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"Click to view supersize Image" subtitle missing on auction images.

danno ·
Support Case 246227 opened yesterday evening at 8:38 PM PDT. Problem seen on Twilight template. Anyone else seeing this problem?

Closed Listings - Can't view

judyc ·
When I click on 'Closed Listings' on the Auctiva Listings page I get the following answer: 'An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues.' Can anyone help? Yes I do have closed listings.

code numbers in listing showing different on iphone than preview or pc

lookandbuyme ·
I KNOW this has been addressed somewhere...but can't locate here I go. I have quite a few items listed that I happened to check. In preview they look great. In ebay on PC they are fine....but when I view them on iphone the numbers at bottom are showing up in blue. This is happening on quite a few of my listings. I specifically remember me addressing and thought auctiva responded this but can't locate thread. Auctiva can you refresh my memory on how I can fix this...when people click...

COMPLETE Business Invertory for Sale!

sgidirect ·
NO REASONABLE OFFERS REFUSED!! We are selling off our LEM (Fluke) inventory to make room for even more inventory! MFG List price over 1/2 MILLION DOLLARS! For Sale for ONLY $159,000 obo. We have been selling these items on and off of ebay for only 2 months and already made $80,000 selling at a 20%-40%% mark down. Even if you purchased all of our inventory and sold at 50% less than MFG list you could make $250,000 in a matter of months. That is a $90,000+ profit in a short turn around time!

copy/paste with word

crjebay ·
I saw from some other posts that some were using microsoft word to create their descriptions then copy/paste them into auctiva description. I thought I would give this a try, especially if I started creating description through auctiva and forgot to save and got logged out, my work would be lost. I copy through MW and then use the Paste from Word feature at top where tool bar icons are. Everything copies over but in gray print. What happens to any color I used in MW. Also, the title was set...


2purrcats ·
I have selected the Sellathon counter in my listing templates, and when I view my listings on eBay I do have numbers registering on the counters. However, I don't have numbers showing on my Auctiva Active Listings screen - only N/A. How do I get those hit numbers there? Thanks in advance - 2purrcats

Counter counts my own views. I want only other peoples views to be counted.

ducksrusmrducks ·
Auctiva Counter Counts Me when I View. I Don't Want That! Confused--Yep, that's me

Counter: Ranked by Popularity...

ssandee ·
I just posted my first Auctiva auction few hours ago: I DO NOT like that "CLick here to see my other items, ranked my popularity" Has anyone checked out Sellathon and View Tracker websites lately-dates going back to 2004-2005, so outdated doesn't inspire signing on, for sure. Anyhow, how do I get rid of this Popularity thing. A search on this board and the most relevant answers also date back to 2007?? Unreal. thinking I am in a time warp. Sandy

Counters NOT Viewable- Repeat Post Since No Answer

karendee ·
Please help- I posted this on 11/17 & there is NO response yet... My free trial to Sellathon expired & I listed new items on Ebay & the Sellathon counter is gone. When I click the Sellathon box, it takes me to Sellathon, which tells me I'm expired.... Don't I still have access to the counters? I thought we still had access to the free Sellathon counters as part of Auctiva, but the only way I found to view counts now is having to go into Auctiva & go to active listings- more...

Cant list as a Digital Delivery Item!?

digitaldan ·
Hi, Ive just joined Auctive with the main intention to set up scheduling for my items automatically... ... however most of my listings are digital delivery based, and when i open them to view on Auctiva i cant see the option to list them as Digital Delivery, also all my previous Auctions which are definately digital delivery items come up under standard shipping condtions... am i missing something or being daft, or is the option to list items as 'Digital Delivery' not available on...

Cant view store window!

aquariusmoon27 ·
Hi there everybody! Ive read a lot of post on this already but I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I cant view my scrolling store window when I view my auctions. Ive tried on firefox and netscape. Ive previewed it on auctiva, checked my settings and everything seems fine. Could someone PLEASE look at my listings and tell me if you can see it. Also would anyone know why this is happening? Ive never had a problem with it before. Thank you in advance for your time! My ebay ID...

Change Store window in Listings

amysauction ·
First off I would like to say this is my first problem with Auctiva and I love it! Keep up the good work guys! To my problem, The last items I created and posted have the Auctiva scrolling STORE window. I dont have a store. How do I change it to view normal listings? THANKS Amy

can't view any images..........period.

rickm671 ·
after upload is complete i cannot see any thumbnail images or preview images. posted a listing on ebay and removed it because i couldn't see the images. but.....i can see the images on one of my other computers. tried multiple accounts. no images with either account.

Can't view my store

oldecrowprimshoppe ·
Hi Since signing up a couple months ago, I have not been able to view my store using the link Auctiva provides. I can view my store window, no problem, but not the store. How do I fix? Thanks much

can't view my support cases

elldee ·
I've had this happen a couple of times. Went to support to view my open cases, and what I get is a list of four items with status showing only "status" and "explanation" for three cases. There are no case numbers, topics, replies, or "last updated" info. There is nothing clickable to allow me to open and view any of the cases, nor anything to even tell me what issue they are related to.

Can't view pics...

alurering2005 ·
Hello. Can someone tell me why, suddenly, I can't view pics thru Ebay from past auctions? I have already contacted Ebay & it's nothing on their end. They say it's from the Auctiva site. Please, if you know anything at all about this, I am desperate... Thank you!

Can't View Pictures Uploaded to Auctiva

peterodgerson ·
Hello, Can anyone let me know how view my uploaded pictures to the Auctiva site ? Thank you pete

Can't view preview of custom template

gail8180 ·
Hi! I have added a custom template to my Auctiva and I keep getting this error when I try to preview: >>An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. When I look at the template in the practice board it looks fine. Please, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Can't view seller details on Auctiva website

wolfgrrl ·
When trying to view my seller details to change them, all I am getting in the box that is supposed to have the text in it is a blank box. My text does not appear. This has been going on for over a week - previous to that week I was able to view my details but there always was a delay between when the page would load and my text to appear. It took about 1-2 seconds for my text to appear. Now my text isn't appearing and I cannot edit it. I've tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer, with the...

Can't View Thumbnails on EBay or AUCTIVA!!!!!

windsorkid ·
Hi community; I'm asking you cause to get an answer from Auctiva takes forever. I listed about six new items today on eBay the same way that I always list them. When I checked them on eBay, the thumbnails do not appear but rather a teeny, tiny image of what looks like a sunset. So I went to Auctive to check them out and guess what, same thing....when I click on the uploaded image which is also supposed to be the thumbnail on eBay, this teeny, tiny sunset picture appears again. When I click...

Can we change the text in the store window while it's down?

comicbking ·
I understand that Auctiva goes down once in a while, and I try to be patient at these times. (I know that you already get enough grief from your users when the site is down). However the scrolling store window has the message "No Items Available" while the site is down. (However the pictures in my auction are showing properly). Is there any way to change this text? "No Items Available" implies that I have nothing else listed on eBay right now, but that is not true. I have about 200 items...

Can you view the html of your saved template/add

hanzoboy ·
Is it possible to view all of the htmel once you save a template? I made an ad and chose one of the available templates, can i view the html for the full template with the ad and not just the ad itself? if so how do i ahcieve this?

Cannot edit saved listings

wjoycem ·
Hi - Have filed a support case for this but am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. If I click on any of my saved listings in order to view or edit them, there is a longer pause than usual, and then I receive an error message that Auctiva is experiencing a problem and to try later or file a case. This has been the problem for many hours for me now and so I have not been able to edit saved listings since Wednesday. Anyone else? Anyone have a work around? Thanks!

Can't Bulk Edit or Even Revize Description

easystreetdiscount ·
So is it just me or is someone not playing very nice with someone else and were caught in the middle. It always use to be so easy to create my listing here and post it. Then when the item ended I would just click the relist button in the email notice and poof on with business. Now eBay removed that option. So nor I have to go to ebay to relist them or come back here to relist them. ebay wont let me bulk relist because i did not create the listing there. Hmmmm. So now when I relist a item...

Can't Delete my photos - I want them deleted!

womandi ·
This is weird. I try to delete 2 photos. I get a message: Warning Some of the images that you want to delete are being used in active listings!. Confirm delete or press Cancel. I KNOW this item is SOLD and NOT "active" -- the person just left me feedback for it and I don't have two of them! So I do "confirm delete". Then it tells me Confirmation The images you selected have been moved to your deleted images folder. But they're not going to my deleted folder! They're still in my active pics.

Can't find the design view of the html editor

debbiemomto4 ·
I have my template all ready to place into the custom html editor but I can't find it on the page. I can place my template in but then I can't place the tags in. I turned my pop-up blocker off. I am running on a mac. Where's this button I need to press so I can place the title, description and picture tags. Here's my template Thanks Debbie

Can't get paragraph spacing to display correctly

egravel ·
I created some listing and had some of my paragraphs separated by 2-3 blank lines. When I view them in ebay, there's no longer any spacing. I went to ebay and revised the listing so that I could look at the html that was used. It seems that it put 4 BR tags. The only way I could get this spacing to work (on an earlier listing that I fixed) was to put a P tag around my text and then the BR seem to take effect. Is this normal? I really don't have to do this whole thing of revising html code on...

Can't get to Auctiva website

dropbuysell ·
Hi there and thanks in advance. I have been using auctiva for some time in work and at home. In the last few days auctiva has ceased to function from my home computer. I thought that the site may been down but found that I was able to use it in work. I checked all the settings on my pc and tried using two laptops on the same line. I was unable to get Auctiva on any of the three computers. Although when I try to load auctiva it comes up with 'page not available' I can enter any other url i.e...

Can't type anything on new listing form HELP PLS!!

available2you ·
Murphy's Law has kicked in again! Taking Murphy off Christmas list now! There are two issues which are caused by same problem I'm assuming. #1 On New Listing Form - Can't type anything, can't chose a template, when I click on photo images to load pics, that isn't working either. Description area is blank except for: Switch to HTML and VIEW Full size editor. The line which has the script options, size, bold etc is missing #2 When I click on Saved Listings and bring one up to create a similar...

Can I just get the HTML for the description?

efilnikcufecin ·
I am cuttently trying to revise all the listings that i used SD to list because of their image problems. What I am doing is removing the SD code and adding auctiva's code. I am basically re-creating the ad on auctiva, in the lister then clicking preview and view source, and then I normally would copy that code, paste it to the "Description area" Of ebay's revise form and be done. However Auctiva includes ebays seller info, and shipping info at the top and bottom of the template click the...

can I make the whole ebay title show in store window and store?

firefly ·
I put the size at the end of my title and isnt showing!! this defeats the whole purpose of the store, to promote other items!!! my name is velvet-kitten if you want to see what I mean by the whole title not showing. you look in my store and it looks like I have the same thing listed over and over when I dont. I would rather people click on list view in ebay, if I cant do this. Because at least then they can see the different sizes.

Buyer can't view supersized images.

annkate ·
I have a potential buyer who is unable to view supersized images for any of my listings. Everything is working on my end. I told her to temporarily disable her pop up blocker and try clearing her cache. Any other reason she might be having difficulty??? Thanks, Jane


suthrnjewl ·
Evening All! Auctiva created my new custom template, and they will be taking request for other custom templates at eBay Live and through the “Suggest a Template” page located at I'll be getting the template up for all to view soon. There are a few final "tweaks" I have to put on the template before it's previewed for all..but it's MAGNIFICENT! Here's the tip of the iceberg! Auctiva was easy to work with an more. As the complete...

Check out some of our Newest Templates!

auctivacara ·
In case you haven't had a chance to see some of our new templates, here are a few for you to preview. Don't forget that you can see all of our newest templates by clicking the "Newest" button in the Quick Search option of the Template Gallery. click here click to view click to view And for those of you who have a few extra items to sell before Christmas, make sure to check out our new holiday templates: click to view click to view click to view click to view Happy Listing! Cara

Check out this New Template 4 me Auctiva Made

suthrnjewl ·
Good evening, Auctiva created my template, and they will be taking request for other custom templates at eBay Live and through the “Suggest a Template” page located at I'll be getting the template up for all to view soon. There are a few final "tweaks" I have to put on the template before it's previewed for all..but it's MAGNIFICENT! Here's the tip of the iceberg! Auctiva was easy to work with an more. As the complete template...

Check your posted listings everyone! Anyone else getting this?

hkharris ·
Is anyone else seeing "see full item description" button on their listings? This is not good. Has something to do with non-compliant HTTP. I have no outside links on my auction pages, that I know of anyway. Now what? I just did an advanced search for "Auctiva" to check the new listings, some are "normal" but many have the see full item description button. After you click on the button, you get your classic view. I don't get it. Buyers don't read stuff now, they're not gonna take an...


jazz ·
My checking profile is correct when I view it - 14 days return , no restocking fee. I add it to the listing and when I preview the listing it is incorrect - 0 days return and restocking fee may apply. This is a long standing problem for me.

How to view uploaded pictures?

acts1038 ·
Hi! I'm a newby, and very green. I made a folder Christmas Wreath #1, chose the folder color, and uploaded my pictures. But I have worked for hours trying to access (view) my pictures I put in there. I click on manage folders, it comes up with my folder title, it lists my folder name and color, I click on the name, the page that comes up says in top box (no images found for the specified criteria). I tried putting the name of the wreath into the "search by image name" - nothing. I uploaded...

Howdy Ho

angellisa ·
Just thought I'd stopped by and say HELLO!!! Boy I sure miss it around here this not having internet sucks, SOON I HOPE!!! Life is still full of walls but I wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't, lol. My mom was in a auto accident on friday, she is okay but her car is totalled so I'm playing driver all day today. We found the PERFECT house out in the country, it is totally my dream home. Have a appt with the owner tomorrow, Keep your fingers crossed for us Please. If we get this house I will...

HTML Code for the Scroll Gallery

1391katie ·
Hi, I've just edited the scroll gallery so it is length ways and a different colour. I copied the HTML code and put it into a text doc and opened it with both IE and Firefox and the links to the items aren't opening. I then copied it over to my site and tried the item links there and the site just said it couldn't find the page. The link at the top of the gallery however does take me to the auctiva site to view all the listings. It's just the individual items. Is this because i've made...

HTML Code is not pasting in correctly

atticus ·
I have followed the directions about pasting HTML into Auctiva that has been written in another HTML editor, NVU (which has more capabilites than Auctiva does.) When I paste in the code from NVU into HTML and then view it in Design all the formating is lost. Anybody have a suggestion as to what to do? I use Firefox. I tried IE, but that didn't work either. Thanks for your help! Atticus

Huge posting

tennisntrains ·
Why is this posting so big? What can I do to reduce it so that it will be on one easy to view page? Thanks

Humble minor improvement

jett ·
In the creat/edit new auction format there are three buttons at the bottom; Preview, Calculate Ebay Fees, and Error Check. These are great but... I usually hit all three. The error check is the problem, it has the check box appear at the top of the auction page and it always increments the screen view down so one has to scroll back up to see the box. Maybe just combine the Error Check and Fee Calculator into the same button, and have it pop up at the bottom like the Calculator - which is...


graygirl61 ·
Hello, I have 6 auctions currently running. These all went online March 3, at approx 8 pm PST. Here is the weird thing. I can see all the auctions in MY EBAY page. I can click on the auctions from there. I can see all my auctions shown in my auctiva gallery, but when I either do and advanced search on my EBAY ID--only 2 of my auctions are showing up. If I try to view my items otherwise, either from the MY EBAY page or by doing a search on my EB ID or by going to one of my auction pages that...

I Could Use Some Help If Your Not To Busy

westvatexan ·
Hi, I am no good at writing code and I want to make a listing like some of the killer ones I see on ebay and other places. They will have pictures or other images on the left and on the right throughout the entire ad with text in paragraphs right next to and spanning the entire demensions of the images. How can I do this to my listings without writing code. Is it possible? Im really not very good with text editors. I try to keep it simple and make up for it with loud colors that pop out at...

I'm confused about the Profiles

nhnonna ·
I am confused about the profiles and how to get them into the template. I went in and did each of the profiles and when I went to view my auction, there was only the DESCRIPTION text showing. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I chose the master first and it didn't have the other profiles included? Thanks for any comments. I'm trying to use this format as much as possible. Also can anyone tell me how to be able to add photos to the description area? I was told you could insert up to 24 for...

I'm New Here and Can't Get My Store Window to Work--Help?

legalsec2000 ·
I just signed up with Auctiva and when I view my auctions, the store window states "I have no other items for sale, please come back later", however, when I click on the bottom right of the window where it says "Click here to browse all my eBay items!", it takes you to the store where all 112 of my auctions are listed. I DO NOT want this message to discourage people and make them think I have no other items for sale. How does this work...I thought everything should be linked up to this? Thanks.


samscafe ·
Hello, I utilize other means for insurance (not Auctiva) and updated all my active listings to reflect insurance is "included with shipping and handling" to comply with ebay. Due to the changes, my listings are no longer reflecting this once they post to ebay. I have tried several ways to maintain this but whenever the listing transfers to ebay, the listings show "not offered" for insurance instead of "included with shipping and handling". (I have previewed the listing in Auctiva and it...

Insurance and paypal clip n snip

norma910 ·
ok. I have yet to put a listing on eBay using Auctiva and already see some problems. I hope someone can help. First I cancelled the insurance from Auctiva only because I am thinking I will not be able to use clip and snip via Paypal or the USPS. Am I correct in thinking this? Second, I too am showing no items for sale when clicking on "View seller's other items" and they were on before I activated Auctiva. How do I get them to show again? I'm thinkg I may not be up to the task of Auctiva LOL

International Selling Agreement

kelvincheung5 ·
I have just read this post written by other sellers: "I have been having a problem for a couple of days now when trying to list via Auctiva.I keep getting an API error saying that I cannot post until I sign Ebays International Seller Agreement. I have since signed the agreement but still keep getting the same error.I have contacted Auctiva and Ebay but they are blaming each other.I can list items Internationally using Ebay tools without a problem but don't wish to do this as it is tedious...
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