'm going to cut each board into a 1 foot section...and sell those 1 foot sections on eBay as individual auctions, starting at 99 cents per small board. Is there a way, using Auctiva inventory, or the consignment system, to tell if I made money or lost money after all the boards are sold? (the above is just an please don't reply with 'you can't make money that way')

Can Anyone List With The Variation Generator

john550cord ·
i am trying multiple ways to list using the variation generator - ie a brand new listing and recycling a used listing basically i have one item that comes in 6 different colors - that is all i want to do and when i input the custom colors it just hangs and hangs there - i haven't been able to use this tool in months! anyone else having this problem or kniw what i may be doing wrong? thanks, john

Can Auctiva bulk edit variation images?

m1287 ·
I'm having the hardest time with Ebay right now. I currently am not subscribed with Auctiva but I'm searching for a tool that can help me out with this issue. Basically, I'm unable to bulk edit my listings to add new photos to my variation listings. Apparently, Ebay uploads my original gallery photo to their servers and when I try to use their File Exchange service to add new photos to my variations, I get an "Cannot mix EPS with self hosted images." I'm also unable to revise the original...

Can Auctiva services and image hosting be used for other auction sites?

luckyblackcat ·
I sell on ebay, and a smaller website as well and I was wondering if it's possible to use at least the image hosting for that other website? Thanks!

changing listings between two accounts HELP!

eliviajen ·
Hi, i wanted to sell a car and a motorbike but didnt want to do it on my normal account as it lady and baby clothing. so have spent all this time listing and it wont list the way i want it to with bin & best offer because my partners account doesnt have enough feedback, is there any way i can 'cut' the listing out and stick it in my autivia account so i can list it quickly without having to start again? many thanks in advance - Jenna x

Changing Template of Active Listing

mure ·
I've seen several old posts saying that the only way to change a listings template is to change it in the Saved listing, get the HTML code and then copy+paste into the active listing html editor on the eBay site. For us, this isn't going to work very well and it doesn't seem like a very efficient use of our time, with around 1,500 items that would need changed... Is there an easier way of doing this or are there plans to implement a better editing tool for live listings in the future? We...

Changing the background in custom templates

passagesoftime ·
I am trying to update my custom templates to fit ebays new policies. With the old customize templates tool I could take an existing template and change pretty much anything I wanted including the background and boarder images. With the new templates I cant seem to change the background or boarders.Is there a way to customize the templates beyond just the layout of existing templates? Specifically can I insert my own background and boarder images and if so how?

changing user name for some listings

sewcrafty ·
Is there a way to remove or change some of my closed listings to a different user name? I have been selling some items for my son that are totally unrelated to what I normally sell and have set up an ebay user name for him and would like to move these items from my user name to his without re-doing everything. Thank you.

Check out my auction! Girls size 4T-6x currently posted.

oklahomamom ·
Hi, I was cleaning out my daughter's closet & found a ton of clothes that she's outgrown. Sadly, most of the outfits had only been worn 2 or 3x each, if that. I'd like to buy her the next size up, so I need to sell what's in there. There will be quite a few name brands being put up for sale & they are all in excellent condition & from a smoke free home. My auctions can be found here . Take a peek & make sure to if you have any questions.

Check out my new Item. Blender lamp

moodymama1024 ·
I am really proud of these lamps that I have started doing. Tell me what you think. Do you think they are creative enough to sell? Vintage Blender turned into a lamp: Birdfeeder Night Light Also my mom made this dance flower arrangement. I think it is really cute. I havent done well on etsy yet. Do you think it is because the sight is...

Check out some of our Newest Templates!

auctivacara ·
In case you haven't had a chance to see some of our new templates, here are a few for you to preview. Don't forget that you can see all of our newest templates by clicking the "Newest" button in the Quick Search option of the Template Gallery. click here click to view click to view And for those of you who have a few extra items to sell before Christmas, make sure to check out our new holiday templates: click to view click to view click to view click to view Happy Listing! Cara

Checkout options window

elliott042 ·
In my listing, if I have disabled Auctiva checkout and am using eBay checkout, do I still fill out the necessary information in the Checkout Options window of the Auctiva listing tool?

How to upload ebook to sale on ebay?

ntn3169 ·
I saw a lot of auctiva member who sell ebook on ebay then they success (after minus the ebay fee).Any one know about how to upload ebook to sell on ebay...

HTML Colour code for "Contemporary Blue" border

quazimuppet ·
Hello there, anybody out there know how to match the colour of the border for the Contemporary Blue template? I can't get a match to any of my HTML colour charts by eye, was wondering if there was a tool that could sample it and tell me! Cheers.

memorylaneoo7 · I created my own template in dreamweaver as directed by a mentor. I copy and pasted it in the create a custom template in auctiva but the template doesnt look like it did in the preview in dreamweaver. My mentor said it must be because I used layers instead of tables. So he created a template similar with a tables. I did't like his template and chose the one I created, but it still looks wrong. I wish I could use your template editor to create the whole...

Husbands drawings..???

bbycakes ·
Hi all, I have just posted a few of my husands art on ebay I was looking for some feedback on what all you kind lovely peeps thought of it.( bare in mind he never copies its all freelance of the top of his head,) I don't think he gives himself enogh praise he calms them doodles. ebay no is: 150173774823 like i said these are but a few I have a file full of them. thanks for taking the time to read this and i look forward to the feedback so that i can pass it on to him. If they sell i will add...

I am a bit overwhelmed.

essentials97 ·
Hi, I have an ebay store and have had great time with it. I have 105 items in my ebay store at the moment for auction. As I was poking around I noticed Auctiva and so I thought it would be a great tool to get more details in my listings. So,I signed up and all that jazz. Well, I do understand after reading the post around here that my new listings will not show in the search for a couple hours. BUT,what about my current 105 listings that have only a day or so before they close? My eBay store...

I can't get the auto relist profile to do what I want

ebaygirl ·
Hi I want to relist items if they don't sell. Instead they either aren't relisting at all or relisting when they do sell. How do I set up the auto relist profile to just relist items straight away with no changes but only if they haven't sold??? Please help, this is costing me eBay fees and a lot of hassle having to end listings because they've auto relisted incorrectly. Any ideas are much appreciated, thanks a lot

I cant schedule says edit listing; nothing missing!

gortusk ·
I am trying to sell some of my old video games and I didnt have a problem until I grouped 3 games together for 2 listing. Now when i try to schedule I get this message " Listing is invalid for posting or is missing certain required fields. Please edit this listing before scheduling so that it meets posting requirements. " i have remade one listing 2 times trying to fix this with no luck and tried just posting it to see if it would tell me what to fix and it just says " The following 1...

I Feel like CRYING :'( SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!

angies ·
Why CAN'T the STORE WINDOW JUST works! Is it because we MUST LIST every item through auctiva listing? I list one item with auctiva listing tool and 10 others with ebay directly and well, the one item I listed with auctiva tool shows on the window BUT the other 10 shows the loading image text WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? How is that soooooo many people have problems with the window. Why can't someone do something? I praise auctiva for many good things they do for the ebay community for...

I have a false sell on eBay, that I dont want to see it in my Summary anymore...

tty2k7winkelstorecom ·
someone tried to scam me awhile back, by completing checkout, then emailed me and told me to send the item to Nigera, the item costed $360, I believe, long story short it didnt happen, but My seller Summary is being thrown off by this false sell, aswell as my total sells, So how would I remove it P.S. I was credited my final sell fee

I just opened my online store! Check it out!

shan92 ·
I just openend my online store with ebay. I sell new with tags name brand infant to teen clothing. Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks, Shannon Chic and Trendy Tots2Teens

I like auctiva except....

wirelessking ·
I noticed there is a difference when listing something. I list a lot of cell phones on ebay and usually on Ebay, you can search for a phone by model and manufactuer. When you select the phone you want to list, Ebay automatically includes info about that phone that shows up along with your listing. Like how many minutes the battery can use of talk time and stand by and what features the phone has. I noticed that auctiva doesn't give you that option. Am I missing somewhere where I can do that?


sapienette ·
I would like to let you AUCTIVA folks know that I really like and appreciate what you are making available for free! I find the site easy to use, and love the profiles, templates, description editor, etc.! The fact that I can schedule my auctions for free means I can write listings whenever I want - especially late at night! But far and away, my favorite feature is... THE SCROLLING STORE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sellathon stats show that window is my most effective selling tool by far! Thank...

Insurance is not being calculated automatically in my auctions...

cjackc ·
Does anyone remember if insurance was automatically calculated for you when listing on eBay, regardless of flat or calculated shipping charges? I thought I remember the site doing that before and I know that I set up the insurance charges for different price value ranges. I asked eBay and they told me that it only does it when you use the shipping calculator for determining S&H and not with flat rate charges. It used to work for me on my listings with flat rate shipping, but they said...

Insurance revising

killevy ·
Just saw on eBay that auctiva provides a bulk revising search and replace function. I am desperately revising all my listings to be compliant with the no returns, no insurance and getting all the flagged words out of my listings. Doing it manually listing by listing. Does Auctiva have a search and replace tool for description text? And would that work in live listings? If not, I guess it would not help anyway, don't want to remove listings and relist them. Just saw this new message on eBay ...

Insuring on Suppliers Insurance....?

tty2k7winkelstorecom ·
Ok, I sell Pre-sale items, and my drop-shipper includes insuarance in the shipping cost. But I kinda dont trust this and want to offer my customers a second insurance on there items through Auctiva, but is this legal, is this safe, does it comply with ebay? Also since I also sell ebooks will offering insurance effect the standard eBay/PayPal checkout process?

Interesting Endgame To My Listing Problem

kragskov ·
I spent the better part of the day getting my listing situation resolved.I had my listings rejected by eBay for a supposed problem with unacceptable words or phrases in my add.I was finally able to get a stripped bare listing to post in my store where I attempted to revise the listing.This was after using eBays live help,the help of other auctiv-meisters all to no avail.Upon attempting to post the revised listing eBay informed me that I could not post due to the fact I was attempting to list...

International agreement

hijean ·
cannot list anything error You must accept the international selling agreement before you can list this item that would require international delivery. If you prefer not to accept this agreement, you will need to list only where you registered and choose local delivery options in this tool before resubmitting your listing. Please visit to accept these terms. Failure [X]

International calculated Postage.

marian100 ·
Hi there all! In Profiles I wish to use calculated shipping for International items, located in the Shipping profile. If I select Calculated Shipping under the International options it immaediately defaults back to Will not ship International .... This is insanely frustrating for me and means I have to go back through every listing I list with Auctiva and change it manually. If I forget I have international buyers requesting a postage rate they should be able to automatically see. I sell...

international postage - scheduled listings did not post

sscrabble ·
now my scheduled items will not post due to some international agreement ebay have advised but which I cannot fine - auctiva appear to have have done nothing to anticipate this - I cannot post any items - api error message gives a link but that does not go anywhere !! API Error You must accept the international selling agreement before you can list this item that would require international delivery. If you prefer not to accept this agreement, you will need to list only where you registered...

International Questions

stinkypete ·
Hello, I just stumbled on Auctivia and do like it, but..., I'm located in Belgium, Split my time between Belgium, France and the UK and sell in Europe, so there's one snag. All my listings are in Euro's, another snag. Listings imported in Auctivia don't show up as having bids, another... Is it possible to use the "more pictures" thinghy on international sites? Is it possible to make an auction with the Activia software and then copy the complete code into the Ebay thinghy? But without the...

International Selling

heymoe ·
What's the best way to sell internationally? I'm not just talking about having "Ships to: Worldwide" in the listing, but having a more internationally centric listing? I'm in Australia, and I'm auctioning things that have a greater market in the US/Canada, and to a lesser extent the UK. Do I list the item on the US site and specify shipping costs only in the auction desciption? ie. If I state Domestic shipping, I can't specify that this means in Australia. Domestic shipping in this case...

International Selling Agreement

kelvincheung5 ·
I have just read this post written by other sellers: "I have been having a problem for a couple of days now when trying to list via Auctiva.I keep getting an API error saying that I cannot post until I sign Ebays International Seller Agreement. I have since signed the agreement but still keep getting the same error.I have contacted Auctiva and Ebay but they are blaming each other.I can list items Internationally using Ebay tools without a problem but don't wish to do this as it is tedious...

International Site Visibility

unique ·
Hi I list on but would like increased visibility in USA. I understand I can select 'International site visibility' option and pay an additional fee. Can any one tell me how I do this via auctiva listing? Where does it appear on the form? How much does it cost. I sell low value media items. Starting price 99p. Many thanks unique1929

International Visibility??

scottg ·
When will this be added to Auctiva? I would like to try it but launching to ebay then revising using ebay's sell form(which I have never used) seems like a pain so I am hoping that auctiva gets it in pretty soon Scott

International Visibility (

angelic ·
Hi there, I'm wanting to list some jewellery items I think will sell well to the US market. I don't want to list on .com just because I know better and there's a strong chance they might go to Europe too. My question is... How do I get international visibility on my listing? I have set up worldwide postage (as standard) but I understand I need to pay about 5p for this 'international visibility' to get my listing shown on .com? How do I do this (either through auctiva or ebay)?
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