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HELP using forms,buttons,option lists in listings

imaginit ·
Hi, Does anyone know how to use the buttons,text areas etc that show up on the toolbar in the design editor when creating a listing? For example: if i create a list of options for the customer such as:blue,yellow orange, can they choose an option from the listing like in an online store? How do I get the info? Thanks in advance! Wendy

HELPPPPPPPPPPPP can't write any description

mattie-lily-rose ·
although I sell on Ebay for 2 years with my own template, now want to use Auctiva. I entered an auction, everything went well EXCEPT THAT I AM UNABLE TO WRITE ANY DESCRIPTION. What is the way to write something in that section. Tried to click on Text Mode or Full Size Editor and nothing happen. Please help before I get crazy :-) Thanks

Here is what is not working

leahyrlw ·
This happenes every other time. I am creating similar and I remove the current ipc, and click on it to take me to find my new pic. It says Done at the bottom of the screne and doesn't go anywhere at all. For the description, I click on full size editor and it doesn't do anything. I can click on text and it goes there, but it won't go anywhere else. Please let me know what to do or if this isn't clear. Is anyone else having these problems?

Hit ENTER webpage shifts entire line in Google AFTER fix for another item?????

lookandbuyme ·
I assume that the forums are being censored now. I remember this has happened with a couple of our members before and Auctiva said theirs was removed by mistake, but removing and CLOSING is not a mistake. My guess would be this will be removed also?? As I specifically REMEMBER posting and think have in word on other computer, of my post on this topic. It was removed and the discussion CLOSED!! Here is cut/paste of their last comment before it was closed and does not include mine which was...

Having trouble with half my text changing on save

catisfaction ·
I just perused another post here on the forum that looks like they're having a similar issue, and it doesn't look like there is a solid way to prevent it at the moment other than a suggestion to use the newer editor, but that it's a problem there also. I'm posting a new post anyway so that any powers that be reading the forum can see my issue and take note of what I've noticed /sometimes/ prevents it. I don't use autosave... I didn't even know there was an auto save. I hit the save button at...

Help, Can U add A Font To The Listing Editor

kallisonmk ·
Hello all, I hope I can get some answers here. Sometimes I post and get nothing. OK, I am 'cleaning up' my store and I have been using Comic Sans MS for all of my listings, however I would prefer to use Lucida Calligraphy. Now I know for a listing already created I can go into the HTML editor and replace the font names, and I know that for a new listing I can add the Lucida Calligraphy using the HTML editor. I don't want to have to change 5-10 Comic Sans to Lucida per listing using the...

HELP! I cannot enter descriptions in my listings.

creativespiritoriginals ·
I set up profiles for each of the components of my listings, then set up a master. 1) It does not hold the template I chose (I have to choose it again and it does not "stick". 2) The description edite (text or full editor do not work. I cannot enter a description to my listings! The first few listings I posted worked GREAT, then suddenly ... YUCK! The same problkem exists if I try to post a new listing without choosing a profile. I may be a newbie to Auctiva, but I am not new to technology.I...

How do I add widgets and/or buttons?

pinkcloudsandangels ·
I know this can be done because I've seen it on your stores. How do I get them on there. Is it the button tab on the html editor??? I can't find it in the help topics. Thanks for the help!!

How do I change the text style in my Seller's Profile?

gud2bhere ·
I'd like the text style in my Seller's Profile (Payment, Shipping, Contact, etc.) to match the text style in the template I've chosen (from Auctiva's awesome collection). How do I do it? There's no text editor when I go to put the details in the Profile, and I can't find a way to edit it in the listing. Does this mean I'm really trying to make a 'custom' template? Thanks, obviously a newbie.

How long does it take to list on ebay?

mycollection4u ·
This is the first time I created a listing with Auctiva. I made it through the editor and created a store listing and it appears on ebay. Friends of the Feather Water Fall Display w/ 6 figures I could not figure how to edited the store catagory listing on Auctiva for my ebay store My Collection 4U so I went to the listing from Auctiva Active listings and edited the catagory from the edit page on ebay. This above listing does not show up in my ebay store or in the Friends of the Feather...

How to apply template to pre-existing eBay listings?

mitchell ·
I have just activated an Auctiva trial account and spent most of the evening creating profiles, setting preferences, etc. At this point I am ready to apply a template/profile combination to one of my current 40 eBay listing. With one exception they are all "Buy It Now" or BIN/Best Offer listings. Right now the only Auctiva-related objects appearing in my current listings are the Scrolling Gallery and Sellathon Counter. Can Auctiva templates be applied to listings retroactively? If so, how?

How to avoid HTML appearing in your description box!

lou3000 ·
I suppose this is the best place to post this - anybody just getting started will be coming across little niggles and look in here. When I recently uploaded a few listings for the first time from Auctiva I discovered, quite incidentally, that my listings had been corrupted. Underneath each line of normal text there appeared HTML. I use firefox as my browser and despite clearing memory etc I still couldn't see the HTML whereas others could. I then went in by IE and that's when I saw the HTML.

How to place my hosted images in my website not ebay

olamilekan2 ·
can anyone suggest how to place the images hosted by auctiva on my website. becos after i copy the generated url from auctiva into my html editor, it is not showing images in the design view, it is showing the url text.

HELP Seller details headings and preview not working

audrabren ·
When I go to the seller details under the profiles tab I get a blank form with "switch to; Design Editor" and when i enter info in this box and hit next I get nothing. I am also not able to preview my listing for some reason so I've paid for 4 incomplete listings. I have created and saved a master profile but still only get the description showing up in my listing. Please help.

A Little Help

auctionsellernews ·
The company I work for is creating an Internship program for HS and College Journalism students, publishing online newspapers in a range of categories. Auction Seller News is to be our proto-type publication in the "Internet Entrepreneurs" vertical, and as the only person in the company with eBay experience, I've been tasked with the role of "Editor". Students have been getting censored off the eBay discussion boards when searching for interview candidates...most likely suspected of spamming...

A New eBay Dance...Painful

suthrnjewl ·
From the Editor By Ina Steiner August 05, 2007 Sellers need to prepare for an eBay Dance, which will likely be similar to a "Google Dance." For those unfamiliar with the term, Google Dance is used to describe an index update of Google's search engine. Typically, this wreaks havoc with many web site owners, who may lose position in search results. An entire industry (SEO) has been built on keeping up with Google's changes and maintaining or improving the rankings of websites...

A question about image properties - please help

jorbeez ·
Before my question, let me just say that I have not created any new listings since Auctiva became a pay service, so I'm trying to figure out if things have changed or if I just can't remember how to do things. What I'm trying to do: Insert Auctiva-hosted images directly into my listing and then adjust some of their properties. In the old days, I would insert an image into the listing using the Insert Image button on the listing editor. Once the image was inserted, I would right-click on the...

About Me Templates

westvatexan ·
Hi, anyone know where you can get any pre-made About Me templates. I mean where you can pick the template..write your info and links in a regular editor and then get the code for it? Thanks!

Another Button Please...

bee ·
When I create a listing I end up scrolling up and down all the time between the editor and picture area and the PREVIEW button. Is it possible to get a Preview button somewhere nearer the picture and editor area? It may sound ridiculous but I must have scrolled between them several hundred times when creating a lot of listings recently. Kind Regards Bee

A couple of questions about listing preview

dixiedoodleoo ·
Hi there, I have 3 questions pertaining to the listing preview. When I go into preview mode it is missing the location of the item being auctioned. I have put the zip code in and told the editor to put in the info based on the zip that I entered. Next I have put the font color as red for the original price of the item. In preview mode The price is there. It is italicized like I wanted but is not red like I wanted. This only happens in preview mode because in edit is red. And now...

Added lines in description

spqr325 ·
The new listing editor is adding blank lines to after each paragraph in my listing after each save. This means I have to manually edit each listing in eBay. What gives here? Everything worked fine until two days ago? Anyone know what the problem is?

Any Way I can have smaller thumbs than this 400x300s

carolelliott ·
Hello Tom I would love to be able to have smaller thumb nail pictures in my auctions. I like to provide several pictures (helps to sell it if you have various angles on the item) but using this size thumb nail 400 x 300 takes up quite a lot of room on the auction page. I would love to be able to have an auction with 8 small pictures, about 1 inch in size thumbs at the top of the page in 2 rows, then the description directly below them. Is there any way I can resize my pictures before I post.

Font in description loses style, size, color

ukidnme ·
I prefer to create new listings by editing others rather than a template. A constant, continuing annoyance is having font style, size, color revert to default or = as I type. Suddenly my text is small, black courier or whatever, for no reason. Large format editor as well as basic. I notice that & signs, other punctuation trigger this, but sometimes no obvious cause. OC its possible deal with by doing a lot of selecting/correcting. I find its easier to back thru the bad font so there is...


oldbaldrick ·
How do I get the font size & colour in the Description Editor to match that in my Seller Profile? The Description Editor denotes the font size as 12, 14, 16, 18 etc yet the font size in the Seller Profile boxes is small, medium, large, larger etc. Even if I select Automatic as the font colour in both sections, they don't match when previewing the complete template. How do I simply get the whole template to have matching font size & colour from top to bottom?

Formatting and Preview Problems (Primarily with IE 8.0)

auctivamiked ·
Hi Community, As part of the site update we conducted earlier this week, we integrated a new version of the description editor that was necessary for security reasons into the Auctiva website. As a result, the description editor is now rendering text a bit differently than it did before and is causing some users (primarily IE 8.0 users) to have trouble formatting their descriptions and/or see things differently in the preview then they appear within the editor. Our engineering team is...

Formatting problem with Auctiva editor.

bumpersplus ·
Having lots of problems with the editor adding "&nsp" & "amp" & "quot". I'm typing directly into Auctiva, not pasting. It's true to say I'm not finding this later version as easy to use as the older version 5 years ago. Can you help? thanks bumpersplus

Funky HTML

imacgirl ·
I'm not sure I'm in the right category for this question, but can anyone tell me what I can do about the scary html coding that shows up in my ebay listing? I am of the belief that nice neat code makes a page load faster. I create clean code for my template. But when I paste it in the text editor, preview it, and come back to the text editor to modify it, it turns into GARBAGE! I end up with repetitious tags that have no purpose. Sure everything looks okay, but I know that all that junk is...

EXTREME slowness in Creating Similar Ad

crabby ·
Just as usual, I click on a recently created auction to "Create Similar" and it takes for Fecking EVER for the window to come up! It was taking a bit longer, but today closed my eyes in frustration & counted to 35 slowly. Opened my eyes & it was ALMOST finished pulling up the page. Geesh! I really liked using Auctiva at first, but it's been getting progressivly harder & harder to list. The new editor is possessed, pics are taking MUCH MUCH longer to come up too whether I want to...

"Find and Replace" editor fail

markjh ·
So I was trying to modify all my saved listings as efficiently as possible for the new Ebay insurance requirements, and selected the "Insurance" field and got stumped at the choice "Replace with:". I figured "Use my Global Insurance Rules". However, I do not have any "Global Insurance rules" so I did an Auctiva Help search for "Global Insurance Rules". There were no search results. The only place I can find any insurance settings is under My Account- Auctiva Shipping Insurance Settings.

getting url error on every click

revita ·
for two days now when i click on ANY button an error page comes up and says I am not authorized to open this page ... this page comes up along with the correct page: I do not have a clue about this, it sort of scares me really due to the FCK part ... what IS this?

Glitches on editing?

newlight8 ·
Hi there, I was wondering if anybody else has the same thing happening that is happening when I list items. I type the item description into the full screen editor, bold my header etc etc.. and many times when I go back to the main page and press preview weird things happen like my header moves to the bottom of my page, my fonts change size etc etc.. it seems totally random and doesnt appear to be any reason for this to happen, weird? Is this normal on auctiva? Thanks in advance for your...

Editing Description

sandynow ·
Hi everyone. My problem is not being able to access the edit tool bar font, color, to edit my description (item details) or make changes to it. When I click on the editor for standard mode, it does nothing. Is there something else I should be doing? Sandynow

Editing description causing weird changes

rhiaja ·
Whenever I'm trying to edit the description of a listing it does all kinds of weird things. Entire sentences will move to the bottom of the page, half of the sentance might move, whole paragraphs will get deleted or moved. Fonts might increase, decrease, become bold or italic. It can happen to the word or sentence I have highlighted to change or the words right after or right before. I never know how the listing is going to look when I preview it after making a minor or significant change.


papad ·
I am new to Auctiva, but find that I am having constant problems with formatting done by the editor. For the most part, I create my listing using Word and then copy and paste it into the editor using Paste from Word. The result is that my spacing is changed significantly and any bullets that I have used are also changed. I then find it very difficult to make corrections in the editor. In reviewing the discussions, it seems as if this has been a problem for a lot of people. However, I do not...

EDITOR - About to Pull My Hair Out

clickman ·
First, before I vent my frustrations, I would like to thank Auctiva for their great service. I really do appreciate them! Now on to my problems (sorry about that). I am listing some items that should sell in the $100 - $300 range so I feel more time is justified in compiling an ad. I will be using some different fonts, sizes, a little color, some bullets, etc. However I am spending about 5 times the effort that should be required to format my ads. And yes, I am using profiles. Editor often...

Editor and "Preview" Differ

justbon1 ·
Hi, When creating a new listing I've noticed that, for some reason, the listing appears differently when viewing it in Preview than it does when looking at it in the Editor. It's as if the HTML has been changed, as the size of the font and the font itself has changed in parts of the listing. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it a bug that I should inform Auctiva of? Thanks so much! Bonnie.

Editor not working? Text size, fonts, positioning keeps changing!

lostworldbooks ·
Hi, Is there a problem with the listing editor? If so when will it get fixed, I can't make it work! Every time I hit "save" and then "preview" the text is different. Formatting is all messed up, sizes, fonts, positioning, etc. all these change each time. I read some posts that said it was because Auctiva put in a new editor and the problems were showing only with old saved listings from the previous editor and that the solution was to strip all the old coding by using Notepad or something...

Editor trouble....

emaginationcreations ·
As if the bandwidth thing isn't already making me want to scream....the editor is constantly changing my listings - I have thew text centered and the the next time it opens part of it left aligned - I change it back to centered and then it randomly (with a page reload) changes again - not everytime just whenever it feels like it. Then the BIG one - after spending a HUGE amount of time to get my listings launched, I check them in ebay and part of the text has repeated itself, one right after...

Error Message FCKeditor2.3/editor/js/fckeditorcode_gecko.js

seashoremicky ·
????? I have been getting this message everytime the page loads for a new listing. I am unable to click the continue button once I have selected the proper category. This has happened everytime I've tried iot for the past few days.

Error when I want to revise or create

shatzee ·
When I want to revise, create a similar item or new one I am getting the following message: error loading I hit the okay button and everything comes up but my description. I notified Auctiva and it they wanted to know what my browser is and to disable my ebay toolbar. I haven't heard from them yet after supplying this info. Is anyone else getting this message. I need this solved ASAP a lot of time lost not being able to...

error with shipping info

stevewinkler ·
I have been trying to post a listing for two days and keep getting the same result... instead of posting it goes to the "scheduled listings" area with an API error that is explained as, "cannot send large envelope via media mail" .. Trouble is, I don't have media mail selected as an option, and never did. The error check in the editor shows no errors. What gives? One item I listed went through fine. This one won't. I've tried changing to other shipping options with no luck. HELP!

Google Chrome and Weird Backspace Key Issues

striker1211 ·
I am a long time Firefox user and just switched to google chrome because of it's Java restricting features and speed. Everything on Auctiva works great except when you are editing a listing in the WYSIWYG and hit backspace after it will jump the insertion carrot back to the last time you hit the enter key. For example if I start under "item description" in the editor and type: "this is a test" {enter key} "and this is another one" {backspace key} It will jump the insertion bar back to just...

Entire description editor is GONE in FF

member8880 ·
I have really had enough. It can't just be me can it?? I've been listing all day today BUT I have to hop between IE and Firefox. Firefox has NO editor...that area is completely blank today. IE won't load pictures but at least it has the editor. So I'm doing twice the work. Don't tell me to clear cache or file a support long ongoing support request has become a joke. (formatting problems). The last response I got yesterday was instructions on how to get my images to show...

Design Editor 2.0 vs older design editor

ecmallory ·
I'm using the older design editor but I've seen complaints about the new one. Can someone tell what the differences are because I understand once you switch you can't go back.

Design Editor when using Mozilla Firefox

originalnewengland ·
I have been having multiple issues with my custom templates lately, mostly concerning the Active X problem that prevents me from displaying my custom template. This issue only occurs in IE, but not in Mozilla Firefox. Now my other problem is that when I am in editor mode displaying html code, when I click on Design the screen just goes completely blank where the template would normally display. All other editing functions above display correctly, just the template itself won't display. Does...

Difference between editor and preview!!

opportunitydoc ·
I have been messing around with the editor for over an hour now trying to kill its formatting. I have 3 bulleted lists in my item description and it looks great in the editor. When I preview it, each bulleted list is indented farther than the previous list, the font size and/or bold changes randomly. When I close the preview, the editor has also been changed to reflect the weird changes in the preview..... This is IE 6. On a side note, in the editor I always select a font and size, but not...

disappearing descriptions

engineergreg ·
I seem to be having a problem with the description editor. I am using Foxfire on OSX 10.2.8. About half the time when I load a saved listing the description that was there when it was saved is gone. The description box is empty. If I create a similar listing from an existing one or from a Master Profile it is almost certain the description will be missing. If I save at this point the description is gone forever, however.... SOMETIMES I can get the description back by clicking the link for...

Disappearing lines

leahyrlw ·
Perhaps someone could help with this one. The lines are not being saved as requested in full size editor. I am copying and pasting through their window. This was my response from support. Have to admit I don't understand. Just need some sort of answer now as I can't wait another 36 hrs for response. Thanks Rosemary "Your listing editor is not saving spaces as I have requested. How do I get it to stop closing up spaces??? Example # 261 just edited. Thakns Rosemary Support Posted Monday,...

Div Container?

middenmess ·
In the Editor... What is a 'Div Container' & what is 'Block Quote' and what are they used for please?

Do You Like My New LOGO

tty2k7winkelstorecom ·
Im in the process of giving my ebay store a new look, so Late last night(because I couldn't wait to this morning, I started editing my store, and created a new LOGO, which I very mush like(love)) OLD LOGO NEW LOGO The new LOGO is a mixture of element, blended together in PAINT.NET(a free image editor), While the old I stole from a eBay store theme, and just add text within MS PAINT. If youve been to my store in the past you may note afew changes, but this one Im realy proud of
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