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Code and scrolling gallery

zkarenartist ·
When I make ads, I prefer to use an offline tool, Kompozer because I am stuck with dial-up internet service. I have copied and pasted the scrolling gallery html code into my "template." When I upload to eBay and click preview, everyhting seems to be fine. When I check back later, sometimes the scrolling gallery is there, sometimes it is not. Is there an easier way to be doing this? Will Auctiva automatically add scrolling gallery to my ads if I do not put the code in? Any other suggestions?

Color Pallet is empty Can't change txt or bg colors

pm6727 ·
I'm hoping I can get some help. Searching has produced nothing. I have xp pro. Firefox and IE7. When I try to edit a standard supplied template and change bg or text colors, the pallet just show a bunch of empty boxes. I have no way of knowing what color I'm going to get or whether anything is checked because the checkmarks are not showing up either. I clicked one on a practice template and previewed it. Got just black text on white no matter what "color" box I've (hopefully) checked. On...

confused about edit/revise listings please HELP?

dogstar932 ·
OK. I'm new and I do not 'get' everything about how this is supposed to work as eBay is the only listing tool that I've ever used. Now I need to know 2 things one- When I have an imported item that was listed on eBay and then brought over here, can I edit it and add all the cool auctive stuff I signed up for? I tried that and it just flashed me back to the past and there I was in the old eBay revise form. two When I have and auctiva created listing can I edit it and add or change the auctiva...

Considering Auctiva - what are the archive capabilities?

mercat68 ·
Hi. In a nutshell: I need a tool that will allow me to archive eBay listings longer than the 90 days eBay allows. So, for example, I want to keep any unsold ugly holiday sweater listings available for easy re-listing next holiday season. Does Auctiva do this and what are the capabilities in terms of capacity (number of listings it will archive) and duration? Thanks.

copy/paste with word

crjebay ·
I saw from some other posts that some were using microsoft word to create their descriptions then copy/paste them into auctiva description. I thought I would give this a try, especially if I started creating description through auctiva and forgot to save and got logged out, my work would be lost. I copy through MW and then use the Paste from Word feature at top where tool bar icons are. Everything copies over but in gray print. What happens to any color I used in MW. Also, the title was set...

Copying Saved Listings

bubbafatass ·
Hi guy's, this is my first post and I could do with a little help. I have managed to get my head round most of the site (great tool and thanx to developers btw), but I can't see a way to achieve 1 thing. Is there a way of copying listings that i have in my saved listing. I have a lot of listings that i list for 5 & 10 days and, if possible i would like to just copy all of them and then bulk edit the copies. As i schedule a lot it means that i can't just bulk edit the original listing.

Category ??

dmerriott ·
I am trying to list parts for a motorycycle with auctiva but they aren't giving me any "leaf categories" and it keeps giving me an error. What can I do??!!?? I am frustrated as I just started with this auction tool and thought is was great until I tried to list my first item. Please help!! Thanks.

Can the muti-variation tool be disabled for fixed price listings?

bagmaven49 ·
I am sure this question has come up, but I am not on this board very much and would like some input. I sell vintage and pre-owned handbags and wallets. I try to sell auction style, but business today doesn't always bring the same results unless it is a specific brand, no matter what the quality is! Since I have a store, I am trying to list fixed price more often. Since the new multi-variation tool has come into effect, this process has been more difficult for me. I can see where when you...

Can't combine multiple purchases on one invoice -

bek ·
Hi. I can't combine multiple purchases from a buyer on their one invoice. eBay Customer Support tells me that "if you use a third party listing tool such as Auctiva or Sparedollar, you will need to contact them to set eBay to default in order to combine invoices". Can anyone please tell me, can I fix that myself, or does an Auctiva supprt person need to do it for me from their end? Cheers, Bek.

Can't Find One-Page Lister

dwyer915 ·
I am a registed user and have been looking for the one-page lister under the Listings section. Can't find button or link to click for access to this tool. What am I doing wrong?

Can't get Bulk Edit to work

seacoastbargain ·
I've tried all kinds of ways to use the bulk edit tool. I keep getting this message: "0 had errors." It will not revise the items. Any thoughts?

Can I use auctiva for selling inside of Germany?

auctino ·
Hello. Can I use auctiva for selling inside of Germany? I live in Switzerland, and would like to use auctiva to sell through eBay Germany. Is the „auctiva“ auction tool only for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Aren't other countrys allowed to use it? Thank you.

Can I use the multi-variations tool for one item with 2 style options?

monica-maria ·
Hello, I am trying to use the multi-variations tool but don't see a way to match what I need. I make bow ties in two different styles so I would like to make the listing where they could choose one of the styles. But when I use the multi-variations tool, it doubles the quantity available. Is there a way to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Monica

Can Anyone List With The Variation Generator

john550cord ·
i am trying multiple ways to list using the variation generator - ie a brand new listing and recycling a used listing basically i have one item that comes in 6 different colors - that is all i want to do and when i input the custom colors it just hangs and hangs there - i haven't been able to use this tool in months! anyone else having this problem or kniw what i may be doing wrong? thanks, john

Can Auctiva bulk edit variation images?

m1287 ·
I'm having the hardest time with Ebay right now. I currently am not subscribed with Auctiva but I'm searching for a tool that can help me out with this issue. Basically, I'm unable to bulk edit my listings to add new photos to my variation listings. Apparently, Ebay uploads my original gallery photo to their servers and when I try to use their File Exchange service to add new photos to my variations, I get an "Cannot mix EPS with self hosted images." I'm also unable to revise the original...

Changing Template of Active Listing

mure ·
I've seen several old posts saying that the only way to change a listings template is to change it in the Saved listing, get the HTML code and then copy+paste into the active listing html editor on the eBay site. For us, this isn't going to work very well and it doesn't seem like a very efficient use of our time, with around 1,500 items that would need changed... Is there an easier way of doing this or are there plans to implement a better editing tool for live listings in the future? We...

Changing the background in custom templates

passagesoftime ·
I am trying to update my custom templates to fit ebays new policies. With the old customize templates tool I could take an existing template and change pretty much anything I wanted including the background and boarder images. With the new templates I cant seem to change the background or boarders.Is there a way to customize the templates beyond just the layout of existing templates? Specifically can I insert my own background and boarder images and if so how?

Checkout options window

elliott042 ·
In my listing, if I have disabled Auctiva checkout and am using eBay checkout, do I still fill out the necessary information in the Checkout Options window of the Auctiva listing tool?

HTML Colour code for "Contemporary Blue" border

quazimuppet ·
Hello there, anybody out there know how to match the colour of the border for the Contemporary Blue template? I can't get a match to any of my HTML colour charts by eye, was wondering if there was a tool that could sample it and tell me! Cheers.

memorylaneoo7 · I created my own template in dreamweaver as directed by a mentor. I copy and pasted it in the create a custom template in auctiva but the template doesnt look like it did in the preview in dreamweaver. My mentor said it must be because I used layers instead of tables. So he created a template similar with a tables. I did't like his template and chose the one I created, but it still looks wrong. I wish I could use your template editor to create the whole...

I am a bit overwhelmed.

essentials97 ·
Hi, I have an ebay store and have had great time with it. I have 105 items in my ebay store at the moment for auction. As I was poking around I noticed Auctiva and so I thought it would be a great tool to get more details in my listings. So,I signed up and all that jazz. Well, I do understand after reading the post around here that my new listings will not show in the search for a couple hours. BUT,what about my current 105 listings that have only a day or so before they close? My eBay store...

I Feel like CRYING :'( SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!

angies ·
Why CAN'T the STORE WINDOW JUST works! Is it because we MUST LIST every item through auctiva listing? I list one item with auctiva listing tool and 10 others with ebay directly and well, the one item I listed with auctiva tool shows on the window BUT the other 10 shows the loading image text WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? How is that soooooo many people have problems with the window. Why can't someone do something? I praise auctiva for many good things they do for the ebay community for...


sapienette ·
I would like to let you AUCTIVA folks know that I really like and appreciate what you are making available for free! I find the site easy to use, and love the profiles, templates, description editor, etc.! The fact that I can schedule my auctions for free means I can write listings whenever I want - especially late at night! But far and away, my favorite feature is... THE SCROLLING STORE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sellathon stats show that window is my most effective selling tool by far! Thank...

Insurance revising

killevy ·
Just saw on eBay that auctiva provides a bulk revising search and replace function. I am desperately revising all my listings to be compliant with the no returns, no insurance and getting all the flagged words out of my listings. Doing it manually listing by listing. Does Auctiva have a search and replace tool for description text? And would that work in live listings? If not, I guess it would not help anyway, don't want to remove listings and relist them. Just saw this new message on eBay ...

International agreement

hijean ·
cannot list anything error You must accept the international selling agreement before you can list this item that would require international delivery. If you prefer not to accept this agreement, you will need to list only where you registered and choose local delivery options in this tool before resubmitting your listing. Please visit to accept these terms. Failure [X]

international postage - scheduled listings did not post

sscrabble ·
now my scheduled items will not post due to some international agreement ebay have advised but which I cannot fine - auctiva appear to have have done nothing to anticipate this - I cannot post any items - api error message gives a link but that does not go anywhere !! API Error You must accept the international selling agreement before you can list this item that would require international delivery. If you prefer not to accept this agreement, you will need to list only where you registered...

International Selling Agreement

kelvincheung5 ·
I have just read this post written by other sellers: "I have been having a problem for a couple of days now when trying to list via Auctiva.I keep getting an API error saying that I cannot post until I sign Ebays International Seller Agreement. I have since signed the agreement but still keep getting the same error.I have contacted Auctiva and Ebay but they are blaming each other.I can list items Internationally using Ebay tools without a problem but don't wish to do this as it is tedious...

Introducing Our Newest Feature - The Search Engine Optimizer

Auctiva Natasha ·
Hi everyone, I'm very excited to announce our newest feature now available - The Search Engine Optimizer ! This new feature has been specifically designed to help increase your listing's visibility in eBay search results and bring more buyer traffic to your listings. Here Are The Benefits : Boosts your listing's ranking in eBay search results. Helps increase the buyer traffic to you listings. Allows you to easily add item specifics & product attributes to your listings that are lacking...

Inventory management

yeah3333 ·
Hi all, I am an owner of an ecommerce company that has sells through both my our websites and Amazon. I am currently looking to add some of our inventory to eBay, but am currently trying to find the most efficient way to do this. Auctiva seems like a fine solution, as we generally like to maintain control (more than places like clearchannel allow). However, looking through Auctiva I have one worry - is it possible to upload pricing and inventory information in bulk? Basically, we potentially...

Important Reminder: Handling Time and Return Policy Required on GTC Listings!

auctivamiked ·
Hi Community, Important Reminder! Make sure all your active Good 'til Cancelled listings have a return policy and handling time selected! If they don't, those listings may be blocked from renewal by eBay. We recently added a Live Listing Revison tool that you can use to add or modify your return policy or handling time on active eBay listings. -Mike

Importing Re-Listed Auctions, made directly in eBay, to Auctiva?

cjackc ·
Since it was much easier for me, I re-listed a bunch of closed auctions directly through eBay's "re-list" tool and not Auctiva. Although, the listings were originally created through Auctiva. Does Auctiva automatically import those listings to the site or is there something that I have to do first? I haven't seen my listings show up in Auctiva or my Store Window, as of yet. I believe Auctiva does pull the auctions from eBay, but just want to make sure. Thanks in advance! Jack

If You Use GTC Listings Please Read This

auctivatonym ·
I posted on yesterday on this topic and want to repeat this post here. We want to make sure that Auctiva users know that on September 22, eBay will begin enforcing the requirement that GTC (Good till canceled) listings specify both your handling time and your return policy. You can read more about this here on eBay’s site. As a part of our September 9 site update we have introduced a new tool that that will allow them...

Image uploaded rotated to the side in error

vina ·
This is the first time encountering this problem. I just uploaded pictures to my Auctiva listing & one of the pics showed rotated to one side. My original picture was not rotated so I didn't have to edit it to correct. Once loaded, I used your 'edit' tool to correct the rotation. I saved it but it won't show up as corrected in my listing. What is wrong? I can't afford these little hiccups today! Trying to list as many as possible for Ebay's promo that ends tomorrow. Please FIX ASAP!

Invoices and 1-Day listings

pwnker ·
First of all, I would like to say that I absolutely love Auctiva. I found this tool in my second week selling on Ebay, and things have never been easier. I felt like I discovered gold or I had just won $100 after I started to use Auctiva. MY SUGGESTIONS: 1) Auctiva would be better if it provided some sort of invoice template that is automatically filled out for you. All the user would have to do is select 'print', and the invoice for the sale would print. 2) I could not find a way to list...

Auctiva Shipping Insurance - Required for only international

2kboutique ·
I have a suggestion... We require all of our international shipments to have insurance. Is it possible to select optional for US and required for International? Auctiva shipping insurance is a fantastic tool. Thanks so much!!! Kelly 2K Boutique

Auctiva Database Backup

ferrsheer ·
Does Auctiva allow backup of my listings to a database? If so, what is the DB architecture and will i be able to revise my listings in the backup database using some tool such as SSMS/Access?


dmhcollectibles ·
Auctiva Acquires Sellathon, Publisher of eBay Analytics Tool By Ina Steiner January 05, 2007 Auctiva, a provider of free tools for eBay sellers, has acquired Sellathon, publisher of eBay analytics tool ViewTracker. Auctiva will continue to operate Sellathon separately and plans few changes to the ViewTracker tool. Wayne Yeager, who founded Sellathon in 2003, said Auctiva is a good home for Sellathon. "It's a good strategic fit," Yeager said. "Our customers will be taken care...

Beta Testers for business policies

Auctiva Natasha ·
Hello everyone, Auctiva wants your feedback! For those of you who are opted into eBay’s new Seller Hub tool, you may be aware of their Business Policies feature. We are currently developing an enhancement for the one-page lister which will allow you to see your eBay policies and select which one you’d like to use directly from your Auctiva account, similar to how your Auctiva profiles function. We will be rolling this out within the coming weeks as a beta feature so we can actively test and...

Better Pictures 4 U

westvatexan ·
Hi all, I found this fantastic picture enhancement tool. Its super easy to use and it is 100% free. It will make a bad picture look good, and a good picture look awesome. I stink at picture taking and this thing makes me look like I know what Im I hope this helps you as much as it has me.

Big trouble brewing for Ebay sellers - must read

idf ·
If you have noticed a big change in your ebay traffic read below. I have seen a huge drop in traffic to my ebay store and it began on Aug 20th. It started literally that day. I have since learned there is a new search algorithm being tested/implemented and its responsible for this. I compare my traffic on previous months and the same month on previous years and its clear as day. Aug 20th on, my traffic is down by 2/3rds. See here: I...

"Ask Auctiva: Why Use Auctiva's Multi-Variation Tool?"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "Ask Auctiva: Why Use Auctiva's Multi-Variation Tool?" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.

Attention iPhone Users: Beta Testers Wanted

auctivatonym ·
Hello Community, The Apple iPhone is a hot new technology that turns a cell phone into a compact but fully functional mobile computer. We have developed an exciting new mobile listing application specifically for iPhone users. With this new mobile iPhone tool, you can use to create eBay listings when you are away from your home or office and upload them to your Auctiva account via the internet. While we aren’t quite ready to do a general release of our new Auctiva listing application for...

Attn: Auctiva Craig ..Please Help Re: Bulk Edit Active Listings Template Tool

reminiscentvintage ·
Craig, I'm posting this directly to you because I saw your response in another thread regarding the lack of a bulk-edit tool for templates in Active Ebay listings and I wanted to beg for this tool or at least go on record signing up in support for this tool. Craig, PLEASE have Auctiva make it a priority to create this bulk-revise templates on Active listings tool. Here's my situation: JennarationX (Jenna & Gregory are the designers) custom designed my Ebay storefront and listing template...

Auction management/accountingsoftware

aumaker ·
How is Ebud as an auction management tool and what accounting software do you suggest? Tom

Bad Buyer or Seller Flag

buffy1qt ·
I'm new to selling so I've been looking at ways to showcase my items and keep costs down. To that end I've checked out both eCrater and Bluejay stores since both are free. I found the discussions in the forums on Auctiva very helpful for both sites, so I checked them out. One thing that I thought was cool on Bluejay was a forum for reporting problem buyers and sellers. For instance, buyers who consistently leave feedback that is unwarranted or sellers that don't follow through with a sale. I...

Banner Exchange anyone?

superflautist ·
Hello, In the cross promotion tool seems to have been withdrawn so a number of us have started a banner exchange. I've got banners in my eBay shop and also in the blog page of my auctiva shop. If anyone is interested in exchanging banners with me post a reply here. Thanks

API Error when trying to list via Auctiva

jenxstar ·
I have been having a problem for a couple of days now when trying to list via Auctiva.I keep getting an API error saying that I cannot post until I sign Ebays International Seller Agreement. I have since signed the agreement but still keep getting the same error.I have contacted Auctiva and Ebay but they are blaming each other.I can list items Internationally using Ebay tools without a problem but don't wish to do this as it is tedious and I can't have as many photos on my listings. As a...

Apply domestic shipping rate table

grannymae ·
Hi All, I charge a surcharge for Alaska, Hawaii and the Protectorates. When I use the EBay listing tool I check the box that says "Apply domestic shipping rate table", which pulls my preset surcharges in. I can't seem to figure out how to get the shipping tables to be recognized when using the Auctiva lister. can anyone tell me how to do this automatically? TIA Granny

Are 1 day relistings allowed?

philthycollins ·
When I try and use some of eBay's relisting tools, I see the shortest listing time they are allowing me is 3 days. But, I see Auctiva' auto-relisting tool allows me to specify a duration of 1 day for relistings. Does anyone know if Auctiva's software will be successful when attempting to relist my items for 1 day?

Are the protected images really that protected?

trink ·
G'day. Before I begin, I'd just like to say that this post is strictly informative, and I'm not going to sit here and bash on you. I was buying some stuff on Ebay, and I bought an item in which the description's images were protected by In that sense, I mean to say that when you right click on the image it pops up an alert box. I, as a professional web design specialist, noticed that this isn't exactly... up to par on current image protection methods. This is easy to get around.
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