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code numbers in listing showing different on iphone than preview or pc

lookandbuyme ·
I KNOW this has been addressed somewhere...but can't locate here I go. I have quite a few items listed that I happened to check. In preview they look great. In ebay on PC they are fine....but when I view them on iphone the numbers at bottom are showing up in blue. This is happening on quite a few of my listings. I specifically remember me addressing and thought auctiva responded this but can't locate thread. Auctiva can you refresh my memory on how I can fix this...when people click...

Color Pallet is empty Can't change txt or bg colors

pm6727 ·
I'm hoping I can get some help. Searching has produced nothing. I have xp pro. Firefox and IE7. When I try to edit a standard supplied template and change bg or text colors, the pallet just show a bunch of empty boxes. I have no way of knowing what color I'm going to get or whether anything is checked because the checkmarks are not showing up either. I clicked one on a practice template and previewed it. Got just black text on white no matter what "color" box I've (hopefully) checked. On...

Couple of quick questions - Help

muir ·
First, I am not sure what is going on the the text editor, It worked fine for the first few posts, then as of yesterday it start adding spaces and line in between the text. Copy and paste from MS word worked great before - are there any issues with the text editor. The second question, is there a way to disply the pictures in the small size without the option of supersize

Cant get rid of html

oopsydaisy ·
I went to revise my listing and its in HTML. How on earth to do I change this? When I was making th e listing I had it in text editor as it gave me all these options to goof around like bold and that. But when i go in to change it there is the html nonsense. I have spend hours trying to figure this out. I am using Firefox but I have tried safari and nothing is working.

CAUTION - 'Upgrading' to new editor reduces functionality

jimowens ·
I just changed to the new editor - and you can't go back again. Once I made the change, copying and pasting from Word, - even using the 'post from word' button - stripped all formatting from the Word text. Heard back from support that this is supposed to happen. This is a real reduction in functionally - I am very disappointed that there is no warning on the site. We pay for these features, I feel Auctiva should consider their customers, before effectively tricking them into irrevocable changes

Can't use my own HTML with new listing editor??

brightgems ·
Not sure why I can't use my own html with the new listing editor. I had it all saved in my master profile, but when I clicked on my profile to do a new listing, everthing was gone in the description area. I have some things saved that I use for all auctions. A clickable ebay store logo, and that won't load at all. If I use text, then there is no design editor to change back to. Is there a way to get my own html to work with this new feature? If so, i can't seem to find it. Help!

Can't change text size sometimes or retain paragraph spacings

grandot11 ·
Hi Auctiva Gurus. I have a mystery. I often write a desctiption in a text document and copy and paste it into my listing. I will highlight a paragraph or more and try to change it from very small text to small. Often it will not 'take.' I try to be careful to select any characters that are not visible (such as spaces that are not needed) to make sure these are not setting an undesired size. I will have to end up typing it in the desired size and deleting the pasted text. I use the standard...

Can't find the design view of the html editor

debbiemomto4 ·
I have my template all ready to place into the custom html editor but I can't find it on the page. I can place my template in but then I can't place the tags in. I turned my pop-up blocker off. I am running on a mac. Where's this button I need to press so I can place the title, description and picture tags. Here's my template Thanks Debbie

Can't get around design editor flukes

noahswife ·
Hi all, especially auctiva. There is no way to get around the design editor flukes. I create everything now in notepad then copy & paste. However, when you create a listing and choose a template, that brings up a preview of the template which corrupts the code. Can you have the developers look into a work around? Thanks...

Can't LIST for cripes sake Nevermind images, shipping... I simply Can NOT list!!

crabby ·
Mike D or anybody ? I've tried Firefox 2, IE7 & Opera browsers. Your DESCRIPTION box is ghosted out. There are no "tools" at the top. Looks like a clickable HTML or FULL SIZE EDITOR link but when I click, my tab says: javascript:LISTERVoid() which means it's doing nothing. It is just me? I haven't had a chance to have problems with the images or shipping that Mike keeps mentioning in his updates. I can't enter a description at ALL!! This is killin me!

Can't Rely on Auctiva any more

spunkychk ·
I'm having too many problems using auctiva to make listings. I just don't have the time to fiddle with all the problems ... Problems are: writing in the description area.. my cursor keeps hoping to other places as I type and the letters keyed appear in the find frame at the bottom of the screen. So I might type ku .. as I type I hear a warning sign each time. Text won't format or only sometimes is will can be made bold, but the size will never do what I want, text color, italics, etc photos...

Can't reply to postings, can't save, can't list, can't preview

booklady ·
When I try to reply to a post, the reply screen is blank. Save is not working. (Was able to save as new) Listing decription editor area not showing up but was able to switch to full size editor. Cannot preview in saved listings. One improvement is when clicking on images to upload to the listing, the far right side now works on the first click. booklady

Can't switch between online and text editor

darrenh ·
Hi folks I'm a newbie here so please bear with me. I'm trying to create my first listing with Auctiva. I've create rofiles for what I need, but I can't seem to switch between the online editor and the text editor for using my own html. When I click the text link, it just does nothing. I can't use the online editor as I'm totally blind and use a screen reader software package that isn't compatible. Any ideas? cheers Darren H

Can't type anything on new listing form HELP PLS!!

available2you ·
Murphy's Law has kicked in again! Taking Murphy off Christmas list now! There are two issues which are caused by same problem I'm assuming. #1 On New Listing Form - Can't type anything, can't chose a template, when I click on photo images to load pics, that isn't working either. Description area is blank except for: Switch to HTML and VIEW Full size editor. The line which has the script options, size, bold etc is missing #2 When I click on Saved Listings and bring one up to create a similar...

Can I change the clock in the editor/scheduler to GMT?

justamumof3 ·
'cos trying to schedule to US time means that it can be surprise time when my listings do show up, as I counted wrong yet again.

Changing Template of Active Listing

mure ·
I've seen several old posts saying that the only way to change a listings template is to change it in the Saved listing, get the HTML code and then copy+paste into the active listing html editor on the eBay site. For us, this isn't going to work very well and it doesn't seem like a very efficient use of our time, with around 1,500 items that would need changed... Is there an easier way of doing this or are there plans to implement a better editing tool for live listings in the future? We...

Character map will not work in Title box

al ·
In my last response from support I was told that if I want the ¢ behind a figure in the Title box to use the Full Size Editor. Type my title in that box and then cut and paste it in the title box. That did not work. Same error came back saying Title not specific or something like that. Anyone know any solutions and if not I will file another support ticket

Choice of Postage

jjchef ·
I created my first page today using Auctiva. It was a little hard to use the text editor at first but once I figured it out it was OK. One problem is that sometimes when you click down to make a new paragraph, the font returns to what I guess is the default and it's really a pill to get it to continue on with the font type/color/size you had in the prior paragraph. Another issue is that in the shipping area, there is no option for media mail shipping. People who buy books and such are not...

HTML Code is not pasting in correctly

atticus ·
I have followed the directions about pasting HTML into Auctiva that has been written in another HTML editor, NVU (which has more capabilites than Auctiva does.) When I paste in the code from NVU into HTML and then view it in Design all the formating is lost. Anybody have a suggestion as to what to do? I use Firefox. I tried IE, but that didn't work either. Thanks for your help! Atticus

HTML code "NOT" showing in EBay revise listing description

cubsinaz ·
I'm trying to revise an active listing on eBay and have copied the HTML from Auctiva, but when I go into revise listing and click on HTML or standard, there is nothing there to delete. The description window shows my listing, but the editor below has no content. There are other listings I have that do show the HTML content. Advise please.

memorylaneoo7 · I created my own template in dreamweaver as directed by a mentor. I copy and pasted it in the create a custom template in auctiva but the template doesnt look like it did in the preview in dreamweaver. My mentor said it must be because I used layers instead of tables. So he created a template similar with a tables. I did't like his template and chose the one I created, but it still looks wrong. I wish I could use your template editor to create the whole...

I am having trouble using Auctiva's template editor. Please help!!!

pistolpete822 ·
I am new to Auctiva and I am having problems customizing a template. I read a post with instructions on how to do this but I have no luck! I am not familiar with HTML but I know how to paste the HTML on the page. But when its time for tags, I am lost! I want my tags directly on the template I pasted. I know I am supposed to move the cursor wherever I want the tags to go but every time I click anywhere, it just highlights my background as if it were selected. I played around with all the...

I am just sick

leahyrlw ·
I have a business to take care of. Where is there a tutoral on the new Listing Editor. It doesns't matter what I do. I can center each line, hit paragraph and this editor does whatever it wants to putting words wherever it wants. I have orders coming in and need to list them in order to make money. I need help. My latest attempt "decorative Utility Bowl" is all over the place no matter what I do. Mike, where can I get help.

I Can't Get Colors

newkid ·
Hi, I'm new to Auctiva and I think I'm really going to like it but I'm having a problem with the item description editor. I am unable to get the color tables to appear and have been unable to solve the problem. I use mostly firefox as my browser but I can use internet explorer as well. I have the same problem with either browser. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so, what did you do to solve it? Help desk suggested that I clear cookie,cache, temp files, etc., which I did but it did...

I have jsut tried 5 times

leahyrlw ·
to put spaces in a listing that created from scratch. It still isn't working. I putthe spaces in and they don't show up in the preview. Please give me some kind of hint as to what is wrong here. I concluded that the new and old don't speak so I started from scratch. That doesn't work either. This new lising editor is not user friendly. Please let me know if I haven't been clear. Please advise.


sapienette ·
I would like to let you AUCTIVA folks know that I really like and appreciate what you are making available for free! I find the site easy to use, and love the profiles, templates, description editor, etc.! The fact that I can schedule my auctions for free means I can write listings whenever I want - especially late at night! But far and away, my favorite feature is... THE SCROLLING STORE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sellathon stats show that window is my most effective selling tool by far! Thank...

importing ebay listings

originalbum ·
how do i import ebay listings into my auctive so that they can appear in my showcase. the autoimatic upload was done when i created the account but now i need to import listings that i created in ebay into my store wondoe because i used ebays editor

Importing my HTML and CCS From DW

dadano ·
Hey guys, New around here and having a bit of trouble. I have a made a custom template in Dreamweaver 8. HERE is a sample. I'm having trouble importing the code from DW to the Auctiva editor. I've tried in TEXT and SOURCE modes and have not had any luck. It imports the backround colors but the CCS for the font isn't working. It shows up black arial 12pt. Is there anyway I can get the Auctiva editor to adhere to my CCS styles? Or would the editor have to updated? Any Ideas? Thanks, DealinDano


carolelliott ·
I really am getting to the point of screaming ! this new description editor is making me ill. I have just spent the better half of 1 hour trying to make 2 auctions. It keeps adding spaces between words, and it will not grab the test size and color that is coded in my custom templates. I tried the suggestion of adding P for paragraph, but that did not work. I just can not use this, is there any chance that I can use the old editor again, PLEASE !I know others are asking the same thing. Can't...

in Regards to the Canada Site listing page

cotmyey ·
The default currency I've chosen is US, however, thelisting preview page shows it as C$, no difference but it isn't what I want. ~~~~~on the one-page editor/lister whatever it is called: DELIVERY:--You are able to dot two of the options, I choose flat rate shipping and see item description. However, then the wording is odd: --~~See item description - No shipping services~~ then you are given options for shipping amounts. SHIPPING:--you have this sentence link: View USPS changes to...

Inconsistent Rendering

ids ·
I have a problem with HTML code not displaying consistently. I am trying to put an extremely simple table in my listing. So simple in fact here is an image of it as it should show according to FireFox and Internet Explorer: So, now that we know how it is supposed to look, I turn my attention to creating a New Listing and copy the same HTML code on to the Auctiva Item Description editor and get this: I can instantly see there is something wrong. Some of the rows, which I have highlighted in...

Image Borders & Supersize Questions

crystalw713 ·
I know that in the predesigned templates, the image borders vary to match the style of the template. How can I make these changes in my custom templates. I know how to do this with html, but not with the auctiva image tags. Is it possible to have only one image show on thte listing itself, but have multiple images in the supersize gallery. I've tried selecting 2 images in the listing editor, and then choosing only one image in "Modify Layout". It shows only one image in the template preview,...

Image Editor NOT WORKING

enigma1923 ·
The image editor, all functions, is not working. The image just never loads to the screen so no cropping, resizing or rotation can be done. When can we expect a fix?


autism1st ·
This is the error message we are getting. "There is an image in your description that is located on your computer. To avoid this, insert all images using the image button of the description editor." Anybody else getting this message. We filed a support case awhile ago- haven't heard back yet.

Image HTML in my description will not show.

texasskipper ·
I have no problem in uploading images the normal way. As a matter of fact, I cull the smaller, insignificant photos that I know I won't use before the upload process begins, just in the interest of saving space. Occasionally, I bring in some HTML from a separate editor which may have some pictures embedded in the HTML. Once I put the HTML into the Text Box and then switch to the Description Editor to see how it looks, the pics are not there that are supposed to be. I know there is a blurb of...

Images into Templates

sarahsshoppes ·
Similar to original_new_england, I am unable to insert images that are stored on Auctiva into new templates. I've tried re-uploading, changing the file type. Just about everything, and nothing is inserting into my templates. I'm using Design Editor, not HTML and have never had this problem before. I even tried copying and pasting. Nothing. Any suggestions??? I need to get moving on this new template.

Is anyone else having trouble revising descriptions on eBay using Auctiva?

womandi ·
This has been happening for 2 weeks now. First, almost all of my listings are created using size 16, BOLD, Arial font . I go in to one of my eBay listings and every time I revise something and then make my corrections, the editor has a mind of it's own. Example: I see "antiues" is misspelled, so I delete the wrong spelling and type in the correction, only to see the editor make my Q be LIGHT BLUE color, size 10, and some different font. I hate this! The ONLY fix I've found is to go to the...

I need help with description tags, please...

dixiedoodleoo ·
I have taken the black controller template and modified it. All I did was change the background image, the font color and the section title headers. Instead of using Auctiva's section title images I have actually just done it with text. It loads on the practice board fine and it shows up in the text editor fine but when I try to save it I get an error saying that I "can have one and only one description tag." I created a new listing using black controller, saved it, then went back in and got...

auctiva editor issues

jazz ·
I can't make changes to my description - font, size, color, etc. I highlight text and when I click on color button the highlighting goes off and color doesn't change. same thing for changing font style, text, etc. very frustrating!

Auctiva is 3-0 3 losses 0 wins

ferret9994 ·
Everytime I list with auctiva I have the same problem, 9 I don't list that offten because of this. Every picture on my listing I uploaded to auctiva first. then I used Auctiva for my pictures. I checked Auc.. to error check & estimate eBay fee's all past ????? I go to post then I get, Error (There is an image in your description that is located on your computer. To avoid this, insert all images using the image button of the description editor.) Now I never used a pic. that was not...

beta HTML editor

fineartprints ·
It still deletes part of my HTML code and eliminates my backgrounds and changes my font sizes??

Black option for store window?

blackdicellc ·
I am trying to customize the colors for my store window. When I go to the editor, there is no black option avaliable, however I can use the hexidecimal entry boxes. But when I put 0x000000 (Black) into the boxes for any sections, the preview reloads with the default colors instead of black. Any idea if this is possible or is black turned off or something?

bug report - description box in 'create a listing'

wayoutwest ·
wasnt sure where to report this, so putting it here. I have my preferences set to default to HTML editor. When I create a listing, the box I get for item description is the text mode input box (with formatting buttons, etc) and the link above it says "Switch to: Text mode". If I click for it to switch to text mode, I then get the proper HTML mode box. Not a biggie, but might be confusing for those of us that have set our preferences to HTML mode and then try to find the HTML mode link Might...

Auctiva & Google Chrome

kbalona ·
Has anyone had success in using Google Chrome with Auctiva? In particular, I cannot get the WYSIWYG editor to load in Chrome. I love Chrome, but I've been using FF for Auctiva. Just curious if anyone has a solution.

Auctiva appending to custom template

118 ·
I use a custom template, a very basic and clean layout since unfortunately many of the templates look like they were designed in the early '90's. One issue is the image tag doesn't seem to work, the code is there, and it worked when I saved and previewed but doesn't show on active listings. The other issue is I have the following appended to my listings: This wasn't in the preview of the editor, is the extra blurb from the counter perhaps? Thanks in advance.

Background Image Won't Save

richgeasey ·
I am trying to create an item description profile. I've created the source in an HTML editor. I have a background image which is located in the Auctiva Image library which I refer to in the background image tag. Next I create a table with a white background. So I end up with a white table with my text and a border around the table with my background image. It looks fine in my editor so I paste it into the item description editor. It looks fine. Then I save the profile. However the next time...

being booted out

simco ·
after input of description and photos and all other relevant info i go to ebay check and the page reappears but then I end up being booted out of your web site and out of aol and then aol has to redial to get me back on broadband. I have not come upon this problem untill you started the new editor can this be fixed as it is extreemly frustrating.

Auctiva Template wont shrink to fit??

plaisancepleasures ·
Hello again, back on April 5 I had asked about the Auctiva Templates not fitting my item descriptions, Auctiva Bill & Tom said they would look into it, I was hoping this new revamp would do the trick, could someone please tell me if there is a button or something in the text editor to stop my templates from being so LONG Check my Listing below, All my Listings are like this & have been for a while, I know theres got to be something causing this 8945605913 Thanks for Listening Lisa

BULK EDITOR for return policy and S/H time?

woody ·
It was mentioned on the Ebay boards that all auctions will soon be require to list a return policy and state a shipping and handling time. Is there any way to bulk edit active listings with regard to these two items? Revise seems to be the only option available, and that is individual listings only.

Bulleted lists ~ Anyone know.....

steelsquare ·
I can't get the bulleted list function to work correctly inside the description editor. Anyone know the HTML code for this? I haven't had to string HTML or BBC in forever and be danged if I can remember the command. Thanks in advance!
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