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windwalker ·
I am new to this, but, I do scrapbooking, and sell other things as well. I have over 100 items in my store inventory right now. Take a look, I even do custom work. And have an auction up for that as well!!!

Clearer details on how relisting profiles work

philthycollins ·
So, I create a relisting profile that lowers my item by $.25, and relists for 3 days, if NONE sell. And this profile quits relisting, when the price drops below $2. So, let's say I have quantity 10, and the price is at $3, and 1 sells. Therefore, the relisting profile will not fire...cuz one sold. Now, I manually go in, and relist it, with a new quantity of 9, for 3 days @ $3. I perform this manual relist, via eBay (not via Auctiva). What happens at the end of 3 days, if NONE of those 9...

Clearing All Charms Beads findings great for jewellery makers from $0.25

jonahxu ·
Hello everybody, I supply jewellery components. I am going oversea and have to sell all my stocks: charms of hundreds of designs with great quality; also plenty of beads of all kinds. Take a look at my store: Email me for more pictures of stocks not selling on ebay: buy bulk to get a better price. So why not email me to enquire, you don't lose nothing! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

closed auctions

werpennst8 ·
This is probably a dumb question BUT, whenever I have an auction end on Ebay and there were bids, what category does that listing end up in on Auctiva? I cannot find it under closed listings or saved listings. It just disappears.In other words, I cannot relist it because the listing is gone. I have many listings that did not sell but I cannot relist them because I CAN'T FIND THEM! Any help would be appreciated.

Closed item problems,relisting issues,changes coming?

scottg ·
I use blackthorne also but would like to downgrade it to the cheaper monthly fee and use auctiva to do all my relisting but running into a few problems 1. Everytime I delete the closed items I dont need then show back up later on,sometimes items show up from weeks ago or months ago. I had just 12 items in there a little while ago(ones I was going to try relisting on) now when I go in a couple of hours later there are 30 or so again,3rd time I have deleted them but they keep coming back 2.

Closed Listings purpose....???

mnormand ·
Hmm... Maybe I'm not understanding something here... I create my listings with Auctiva... They then become Saved Listings or Scheduled Listings... Then they go to Active Listings...and finally to Closed Listings. What I'm wondering is what would be the purpose of Importing Saved Listings that I used Auctiva to post? I mean, wouldn't I just end up with 2 of each listing at that point then? One that I Saved/Scheduled...and one that is now closed... What's the whole purpose of having a Closed...

Closed Unsold Items can't open to edit and relist. Ugh

marlenem ·
I am trying to relist several items that did not sell. When I click onto edit/relist, it brings up a blank page as if I was starting all over again trying to list an item. How in the world do I get in and relist unsold items nowadays? It used to be soooo simple. Everything looks as though it's changed on this page. I'm completely in dark here and need some help. Thanks

Code and scrolling gallery

zkarenartist ·
When I make ads, I prefer to use an offline tool, Kompozer because I am stuck with dial-up internet service. I have copied and pasted the scrolling gallery html code into my "template." When I upload to eBay and click preview, everyhting seems to be fine. When I check back later, sometimes the scrolling gallery is there, sometimes it is not. Is there an easier way to be doing this? Will Auctiva automatically add scrolling gallery to my ads if I do not put the code in? Any other suggestions?

Color Pallet is empty Can't change txt or bg colors

pm6727 ·
I'm hoping I can get some help. Searching has produced nothing. I have xp pro. Firefox and IE7. When I try to edit a standard supplied template and change bg or text colors, the pallet just show a bunch of empty boxes. I have no way of knowing what color I'm going to get or whether anything is checked because the checkmarks are not showing up either. I clicked one on a practice template and previewed it. Got just black text on white no matter what "color" box I've (hopefully) checked. On...

Comments/Suggestions on becoming a Trading Assistant

ts11928 ·
Hello to all. I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that can give me comments or suggestions on building up to Trading Assistant. I cannot list in the Ebay Directory right now because of my feedback score. I have placed an ad in my local newpaper and I have flyers up all over town. I haven't really got the response that I was expecting from that though. I think that it is due to the fact that the items I have been selling on Ebay are from my personal collections and they really...

Common sense communications

Guest ·
I recently opened an account with you and I had a question, I phoned you and left a message, I faxed you and i e-mailed you. To start off it is damn near impossible to find this spot where to contact you. The question i had was a fairly simple one and eventhough it does say in my profile that the case is closed I have yet to get a response from you. Now here's the situation my Paypal fees last month were Approx. 1900 USD this is not the money i collected through Paypal but these are the fees...

Confuse about Auctiva Insurance

pongyanin ·
I want to use Auctiva Insurance, but I confuse about it. I'm eBay seller in Thailand. If I sell itme value $500, and sent this item by register airmail by Thailand Post. If I offer your insurance option to customer and his accepted his will add pay $ 6.5 for me, Right? And will I pay Auctiva $5 ? If during transfer the item lost. How much I claim for this case? Or you insurance only domestic. Please easy explain to me (I'm not good at English.) Best regards. Pongyanin

confused about edit/revise listings please HELP?

dogstar932 ·
OK. I'm new and I do not 'get' everything about how this is supposed to work as eBay is the only listing tool that I've ever used. Now I need to know 2 things one- When I have an imported item that was listed on eBay and then brought over here, can I edit it and add all the cool auctive stuff I signed up for? I tried that and it just flashed me back to the past and there I was in the old eBay revise form. two When I have and auctiva created listing can I edit it and add or change the auctiva...

Considering Auctiva - what are the archive capabilities?

mercat68 ·
Hi. In a nutshell: I need a tool that will allow me to archive eBay listings longer than the 90 days eBay allows. So, for example, I want to keep any unsold ugly holiday sweater listings available for easy re-listing next holiday season. Does Auctiva do this and what are the capabilities in terms of capacity (number of listings it will archive) and duration? Thanks.


mineralgirlz ·
Can someone please explain the whole Consignment option to me. I understand how you take something to a store and they sell it for you on consignment, but on here, are we the store selling for others or are they selling for us. Are the percentages or fees with put in what we are paying someone else or what someone is paying us. Please, can someone explain this to me. Thanks a bunch, Michelle


coconutbaycosmetics ·
Where or how to go about finding someone to distribute your products or sell on consignment?

copy/paste with word

crjebay ·
I saw from some other posts that some were using microsoft word to create their descriptions then copy/paste them into auctiva description. I thought I would give this a try, especially if I started creating description through auctiva and forgot to save and got logged out, my work would be lost. I copy through MW and then use the Paste from Word feature at top where tool bar icons are. Everything copies over but in gray print. What happens to any color I used in MW. Also, the title was set...

Copy saved listings from one Auctiva account to second account

tom3496 ·
I have two Auctiva accounts and two different eBay selling accounts. I wonder if you could create a way to copy all of my "saved listings" and photos from one account to the second one. I sell graded coins and sometimes I have 20 or more of the same type of coins. I would like to be able to post some of them on each eBay site. If I have 30 or more different types of coin and 20 of each type (600 coins), I would have to create 30 listings on one auctiva account and then create 30 more on the...

Copying Saved Listings

bubbafatass ·
Hi guy's, this is my first post and I could do with a little help. I have managed to get my head round most of the site (great tool and thanx to developers btw), but I can't see a way to achieve 1 thing. Is there a way of copying listings that i have in my saved listing. I have a lot of listings that i list for 5 & 10 days and, if possible i would like to just copy all of them and then bulk edit the copies. As i schedule a lot it means that i can't just bulk edit the original listing.

Cannot save, schedule or preview listing

librayacht ·
I am currently learning how to use Auctiva having used eBay for listings for the last ten years. I am a US resident but need my listings to appear on the UK site (I sell British Stamps). When I prepare a listing I select store and the UK site. When I have finished the listing if I click on "Save" the button goes dull, the UK site at the top of the listing page grays out and the hour glass appears and stays until you shut the site down and then re-enter the listing when it happens again. if...

cant handle the waiting.....

Guest ·
im new to auctiva. i thought id give it a shot. i really like what it has to offer, however i cant handle having to wait several hours for my sales and listings to show. this bugs the daylights out of me. you may think im being impatient, and maybe i am. but i sell information such as ebooks, html, guides etc. my users expect instant purchase, and for me to wait several hours before my sales hit just isnt working for me. how do you guys manage this lag in time ? i mean, i...

Captions for pictures?

lindalou ·
Hi, I'm just coming to grips with all this. I have done a few listings, think I understand the basics now. At some point I would like to learn some HTML so that I can customise my listings, but one step at a time. I would like to sell a bundle of baby clothes and have about 12 pictures. Instead of writing out a text list of descriptions for each photo, separate from the photos themselves, I would like to be able to put some text underneath each photo. Can someone tell me how to do this...

Categorizing Store Showcase

bunkers ·
I sell 2 totally different product lines. I've placed the listings in 2 different folders. Is there a way to limit the items displayed in the showcase to those listings in the same category (i.e., folder)? I'd like the showcase only related listings. Using the "feature" option isn't good enough because that means I can only use the showcase on one product line (i.e., feature only those listings and hide the others).

Category ??

dmerriott ·
I am trying to list parts for a motorycycle with auctiva but they aren't giving me any "leaf categories" and it keeps giving me an error. What can I do??!!?? I am frustrated as I just started with this auction tool and thought is was great until I tried to list my first item. Please help!! Thanks.

Category for Car & Truck Parts?????

knight ·
Hi, I sell vehicle parts on ebay and i see no listing for that on the drop down menu. Are you guys going to add that soon??? Cause i think it's important to be able to list each listing correctly to get the most out of the auction to get more people to bid and this won't let me achieve this.

Change Categories in listings...

dvdsmovies ·
Just wondering how I go about changing the categories for my auction listings? I can only seem to be able to change them manually one by one and not in bulk? Note this isnt for store categories but ebay's own categories... I sell DVDs and the categories for that have changed since I last listed...

Change or keep my current domain?

artfuldeb ·
Hello, I'm new to this board. I have a question about my current domain. I have a web site and domain set up thru yahoo, this website was created when I had a brick and mortar antiques mall and is geared to promote the store not sell on line. I have closed after 2 years. I am going to set up a store thru auctiva, been using auctiva for ebay and have been very happy with ease of use. I am still paying a monthly fee to yahoo for a website that is out of date. I figure since it has to be...

change pictures and description, before 're-listing'

papag ·
OK, now that I have your attention; For an auction that didn't sell, is there any way to get back into the listing to change some of the pictures and description, before 're-listing' that item? [edit title from: Ebay sex]

change the words like "Payment"

stephano ·
Hello I just want to change the words like "Payment" , Shipping" (section Seller Details) .. into another language. As i am in Germany i sell 90% to germans. It`s probably better not to have an english title. Does anybody know if you can change this words, didn`t find any possibility. Thanks

Can the muti-variation tool be disabled for fixed price listings?

bagmaven49 ·
I am sure this question has come up, but I am not on this board very much and would like some input. I sell vintage and pre-owned handbags and wallets. I try to sell auction style, but business today doesn't always bring the same results unless it is a specific brand, no matter what the quality is! Since I have a store, I am trying to list fixed price more often. Since the new multi-variation tool has come into effect, this process has been more difficult for me. I can see where when you...

Can We Have More Than 10 'Favorites' re: The New Templates?

reminiscentvintage ·
This is a 2-part question actually.. 1- I sell alot of different and varied items and I like to change up the look of my listings according to the subject matter of what I am listing. I have already gone through the templates and have started favoriting my selected designs that I know I will use. When I hit 10 favorites I got an error message that I was at my limit for favorites. :| Really? I don't know why we couldn't have as many as we need/want in our fav folder. Can this be changed? 2- I...

Can you guys spare some prayers

megnsamsgrace ·
My husband has been having severe back pain for a few weeks now. Last week he went to the ER because he was sick. During a chest xray for bronchitis, they said he had some problems with his T5 and T6 vertebrae. Since he is self employed as a contractor, we will have no income if he has to have surgery or be out of work. All we will have is my income from ebay. Since with my new ebay ID my feedback is at ZERO still, my sales are off from what they were this time last year (at least losing...

can you move/drag 1 picture to another location with multiple pictures?

thedailybugle ·
can you move/drag 1 picture to another location with multiple pictures? i came across a minor problem with a listing today. ( i am working on it now ) ... i sell a few earrings, they are almost identical in auction, only the picture contents differs, now i have about 4 different pictures of earrings, and 1 picture showing all earings i am selling, i delete the other pictures, coz it is now a other earring, but want to keep the picture that has more earrings in it, so i don't delete that 1...

Can you sell Information Products on Auctiva?

theproducthunter ·
I did not notice a place to list information products for sale. Am I missing the place I suppose to list this type of item? If you sell information products from Auctiva I would be interested in knowing the steps you take to do so. Thank you for your help!

Cannot change image on Sell Similar or Relist on eBay

grovelodge 2 ·
I am trying to Sell Similar items on eBay. In so doing, I am deleting the image, and replacing it by importing a new one from Auctiva - I copy the Auctiva link to the new image and paste this into the eBay import box. Click Import, and there is the new picture. BUT, when I post the revised listing, or go to Preview, the old image is reinserted to replace the new one.

Can't change my listing format from Auctiva Closed Folder!

truefocus ·
I am trying re-list an item on ebay but want change the listing format from fixed to store before I relist the item. (to save on fees) There is no edit button in the closed folder that gives me this option. I thought that even when one of my auctions doesn't sell and goes into the closed listing folder, it still would show up in the saved listings (where i could edit it from there) It does not. It seems that my only option through Auctiva is to re-list in the same format and then have to go...

Can't combine multiple purchases on one invoice -

bek ·
Hi. I can't combine multiple purchases from a buyer on their one invoice. eBay Customer Support tells me that "if you use a third party listing tool such as Auctiva or Sparedollar, you will need to contact them to set eBay to default in order to combine invoices". Can anyone please tell me, can I fix that myself, or does an Auctiva supprt person need to do it for me from their end? Cheers, Bek.

Can't enter "Number of Lots"

angiesvoice ·
I'm trying to sell 19 identical items. First I tried creating the listing as "similar" to the last thing I listed. When I got down to Quantity, I clicked Lot. "Number of Lots" was greyed out and inactive. "Number of Items" was my only option. I thought the problem might be that I was using an established template with which I had sold just a single item. So I started again with "Create New". Still, "Number of Lots" is inactive; visible, but greyed out. I can enter the number of Items,...

Can't find Item Specifics for Shoes listings

atomicpop ·
Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster (so please be gentle I'm just getting back into listings today after taking a year off. Trying to list some shoes (catg # 63889) but no matter how I create the listing I can't seem to find where to enter the 'Item Specific" info (size, style, color, etc). This used to be located right under the category selection field but now all I see there is a link to "Add/Edit Variations", of which there are none as each pair I sell are one-off items. As there...

Can't Find One-Page Lister

dwyer915 ·
I am a registed user and have been looking for the one-page lister under the Listings section. Can't find button or link to click for access to this tool. What am I doing wrong?

Can't get Bulk Edit to work

seacoastbargain ·
I've tried all kinds of ways to use the bulk edit tool. I keep getting this message: "0 had errors." It will not revise the items. Any thoughts?

Can't Get Onto Auctiva Website!!!!

1cmcons ·
Hi, this is my first post. I have many items that I want to sell on ebay and wanted to try out Auctiva b/c of the fact that you can use templates and several pictures without paying extra ebay fees. I looked at the Auctiva site for days, researching, learning, etc., before registering. Monday night, I registered, uploaded some photos and was in the process of creating my first listing. Suddenly, I got something saying I had changes to make and couldn't do anything else. This was around...

Can't seem to get the shipping calculator right?

frontporchdreaming ·
I may have an insurmountable problem using Auctiva? 1) I ship a good many things 1st class at a fixed rate for all US. 2) Then I also sell things that I ship (usps) & like to give the buyer a choice of using parcel post or priority (to be calculated using their zip after I post the weight & handling charge). 3) Then I also ship sometimes with a fixed rate flat rate priority box. I can't seem to figure out how to set my auctiva up to allow me to use all those options? Not even talking...

Can't start with listing auctiva account

essentialexpress ·
Attention To help new sellers like you get used to the different types of listings and features available on eBay, we require you to use the Sell Your Item form to list your items. As a new seller, you need to establish a positive selling history and show that you're able to meet the needs of your customers. Knowing the latest features available to you will help you succeed as a seller. Please try listing your item again using the Sell Your Item form on eBay. I'm trying to list with my new...

Can I disable the store window on active listings?

lshep ·
Hello, I usually love the store window but my current set of items for sale vary so greatly that I was wishing I could disable the store window completely for this batch. I had deleted the window before I listed one of the items and it worked great but then it didn't sell and when I relisted through Ebay, it popped up the second time. I am using the free version of Auctiva. I would greatly appreciate any help...

Can i have another Scrolling Gallery?

punique ·
Hi, Anyone Now i have 1 Scrolling Gallery with one kind of selling product but now i going to sell another product as too different from the first one so i want to have another one of Scrolling Gallery as without any of the first product for support the second product that i going to sell, Can i do that?? Please anyone can tell me..

Can I have multiple accounts?

cdnbigd ·
Hey Guys, I haven't been on eBay for a while but I have a 14yr old eBay account with 600 positive feedback, no negative. It has a selling limit of $10K per month. I've used this up very quickly (in a week) and now I have to wait till Dec to call them in the hopes they'll raise the limit. Am I able to use 2 or 3 eBay accounts at the same time? If so, is it ok to use the same Name, Address and Paypal with the 2nd account? I have many products I want to sell right now but kinda at a...

can i link two ebay user ids to one auctiva account?

mstormy ·
I recently added a second ebay user id since I am starting to sell industrial items and don't want them mixed with my vintage and collectibles. Can I use both ebay ids on one Auctiva account or do I have to have two accounts?

Can I put Another person's Paypal address in my listing?

laranat ·
I would like to sell something for a family member. Rather than set them up as a consignment, can I just change the receiver of the payment by changing the Paypal address in the Checkout options? I realize I would get hit with the fees directly.

Can I schedule a relist eligible for relist credit?

nonie ·
Hi there, I have an auction that didn't sell, so I can relist it (and if it sells, no listing fees). #1) Can I schedule a relist through Auctiva #2) Will that relist still be eligible for the relist credit, or will ebay look at it as a new listing? Thanks!
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